Query: How to level up quickly?

  1. How do i Level up fast, and tips or ideas are okay.

    User Info: JediMasterBane

    JediMasterBane - 10 years ago

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  1. *Sigh* Why do so many people ask these questions? Here's the answer I put into the other one.

    Map 4-3: Nekos on massive Enemy Level-up Geo Field. Good for leveling and capturing high level Nekos.

    Map 9-2: Pass 8 Stronger Enemy Bills(SEBs) so the Rune Knights are level 99. This level will give good experience up until the early 300s. All enemies are on a +50% Exp Geo Field.

    Dark World 1-2: Pass one SEB and there are 4 Orcs at level 99. Orcs give better EXP at 99 then Rune Knights. Be careful the Orcs are on an Enemy Boost Geo Field.

    Cave of Ordeals 1: Set off the geo chain to weaken the Archers. Throw the 2 +50% Exp Geo Symbols onto the Geo Field. Pass SEBs as needed. This level is good for training new characters for grinding on 9-2 or DW 1-2.

    Cave of Ordeals 4: 8 level 250 enemies on a +100% EXP/Mana Geo Field. Pass SEBs as needed.

    Land of Carnage Cave of Ordeal: Much stronger enemies and pretty good bonuses.

    Item World: Can level-up equipment, collect felonies (+1% EXP per felony), collect treasure maps required to open Land of Carnage, can farm specialist, can get a hold many Rare and Legendary items, unlock special features, and find unique shops that sell interesting merchandise.

    User Info: Echosides

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  1. As soon as you can, unlock the Cave of Ordeals. This place gives you two of your chief levelling opportunities, the first stage and the fourth.


    This provides a guide on how to do the set-up for CoO1.

    Also, the second stage of Alche City is touted as a good place, with 8 Stronger Enemies bills passed. This will make the 4 Magic Knights level 99, which give the same XP as a level 300-odd enemy I believe.

    300 felonies are a must as well.

    User Info: Belialkk

    Belialkk - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. Go to the item world and enter the mystery room with the bribery merchant..buy lots of bribery items (angel cake, gold bars, chloroform)..enter the dark assembly and pass the bill for the cave of ordeals by making the opposing senators sleep using chloroform and bribe the others with the angel cake and gold bars..once you've passed the cave of ordeals then go power levelling..ue

    User Info: kevynetsky

    kevynetsky - 9 years ago 1   0
  3. Kill things lol.
    You could go to the board and search power leveling and pull up the 100 topics on how to level up quickly.
    But the best way in my mind is to go to the item world and power level there and get felonies at the same time.

    User Info: animejunkie7777

    animejunkie7777 - 10 years ago 0   0
  4. The best way i find to level from 1 to 80 then to around 100 something in 2 kills is to find a legendary item *Scrolls or maps are recomended* and just run through gates untill the enemys are around the thousands *I prefer 3-4000 myself* but dont stop there, you'll have to be patient and wait for a stage that has the "Deathblow" Geo panel. When you get that just play around and attack them from the back for a higher chance and when you do hit them, as the geo panel says it'll be an instant kill, oh and if your lucky and have a good strategy you can clear the level and get Rank 30-39 items at pretty low levels. And always be sure to bring a gency exit because you probably will only have 1 person left IF you survive.

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  5. In the dark world at murderer's vault theres this area called dangerous refuge filled with level 100 thieves, if you blocked their way they wont do anything, just waiting to get killed. break 1 of the moving geo symbols and youll automatically unlock it. And leveling at the first stage of the dark world which is filled eith reviving mothman is good to.

    User Info: kujamih

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  6. I just recently unlocked the dark world in Axel mode stage 3-4 (not sure exactly how though, but I got the message when a ninja holding a geo symbol was killed, dropping the symbol). The level consists of one archer that is level 2000 standing on a row of No Lifting and Enemy Level Up 10% panels and surrounded by No Entry. If you use the no entry cheat to throw a character out of the Enemy Level Up area, you can get around the archer to destroy the No Lifting symbol. By then the archer should be Level 9999. At the far end of the level is a Deathblow panel that you can now throw the level 9999 archer onto. Attack with a character equipped with a Magichanged rifle demon for automatic kill, 9999 Mana for both characters, lots of experience, about 400,000,000 HL, and great bonus items too. My first time there I got a Rare Beam Axe. It's one of the more time consuming methods out there, but a great way to get mana and power up weaker humanoids since the Rifle Demon guarantees a hit.

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  7. Well, if your character uses sword, a great way of leveling up is on the first dark stage of adel's story, just dont wipe all them enemies immediately, always spare one mothman (this stage can also be a tower attack leveling stage, as your main character carries even a level 1 character, then kill a mothman using a tower attack.)

    The darkworld stage [Cavern of Evil>Glutton's hideout] also helps alot, just make sure you have the skills: Winged slayer and Dimension slash, you can harvest some levels easily! Hope this helps.

    @echosides: about them 9999nekos. the psp version doesnt make this possible. you can never capture a neko on that stage on a psp version. too bad....

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  8. In stage 4:3 of Adell's Story, the world is littered with "Enemy Level Up +10%" geo panels.

    If you Let the monsters level up some, and toss them onto the island at the bottom of the falls (combining them together) as long as they stay as the cats, they can't attack you on the bridge. You can attack them freely from there. and if you want to level multiple characters quickly, you can tower attack the monster... it may take several turns, but as long as you keep attacking, you build up a combo and will eventually start doing damage, inspite of the monsters level. I've tested this up to level 350 with my highest level being 25.

    This is good for leveling up lower level characters, or newly created/Reincarnated characters.

    User Info: Zane_Silkwing

    Zane_Silkwing - 10 years ago 0   2

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