Goddess Temple?

  1. Where is the Goddess Temple and How can i go to it?

    User Info: LSXNDSN

    LSXNDSN - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The goddess temple is located on 6th layer.
    You must trigger the ending by raising the H.G's AP.

    Here's basically how the events of the ending goes.
    1. Advice from the Goddess
    Location:In front of your house
    Time:Winter 25- Winter 29, Year 1.
    Requirements: Have mine at least 25 times.

    2. The deeper part of the mine?
    Location: Mine
    Time:Winter 25 Year 1 - Spring 5 Year 2. 6AM - 6 PM only.
    Requirements:Seen event 1.

    3.Security Confirmation
    Time:Spring 7 - Spring 11, Year 2. 6AM- 6PM.
    Requirements:Harvest Goddess has at least 1 heart (40FP). Has mine more at least
    30 times.

    4. Discovery of the Shrine Entrance
    Location:In front of the house
    Time:Spring 16- Spring 21, Year 2.
    Requirements:Harvest Goddess has more than 1 heart (50FP). Has mine more at
    least 40 times.
    Note: Automatically move to the Mine area when the events going on.

    5.Where's the key?
    Location: H.G. Spring
    Time: Spring 16 - Spring 26, Year 2. (Can be triggered as soon after event4)
    Requirements: Seen event 4.
    Note: You're given time until Summer 30, Year 2 to find the key.

    6. Found the Key
    Location:H.G. Spring
    Time:Fullmoon (29/30th) of any season. 6PM - 00 AM
    Requirements: You must have a moonlight stone in your rucksack when you want
    to trigger this event.
    Note: Key Item [ Moonlight Key] is added to your inventory.

    7.The Door Opens
    Time: Spring 26 - Fall 6, Year 2.(Can be triggered as soon as you find the Key)
    Requirements: Seen event 6.

    Location: In front of your house
    Time: Fall 11 - Fall 15, Year 2.
    Requirements: H.G has at least 2 hearts (80FP).
    Note:Answer [ The Shrine is found ]

    9.All You can Eat
    Location:H.G. Spring
    Time: Spring 1, Year 3.
    Requirements:Seen event 1-8.
    Note: All vegetable selling price is increased by 10G.

    or you can check on LunarAngel's guide for more detailed information

    User Info: clara_lin

    clara_lin (Expert / FAQ Author) - 11 years ago 3   0

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