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by Zahlzeit

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zahlzeit

Version: 0.993 | Updated: 06/11/11

How to Read the FAQ

The style of this FAQ is as follows:

  • (Month)[Special Note(s)] Mission Name: Description, tips, and/or possible strategies
Keep in mind that VC2 is a fairly open ended game when it comes to tactics. You don't have to follow my strategies if you happen to find or prefer another method.

Ranking System

In VC2, you are ranked on how fast you complete the mission. By this fact, you shouldn't be afraid to take some risks and you shouldn't be too conserved.

Solo and three star missions tend to give you more leniency than other missions.

Types of Enemy Soldiers

There are three main types of enemies that you should watch out for:

  • Personnel: Scouts, Shocktroopers, Lancers, Engineers, and Armored Techs. They are foot soldiers that can be easily downed by headshots.
  • Armored: Tanks, Turrets, APCs, and Towers, they have high defense but always have a glowing weakspot (ragnite radiator) behind them. Maulers and Lancers can kill all of these will ease while Shocktroopers and Hvy Scouts need to hit the radiators to do any damage. A flamethrower granted via the Commando class can one-shot Towers and Turrets.
  • V2: Artificial Valkyria, they are rarely flinched by attacks especially from the front where and when their protective azure aura is up. You can weaken them by destroying a Supply Vehicle on the same area which will down the aura.

Ranks of Enemy Soldiers

Throughout a mission there are one of five ranks designated to an enemy:

  • Normal: They have regular clothing. Nothing special about them.

Normal Soldiers
  • Leader: They often wear a light red uniform and like your leaders (ex. Avan), they grant an extra CP to the enemy. Killing them is a great way to weaken the opposition.
  • Ace: They have special clothing--usually a deep red and black for foot soldiers and a brown for armored units. Killing them is useful because their death will yield a new title, weapon plans, and a chance at a unique weapon. Killing all of the Aces in every mission is also required for a medal. You'll know if an Ace is in a mission if you see a name in red under the units list in mission briefing.
  • Commander: Designated with a sideways double triangle symbol, they are unique and much stronger than all of the other enemies on the map. Typically, your objective is to kill them when they appear.


  • Characters do not die permanently. When they fall in combat, they are given three turns to either be picked up by a player character (which will send them incapacitated at the base camp for a set time) or revived by a Medic. If you ignore your character or he/she is touched my an enemy soldier, they will be hospitalized which means they cannot be deployed for the next 3 missions.
  • Try to have at least two characters of each class in your squad. This will ensure that you'll be well-rounded for any situation and ready for the case in which someone ends up dying--you'll have a backup ready to replace him/her.
  • The Escort APC is weak and fragile. When doing an Escort mission, watch the APC's HP at all times and don't expect it to do anything other than transverse areas and get to the goal.
  • The Retreat order (1CP) is replaced by the Standby order (0CP) when the unit is inside a base. That means always, always, ALWAYS deploy your leaders. You can always withdraw them at the beginning of the round.
  • No class is useless. Though there are some classes that are outdone by other ones, you can still make each class useful.


Position as shown.
  • When fighting enemies with Area of Effect (AoE) attacks, position your strike so that it doesn't target the enemy but will still connect. This greatly decreases the enemy evasion as it tricks the enemy into thinking you are targetting someone else. Doing this has no effect on three-star bosses however. This will be subsequently referred to as the AoE Trick in this FAQ.
  • Step on mines purposely with Lancers; this clears the path for armored vehicles and gives Lancers free movement without using AP at the cost of just a few HP.
  • Walk a few steps, aim, cancel, then repeat. Doing this allows you to get by certain enemies without getting hit at all. Works on units with slow start up interception attacks (V2, Final Boss, Ghost Tank, etc.). This will be subsequently referred to as the Aim Trick in this FAQ.

Monthly Missions

These are missions you unlock by going from month to month. The three star missions appear after you've beaten the game once.

One Star

  • [Story][1P] Rebel Encounter: Follow the tutorial and take out the enemies.
  • [Story][1P] The Entrance Exam: Advance with Avan to the first camp. Be sure to kill all enemies in Area 1 so you don't have to worry about the base camp being captured. In Area 2, use the same strategy with Zeri as backup and Cosette healing if needed.
  • [Story][1P] Liberating Arlem: In Area 1, take a Scout and sneak to the upperleft base by hiding in the base. When you're in range, blow up the ragnaid radiator. End your turn and use the same scout to headshot the remaining Shocktrooper and then capture the base. If you have it, a vehicle with construction arm can build a bridge in the next area, allowing easy access to the boss. If not, then go to the bridge with Shocktroopers while making use of cover. If the tank is near the ragnaid crate (F2), get a scout to blow it up and it should go down in one hit. If not, deploy a batallion of Lancers and barrage the tank.

One Star

  • [Story] Laevatein Qualifiers: For initial deployment, you will definitely need a Shocktrooper in Area 2. Accompanying that unit can be another Shock for reinforcement or a Engineer to support. Either way, you're facing a hail of bullets while you charge towards both of the bases in that area. When you capture both bases, take a unit and hug the mountains to avoid enemies. Finally, when you reach the middle base, you should see the target: a Sniper Commander. He has a considerable amount of agility. You have two options:
  1. Bust out a Fencer to do this job. This takes longer but you can use the AoE trick to take the Commander more easily.
  2. Use a Shock, you'll get to the actual Sniper faster but he may dodge most of your attempts to kill him.

