How do I get past (mission 21- 2nd story)???

  1. OMG this Stage is ridicoulus !!! I mean its like " Hey why not sent your units to suicide instead?" plz gimme any strategy

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  1. Haha yeah that mission kinda scared me too :)

    I deployed a lot of improved Seraphs with the ability to take over Bydo units, and because of their long range and great mobility, i was able to repair them in a command ship as i went up on the left side of the big ball boss :)

    And i used a De-Synch unit to scout around, you will need that!
    I converted the Bydo version of the converter as well (B-Urc-Mis, the brown missile shooting version) and together with some improved Seraphs (R-11S2) i nuked the hell out of all the swordfighting Gains3 (also converted a few ofc) and it helps if you place a De-Synched unit in the rock where they hide behind, because if they come accross your unit, they cant move any further, so by slowing them down, you have more time to nuke :)

    But yeh i thought the key was to convert as much as you can since you have to use them as cannon fodder, to keep your own units alive.
    Cause they tend to shoot on their own former units a lot, for example, if you have a Seraph and a Gains3 in sight of a Bydo laser, they often shoot the Gains3 instead of your Seraph.

    Look out once youre heading for the Eye on top of the boss, there are a lot of the Green Tablocks, what i did was kill the ones on the left side, and nuke the Eye of the boss as much as you can, there are 3 or 4 Tablocks around the Eye too, i think i only killed 2, but i just focused on the Eye, i had about 5 to 6 units left when i got there, but the Seraphs also have the Clamp laser, they are very effective in defense too, if youre more lucky than me in the amount of units left, try sending as much ex-Bydo units into gun range, they like killing off their own units, it will give you more chance to nuke.

    The downside of the Seraphs ofcourse is that they dont have a Wave Gun, but to be honest, you wont need it as much as youd think, you could deploy 2 yellow Principalities for savety, but its really the key to take over as much units as possible to save your own.

    I was a bit clumsy with the choices of command ships, i had the UFHC-009 (the medium sized ship with 3X carry ability) and an UFDD-03 (the bigger version of the simple Heimdal 2x carry ship) and ofc the standard command ship, but only the standard ship was able to move past the cannon on the lower left side of the boss, but fortunately i didnt need the repair that much, but yeh, dont waste your time trying to push your other command ships past that point :)
    I had enough distraction for my units with the decoy POW unit.

    All i can say is, take over whatever you can, send them into the line of fire once your real army is ready to move close to strike the evil Bydo Empire! :)
    and make sure your Seraphs can retreat out of the line of fire once you shot something.

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