PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File09/26/09James1520541K
Adell lvl 1000 with a few extra charecters including laharl
Save Game File10/02/09MargaretAnn541K
Adell mode, save before final boss. Land of Carnage unlocked, along with ALL extra characters, classes, and tiers for every class. Several leveled characters and Rank 39 and 40 items in warehouse.
Save Game File08/31/19Tag365541K
Adell Mode. Beginning of second cycle with 1.4 million HL and a level 152 Messenger character who has six felonies. Adell is only level 58.
Save Game File09/15/09Shuuman541K
Axel Mode Beaten, Extra Content on Adell Story, A Few Rare and Legendary Items in Warehouse
Save Game File11/15/09Seboku541K
beginning of game with Max mana and HL
Save Game File09/29/09Sasuke_Uchiha85541K
Second cycle, Axel mode complete, 9999 highest tier Ronin, Yoshi, 2SRS, Makai Wars rarity matched (and leveled to 60-99), plenty of extra characters.
Save Game File10/04/09spacepiratemito541K
Ultimate Save Game - New Game + Everyone Character is MAX out.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File05/05/09victorinox12508K
all boss's but "true" zenon beat, several level 40 weapons, both modes beat, LoC unlocked, all known characters/class's unlocked, several characters with magic change 2, etc etc etc
Save Game File05/05/09Bloodyburai511K
Beaten the Game and completed Axel mode
Save Game File11/24/12damagu3264508K
Multiple LV 200 Items, like SRS, Gig, Hanako on Last Reincarnation, all Rank 39 Items, LOC Unloocked, all except 8 Pringer X Beaten, All Ex Items, 18 Character with 300 Felon, and more

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File01/10/11fairytailmaniac1082K
1st save: adell about 4000lv, 9th round,all classes final except majin.2nd save mission were you get laharl and see the awesome XD anime.hope that helps
Save Game File03/07/10NiladTheRogue541K
Adell level 123 magichange unlocked game time 50h +
Save Game File12/12/11cluster21545K
Clear Game at 3rd playtrough(Adell+Axel complete)

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