How do you beat Chloe's Mission?

  1. I'm having problems with Chloes mission to find the rabbit. The fencers are so annoying and then there's the back up. Do you have any tips to beating this map?

    User Info: Astal2684

    Astal2684 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Work quickly, make use of grenades, and use cover. I beat it in 3 (4?) turns and got a B on my first try. It's not that hard just annoying. It helps to farm XP and Credits for Avan and Chloe. One of them (or both, I forget) was a Veteran Scout, which helped a lot.

    You basically want to have one person go North to take out the enemy up there (and maybe use that spot to pick off others) when they move. TYou then have the other person (I sent Chloe) go take out the person behind the sandbag, and then used the sandbags for cover. Never be caught standing until you off that sniper on the other side of ditch, as an unlucky shot could OHKO a character (well not Avan, his HP is huge >.>).

    Scouts behind sandbags are 1-hit kills with a grenade. Lancers are two CP kills if you get all head shots (or use a grenade and than head shot them from behind). Also, for Lancers, they don't really notice you unless you get too close so you can basically circle around them pretty easily, but they seem to have eyes in the back of their head so hitting them from the side is the best bet unless you waste a CP to get Avan/Chloe to distract them while the other shoots them from behind.

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  1. Hi,

    what i did is to make my chloe as a SNIPER then you could simply hit the fencer one shot at her left and the go to the fencer position to kill another sniper in front of you, as for avan, go north kill the sniper then left kill the commander sniper below him. (that will cost you 4 CP) next round the shocktrooper near the fencer will try to shoot avan, don't worry it won't hurt that much *(what's a little blood lost) =D then another scout will go down from north, 2nd turn you could already finish the round, depends whether you want chloe to finish it or avan.

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Other Answers

  1. This is quite easy to do in two turns for the A rank (I did it several times in February, when the 43K exp for the A rank comes in handy) - the main wildcard is Chloe's "Moody" potential.

    The scenario below assumes both Chloe and Avan are scouts.

    Turn 1 - Player Phase

    Action 1: Chloe
    a) if her "Moody" potential activates, retire the mission and start again
    b) head west to the fencer until just in grenade range
    c) throw grenade just behind the fencer so that he's blown forward (i.e. closer to Avan)
    d) move north to the shocktrooper (staying just outside his range)
    e) end action

    Action 2: Avan
    a) head west until just in grenade range of the fencer
    b) kill the fencer with a grenade
    c) head north to the trooper
    d) end action

    Action 3: Chloe
    a) if her "Moody" activates, skip to c)
    b) ensure Avan is in support fire range, target the trooper's head and take him out
    c) head north past the sniper and crouch at one of the outer points of the V-shaped sandbags with the scout
    d) end action

    Action 4: Avan
    a) head north and take out the sniper (headshots); should be easy because his back is to you
    b) continue north and crouch at the opposite edge of the sandbags
    (if you're to close to chloe the scout will use a grenade)
    c) end action

    Turn 1 - Enemy Phase

    The surviving sniper will come close, but won't have line of sight.
    The scout will fire at Avan or Chloe, but you should not take too much damage crouched; return fire will damage the scout but probably not kill it (unless you're high level and/or have upgraded weapons).

    Turn 2 - Player Phase

    If the trooper is alive at this point, your goal is to take out sniper, trooper and fencer while also getting either Avan or Chloe back up the hill (so that the scout will open fire and get killed by the return fire). This is tricky, and if Chloe gets Moody it's impossible. The steps below assume the trooper is dead.

    Action 1: Chloe
    a) move to the fencer
    b) if Moody was activated, end the action
    c) hit the fencer with a grenade and move towards the sniper
    d) end action

    Action 2: Chloe
    a) if Moody was not triggered in Action 1, skip to f)
    b) if Moody triggers here too, you're in trouble - may even be best to retire
    c) throw a grenade on the fencer
    d) try to move back to the top of the hill you came from (to get in the Scout's range)
    e) end action
    f) move behind the sniper and take him out with headshots
    g) end action

    Action 3: Avan
    a) if the sniper is still alive, skip to d)
    b) kill the scout
    c) skip to e)
    d) move to the sniper and take him out (headshots)
    e) move to the fencer
    f) end action

    Action 4: Avan
    a) throw a grenade on the fencer, killing him
    b) Victory

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