Review by MarcusFenix4545

Reviewed: 11/04/09

Third time's a charm! Oh wait, not so much.

As a female gamer I was very excited for Persona 3 portable. Getting to play as a female main character seemed awesome! I was so excited that I imported the game and beat and played it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the game really was not worth going through all that trouble.


This is definitely the weak point of every single version of Persona 3. It is really lacking. Basically, your character gets introduce to SEES, and then you do the same things over and over until the game ends. The ending is about the only time the story is actually interesting. The female side has some interesting changes, but they do not really improve the story at all,


Hallelujah. You can finally control your party members. This is a great improvement over the previous additions where you had to deal with some of the most terrible AI imaginable. The battle system is very similar to Persona 4’s now. The battle system is excellent, but where the gameplay suffers is pacing. After reaching a barrier in a dungeon, you’ll spend the rest of your days that much doing social links and viewing story scenes. It is really boring to do only social links with out actually having some dungeon action between them.


The new female music is okay. Nothing special really. Personally, I prefer the male battle theme. It just goes with the game much better. Overall, most of the tracks are excellent. Sometimes the music gets repetitive, but none of the songs are bad, so that is not really a problem.


P3P has great replay value. Even if you have already played Persona 3 and you only want to play as the female MC, you can have fun replaying the game as well since there now are more difficulty settings. Also, you probably may not max all the social links on your first playthrough, so you may just want to replay the game to complete them all. If you have never played Persona 3 at all, you will probably play it at least twice just to play as both main characters.

Final recommendation:

I would recommend this game to people who have not played any version of Persona 3. But for people who have already played it, this game you may just want to pass. It would just be a repeat with the same bland story and bad pacing. Playing the game for a third time makes the game lose its charm and you probably won’t even finish it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Persona 3 Portable (JP, 11/01/09)

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