What are the game modes?

  1. I was just wondering about it before buying the game

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  1. Arcade - Where the story of each character unfolds. You fight against 8 opponents in a row - your life recovers fully after each match

    VS CPU - 1 on 1 battle against a computer controlled character. Difficulty can be set in the 'Options' menu

    VS 2P - 1 on 1 battle against another player controlled character. If you're playing on PSP, requires another PSP and the game for this mode

    Spectate - Watch two computer controlled characters battle.

    Tutorial - 'Teaches' you how to move your characters

    Practice - Train yourselves and familiarize with each character's style. Also allows you to have a practice match with computer controlled character.

    Survival - originally marked as '??????', becomes Survival after unlocked. 2 sub-modes: Normal and Infinite. Normal one finishes after 16 battle, and Infinite finishes after you are defeated. 1 round per match, opponents grows harder as each battle progress. You recover only a portion of your life after each match

    Missions - Each character has assigned tasks and when you have completed certain number of tasks for each character, you will unlock mini games associated with the character.

    Extras - Bonus content such as CG and promotional video that you have unlocked.

    Options - Settings of game, including difficulty level, system voice, etc.

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  2. Some additions to boengkoes' answer:

    - Arcade mode's 8 battles include fixed battles (pset character and stage) in Stages 4 and 8 unless you chose to play with Random Character (which changes your character every fight). You never fight the same character more than once, but mirror matches (your opponent uses the same character as you) are possible.

    - Survival mode has you fight every character in the roster except for Zero Lancer, and doesn't repeat except in Unlimited Mode after the 16th battle, at which point the difficulty rises to the hidden Ultimate Difficulty.

    - The mini-games he mentioned appear as EX-Rank missions whose instructions are explained in the mission itself instead of their descriptions.

    User Info: Psycho_Breaker

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