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by Tnal

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Translation Guide by Tnal

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/19/2010
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Macross Ultimate Frontier

Basic Information Guide

Version 1.01

Changes: Some stylistic alterations. Fixed a few typos.


This is a list of controls and translations for Macross Ultimate Frontier. This guide is a basic FAQ. It is not meant to be pretty or overly wordy, but I will probably end up being wordy dispite my intention to the contrary. That aside, the goal of this guide is to help English-speaking people understand how to play this primarily Japanese language game.

You will not find a Walkthrough here. You should not need one anyway; the game is pretty straightforward. Besides, if you have seen the various anime series that it is based on then you already know the story.

What I will list here is information on the game. What I will do is translate the controls and the menus. I shall list what skills do and what stats relate to. I will also try to cover the basic questions that I have seen come up now and again on the GameFAQs message board.

Legal Stuff

This is the first guide written by moi, M.K. Bishop. Likewise, it is owned by me. Copy-writes and all that good stuff.

My goal here is to help people play the game. To that end, I grant individuals full authorization to download, save, print out, and share this guide with their friends. All I ask is that you please do not take credit for my work. It may be a tiny guide, but it still took me a long time to write.

If for whatever reason someone feels like hosting a copy of this guide on their website, email me:

Dragon_Knight_Tonal (at) hotmail (dot) com

I am pretty much guaranteed to say yes. Just put "Macross Ultimate Frontier" as the email's subject. That way I do confuse your email with spam and delete it unknowingly.

The same thing goes for people who wish to contribute to this guide's contents. If you have new information or corrections, then by all means email me. I'll be glad to add it in and give you credit for it.

Now, let us get on with actual Guide.


The menus are all opened by pressing the Start Button. Depending on what portion of the game you are currently on is what Menu you will get.

Hanger Menu

-Start Button: While in the Hangar, it will bring up the following Menu Options.

- Era Select Screen: This takes you back to the Era Selection Menu. After you select this, you will get two pop-ups. The first one is a conformation. The second is letting you know game has been Saved.

- Control Options: Shows you the game's control scheme.

-Settings: Opens the Settings Menu for the Audio, Player Cards, and Passwords.

- Load: Loads your Game Data.

- Save: Saves your Game Data

- Network mode: Activates Multiplayer. Make sure to have your Wi-fi turned on.

- Top Menu: Returns you to the Menu that you saw when you first turned on the game.

Mission Selection Menu

-L and R Shoulder Buttons: Switches between Hanger Tabs.

- Up or Down: Scroll through the Missions within the currently highlighted Era. Eras are what they call each of the different anime shows.

- Left or Right: These D-Pad Buttons will scroll through the Eras. As you unlock the different Eras, pressing Left or Right will allow you to choose which ones to play. They are listed in the anime's chronological order. From left to right, the Eras are:

1) Macross Zero

2) SDF Macross

3) Macross: Do You Remember Love

4) Macross Plus

5) Macross 7

6) Macross Dynamite 7

7) Macross Frontier

8) Extra Missions: These Missions are from the non-canon anime Macross 2, and from the canon video games Macross M3 and Macross VFX-2. There are also a few For Fun original Missions to be found here. Some require passwords to unlock. Those will be listed farther down in this guide.

9) Chronicle Missions: These are Missions as they appear in the anime. You will not get to choose your Pilot or Mecha. You do not get a Partner. You not have a Support Character, which means No Skills. These Missions will be difficult.

9) Macross Enemy Side Missions: You play as the villains here.

10) Tutorial: Teaches you how to play the game. Completing all of these will give you free Tune Points for every mecha that you unlock. It will only take you a few minutes to do, so it is definitely worth the time.

-Circle: Selects the Era or the Mission.

-X: Cancels a selection.

-Triangle: Switches the Mission to Ultimate Difficulty.

-Square: Opens the Music Selection Screen. Here, you can:

1) Triangle: listen to the Songs that you have Unlocked or set as your Custom Music.

2) Circle: Set the currently selected Music as the Background Music for the currently highlighted Mission.

-Important Note: Once you have EX Mode Unlocked (available at the Level 19 Nyan Nyan Shop), there will be a picture of a mecha on the Mission Discription. If you use that machine, your rewarded Tune and Nyan Nyan Points will be multiplied by 3. Great way to Level Up your mecha or to make Shop purchases.

