how du u get Evangel's and Jack-O's ending?

  1. I really want 2 try those endings! help plz!

    User Info: lubu12

    lubu12 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Jack - Os' path (Total # of Missions: 15)
    Distribution Center Recon
    Acquire The Commodity
    Pursue Withdrawing MT
    Retake Distribution Center
    Recover The Cargo
    Protect Allied Squadron
    Protect Transport Team
    Secure The Terminal Area
    Rescue Allied Force
    Destroy Plant's Defenses
    Protect The Bridge
    Help Allied MT Escape
    Destroy Research Facility
    Shutdown Defense Systems
    Destroy Jack - O (Last Mission)

    Evangels' Path (Total # of Missions: 11)
    Destroy Military Base
    Escort Allied MT
    Recapture Storage Site
    Investiage Enemy Activity
    Destroy Raging Torrent IV
    Defend Against Assault
    Protect Reactor Core
    Eliminte Targeted Raven
    Eliminate Sorcerer
    Launch Preemptive Strike
    Eliminate AC Intruder (Last Mission)

    Those are all the missions in the exact order you should play them in in order to get a 'happy' ending x3 They aren't very hard. So good luck.

    User Info: Blazero22

    Blazero22 (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0

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