One Star

  • [Story] VIP Escort: You don't have to kill Dirk in this mission so ignore him. If you want to however, bring in a slew of Fencers to take him down.
In Area 5, get a unit to capture the base on the right side of the map and then have the APC switch areas there. In Area 4, take a Lancer and quickly climb up to take out a Supply Vehicle. Other than that, watch your AP and maintain a balance of clearing enemies and moving the APC.

One Star

  • [Story] Darcsen Liberation: Okay this is a tough one if you haven't excessively grinded or you're not playing co-op. Since killing Baldren is not the objective, you are free (and recommended) to ignore him. Again, if for whatever reason you want to kill him, use Fencers or spam grenades. Whenever you kill an enemy, touch their corpse so Baldren cannot revive them with the Recall order. Equip your vehicle with the Construction Arm to use this strategy.
In Area 1, take your Vehicle to build a ladder right next to the orange-marked camp. Capture it.
In Area 2, take a Scout and hug the left side of the map. This should eventually take you through the tunnel and then to the camp where there should be only a sniper there.
In Area 4, there's one tank and a few soldiers at the base. The tank isn't exactly in the objective camp so you can ignore it.
In Area 3, the base is protected by one gun turret and two soldiers. You'll need an anti-armor unit and one anti-personnel unit to take them out before you can capture.

One Star

  • [Story] Laevatein Semifinals: Deploy a Lancer in 1 so you can grab the middle goal. After that, capture the upper right camp and finally use a Lancer to snipe the enemy commander from the uppermost right area next to your base. The tank is located in the middle of 3.
  • Diebal Skirmish: There are some turrets so be prepared for that but don't neglect using anti-personnel units too.
  • Crosshairs of Death: Area 3's goal is nearly on the other side of the map so keep this in mind when choosing what units you want in that area.
  • Mountain Stronghold: Be careful, there's a few V2s in the missions coupled with a snowstorm. Tread carefully and expect the unexpected.

One Star

  • [Story] The Road to the Armory: There's actually many ways of going about this mission but these are the two I found that were easy to execute:
  1. Change Avan into one of the Armored Tech classes and just rush into the front door.
  2. Use two units: A Lancer/Shocktrooper and Avan/Cosette depending on your preferences. In Area 2, deploy a Lancer/Shocktrooper and rush the gate switch (represented by an arrow icon). Afterwards have Avan/Cosette go through the now opened gate and rush to the goal.
  • [Story] Retaking Yuell: Go through the alleyway to take the base in Area 4 quickly. In Area 5 lies quite a formidable tank in your way. You can choose to either Scout/Armored Tech rush the base directly (faster, risky) or go through the trenches (time-consuming, safer).
  • Forest Guardians: Sometimes, there's two tanks near both of the camps. Other than that, this mission should come naturally.
  • The Impregnable APC: The Commander is in the bottom right of Area 3. Area 4 is littered with anti-personnel units so proceed with caution. The APC should go down with a few Lancer shots--despite being a CO, it's still flimsy but it's stopping power isn't shabby.
  • Sand Sweeper: You won't be need to deploy too many units in Area 3 (unless they're Scouts) because you'll probably capture the base at the bottom in the first phase.

One Star

  • [Story] Laevatein Finals: In Area 1, from the home camp, deploy a Scout to capture the base to the right and a Lancer to the base at the upper left. When you've acquired the right base, deploy a Sniper to pick off a few enemies off to the upper right and then deploy another Scout to capture the upper right base. In Area 3, you'll need to take advantage of cover and/or sandbag removal weapons so bring a Shock Trooper, an Armored Tech, or a Mortarer as well as one Lancer to take care of the tank that's guarding the next base. Of course you can cut the middle man and just bring the Lancer but you'll be at risk of being cut down by interception fire. After the left base in Area 3 is captured, you should have Julianna in sight in the next area. Destroy the sandbags she's hiding against (if she is at all) and then use a Sniper to headshot her in the back of the head or use the AoE Trick with a Fencer. Either way you probably won't one-hit her so be prepared to spend some CP.
  • Escorting a Defector: Capture the right camp in Area 5 with a Scout. After that, destroy all armored units by deploying in the newly opened up camp in Area 4 so you can clear the path for your APC unit. When you eventually approach Area 1, be careful of being surrounded by a squad of Shocktroopers.

Two Star

  • [Story] Defending Lanseal: Use Gunners--lots of them. They're deadly on anything with a shield up close and that includes V2s. I suggest deploying a tank with heavy armor to defend Area 1 alone and then a Fencer or Gunner to defend Area 2.
Rush the right camp in Area 1 with a Gunner. There should only be a V2 and Commando there.
Then get a Lancer to take out the Supply in Area 3. Clear out the enemies near that spawn then..
Move to gain a foothold in Area 2. Capture either the top or bottom base with a Gunner, Shocktrooper, or a Lancer.
Finally, for the next turns, just exterminate everything Dirk is left. Use Fencers, Gunners, whatever you want to finish him.
SPOILER! Highlight to View
  • You gain the ability to make someone a leader at this point, giving you extra CP like Avan does.
  • Aliasse joins your party late in the month as a Scout. She doesn't get a Valkyrie form.