In-Mission Menu

-Return to game: Unpause.

-1st Person View: Changes between 1st and 3rd Person Views.

-Activate/Deactivate HUD: Toggles the Display on or off.

-Leave Mission: Quits the current Mission. You will lose all earned rewards that you had gained from that Mission.

After-Mission Menu

-Exit: Take your rewards and return to the Hanger.

-Upgrade: Opens the Mecha Customization Screens. This is useful if you lost on a Multi-Part Mission. You can Upgrade your mecha and still continue the Mission from the Section that you died on.

-Save Replay Data: Records your gameplay footage for later viewing.

-Retry: Play the same Mission again.

-Next Mission Proceed straight to the next Mission without returning to the Hanger.

-Affection Meter: This is not part of the menu, but is visible on the right side of the screen. It shows how much Affection that you have gained or lost depending on your performance in the Mission. This affects your current Love Triangle.

Gameplay Controls

Analog Stick

This is used to switch between the different modes of Transformable Mecha. Most of the mecha have three forms. Not all of the vehicles in the game can transform, though. Some of them have only one mode. Others have two, usually a ground and an air form. This is also true for some non-transformable mecha.

-Up: Fighter or Flight Mode

-Left or Right: GERWALK (a Half-Robot / Half-Fighter)

-Down: Ground or Battloid mode (Robot for those not familiar with Macross premise.)

-Important Note: You will not crash in to wall nor grind your wing tips if you are flying in Gerwalk mode. You will simply glide along with wall as if it were the floor. Useful in tight spaces.


-Up: Pitch the nose down in Fighter mode, Turn and Move forward Gerwalk and Battloid modes.

-Down: Pitch the nose up in Fighter mode, Turn around Move backwards for Gerwalk and Battloid modes.

-Left/Right: Turns Left or Right

Alternatively, there is a Real Flight setting for the Fighter. You can find it in the Options Menu. This will put the game in to flight simulator (affectionately referred to by some as Ace Combat Mode). In this case, Left and Right will roll your fighter. You would have to roll it and then press Up or Down to turn. Your weapon locks will be restricted to the enemies directly ahead of you.

Shoulder Buttons

-L Shoulder: Guards in Battloid Mode. When not Locked-On to an Enemy, pressing it return the camera to the default over-the-shoulder view.

-R Shoulder: Lock-On to an enemy.

Face Buttons

-TRIANGLE: Melee Attack in Gerwalk or Battloid mode. Cuts your Engines in Fighter mode. If you are in the atmosphere, you will stall if you leave your engines off for too long. It is good for making sharp turns, though.

-CIRCLE: Sub-Weapon [missiles, lasers, and others]

-SQUARE: Main Weapon. This is usually a Gunpod. Some mecha use a laser rifle or a unique weapon instead.

-X: Thrusters. Makes you go faster in Fighter mode. In Gerwalk and Battloid, it is used to gain altitude. As one may well imagine, it drains your Thruster Gauge.

-Select: Partner Menu. This directs your Partner to focus on Defense, Grapple (Melee), Shoot (Ranged Attacks), or to use their Special Attack.


To dodge, Double tap any direction on the DPad.

Be warned, this will use up a portion of your Thrust/Booster Gauge. This is not much of a problem as the gauge refill rather quickly.

-Up: A short boost forward

-Left or Right: Barrel Roll in that direction in Fighter mode, basic side dodge in Gerwalk and Battloid modes

-Down: Dodge backward in Battloid. Deploys mechas the legs in Fighter mode for a quick break. In Gerwalk mode, you will slow down. Holding the second Down press in Gerwalk can cause you to glide in reverse for a brief time.

-Important Note: There will be a moment right after the dodge where you are vulnerable. It is brief, but it is there.

Button Combo Controls

Many of the attacks and abilities in this game require you to use more than one button. These combos are preformed by pressing multiple buttons at the same time.

Face Button Combos

-TRIANGLE + CIRCLE: Special Attack. This attack is determined by the current machine that you are piloting. It always uses three of your SP Bars. The Damage done by Offensive Special Attacks are based on the Tune Level of the weapons that are fired. Likewise, Speed-Up Specials are determined by your current Speed stat.

