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    FAQ/Walkthrough by moomoomilkk

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/31/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The 3rd Birthday FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 3/29/11
    Author(s): moomoomilkk, moomoomilkk@gmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Series History
    4. Characters
    5. Controls
    6. Walkthrough
         6.01 Episode 0: Sacrifice
         6.02 Episode 1: A Brave New World
         6.03 Episode 2: The Lost Soul
         6.04 Episode 3: Against the World
         6.05 Episode 4: The Moment of Truth
         6.06 Episode 5: Counter Attack
         6.07 Last Episode: Eternity
    7. Weapons & Customization
    8. OE
    9. Bestiary
    10. Costumes
    11. Extras
         11.01 Stamps (for JP version only)
         11.02 Shower Scene
         11.03 Cheats
    12. Achievements
    13. Credits
    14. Legal Information
    1. Version History
    Version 1.0 - Initial Walkthrough Complete
    + Still need to update cheats information
    + Tailor information to both released versions
    + Possible format for aesthetics
    2. Introduction
    Hello fellow gamers and I welcome you to The 3rd Birthday Walkthrough/FAQ. 
    The guide was written with the intent of helping people having trouble with 
    the game or do not know Japanese language. The guide will have information on 
    both the English and Japan release of the game. Some basic information of the 
    game is listed below:
    Title: The 3rd Birthday
    Platform: Playstation Portable (PSP)
    Developer: HexaDrive, Squeenix?
    Publisher: Square Enix
    Release Date: JP - December 22, 2010; NA - March 29, 2011
    Genre: 3rd-Person Shooter, Survival Horror, and Action role-playing game?
    3. History
    The 3rd Birthday (T3B) is the 3rd entry of the Parasite Eve series originally 
    released on the Sony Playstation. Parasite Eve began as a science fiction 
    novel written by Hideaki Sena. The book has been translated and released in 
    English so I encourage anyone who is interested to read the novel. Squaresoft, 
    before Square Enix was established, adapted the story into a video game and 
    released it on March 29, 1998 in Japan. The game was later localized and 
    released in North America on September 9, 1998. A sequel, Parasite Eve II, 
    was also produced and released a year later still on the PSX. A decade later, 
    the 3rd entry in the series is finally released on the Playstation Portable. 
    There seems to be confusion whether or not The 3rd Birthday is an actual 
    sequel, spin-off, or even a reboot of the series. The story of T3B does take 
    place after the events of Parasite Eve II. However, you can decide what you 
    want to believe until squeenix actually decides to issue an official 
    statement whether T3B is a sequel or whatever.
    4. Characters
    Aya Brea
    The main protagonist of the series and is now a CTI member. Aya still seems 
    to look young and has somehow lost her memories. She has a new OverDive 
    ability that allows her to swap bodies and traverse through time. Sigh... I 
    miss the original Liberate skill.
    CTI (Counter Twisted Investigation) Members
    Hyde Bohr
    Previously a scientific researcher, Hyde now heads the OD Division in CTI. He 
    found and recruited Aya into CTI usually acting as support during missions.
    Thelonious Cray
    An Ex-Delta Force Captain who specializes in CQC and was eventually recruited 
    into CTI. Cray trains Aya in the tutorial of Episode 0 explaining the game's 
    Karud "Boss" Owen
    The current head of CTI and seems to greatly distrust Aya. Owen points a gun 
    at Aya and calls her a "monster."
    Dr. Blank
    A researcher and engineer of CTI and is usually seen working on the computer. 
    Blank's real name is unknown and his past is a mystery. He usually aids Aya 
    along with Hyde by providing support during missions.
    Gabriel Monsigny
    Gabriel is a special agent in the OD Division who mainly teaches Aya the 
    skills for sniping.
    Returning Characters
    Eve Brea
    Eve is Aya's adopted sister that is pretty much a clone of Aya herself. She, 
    along with Kyle, seems to have some connection with the twisted incidents.
    Kyle Madigan
    Returning character from Parasite Eve II, Kyle seems to be involved in the 
    twisted outbreak that is occurring in NYC.
    Kunihiko Maeda
    Returning from Parasite Eve I, the Japanese scientist has come back to 
    America after the Twisted Outbreaks. A researcher of mitochondria whom Aya 
    encountered in the first game; Maeda has a secret base where he provides 
    support during missions. 
