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Reviewed: 05/22/09

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A long time ago in my house I was telling a friend how I would only buy a PSP if pigs started to fly and if they made a Soul Calibur for it, low and behold, Namco announces Broken Destiny and low and behold more then half my last paycheck went to buying a PSP. Not to say this thing is amazing the first game I thought of buying was a Dynasty Warriors game because for some odd reason I found myself hooking up my old PS2 just to play DW5 then remembered my controllers didn't work and then found out about this game: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.

I'm going to tell you this right now; I ****ING LOVED Dynasty Warriors 5, DW5 henceforth, it gave you the feel of a one man, or woman, army and made you feel that everyone on the battle field on both sides were completely inferior, in Strikeforce your a one man, or woman, army and you have no bodyguards and no one assists you during any missions unless you have friends that also have the game. In DW5 I loved being able to run from one side of the map to the other and rack up a murder count of say about a thousand before saying "Gosh there goes the boss I should go kill him because my idiot commander, if it wasn't me, will walk up to him and get smacked silly and then I'll have to do that one more again." The story is pretty much a rehash, the graphics are pretty damn good and the game-play kinda feels like how Goku and Vegeta would fight if they were from Star Wars and knew how to fight with Light Sabers.

Graphics: 8
Perhaps I'm emotionally jaded because I've never had a handheld gaming system that had good graphics until now, sure my friend let me barrow his PSP a while ago and the graphics weren't as good but that was way back when the PSP was still new and = cow fecies, OK maybe that is a little unfair, Tekken for PSP was amazing I just remember playing more Grand Theft Auto then I did anything else.

Story: 5
If you played 3 or 5 like me you know what to expect here if not here is the story in a nut-shell; dude resembling Jesus comes around blabbering "Way of peace = put on piss colored clothing" and let's just say the Han Dynasty didn't like that too much so they sent all the great war lords to throw down with him, then a fat pig came around with his boy friend Lu Bu and you had to take care of them too because apparently Han doesn't swing that way... This pretty much divides the land into three factions: Wu, Wei and Shu and they get to beat the mess out of each other.

Game-play: 8
It's basically like if Goku and Vegeta had weapons when they were fighting. Everything is pretty much the same save for the fact that you can apparently fly and can also go Super Saiyan. Besides that it's pretty much the same with every fight; run forward mash square until everything in front of you dies. Bored? Mash Triangle for a while, still bored? Go Super Saiyan, then turn it off if your still bored. Despite the game having a difficulty system it's usually either very difficult or very easy, like the first boss could as well = the last boss and then the boss following him was an easy cake-walk and some early request bosses from non-story missions > later bosses in story missions. The level up aspect is also nice, if you can't beat a stage just go do some random missions for some levels then try again.

Compared to 5
The only thing I really miss is the huge wide open battle fields with your allies running stupidly around getting killed and your bodyguards running around trying to follow you through a mob. In Strikeforce your pretty much playing by yourself with no backup while in 5 you actually have to worry about who else is on the field. Basically in 5 there are other officers on the field and you can go help them out if their having trouble in strikeforce your 100% alone unless you have friends that also have the game.

Final score: 8
I really like, despite it's lacking of allies, the game-play but it really hasn't quenched my thirst for a Dynasty Warriors game. The DBZ aspects bring something new and if Koei wanted they could probably get away with a Dynasty Warriors: DragonBall Z, or even Star Wars, with an engine like this anyways combined with aspects of 5. The graphics are real pretty and the story is the same from game to game. Despite the story and the DBZ type game-play I would recommend this to anyone fan or not.

My final thoughts are it is a great game, a great start for my PSP experience, sure I've played PSP before but I never actually spent any money on it until now and I am happy I did. I am looking forward to playing more of this game and other great games coming to the PSP.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (US, 04/28/09)

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