Review by Arcananox

Reviewed: 01/04/12

An Adventure Worth Jumping Into Again!

While alot of the Playstation Portable's games can be overlooked, with only a handful being worth playing relativly due to the fact that they're from big titles such as God of War, Twisted Metal and Hot Shots Golf, Persona 3 makes a wonderful comeback with its third release. This time, one that fits in your back-pocket!

Persona 3 Portable still follows the idea of its first two versions: There are Personas; there are Shadows; there are Social Links; and there is still the task-at-hand of saving the world from total chaos. However, Atlus has taken a spin on things, both in and out of the battlefield. For starters, the biggest adjustment is the indroduction of a completly new Protagonist from a female point-of-view. Choosing the female Protagonist will include a new color on the menu and gameplay screens, brand new Social Links exclusively for her (some are even characters from your team), some different events will occur (including additional dialouge), and even changes of music, from school to outside to the fighting music. Other additions have been put in the game as well, from both the male and female perspectives, such as new gameplay mechanics. Most of them taken from Persona 4. Some characters have new facial expressions for better emphasis in certain situations than it had before and new choices of dialouge have been added for the male main character's otherwise... silent and stoic personality. To contrast to this, the female Protagonist has a more upbeat perspective on things. While both are indeed silent 98% of the game, they seem to have been given their own opinion.

However, where there is betterment in these things, there are removals of some of its sheen and polish. For instance, the 3D enviroments have silmply been replaced by 2-D layouts of the areas, with the exception of going to Tartarus. You have to move around by controlling a small cursor. But that is practically the only problem I have with it.

What you'll have is a game that newcomers will enjoy and people who are already fans of the franchise will love even more. Everything blends together in a 60-80 hour game that keeps you on your toes, even if you already played the first two versions. It's fun to play and discover the new tweeks to this game. This is definatly a game not to be missed by fans or Persona or JRPGs in general. Pop in the UMD and watch the sparks fly!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable (US, 07/06/10)

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