Two Star

  • [Story] Retaking Roendahl: Deploy a Shock to hit the Area 4 switch at the start. In Area 1, take out a sniper to take out some personnel near the right base first. Afterwards, deploy a Lancer to blow up the tank in the same base. Capture it. To finish things up, have a Scout go through the lower ground to capture the last base. In Area 3, snipe the tank in front with a Lancer. Afterwards, youfll pretty much only need Shocktroopers as you go clear enemies and capture the gateway. Now with access to Area 5 unlocked, deploy a Mauler (preferred) or Lancer to the lower ground to sneak and hunt down the boss.

Three Star

  • Anthhold Aqueduct Crash: While the trip to each camp isn't much of a trek, there are quite a few V2s with Supply Vehicles of which aren't easily accessible. Be sure to have good equipment because you'll be faced with lots of interception fire. In Area 1, I suggest you rush the small alleyway to the base with a Fencer.

Two Star

  • [Story] Liberating Doerfein: Baldren is in Area 5. You should get a Scout to grab the left base in Area 2 fast and then another to capture the other base next to it. After wards send your boss-killer into the trolley cart to the very right of Area 2 to kill Baldren. If your boss-killer isn't successful then try to capture the gateway into 5 in Area 4 and then attempt the kill again.

Three Star

  • The Canyon Divided: Bring a Construction Arm so you can build a bridge in Area 4 for an easy cap. There also may be mines along this way along as many in other areas--watch your step.
  • Anthold Harbor Clash: Just go the Area 1 path--it's less troublesome henceforth faster. When I played through this mission, the Supply Vehicle in Area 3 was in the left warehouse.

Two Star

  • [Story] Blasting the Aqueduct: Move Zeri while ignoring tanks along the way. Remember your goal is to get him to the goal, NOT kill all enemies. Be sure that when you end the turn, Zeri is taking cover or at least not in the middle of a mob of enemies. If Zeri's low on HP, use Medic Request (1CP) gained by talking to Welkin. You could alternatively have him sit still for a round so he can avoid interception fire as well. Don't neglect your defenses in the other areas; use a non-light tank positioned inside one of the base camps to protect it. If you want to kill Audrey, normal anti-tank tactics will suffice. Know that even though you'll end the mass artillery fire and the orders by killing it, you're also giving the enemy a lot of free CP to act on.
  • Roendahl Firefight: Almost every foot soldier has status down guns and there's an unusually high accordance of APCs with Flamethrower and Gatling. Not very much resistance but it might be a bit of a nuisance.

Three Star

  • Warship Requiem: Area 1 is fairly empty in terms of enemies but this doesn't mean they don't exist there. Just rush the area with any unit with Ragnite in hand.

Two Star

  • [Story] Battle of Anthold Harbor: Okay you'll be needing four units: 1) an Anthem Corp, 2) a unit that will go push a switch, 3) a unit that will do some anti-armor work, and 4) a unit that will kill Dirk. I personally used Lancers for Job 2 and 3 while using a Fencer for Job 4.
First have an Anthem Corp buff all of these units up. Move Unit 2 to the left switch past Dirk. Then have Unit 3 take out the Supply Vehicle in the opened up warehouse. Finally, take Unit 4 to kill Dirk.
  • [Story] Clash Aboard Deck: Whip out a Shock and take out any enemies in your way as your go to capture the base in Area 3. While captured, roll out a Lancer and destroy the heat sink in the area. Moving on to Area 1, roll out a Scout to hit both switches at the bottom while ignoring enemies. Deploy a Lancer from the base in the area and then destroy another heat sink. In Area 2, get a Shock to capture the only base left. Afterwards, deploy another Lancer to destroy the last heat sink.
  • [Story] The Final Battle: Before going through with this mission, make sure you have a large number of Snipers in your squad. When the battle begins, use a Scout and rush to the upper right base in #1. Ignore all enemies. From the newly opened base in Area 3, use a Commando to both take out any enemies in the way and capture the upper right base. From here, you have the option of finishing this in one turn (go to #1) or finishing it in two (go to #2).
  1. This is the faster yet less safe route. Start by capturing the uppermost base using a Scout, again, ignore enemies. After that, hunt down Baldren in Area 4 and go to #3.
  2. This is the slower yet safer route. End your turn and save CP. After this, Baldren should predictably go and capture your only base in Area 4. You'll also probably be hit pretty hard by the enemies so spend time recovering. Know that your priority is to recapture the gateway from Area 3 to 4 though. Go to #3.
  3. With Baldren in sight, deploy a Sniper and move as far away from Baldren as you can while keeping him in Sniping distance (Aim Trick works wonders). Now, get your best defense unit and turn around Baldren by luring him with that unit. Be sure to put him in a position where the Sniper can take out his radiator. Now, go back to the sniper and pick away at his radiator. If said Sniper dies by a counter attack, deploy another one and repeat the whole step. After the Aura is gone, get out your best offensive units and finish him.
  • The Cerulean Death: Bring Motarers or other AoE units because the enemies will probably overload you (1P), bunching up together for easy kills. There is almost always an enemy in the grass at the bottom of Area 1, don't forget to check.