-CIRCLE + X: Support Command Skill. It uses SP Bars, varies by Equipped Skill.

-SQUARE + X: Anti-Missile Action. Drains your Anti-Missile number, but it will replenish when not in use. In Fighter mode, it drops Flares. In Battloid and Gerwalk, the gunpod is used to shoot down oncoming missiles. For Macross class ships, it will activate a Full Barrier Shield.

-HOLD ALL FACE BUTTONS: This purges Equiped Packs such as Armor or Super. Usually not that useful unless you have a pack that prevents transformations and you really need to change.

-Important Notes:

-Square then Circle: Not a Combo per se. Sound Force, a.k.a. Fire Bomber from Macross 7, has a different combat scheme than other characters. They use Music-Based Attacks In order to attack, you must first tag enemies with a Speaker Pod using the Square Button. These do no damage in and of themselves. After you have hit the enemies, you will see little Music Notes next to them. You can then activate a Music Sub-Weapon using the Circle Button. You will continually drain all nearby tagged enemies' Will To Fight (HP).

-Non-Music-Based Attacks: Using Deadly Force such as missiles while controlling a member of Sound Force will drain YOUR Stats in addition to hurting the enemy. Your Stats will temporarily decrease for every one of these attacks that you do. You should avoid doing so whenever possible. You stats will recover over time as indicated by a small Willpower Bar next your HP.

Shoulder Button Combos

-L Shoulder + R Shoulder: Cancels your current Lock-On.

-R Shoulder + DPAD-UP: Lock on to most important target. This is usually an Ace or a Boss.

-R Shoulder + DPAD: Tapping directions other than Up while holding the R Shoulder Button will cycle through Lockable Targets.

-Important Note: Guest Teammates are targetable. Dont shoot down your own people by accident. Not only is it rude, but it will cost you some of your Score. That means less Tune and Nyan Nyan Points.

-L Shoulder + SQUARE: Change Sub Weapon. You will use this one most of all.

The following Button Combos will use up one Special Bar each time that you use them.

-L Shoulder + X: Special Boost. Boosts for a moment without using up the Thruster Gauge.

-L Shoulder + CIRCLE: Special Shot, usually a missile flurry. Only good if you are out of ammo and feel the need to one-shot burst of missiles.

-L Shoulder + TRIANGLE: Special Melee Attack. For most machines, it will use a dashing attack that will launch the enemy if it hits. Launched Enemies will lose any Sustained Abilities that were active at the time (great against musicians) as well as being unable to Dodge for a couple of seconds. The SDF-1 will use the Macross/Daedalus Maneuver as its Special Melee Attack.

-Important Note: Special Melee Attacks can be used for free by holding the Triangle button until you flash, then releasing. Zero SP Bars will be used but there is a bit of Charge Time. Its a trade-off.

-L shoulder + TRIANGLE + CIRCLE: Both you and your Partner will use your Special Attack together. It will drain three SP Bars from each of you. Also, the number of filled Large Hearts you have on your Affection Meter (seen in the After Mission Report or in the Records section) will determine the damage that this combo attack does. It ranges from 80% with Zero Large Hearts to 150% with All Large Hearts.

Hanger Screens

The Hanger Screens allow you to customize your Mission Set-up. They let you pick your character, NPC Supporter, Wingman, and to paint your machine.

Player, Partner, and Supporter must all be different characters. There is something of an exception to this rule. If the same character appears in different Eras, then you can set both of them at the same time, provided that you have Agelss Mode Unlocked. For example, you can play as SDF Era Max Jenius and have Macross 7 Era Max as your Support Character.


These are the screens where you select your character set-up for the upcoming Missions. It has to be reset for each Era.

-Mechanic: This allows you to choose your Mecha. Mecha Stats will be expanded upon below.

-Option: This is where you equip your Pack. It will be discuss with greater detail below.

-Pilot: This is the Pilot for the mecha. Some machines have set Pilots and cannot be changed. Pilots will be discussed with greater detail below.

-Support: This is a character that will help you by giving you a choice of two Skills to use during a Mission. The character can be a fellow Pilot or an NPC. Skills will be discussed in greater detail below.

-Operator: Your Flight Control Officer.

