What is the best way to max out courage, charm and academics?

  1. Need help on maxing it put Cloud00456 - 11 years ago - report

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  1. am currently playing the game (emulator) and have been using this website for a lot of help and now i see that these messages are 10 YEARS AGO like wow they prolly dont even remember this site lol t4ec (Expert) - 1 year ago - report 145   8


  1. Just go to iwatodai strip mall and eat on:

    wild duck burger-for courage, greatly increase
    hagakure ramen-for charm, greatly increase
    wakatsu restaurant-for academics,greatly increase
    avernus12 - 11 years ago - report 58   22
  2. I often used to go to the Part-time jobs (Cafe & Blue Spa) in Paulownia Mall

    These two gives +Charm & +Courage OR +Charm & +Academics -Doing these will undoubtedly boost your charm first (all consider answering the questions correctly at school and staying up at lectures)

    the other way is too use "Greatly Increased" stat improvers
    The arcade - Print Club: Charm, Horror House: Courage, Quiz game: Academics
    Library - Academics.

    If i were you i'd focused last at academics - Charm usually goes first

    Use day time for S.links, night time for Stat boosts (with exemptions of course because of the Tower/Devil S.link and the Spa part time job)
    Quarrry - 11 years ago - report 10   0
  3. Well, thanks to the part time jobs in P3P you can work at Chagall Cafe in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and that will raise both charm and courage. if you work at De Ja Blue you can increase academics and charm After School Monday through Friday. the time constraints are a little hard sometimes, but it is by far the easiest way to make money and raise stats, though the guide for P3FES works too BakuhatsuSeigi - 11 years ago - report 14   7
  4. The best way to get them up is to go to the Powsomething Mall in the evening as opposed to going to Tarturus. Keep a nice 5:1 type ratio (Note that unless you keep your level upish, you'll get creamed later on.) That's what I do. Oh and on vacation days or days without s.links? Get the day jobs. Also, when going to Tarturus, stock up on money for the mall.

    [It worked for me, I'm less than halfway through the game and I've maxed all three out.]
    ClaireStanfeild - 11 years ago - report 9   3
  5. Yes going to the arcade on certain days will help raise what you need. And working part time helps.
    But you can also help raise those while you're at school as well!

    Academics - Stay awake during lectures, Study at the library
    Charm - Answer questions correctly
    Courage - Go to the nurses office when MC is tired.

    Also you can only work at the theater during breaks/vacation or on Sundays. Or you could go to the Karaoke shop
    at the mall Monday - Friday to also raise courage.
    PlasticStar - 11 years ago - report 3   2
  6. Theres many places to max out ur status for courage at day gotowild duck burger and at night go to the mall and goto karaoke.For academics go 2 wakatsu restaurant at day and at night just study.For charm go 2 hagakure at day and at night u can work or enter the coffe shop iseek012 - 11 years ago - report 2   2
  7. Usually, I just go to the arcade each night, since it Greatly Increases those stats, (along with certain persona stats)and play "Horror House" for courage, "Quiz Show" for academics, and "Photo (something or other)" for charm. I am not sure how anyone else does it, but that's how I do it, since nights are basically empty besides Dark Hour and a future S Link. But the Arcade only does one stat a night. zex_army - 11 years ago - report 1   2
  8. work at the cafe at nights during mon, tues and weds. you get courage, charm and money (which will increase the more you do).

    going to iwatodai shops also helps but is usually at the expense of doing an S.Link
    simpleguy2005 - 11 years ago - report 1   2
  9. I would go to the Arcades through Monday-Saturday. However Arcades will cost a lot of money to use for a long time. So on Sunday, I would stay in Tartarus till I have at least 100k. Then use all the money on Arcade. Also, for extra courage, you can go to the Doctor in Gekkoukan High when you are tired or sick. I maxed out Courage first, then Charm and Academic last because that one take a long time. Hendurson - 11 years ago - report 1   3
  10. For courage make sure you're tired when you leave Tartarus. Next day you can gain Courage by drinking the quack's medicine in the infirmary at school. Save that night and if you're not still tired in the morning reload and try again until you're still tired (tired not sick). Get more medicine and repeat so sick next day. Get more medicine and might be able to stay sick another day but not positive. If can get more medicine but I don't think you can stay sick for more than two days before recovering. In any case it doesn't take any time to visit Dr. Quackenstein and drinking the medicine at the infirmary. Next best is Horror show at Arcade for about 2000-3000? Yen.
    For academics use the Quiz Show at the arcade. Think it does biggest boost but it'll cost about 1500 Yen each time so don't leave Tartarus without lots of money. I think studying at library raises academics more than at desk but both will at random will give two boosts.
    For charm use the Photo option at the arcade where you get pictures. Like academics its a big boost at a price. Otherwise could get a Phermone Coffee at the coffee shop next to club or try Ramen shop.
    Silveron714 - 11 years ago - report 1   3
  11. adding to BakuhatsuSeigi's answer, you can also work in the movie theater at port island station Zestytoaster - 11 years ago - report 1   4
  12. best way CWCheat....

    best legit way the various resturants wucks for courage wakatsu for academics and the ramen shop for charm all give the highest bonus some places can be done at night as well.
    lunaseclipse - 11 years ago - report 2   6
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