How to beat Rain of Mortars?

  1. Yeah I have been having a problem with this level can anyone tell me how to beat it.

    User Info: wormgalore

    wormgalore - 8 years ago


  1. I started off with Avan (Scout Vtn) and Zeri (Commando/ Trooper Vtn) in Area 5 and Jamill (Fencer/ Fencer Elt), Reiner (Lancer Vtn), and Cosette (Engineer Vtn/ Medic) in Area 4. Also you will need another Engineer (any will do but for sanitys sake I chose Randy cause hes evil and fun).

    Turn 1:
    Move APC towards enemy base to get a feel for where enemies are located and to turn them around.
    Select Zeri and run him toward the enemy base.
    Select Zeri again and attack the enemy in the base.
    Select Zeri again (if needed to kill the enemy) and finish off the enemy. Capture the base!!!
    Select APC and move it to the next area.
    Select Reiner and move him to the left area and destroy the Supply Tank (in my experience the supply tank is always here.)
    Select Jamil and attack the V2 (and then move him out of the way of the mortar if hes in it)

    Phase 2:
    Select Jamil and finish off the V2
    Retreat Reiner and Jamil
    Run Cosette carefully to the enemy base.
    Have Cosette kill the enemy guarding the base (this may take about three turns depending on if Beautiful Worlds potential activates or not). CAPTURE THE BASE!!!

    *End turn*

    Phase 3:
    Select Cosette and recapture base if needed.
    Move APC to base and to the next area.
    Select the APC and move it as far as possible (taking care of the mines) (about 4 CPs worth)
    Select Jamil and move him to the enemy base and clear the base.
    Select the APC and move to the next area
    Select Randy and repair the APC and sit him at the base.

    *end turn*

    Phase 5:
    Do nothing but fly the APC to the end goal.

    This should net you and A-Rank in 5 turns.
    Now to be frank I had Jamil as a Fencer Elt because he has Grim Reaper which causes enemies (like V2's) miss alot and with the defense, attack, and AP of the Fencer Elt I was able to almost 1-shot the V2 in area 4.

    Hope this works and has teh fun!
    Good Luck!

    User Info: PSatori

    PSatori - 8 years ago 0   0

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