Three Star

  • 4th Mortar Showdown!: There's many tanks in this one (as per the name). Deploy Lancers at the start in Area 2. You might need some Snipers mid-battle as well.
  • Dandarius Clash 2: You won't be able to do much in Area 4 so just put up defenses and stand your ground. Capture bases so you can flank Area 4. When I played, the Supply was on the left spawn but the location may change. After you get the Supply, the area becomes a Sniper paradise. Be sure to have a lot of Lancers in Area 2 as well.
  • Lanseal Academy Crash: Use units with lots of defense yet decent AP--Mobile Lancers. This will allow you to get through some mediocre yet noticeable interception fire as you jump from base to base.
SPOILER! Highlight to View
  • After the credits are over, you can assign yet another leader.
  • Post game opens up with new equipment.
  • Jugin and Hubert join your Squad.
  • VC1 characters that you've met the requirements for their recruitment also join.

Paid Missions

Missions that you can buy in the store after a certain part in the story. They aren't all available at the start and may require you to do something beforehand. Some post game paid missions appear and disappear with the months so don't be surprised if you buy one and you can't do it.

Three Star

  • Unassailable Summit: Since Audrey is in this mission, expect an even stronger version of her guarding Area 4 as well as an iron-hard defense because of the high CP and orders. Take the Area 5 route because the path to the goal is shorter and you can (almost) ignore Audrey. Watch out for a tower installment in 5 and 4.
  • The Breath of Life: Powered up Dirk here. He has a lot more firepower and he blocks most attacks from the front so keep that in mind when trying to take him out. The Supply Vehicle is typically at the upper left corner of the map. I recommend taking him out in turn 1 at Area 4 to eliminate future nuisances.
  • [1P] Proof of Friendship: Buyable after you do everyone's Classmate missions. There's only one area by yourself. The Ghost Tank will be felled after about four Lancer Elite shots. Dirk should be taken down with an Elite Sniper. After that, you should be left with a Fencer Ace and two V2s you have the freedom of choosing how to kill.
  • The Scarlet Forest: Don't deploy a lot of units in Area 3 because a powered up version of Final Boss Baldren is in the center. Get a Shocktrooper or Mobile Lancer and use the Aim Trick in order to get pass Baldren to capture the upper right base. After that, you can deploy a unit from that base to take down Baldren using the same strategy you used in the final battle. Crate locations (may or may not change):
Area 1, From the upper right camp, go down.
Area 2, In the upper right camp.
Area 3, In the upper right camp.
Area 4, Bring a Mobile Lancer. Climb the platform/hill in the middle using the ladders--there's a crate to the left and one to the right. The left is blocked by an obstacle so just blow it away with a lance.
Area 5, A little north from the camp.
  • Pandora Ship: Acquired when you've done all of the other missions, excluding DLC. Not actually that hard. Don't bother deploying anything in Area 2 at the start except a Sniper if you enjoy using them. If you plan on taking down any of the Ghost Tanks, bring a Lancer Elite because you'll need all the power you get. The same tactics you used in the final battle apply here. The Ace is a gunner behind the door in Area 1 (pretty smug).
  • [1P] Winter Maelstrom: You'll get an A rank as long as you hold the camp--you can wait out the 8 turns if you'd like and it wouldn't matter. I suggest capturing and defending all of the bases in 3 at least though so they can't get too close to the defense line.
  • [1P] Autumn Gale: This mission is almost exclusively filled with Scouts and V2s. Almost all of the Scouts have Defense Down guns and will evade most of your attacks. Use the Aim Trick in this mission a lot and don't let the APC pass through subsequent areas until you've cleared the way a bit.
  • [1P] Ghostly Conflagaration: Have at least one Hvy Gunner in the base. Capture the left base in 5 and then end your turn. When the enemy phase starts rolling around, he should come to you, saving you the trouble of having to find him. If he doesn't die by interception fire trying to kill your units in the home base then you can just barrage him with a flurry of cover fire, use an Elt Sniper, or attack with a Fencer. He should go down in one CP.

Exam series

The Mid Exams are two-star missions and the Advanced Exams are three star missions that are unlocked by getting a class to level 30. Final Exams are missions that is included with the DLC Pack. You can only use characters of the class type mentioned in the title.

  • Advanced Tech Exam: Make sure you have Maulers and Fencers if you have any intention of A ranking this. There's at least one armored installment in every area and without a Fencer, you won't be able to one-shot infantry.
  • Advanced Engineer Exam: Deploying in Area 1 is a bit tricky--there's a Gun Tower at the end of the grass strip near your spawn which can chip an Engineer's HP in a flash. You might as well not deploy there at all and instead capture the gateway to 1 from Area 2 instead. There are two towers guarding the goal--pay no mind to them because their interception fire won't do much to the APC. Go past them so long as you have enough CP and AP.

Classmate Missions

They are automatically available after viewing three of a character's personal events which are unlocked by using a character: 5 times for the first, 10 for the second, 15 for the third. They have no grade so you can do them at any time however only alone. After the mission is over, you will gain a new Potential that will either replace the ? slot or an old negative Potential. All classmate missions are 1P only.

