PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From OuendanCyrus (03/17/2011; 244KB) 100% Compendium, Lv 99 Main Character, Omnipotent Orb, 8th Playthrough
  2. From nisgos (09/16/2010; 496KB) 2 in 1 {saved before last boss nyx + game clear data} 19 omnipotent orbs, 9 armour of light, compendium book filled
  3. From Verletzt (10/15/2019; 244KB) Clear data with Max money and lv99,omnipotent ring for everyone,lot a item,lot a skill card including fusion spell like armageddon etc,wp armor boots acc almost full
  4. From Arise_ayase (01/05/2022; 245KB) Clear game file with 100% compendium, max money, stats and full armors, leggings, weapons
  5. From Kuroki-san (06/10/2019; 244KB) Female Protagonist, Saved before the Last Battle, Max
  6. From Yehichan (07/12/2016; 244KB) Femc name:yukiko akabane,almost full compendium,lot of money(can buy LITERALLY everything,all items,all armor and weapons(CLEAR DATA)
  7. From Shiya64 (07/16/2010; 244KB) Game Clear Save: MC: LV 81, 7 Million+ Yen, Max Academics / Charm / Courage, All Max S-Link items
  8. From KamariaK (10/01/2015; 244KB) Level 1 Clear Data, no stats, no compendium, allows access to NG+ features with a blank slate.
  9. From Julien18 (07/28/2010; 244KB) Level 99 Male MC Max Stats For Messiah and other rare fuse, Max Money, Max Courage/Charm/Acad ,Cleared Game
  10. From RinkuOfHyrule (07/23/2010; 244KB) New game Clear, LV 99 Male MC, All S. Link Items, all Ultimate Persona except Orpheus Telos, Max stats, 7 mil+ Yen, three sets or armor of light, two Omnipotent orb.
  11. From niconicotine (06/21/2020; 244KB) New game+. Max stats for all. Compendium complete. All items. Max Money will be carried over

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From Mashumaro (04/04/2010; 244KB) Clear Data Lvl 99 female protagonist

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From OuendanCyrus (01/27/2014; 244KB) All Personas (Excluding FeM Orpheus), Best Equipment, 1 Omnipotent Orb, Saved close to final day.
  2. From lathe-mandrel (03/14/2020; 244KB) Cheat "Clear Data" improved versoin of my previous save, with vastly improved compendium.
  3. From lathe-mandrel (02/19/2020; 244KB) Cheat "Clear Data" lv1 character with no resources/etc
  4. From lathe-mandrel (01/31/2020; 244KB) Cheat "Clear Data" many max/99s. spec'd; Telos elec, Mara phys, Sa+an repel. 3 compendium surprises are cheats (carrying any causes glitchy Pixie, doesn't corrupt anything). massive thanks EpacNellaf!
  5. From cadaje10 (01/14/2012; 244KB) Clear Game data Lvl 66 male

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