-Color Edit: Allows you customize the paint scheme of your machine. The paint job does not need to be reset if you are using the same machine in a different Era. Of course, you can only do that with the Agelss Mode unlocked.


These options are the same as those for the Player. They do not have access to Support and Operator, though.


This section shows your Records for the game.

1) Completion: How much of each Era you have completed

2) Top Rank: Shows your best score for each Mission.

3) Modes: This is a collection of Modes that you have beaten Missions using. For example, it will list in percentages victories using Ultimate Difficulty, EX, and etc.

4) Mecha: This lists which mecha you have used and how often.

5) Free Missions: This is a record of your Free Mission scores. They are available in the Top Menu, FYI.

6) Affection Meter: This shows the Confidence or Love that other characters feel for your character. What would Macross be without a Love Triangle? Incidentally, you can gain Love with a married character. You home-wrecker. Also, the more Large Hearts you have with a character, the more power their Combination Special Attack will be.


This is the Nyan Nyan Shop. It will be covered below.

Character Stats

This section will cover the statistics of characters and mecha.

Pilot's Stats

These stats are used to increase the capabilities of whatever mecha you are currently piloting.

Your pilots stats each have their own Experience Bar. Each Stat also has its own requirement in order to gain Exp. Once the bar is full, the related Stat increases. Essentially, your Stats rise on their own in accordance to your particular playing style.

-Age: This option appears when you first make your character. It is basically your RPG Level. What it does is that the higher you set the Age, the higher your Starting Stats will be. However, the higher your Starting Stats are, the slower they will increase. I suggest leaving it at at its lowest setting to get the most out of the game. They will be maxed-out by the time you beat the game, anyway.

-Rank: Your Rank varies by your accomplishments thus far.

-Strength: Adds to your machines Hit Points. You increase this by finishing a Mission with low HP.

-Fire: Adds to Range Damage Dealt. You increase this by using Ranged Weaponry.

-Fight: Adds to Melee Damage Dealt. You increase this by using Melee Attacks.

-Defense: Lessens the Damage Received from enemy Ranged and Melee Attacks. You increase this by being hit in Battloid Mode while Guarding (the L Shoulder Button). You must take damage from the guarded hit in order to gain Exp for this Stat; doing while you are invulerable does not work.

-Movement Rate: Adds to your mechas Movement Speed. You increase this by completing Missions quickly.

-Concentration: Increases the distance from fired enemy Missiles before the Missile Warning sounds. You increase this by Dodging or Shooting Down Enemy Missiles.

-Arousal: Increases the speed with which your Special Bar fills up. You increase this by using Special Attacks.

1) Mecha Customization Screens

This section is on Mecha Tuning. You gain Tune Points from completing Missions. The higher your Rank on the Mission, the more Tune Points you are given to spend.

The numbers here represents which page the information relates to.

1. Main

-Hit Points: How much HP your machine has. Also called Life.

-Shot Defense: The higher the number, the less damage you take from Ranged Weaponry such as gunpods and missiles.

-Melee Defense: Defense versus Melee Attacks such as Punches or Energy Blades.

-Mobility: Ease of Movement. This affects the delay that occurs between Dodges or Boosts and the time that you regain control of your machine.

-Thruster: The higher this number is, the longer it takes to drain your Thruster Gauge.

-Stability: The represents how quickly you recover from powerful hits like Special Melee, Missiles, and Macross Cannons. FYI: You probably wont recover from that last one unless you were Guarding. Maybe not even then. (>_>)

-Turning: How quickly you can turn.

-Radar: Somewhat misleading. This is actually added to the range that your weapons can lock-on to.

2) Weapons: Gunpod/Sub-Weapon One/Sub-weapon Two/Sub-Weapon Three

-Power: The Attack Power or Damage that your weapon deals per hit.

-Accuracy: The likelihood that the attack will hit the target.

-SPL: Shots Per Launch. This is how many rounds will be fired per burst.

-Range: How far a round can travel after it is fired.

-Bullet speed: How fast a round travels at.

-Reload: The speed with which a weapon reloads after his clip is emptied.

-Ammo: How many bursts a weapon can fire before its clip is empty.

3) Melee

This is the last tab. It only has two sections.

-Power: The Attack Power or Damage that your weapon deals per hit.

-Accuracy: The likelihood that the attack will hit the target.

