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  1. FIFA 10 or PES 10?

    User Info: DarthArtemis

    DarthArtemis - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Each to theirs own. I prefer pes. Face it, pes has better gameplay, fifa has better game quality since they got the rights to use teams' official names and all that other stuff. No point arguing over which is better. try both out and make your decision. :)

    User Info: alfaliow

    alfaliow - 9 years ago 0   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. I disagree PES is better than Fifa. Is so easy to score in fifa its boring.PES is more challenging . But i think Fifa has better graphics then again the gameplay is better in PES.

    User Info: mn07

    mn07 - 9 years ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. FIFA, PES sucks the only good thing about it is the music this year, way better than Fifa this year, surprisingly.

    User Info: XF25

    XF25 - 9 years ago 0   2

  2. yeah agreed, FIFA is way more real than PES. you'll get bored wih PES

    User Info: notedeath

    notedeath - 9 years ago 0   2

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