  • [Nichol][1P] A Dangerous Mission: This is a straight forward mission. Just watch out for enemies in the grass and use cover--besides that, this mission should be clockwork.
  • [Melissa][1P] Zeri's Bodyguards: Make a pincer attack on the first base but don't neglect the home camp in the first turns of this stage. Afterwards sweep up the rest of the enemies.
  • [Chloe][1P] Snow Rabbit Search: Chloe's Moody potential might activate many times during the course of this mission. This doesn't mean you should ignore using her at all but rely more on Avan. I suggest having Avan be an offensive class with infinite ammo (i.e. not a Lancer or Sniper) because of this. Complete it as soon as you can before reinforcements show up.
  • [Anisette][1P] Taking the Stage: An anti-armor class isn't necessary here so your best bet is using Avan as a Shocktrooper. Don't be reckless because Avan and Anisette are the only characters you can use. Even by this fact, secure bases anyway in case someone dies and/or for the defense boost.
  • [Marion][1P] Against New Weaponry: Ignore Area 1.
  • [Coleen][1P] In Search of Moonglow: Have Coleen rush the mission alone; ignore enemies.
  • [Morris][1P] In Search of Moonglow: Have Morris rush the mission alone; ignore enemies.
  • [Magari][1P] Cerulean Scarab Search: Use Magari and rush to the goal. Use Avan as backup if necessary.
  • [Erik][1P] Uncovering the Truth: Split up the duo--have Avan take one side and Erik take the other.
  • [Vicky][1P] Mountain Rescue: Not a lot of enemies in Area 2 so don't bother to check unless you've taken out all of the enemies in 4 and 3 first.
  • [Joachim][1P] Bad Luck Battle: This really isn't Joachim's show until Area 5--it's really a map for mobile units like Scouts. In Area 5, rush with an Armored Tech or pick off units with a Sniper and Lancer before proceeding.
  • [Inghild][1P] A Tragic Prophecy: Commandos, Lancers, and Snipers will be your star players in this fight.
  • [Lavinia][1P] Ghostly Vengeance: You don't really need Area 5 to get to the Ghost Tank so ignore it unless you want to solidify your defenses. Other than that just capture area by area until you get to 3. The Ghost tank is in the lower left so bring your anti-armor units and trash that thing. Watch out for its interception fire because it will likely kill without post-game armor and still wound with it.

Phantasy Star Portable 2

These are missions that come with unlocking Emelia using the code (FSHL2DTP1EVB52AN) or using a Phantasy Star Portable 2 save.

  • [1P] The Guardians' Request: Fencer rush the base in 3. Mortar rush the base in 4. Shock rush the base in 1. Rush rush rush. The G Ranger (Ace) should be in the rooftop at Area 4.

DLC Pack

As long as the mission is not marked 1P only and the host has the DLC, you can do co-op even if the other members do not have the DLC.

Two Star

  • Race Against Time: Even though you're close to the goal, Area 4's switch needs to be hit. Hvy Mortarers will be useful and/or Shocktroopers--there are many enemies.
  • [1P] Battle at Mellvere EX: This mission yields the strongest Fencer Elite blade for killing the ace. Avan doesn't have to be used at all--should you use him anyway, have him go in as a Lancer Elite. Have Avan go to the lower left corner of the map; just out of range of the Cannon Tower (but allowing Avan to fire up the alleyway), and fire off a shot into the radiator of the leftmost Cannon Tower. Zeri and Cosette are the two that should be used for the remainder. If possible, have Zeri be a Commando Leader and Cosette a Medic Leader.
Regardless of whether you had Avan as a Lancer Elite and got rid of the Left Cannon Tower, start off by having Zeri going up the left side (around the back of the building), and immediately kill the Ace hiding in the corner there. Immediately have Zeri run straight for sandbags near the left Tower and end his turn ASAP once his AP hits zero. If you made it to the sandbags, have him crouch ASAP then end his turn.
Next, have Cosette pop out long enough to provide ranged Healing (or Revival).
Select Zeri again, and just run straight for the enemy Base; crouching as soon as you get to the base of the Tower (next to the narrow end of the sandbags). Use his Flamer to take out both the Tower and the Lancer. He should have just enough AP to capture the base before he's gunned down. Mission Complete.

Three Star

  • Two Pronged Assault: Take your best offense unit and take the leftmost base in Area 3. If a V2 stands in your way, use the aim trick or go around to avoid it. The Supply in Area 5 is probably in B7 but no matter where it might be, there will be a V2 guarding it. After taking care of the Supply in that area, use snipers to clean up some enemies. Once you're satisfied for now, rush Area 3's lower base with some units. When it transitions to the enemy turn, one of your bases will probably have been captured by now so spend resources getting it back. Afterwards, take care of the last base in Area 5. In Area 4, snipe everyone and everything (including an APC) before deploying a unit with Dbl Move to capture the base in the center. The remaining area is not so easy. V2s and Fencers are in droves so use either a Tank or a Fencer Elite to down them. Don't neglect areas that you've already cleared--keep at least one Gunner on each of the Home bases as there is always a chance you overlooked someone or reinforcements unexpectedly arrive. If you happen to miss any enemies, check tight spots before doing All Area Recon.
  • Ultimate Challenge: Use all the tactics you've learned throughout the course of VC2, one thing to note is that when the enemy phase comes rolling in, they will be quite aggressive. Always make sure you have Gunners on your bases to prevent this.