4) Special Machine Sub-Weapons

This is not so much the fourth tab as it is an explanation of Special Abilities. Some mecha have Unique powers as a sub-weapon. Their menu is pretty much the same.

Pin-Point Barrier:

-Defense: This takes the place of the Power slot. It represents how much damage the Barrier can withstand before it falls.

-- Important notes: When the Pin-Point Barrier is activated, there is only a momentary flash where it is seen. The Barrier is still on, it is just invisible. Until its Defense amount has been reached, it will continue to nullify Ranged Attacks. You can see colored circles every time a Ranged Attack hits you while the Barrier is active.

The Pin-Point Barrier does not protect against Melee Damage, but it does not lose any Defense value from them either.

A Macross Cannon will drop the Pin-Point Barrier almost immediately. Do not count it saving your tushy from those massive beams of fiery death.

Call Friends:

Some units such as the Destroids (non-transformable human mecha) have a reinforcement ability. This adds a few NPC units of the same type as your machine to the battle. It is good for distracting the enemy. They are not that powerful, however. So do not expect them to win the battle for you.

V Formation:

The F-14 has this Sub-Weapon. It adds two wingmen that copy your actions. Basically, it multiples your attacks times 3 as long as it is active.


Some characters have this Sub-Weapon. It teleports near you the targeted enemy and facing them. Good for quick strikes.


Some machines have the option to use Ghost Drone Fighters to attack the enemy. That is what this does.


Most transformable mecha have access to a series Optional Packs once you unlock then. They add and subtract stats to your machine. They also change your weapon load-out. You cannot individually Tune your Packs. However, the Tuning used on you base mecha will carry over. For example, if you have Tuned an increase in the Accuracy for your Sub-Weapon 2, then the Packs Sub-Weapon 2 will have increased Accuracy.

All Packs will Increase your HP. Damage dealt to you will be removed from the Packs HP first. Guarding does not lessen the damage to a Pack. When its HP reaches Zero, then the Pack will be Purged (or blown off) of your mecha. You will then be in control of your Base Machine with its full HP and original load-out.

All Packs will hinder your transformational capabilities. Some, like the VF-1s Armor, will prevent you from transforming altogether. Others, such as the VF-25s FAST pack, will prevent you from using Fighter mode while in the atmosphere. In order to regain your transformation ability, you can either manually Purge the Pack by holding all four Face Buttons or wait until its HP has run out and it Auto-Purges.

-When equipping a Pack, you have the option for a Type A or a Type B.

-Type A uses the machines normal Special Attack.

-Type B uses the Packs Ranged Special Attack rather than the mechas Special Attack. It is almost always more powerful than Type A.

The following are the kinds of packs that you can equip.

-Standard: This is your machine without a Pack. Use it to remove unwanted Packs.

-FAST Pack: This Pack will greatly increase your Speed related Stats but will decrease your Turning ability.

-Armor Pack: This one will greatly increase your Defense Stats, but it lowers your Speed.

-Armor Pack 2: This is a Special Pack that it is restricted to the VF-25F. It is largely an upgraded version of the VF-25 Armor Pack. Don't let that fool you. It is, hands-down, the best Pack in the game. It is unlocked during and after the final Macross Frontier Mission. If you have seen the anime, then you already know what to expect. (^_~)

-Sound Booster: This Pack is limited to Sound Force. It will increase their Music-Based Damage as well as add a Spiritia Cannon Blast when a song begins.

-Fold Speaker: Its is like the Sound Booster but for the VF-25. Enemies do not require being tagged with Speaker Pods in order to be damaged.

Support Skills

For every Non-Chronicle Mission, you will be allowed to select a Support Character. These characters will aid you in two ways:

-A) Support Characters will give you an Automatic Skill. This is some kind of Passive Boost or Ability that is inherent to your Pilot. Some are automatically activated when certain conditions are met. Some are continuous. It is free of charge.

-B) They will grant you a Support Command Ability. You must activate it by pressing CIRCLE + X. Support Command Abilities use up a number Special Bars, which varies by the skill.

-Unlocking New Skills: Support Skills are unlocked by completing Missions. Each character begins with a skill or two already unlocked. These are generally abilities that the character displays in the anime. More skills can be unlocked by completing missions. The higher the Rank that you receive, the more Support Experience your Pilot, Partner, and Support Character will gain. These will be listed in the order that they are unlocked. That is to say in Left to Right rows.

