PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/27/13vasu10832K
14 out of 16 events completed,max all food and items,all upgrades to the house,green house sprinklers,unlocked sacred land and fishing spot at goddess spring area,married harvest goddess maria
Save Game File05/05/10noginbunda32K
9999999G, Horse and Dog max heart, All Villagers max heart, All Tools Max, Mine 1 2 3 unlocked, Fall 21 year 1, character name: Mio, Farm name: Meyter, well stocked fridge and tool box
Save Game File04/27/10Zalker32K
9999999G,2nd Day,1st Year,Wtih 99 Ap Medicine in storage.Character name Jude.Farm name Macriss.
Save Game File05/10/10ian_mastr32K
9999999G,3 chickens, 2 cows, Horse and Dog max hearts, all villagers have max heart. many food in the fridge. fall 20 Yr.1. recently finished giving gina the rainbow silk, found the underground church
Save Game File05/29/17MinozFX12333K
All event compelete All max heart ready to fuc×ing marry and unlock scare land all fishing spot unlock and more
Save Game File05/29/17MinozFX12333K
Event All Complte Ready to Marry All unlock All village max herat (even girl)
Save Game File11/22/13vasu10832K
max cash,all villagers max heart,horse max heart,dog max heart from starting
Save Game File05/15/14MechaLanz32K
Name: Lanz. Farm Name: Mystic Farm. Money: 200,000G+. Horse, Dog, Chickens, and Cows Max Hearts. Well Stocked Tool Box and Fridge. Spring 1 Year 3. Completed All Events. Alice Confession.
Save Game File05/08/10kyle_castillo1432K
US/ JAP version, All Rare Items, Name: Alex, Dog Name: Nall Farm Name: Lunar, have all expansions including greeenhouse and sprinkler, married alice and all villagers max hearts. 20k + money

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/31/11hakone123lancer32K
Name : Mio Farm name : Meyter with Dog , Horse , 5 Cows , 6 Chickens , Green House , Sprinkler , Two Beds , and Complete all Expansions Gold : 786409 with Blue Feather and many Foods in fridge .

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