How do you do *Instant Jump Cancel*?

  1. can anyone help me explain how to do a instand jump cancel? I can't seem to do it. The tutorial is pretty confusing. hope u guys can help

    User Info: Iciban

    Iciban - 10 years ago


  1. After performing a launch attack that you can regular-Jump Cancel, perform the command for a Special Move (not a Super Move or Holy Grail Super Move, unless using Magic Burst or Holy Grail Burst), but insert an Up, Up+Forward, or Up+Back command between the last regular direction and the attack of the Special Move command.

    For example, Saber's First Air command is Forward Forward Light/Medium/Heavy [abbreviated L/M/H]. Her Wing Air command is Back Forward L/M/H; of these, you can only Jump Cancel from L.

    Regular Jump Cancel: Back Forward L, Up+Forward, L, M, H - Saber launches the opponent with Wing Air, jumps up to follow the opponent, and attacks with an aerial Slash Rave combo.

    Instant Jump Cancel Failure: Back Forward L, Forward Forward M - Without Instant Jump Cancel, you have recovery time after Wing Air and cannot use First Air M.

    Instant Jump Cancel Success: Back Forward L, Forward Forward Up+Forward M - With Instant Jump Cancel, Saber immediately dashes forward after launching the opponent with Wing Air and hits with First Air M before the opponent hits the ground.

    This technique can be used by any character, though Instant Jump Cancel will only work after attacks and techniques for which the normal Jump Cancel would work. For example, Saber cannot [Instant] Jump Cancel Wing Air M/H or Elfin Dance Followup H, but she can cancel Down+H in addition to Wing Air L.

    By the way, I wish people would use universally-understood or game-defined commands like Back, Forward, Down, and Up and Medium Attack, High Punch, and Block instead of vague keyboard letters and numbers like 46A-669B (can you tell what that means?). It's easier for not only casual and expert players, but also for browsing outsiders who might take an interest in and play the game later themselves.

    User Info: Psycho_Breaker

    Psycho_Breaker - 6 years ago 1   1
  2. Take archer for example:

    46B -> Cancel with 228C. Yes, 228C. That way, Archer attempts to JUMP, but uses 22C before he can do so. This is probably the most important technique for Archer.

    User Info: MA5C

    MA5C - 10 years ago 0   3

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