-Important Note: The Final Row of Skills cannot be unlocked normally. You can only access them if you purchase Pilot Skill Limit form the Level 15 Nyan Nyan Shop's Open Mode Category or by completing the game. The exception to this is that if a Support Character has one of these super-powers are a Starting Skill.

Automatic Skills

Row 1

-Rolling Plus: You can perform four Barrel Rolls in a row. They are slightly faster than the normal kind.

-Clairvoyance: Your Lock-On Distance is doubled. The speed of the Lock-On is 50% faster.

-Rescue Party: When you revive a Fallen Partner, they receive more HP than normal: 50%.

-Missile Squad: You have an extra 50% Anti-Missile Action number.

-Special Forces Agent: Double Damage against Bases and Capital Ships.

-Combo Master: More lenient on the lag-time between hits for the purpose of getting a higher combo score.

Row 2

-Support: If your HP reaches 30%, you will be healed to 50%. Once per Mission.

-Pine Salad: Instead of dying when your HP hits zero, you will be healed and become temporarily invincible. Once per Mission.

-Demon Instructor: Your Partner will gain twice the Skill Points for completing the Mission than they normally would get.

-Awakening: When you reach 30% HP, you will become temporarily invincible.

-Flying Circus: All mecha can fly, even those that normally cannot. Press Up the Analog Stick to enter Flying Mode.

-Triangler: The Confidence/Love Affection Gauge receives a larger gain after a Mission. ((And yes, I am aware that Triangler is misspelled, it is the proper name of a song.))

Row 3

-Counterattack Beacon: When your HP reaches 30%, you SP Bar will completely fill. Once Per Mission.

-Boostmania: The Thruster Gauge has 25% less drain than normal.

-Sniper: Attacks ignore Shields and Pin-Point Barriers of all enemies including Bosses.

-Financier: Special Attacks and Command Support Abilities use 25% less SP Bars.

-Rapid Restoration: When starting another section of a Multi-Part Mission, HP is completely refilled. Packs do not get repaired.

-Destroyer: Stats of Destroids (non-transformable mecha) are all increased.

Row 4

-Remodeling Ray: Tune Points gained after a Mission are doubled. You do not gain any Nyan Nyan Points. Stacks with Ex Mode Bonus for times 6 Points.

-Bam!: The Confidence/Love Affection Gauge DROPS after each Mission.

-Ear plugs: Music-based Damage and Effects are half as powerful.

-Taunt: Stat Experience is Doubled, but so is enemy attack power.

-Nyan Nyan Patrons: Nyan Nyan Points gained after a Mission are doubled. You do not gain any Tune Points. Stack with Ex Mode Bonus for times 6 Points.

-Energy Enhancer: You begin the Mission with three SP Bars already full.

Command Skills

Row 1

-Reload: Instant Reload for all of your weapons.

-Impregnable: Your Defense is doubled. You will not be juggled by powerful enemy attacks, either.

-Flight Carnival: When using Fighter mode, you can spray a trail of colored smoke. Circle Button activates it while Square Button changes the color. Decorative only and you cannot attack while it is active. It would seem that it is mostly there to taunt people in PvP.

-Shock Guard: When Guarding against Melee Attacks, the enemy will receive the Damage instead of you.

-Reflection: A Barrier that will reflect Laser attacks back the enemy. Bullet and Missile attacks will not be reflected, but they will not harm you, either.

-Emergency Avoidance: You will become invulnerable for a couple of seconds.

Row 2

-Infinite Boost: Your Thruster Gauge will not drain for a limited time.

-Abandon Missiles: Decreases the speed of enemy missiles.

-Fighting Gene: You lose the ability to Guard, but the Melee Damage you deal is three times normal.

-Cover Fire: A Macross Cannon will fire from directly behind you. Only damages enemies.

-Encouragement: This is Emergency and Reload skills combined: Temporary Invincibility and all of your weapons' ammo is instantly reloaded. Your SP Gauge will not fill while this is active.

-Ace: Your Attack Power, Boosting Speed and normal Speed are all 50% higher than normal.