Resource Maps

Use CTRL+F and the mission name if you want to find the strategy should you need it. The EXP listed is a rough estimate if you were to complete the mission swiftly.


  • (January)[1P] Combat Exercise: Classmate Missions


  • [Morris][1P] In Search of Moonglow: ~43,000EXP / Mrch / MrchII / MrchX

Post Game

  • (June)[Story] Retaking the Armory: ~47,200EXP / Mrch / MrchX / Certificate
  • (Paid)[1P] Ghostly Conflagration: ~280,000EXP / ArmsX / ArmsIIX / Diploma


These are all three-star missions that drop level 4 materials. Level 5 materials drop randomly so just keep doing three star missions and you will eventually get them.

  • (January) Arlem Crash: Steel
  • (June) Daws Desert Clash: Rare Metal
  • (Paid)[1P] Proof of Friendship: Copper
  • (May) Yuell Clash: Rubber
  • (March) Revolution's Afterglow: Oak
  • (October) Canyon Divided: Gunpowder
  • (August) Doerfein Clash: Ragnite
  • (July) A Castle in the Darkness: Plywood
  • Missions in Lanseal Military Academy: Lead

Battle Potentials

Here is a list of battle potentials you can get with certain characters in certain classes. They replace the third battle potential slot marked ? and are usable by other classes in the fourth slot marked -. They attach a yellow "P" next to the class name to tell you that you've already acquired the battle potential for that class.


Clear Thought- Avan, Aliasse, Sigrid, Chloe, Welkin, Selvaria
Full HP Recovery- Nichol, Lotte, Julius, Alicia(TV)
Super Evasion- Helmut, Melissa, Marina, Eleanor, Hubert
Anti-Intercept- Alicia

Scout Vtn

Dud Mine- Avan, Sigrid, Melissa, Selvaria
Third Eye- Aliasse, Helmut, Lotte, Welkin
Range Extension- Nichol, Chloe, Alicia, Marina, Eleanor, Hubert, Julius, Alicia(TV)

Scout Elite

Concentration- Avan, Nichol, Melissa, Marina, Eleanor, Hubert, Julius
Max Evasion- Aliasse, Sigrid, Lotte, Welkin, Selvaria
Cover Stance- Helmut, Chloe, Alicia, Alicia(TV)

Hvy Scout

Anti-Intercept- Avan, Aliasse, Nichol, Lotte, Selvaria, Marina, Eleanor
Full HP Recovery- Helmut, Melissa, Welkin
Unevadable Shot- Sigrid, Chloe, Alicia, Hubert, Julius, Alicia(TV)


Critical Attack- Avan, Aliasse, Sigrid, Melissa, Welkin, Eleanor, Hubert, Julius
Super Accuracy- Nichol, Chloe, Alicia, Alicia(TV)
Backup Sniping- Helmut, Lotte, Selvaria
Penetration- Marina

Sniper Elt

Eagle Eye- Avan, Nichol, Chloe, Selvaria, Hubert
Max Accuracy- Aliasse, Sigrid, Lotte, Marina, Eleanor, Julius
Second Wind- Helmut, Melissa, Welkin, Alicia, Alicia(TV)

AT Sniper

Ammo Refill- Avan, Aliasse, Nichol, Lotte, Alicia, Marina, Eleanor, Hubert, Julius, Alicia(TV)
Super Vs Armor- Helmut, Melissa
Total Defense- Sigrid, Chloe, Welkin, Selvaria


Clear Shot- Avan, Zeri, Nahum, Marion, Oscar
Ammo Refill- Erik, Franca, Rosie, Lynn
Super Vs Personel- Pete, Anisette, Edy, Aisha, Lamar

Troopr Vtn

Neutralize- Avan, Nahum, Anisette, Aisha
Advanced Attack- Zeri, Pete, Franca, Oscar, Lamar
Unevadable Shot- Erik, Marion, Rosie, Lynn, Edy

Trooper Elt

Side Defense- Avan, Pete, Anisette
Max Vs Personnel- Zeri, Nahum, Franca, Lynn, Aisha, Oscar
Double Attack- Erik, Marion, Rosie, Edy, Lamar


Phoenix- Avan, Zeri, Erik, Anisette, Edy, Aisha, Oscar
Perfect Dodge- Pete, Franca, Lynn, Rosie, Lamar
Speed Burst- Nahum, Marion


Suppression- Avan, Zeri, Nahum, Anisette, Aisha, Lamar
Prone Attack-'' Erik, Marion, Rosie, Lynn, Edy, Oscar
Cover Stance- Pete, Franca

Gunner Elt

Range Extension- Avan, Zeri, Pete, Marion, Oscar
Close Quarters- Erik, Anisette, Rosie, Edy, Lamar
Super Exploit- Nahum, Franca, Lynn, Aisha

