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by prince2phore

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FAQ by prince2phore

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/31/2020


I spent overall a couple hundred hours with this game, not something I do often to be honest.

Because of the quality time it provided and seeing how unpopular it is compared to other famous series of TRPG, I decided to gather together a few information the game doesn't do a good job of giving you in one place.

I won't update further as most of the important things are here already but you'll notice the current lists are not 100% complete yet.

For Missions, GZRA campaign only has a few different ones in the first chapter, everything after that is the same no matter which camp you chose in the beginning.

I won't right a review here but if you like Fire Emblem or Super Robot wars, and Space opera, you should definitely give this game a try. Not for the story but the gameplay never ceases to innovate in the situation the game puts you in, it's fun and there's a sense of progression for hundreds of hours.

DLC units are pretty easy to get making your own files with the information available here and online so you should try those fun twists at least on a second run.

Enjoy and know that this game runs perfectly well on PS3 if you have one capable of running such emulaiton... (you'll get DLC errors but game will still work and with DLC if they are saved beforehand on psp).