Row 3

-Bombardment King: Ammo is 50% higher than normal.

-Phantom Regents: Heals some HP of You and nearby Friendly Units. It also revives nearby downed allies.

-Galactic Faerie: Summons Sheryl Nome. You and your Allies are slightly healed and your Attack Power is increased by 50%. Songs vary, but the effect is the same.

-Last Supper: A Shield Overload attack that does massive damage to all units around you. Works on the machines that do not have shields for some reason.

-Kira!: Summons Ranka Lee. Freezes the enemy while you regenerate HP.

-Voices: Summon Myung. You and nearby friendly units are healed for 30% Max HP.

Row 4

-Emulator: Summon Ishtar. You and friendly units have your Defense halved, but your Attack Power will 300%.

-Do You Remember Love?: Summon Minmay. All Zentraedi stats are lowered while all non-Zentraedi have their stats increased. Klan Klan is immune to this skill for some reason.

-Song of Destruction: Summons Sara Nome (not to be confused with her Grand-Niece, Sheryl). Nearby enemy units take massive damage. More powerful than Last Supper but with twice the SP cost.

-Spiritia Barrier: Summons Sivil. Temporary Invulnerability. This skill lasts much longer than all of the other invincible skills.

-Temptation of Sharon: Summon Sharon Apple. Inverts the game controls of enemy units. This skill is only useful in PvP matches.

-Max World 2: Time-Stop and Special Attack. This skill freezes everything but you: enemies, allies, missiles, bullets, etc. Keep in mind that enemies will not explode while this skill is active. You will have to manually switch targets. If you hold L shoulder when you activate the skill, you will use only the Time-Stop and not the Special Attack (Max World 1).

Nyan Nyan Shop

This option allows you to use "Nyan Nyan Points" to buy items such as characters, machines and wallpapers. It is helpful if you are wanting to unlock something but are having difficulty getting the required Ranks in the right Missions.

The Nyan Nyan Shop has 30 Levels. The more items that you unlock either through the gameplay or by purchasing at the Shop, the greater the Shop Level will be. The higher the Shop Level, the more items will be available to unlock. Generally, the more powerful the item is, the higher the required Shop Level will be for it to appear. There are exceptions where relatively weak items still need a higher Shop Level. These are often judged by a Cool Factor. For example, at Shop Level 20 you can unlock a macronized (giant) Klan Klan wearing a space suit and FAST Pack on her back. Weak but Cool.

-Important Notes: Holding TRIANGLE when you enter the shop will replace Ranka Lee with Sheryl Nome. The higher your Affection Level with the girl currently in the Shop, you more of a discount you will receive on purchased items. To be more specific, 5% Off for every Large Heart they have filled.

The Nyan Nyan Shop is somewhat difficult to add in to a guide such as this one. I cannot create a list of what the shop has because it changes. I cannot list items by their price, because their prices change. What I am going to do then is list the categories. It is not a great solution, but it will at least give you an idea of what is what. Item are always separated by their Era. That is something, I guess.

1. Character: This section unlocks Pilots.

2. Aircraft: This is not strictly aircraft, but anything that you control in-game. This includes Mecha, Protodeviln, and the aforementioned Klan Klan. Once you unlock a mecha, its name will turn Blue. You can spend more Nyan Nyan Points on a Blue Labelled Machine to gain Tune Points for it.

3. Open Mode: This section for removing limits. It has things such as unlocking the last four Skills, BGM Selectors, Custom Music and fan-favorite: Ageless, which always you to use any character and mecha in any Era. If you see anything avaible in this category, you should purchase it.

4. BGM: This unlocks music for use with the Music Selector. It lets you pick and choose what pieces to hear in what Mission.

5. Movie: The title is misleading as only unlocks the various Era dialog screens. Usually a astill image with words over it.

6. Wallpaper: Unlocks the Loading Screen images available to be viewed.

7. Ranks: Changes the Rank on your Pilot.

8. Icon: Unlocks images for the Player Card.


If you know anything about Macross, then you know that music is way up there on the important list. It is no surprise that you will find an abundance of scores within the game as well. The only real downside is that the game only has half-length songs. It is a lot better than nothing.

There is also an option to replace the music with MP3 files. I will tell you how to do that below. Replaced music will play the entire track if it is selected as a BGM.

