Any one got a walkthrough on DO prier story?

  1. Or maybe story line, just to understand the story well!

    got no problem on menu and on 1st story, just this new story line!!

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  1. A Short Walkthrough

    In the first chapter, speak with the children in the orphanage, that should open an event tile in the second stage (slightly hidden behind a tree). If you want the happy end, activate it, if not, ignore it.
    After that just continue to the the last stage.

    If you activated the event tile in the first chapter, a event tile should be open in the fourth stage of the second level. Again activate it for the happy end. again, after that just continue to the the last stage.

    In the third chapter, you can't skip most stages, beat the bosses instead. The fourth stage that is also the only skipable stage in this capter, has an event tile, activate for happy end. After that comes the last stage with another boss battle.

    In the fourth and last chapter, activate the event tile in the first stage, if you do you will get the good end, since its the last event tile. after that, again, continue on up to the final boss, that was it.

    Aditional hints, containing spoilers:
    In the later half of the last Chapter, you will lose your team members, at least in the first playthrough, train some monsters in chapter 3 if this is your first playthrough.
    You might also want to hire the demons in the first battle of chapter 4.
    After the credits you can save/chose the setting for your next playthrough, the second choise with the long name is the normal mode the other one is the Demon Lord mode.

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