How do I beat venus?

  1. I'm playing on the demo on day 4 you fight venus the gladiatress shes annoying as hell! how do you beat her with the small amount of time to get ready?

    User Info: hellsingfan116

    hellsingfan116 - 9 years ago


  1. Become skilled at parrying!
    Be patient, as this strategy will take a while.
    Keep your shield up with the R shoulder button and hit the L shoulder button the moment her swing is coming down. When you successfully parry her attack and stagger her back a bit, chop at her legs once and then bring your guard/shield back up by holding the R shoulder button again.
    And just keep repeating this. If you are good at parrying (which is difficult), you can defeat the Mysterious Female (Japanese) Gladiator and then you get to see the little video of her defeat speech.
    Gladiator Begins used this scantily clad promotional model dressed as a female gladiator in the 2009 Tokyo Game Show and this model was used for the demo and later downloadable content. Commerce....

    User Info: sejembalm

    sejembalm - 8 years ago 0   0

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