Song List

These are the default songs in the game. It is also the order that you find them in the Music Selector. I will note which the pieces with Vocals are. Music-Based Attacks and Skills are vocal tracks.

01) Burning Fire - Vocal

02) My Boyfriend is a Pilot

03) My Boyfriend is a Pilot - Vocal

04) Do You Remember Love

05) Do You Remember Love - Vocal

06) Information High

07) Information High - Vocal

08) After, in the dark - Torch Song

09) Totsugeki Love Heart

10) Totsugeki Love Heart - Vocal

11) Holy Lonely Light

12) Holy Lonely Light - Vocal, Basara version

13) Holy Lonely Light - Vocal, Mylene version

14) My Friends

15)My Friends - Vocal

16) Try Again

17) Try Again - Vocal

18) Dynamite Explosion - Vocal

19) Sagittarius Nine PM. Don't be late

20) Sagittarius Nine PM. Don't be late - Vocal

21) Infinity #7 - Vocal

22) Interstellar flight - Vocal

23) Aimo

24) Northern Cross - Vocal

25) Lion

26) Lion - Vocal

27) It's as quiet as 200 million years ago

28) Totsugeki Love Heart - Music-Based Attack

29) Holy Lonely Light - Music-Based Attack, Basara version

30) Try Again - Music-Based Attack

31) My Friends - Music-Based Attack

32) Holy Lonely Light - Music-Based Attack, Mylene version

33) Totsugeki Love Heart - Music-Based Attack, Ray version

34) Try Again - Music-Based Attack, Ray version

35) Dynamite Explosion - Music-Based Attack

36) Interstellar Flight - Music-Based Attack

37) Lion - Music-Based Attack

38) Song of Destruction - Skill

39) Do You Remember Love - Skill

40) Voices - Skill

41) Information High - Skill

42) Interstellar Flight - Skill

43) Sagittarius Nine PM. Don't be late - Skill

44) Infinity #7 - Skill

45) Northern Cross - Skill

46) Emulator - Skill

47) Dog Fighter

48) Zentraedi Fortress

49) Zentraedi Fortress 2

50) The Target

51) Battle Frontier

52) Battle Frontier 2

53) Ace Frontier

54) Blitzkrieg

55) Route 2045

56) Stratosphere Diver

57) Gerwalk Strike

58) Central Paranoia Unit

59) Viscera Of War

60) Roar Of The Giants

61) Take Off Formation

62) Little Wonder

63) Remember Kuadoran

64) Encounter

65) Saturn conflict

66) Air Beat

67) Hacking The Deathtrap Device

68) Power To Reject

69) Flashing Fire-V

70) Nyan Nyan Shop

Custom Music

You have the option to use your own music in place of the default pieces. To get the Custom Music Option, you must unlock in within the game. You can do this by completing the game or by purchasing it at the Nyan Nyan Shop. It is by far easier to simply purchase it as it is available from the beginning of the game under the shop's Open Mode section.

Once you have acquired Custom Music, the game will automatically add a set of Numbered Music Folders to your memory stick. You can add only a single MP3 file per folder. The number on the folder corresponds to a Song on the list above with the same number. For example, if you place a song in Folder 70, then the music for the Nyan Nyan Shop will be changed.

-Important Notes:

1) Adding a Custom Song will not change its listing on the Music Selector. The name will not change, but the music that is played does.

2) The game is picky about what kind of MP3 files it will play. It seems to perfer files to have a 44K playback rate. Keep this in mind when ripping tracks from your CDs.

3) While you can change the music for the Music-Based Attacks and Skills, the duration that is piece is played for that ability will not change. It should still play the whole track if you set it as Background Music for a Mission, though.

Password-Only Missions

Some Missions are only unlockable using the Passwords. They will appear in the Extra Missions Era Tab. You input the Passwords on from the Options Menu. These passwords are:






It is definitely worth noting that this guide is a collection of information found at the GameFAQS message boards, the wiki site for the game, as well as my own personal experience. My thanks are graciously given to those listed below. They have helped by either teaching me to play when I was new and/or by supplying additional information. Without them, this FAQ would not have been possible.

Bandai Namco




All of the wonderful people at the GameFAQs message boards that gave me encouragement.

Thank you! <3 ---<-@ <3