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Can animal heart perished at a single night in winter? Plot
Can you enter the private rooms in the townpeople's houses? Or will it always be remain as private and locked? Side Quest
Fall 5 Problem? Tech Support
Harvest Goddess/Marina after marriage? Plot
Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley Event 6-11 (The Wise Priest)? Plot
How long does it take to get a heart on my dog? Plot
How to get the seeds of blue mist flower? Main Quest
I already gave ponta 20 fishprints but the right part of mine isnt open yet. What do i do? Build
I cannot buy medals? Build
Please help i dont know where to get ears of corn in harvestmoon hero of leaf valley? Main Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
When I go inside of the mines I cant move at all pls help? Tech Support 1 1 week ago
Spring 22 Y2 MECHA HORSE EVENT, BUT THE STORY I'M NOT PARTICIPATE ? Main Quest 1 3 weeks ago
How to avoid Gwen's events? Main Quest 1 2 months ago
What are the difference between boy and girl and hero of the leaf valley? Tech Support 1 8 months ago
I have 50k now how to pay to alice ? Main Quest 1 11 months ago
How to set up thesave file because it is not zip or howto download the zip file? Enemy/Boss 1 1 year ago
will I still experience event scene if i choose restart game? General 1 1 year ago
What did I do to Lyla?! Plot 1 1 year ago
Is there a cheat to change the color of your horse in harvest moon hero of leaf valley?? pls answer my question. General 1 1 year ago
Trouble Adopting A Dog? General 1 2 years ago

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