Hvy Gunner

Full HP Recovery- Avan, Nahum, Marion, Lynn, Oscar
Max Exploit- Zeri, Erik, Anisette, Rosie, Edy, Aisha
Super Evasion- Pete, Franca, Lamar


Stand Ready- Avan, Jugin, Rene, Lancer Class Cossette
Ammo Refill- Reiner, Noel, Largo, Jann, Maximilian, Faldio
Super Vs Armor- Vario, Coleen
Clear Thought- Leon

Lancer Vtn

Tank Slayer- Avan, Vario, Noel, Largo
Prone Attack- Reiner, Rene, Jann, Maximilian
Dismantle- Jugin, Coleen, Faldio, Lancer Class Cossette
Dud Mine- Leon

Lancer Elt

Tank Destroyer- Avan, Vario, Rene, Maximilian, Lancer Class Cossette
Clear Thought- Reiner, Coleen
Max Vs Armor- Jugin, Noel, Largo, Jann, Faldio
Max Evasion- Leon

Mbl Lancer

Diversion- Avan, Vario, Rene, Largo, Jann, Lancer Class Cossette
Poison Resist- Reiner, Noel, Maximillian
Close Quarters- Jugin, Coleen, Faldio
Anti-Intercept- Leon


Packed Charges- Avan, Vario, Noel, Largo, Jann, Lancer Class Cossette
Super Defense- Reiner, Rene, Maximilian, Faldio
Ammo Refill- Jugin, Coleen
Critical Attack- Leon

Hvy Mortar

Ranged Shot- Avan, Reiner, Coleen, Faldio
Full HP Recovery- Vario, Jugin, Jann
Suppression- Noel, Rene, Largo, Maximillian, Lancer Class Cossette
Max Accuracy- Leon

Mbl Mortar

Speed Burst- Avan, Vario, Coleen
Anti-Intercept- Reiner, Noel, Largo, Maximilian, Faldio, Lancer Class Cossette
Super Vs Personnel- Jugin, Rene, Jann
Total Defense- Leon


Super Exploit- Avan, Raymond, Magari
Super First Aid- Cossette, Heinz, Vicky, Homer, Support Class Aliasse
Dud Mine- Randy, Sofia, Susie, Emile, Mintz

Enginr Vtn

Super Repair- Avan, Randy, Sofia, Mintz, Support Class Aliasse
Uncounterable- Cossette, Heinz, Vicky, Emile
Max First Aid- Raymond, Magari, Homer
Full HP Recovery- Susie

Enginr Elt

Super Aid Range- Avan, Raymond, Magari
Double Attack- Cossette, Heinz, Sofia, Susie
Max Exploit- Randy, Vicky, Homer, Emile, Mintz
Super Defense- Support Class Aliasse


Poison Resist- Avan, Raymond, Magari, Homer, Support Class Aliasse
Max Aid Range- Cossette, Heinz, Sofia, Susie, Emile
Third Eye- Randy, Vicky, Mintz

Anthem Corp

Contact Wound- Avan, Cossette, Randy, Vicky, Susie, Emile
Super Accuracy- Raymond, Sofia, Mintz
Perfect Dodge- Heinz, Magari, Homer, Support Class Aliasse

Anthem Elt

Super Evasion- Avan, Raymond, Sofia, Emile
Double Movement- Cossette, Randy, Vicky, Homer, Mintz
Cover Stance- Heinz, Magari, Susie
Super Resist- Support Class Aliasse


Double Action- Avan, Raymond, Magari, Susie, Homer
Invincible- Cossette, Randy, Vicky, Emile, Support Class Aliasse, Mintz
Super Resist- Heinz, Sofia

Armor Tech

Super Defense- Avan, Morris, Inghild, Karl, Emilia
Med HP Recover- Joachim, Mischlitt, Zaka, Juliana
Super Resist- Jamill, Alexis, Isara, Armor Type Zeri

Tech Vtn

Penetration- Avan, Jamill, Alexis, Karl, Isara, Armor Type Zeri
Side Defense- Morris, Mischlitt, Emilia
Max Resist- Joachim, Inghild, Zaka, Juliana

Tech Elt

Super Vs Personel- Avan, Morris, Inghild, Zaka, Juliana, Emilia, Armor Type Zeri
Advanced Attack- Joachim, Alexis
Max Defense- Jamill, Mischlitt, Karl, Isara

Spec Tech

Total Defense- Avan, Jamill, Inghild
Power Throw- Joachim, Mischlitt, Zaka, Isara
Poison Resist- Morris, Alexis, Karl, Juliana, Emilia, Armor Type Zeri


Third Eye- Avan, Jamill, Inghild, Zaka, Isara
Feint- Joachim, Alexis, Karl, Juliana, Emilia, Armor Type Zeri
Phoenix- Morris, Mischlitt

Fencer Elite

Double Movement- Avan, Morris, Inghild, Zaka, Juliana, Armor Type Zeri
Face to Face- Joachim, Alexis, Isara, Emilia
Speed Burst- Jamill, Mischlitt, Karl


Point Blank- Avan, Morris, Alexis, Juliana, Emilia
Suppression- Joachim, Mischlitt, Zaka, Isara
Tank Destroyer- Jamill, Inghild, Armor Type Zeri
Invincible- Karl

