Where is mitsuru?

  1. It's 5/25 and i just got the highest grade in the class. Mitsuru told me she would give me a prize but where is she?

    User Info: sotav569

    sotav569 - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I think you can find her in the faculty hall on any day except Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those are the days student council meet. Also, make sure that no major event is happening to Mitsuru or SEES.

    User Info: Latoya

    Latoya - 11 years ago 6   0


  1. You can find her in the faculty hall area, no worries. She'll give you the gift even if your a little late, lol.

    User Info: mitsunebewbs

    mitsunebewbs - 11 years ago 2   3

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