Taking a Turn

Start a Turn

  • Advanced Attack
  • Dismantle
  • Diversion
  • Eagle Eye
  • Feint
  • Invincible
  • Poison Resist
  • Range Extension
  • Side Defense
  • Speed Burst
  • Super Accuracy
  • Super Aid Range
  • Super Defense
  • Super Evasion
  • Super Resist
  • Super Vs. Armor
  • Super Vs. Personnel
  • Total Defense

Start a Turn (Also After an Attack)

  • Max Accuracy
  • Max Aid Range
  • Max Defense
  • Max Exploit
  • Max Evasion
  • Max First Aid
  • Max Resist
  • Max Vs. Armor
  • Max Vs. Personnel


Make an Attack

  • Concentration
  • Critical Attack
  • Neutralize
  • Packed Charges
  • Penetration
  • Super Exploit
  • Suppression
  • Tank Destroyer
  • Uncounterable
  • Unevadable Shot

When an Enemy Counters

  • Perfect Dodge

After an Attack

  • Ammo Refill
  • Double Attack
  • Full HP Recovery
  • Med HP Recovery

Attack an Enemy at Close Range

  • Contact Wound
  • Face to Face
  • Point Blank

Attack an Enemy that is Visible and Out of Range

  • Ranged Shot

Attack While Crouching

  • Prone Attack

When an Enemy Counters While at Close Range

  • Close Quarters


Move Under Interception Fire

  • Anti-Intercept
  • Clear Thought
  • Stand Ready
  • Third Eye

Step on a Landmine

  • Dud Mine

Move While Close to 2 or More Tanks

  • Tank Slayer

Move While Medium Distance to an Enemy

  • Clear Shot

Move While No One is Close

  • Back Up Sniper

Move Until Half of Starting AP

  • Second Wind

Move to Zero AP

  • Double Movement


After Taking an Action

  • Cover Stance
  • Double Action

When HP Reaches 0

  • Phoenix

When Healing

  • Super First Aid


  • Super Repair

Transition to Targeting Mode

  • Power Throw


  1. To acquire a potential, perform the given action while a member of the appropriate class. You can increase the chances of acquiring the ability by increasing morale or by just using the character as that class more(this apparently reaches its max effect after spending 25 CP on a character).
  2. Use the Cadet guide (http://dl.sega.com/guide/valkyria-chronicles-2/valkyria-chronicles-2-freshman-cadet-guide-en.pdf) if you want descriptions of the potentials.
  3. For Power Throw you can repeatedly enter and exit targeting mode on a single turn, although you may want to spend some CP on the unit beforehand to improve the odds of it triggering.
  4. It might be impossible to trigger Poison Resist while in Yuell, or at least while in the poison marches in Yuell. I have not personally confirmed this, but it is something to keep in mind.
  5. Anything requiring you to attack but not requiring an enemy a certain distance from you or a counter from an enemy can be acquired while shooting at the air.
  6. All abilities can only be triggered on your turn. For Phoenix this means you have to die either from intercept fire or from a counter attack in order for it to trigger.
  7. For Tank Slayer you can use your own tank as one of the tanks.

Buff Chart

Scout Buff Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What squad members should I use?

A. Honestly that's up to your personal preference. Every member of each class can do the job of any of the other members without too much of a difference.

Q. How do I get credits? How come I'm not getting any?

A. Pretty much if you anything you'll have a chance at getting credits. If you're not getting them then keep on trying. The next time you get into a battle, go to the menu then to the Credits and then to the Evaluation tab. There you can see specifically what you can do to get them.

Q. How do I change classes?

A. You have to get credits from certain missions (you can check in the mission briefing). When you have enough credits and the right ones, you can go to the Drill Grounds (where you level up your troops) and there you can Change classes. The character will have a yellow mark next to his name telling you if he can or not. You can click on him anyway in order to see what credits he needs though.

Q. Is credit distribution random?

A. For all we know at the moment, yes. There are some theories on it but they haven't been extensively tested.

Q. Is there a New Game+?

A. Not in it's conventional terms. After the game, you are free to do your story missions again with your fully-geared squad as well as new missions open up but you don't necessarily go through the game as if it were new again per se.

Q. How come I'm not getting an S rank no matter what I do?

A. A rank is the highest you can get in the US version of the game while S rank is the highest for the Japanese version.

Q. Who is Jugin?

A. A Darcsen Lancer. He joins your repertoire at post game.

Q. Do the character codes make the game too easy? Should I use them?

A. Not at all and yes, they should definitely be used. Keep in mind that none of them have Classmate missions though.

Q. Do titles affect anything?

A. No.

Q. Can you run out of days in a month by sleeping too much? Or are you stuck in a month until you complete the story mission?

A. You're stuck until you complete the story mission. In post game, you control when you progress to the next month.

Q. How many post game missions are there for each month?

A. Two each except for December which has four post game missions.

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Thanks to Wolegin/Raunen for providing the Fencer trick, The Proof of Friendship strategy, and miscellaneous information.

Thanks to RaptureII, Valinne, and the Japanese Wiki for the whole Potentials list.

Thanks to VOMarz for the Battle at Mellvere EX guide.

Thanks to Exulus- for providing a really efficient The Final Battle strategy.

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