    5. Controls
    Digital Pad - Change Camera View
    Analog - Move Aya
    Start - Open Menu
    Select - N/A
    X - Dodge/Cancel
    Square - Fire Weapon
    Triangle - OD/ODK
    O - Grenade/Select Confirmation
    R - Aim/Target
    L - Select Weapon/Zoom Sniper
    6. Walkthrough
    6.01 Episode 0: Sacrifice
    This episode mainly serves as a tutorial to familiarize you with the game's 
    controls. It must be completed in the first playthrough on any difficulty and 
    can be skipped in subsequent playthroughs. 
    The tutorial starts off in the ravaged streets of New York. Run forward and 
    there will be dialogue by radio with Dr. Blank, Hyde Bohr, and Theolonius 
    Cray while the screen will explain controls of the game. Pick up the Hand 
    Grenade +3 to the left and leave the ammo recharge until later. When the 
    dialogue is over, 4 Slackers will appear that must be killed in order to 
    advance to the next area. Pick up the ammo recharge when you finish killing 
    each one consecutively and head toward the exit between the two police 
    The next area will begin with a slacker in front of you and another one near 
    a car to the left of the street. Kill both and keep going down toward the 
    orange things that you can hide behind. More dialogue and explanations on how 
    to OverDive will be elucidated. I will refer to OverDiving as OD throughout 
    the walkthrough. Press triangle button to OD into the other soldier standing 
    nearby. A Wad will eventually spawn so shoot it down. Walk toward the 
    barricade where there is a police car and a blue mailbox. It will be to the 
    left from the orange covers. A slacker will be guarding the newly opened path 
    after the Wad was killed. Defeat the slacker and head through into the next 
    You will see a building on the right that has a pink entrance with some 
    posters along the wall. The game will tell you to OD onto the ledge where a 
    soldier is standing, but it is not required to do so. 2x Wads will spawn when 
    you enter so kill them. More Wads will spawn after the first wave so kill 
    these as well. After some dialogue, even more Wads will spawn. Kill these and 
    another set of three will spawn. Killing the last set will open a path 
    through an alleyway. A slacker will come out so kill it on the way to the 
    exit and enter the next area. 
    Enter and find Slackers and Wads already in the area fighting several 
    soldiers. Kill them and there will be some radio dialogue about Liberation. 
    Activate liberation in the next when the next set of enemies appears to make 
    short work of them. Walk toward the barricade near the black police vehicle 
    after killing all the Wads and the episode will end. Watch the cinematic and 
    Aya will end up at CTI's headquarters. 
    Walk up to the main computer where you saw Blank do his work and press X to 
    access the main menu. The terminal is basically how you will advance in the 
    game. Mission Start will allow you to access the next mission. OE Setting 
    will let you set DNA chips to earn abilities and attributes to make Aya 
    stronger in battle. Weapon Bank lets you purchase and customize you weapons. 
    It will also let you choose the weapons you wish to bring on missions. The 
    92M cannot be substituted and is required to take on all missions. The ammo 
    is unlimited so you will always have something to shoot with. It can also be 
    upgraded like any other weapon. Protective Gear will let you choose outfits 
    that Aya can wear on missions. The extra outfits will also be listed in this 
    section as well. Case Training will enable you to access previous missions if 
    you wish to replay them or if you want to obtain achievements. Data Load and 
    Data Save are fairly straightforward since it is blatantly obvious that you 
    save/load games. The computer on the left will let you view files concerning 
    the story. Timeline will have information on the dates and chronological 
    order of events happening in the game. CTI Members has information on the 
    people involved with CTI. Each episode will have more information on the 
    characters, so press L and R buttons to shuffle through. The Twisted section 
    will have profiles of the game's enemies as you encounter them during 
    missions. The Babels will also have information on things that you encounter 
    in the game as well. Key Persons will have profiles of people you encounter 
    in the game that are essential to the game's story. Notes section has 
    information on previous things covered in the game that you can read. Mail 
    Box shows the conversations between Dr. Blank and other people and will have 
    information pertaining to story elements. Video Log is an archive of the 
    cinematics for your viewing purposes if you wish to watch them again. You can 
    also go to other places within the CTI building by heading out the door and 
    choosing the location. The first one will lead you to the gun range where you 
    have access to the weapon bank exclusively. In addition, you can also head 
    through the door next to the weapons counter for battle simulations. It will 
    show max damage dealt by your weapon and you can choose between 3 levels for 
    the simulation. Damage will vary depending on your distance from the enemy. 
    Aya can also go to the locker to access her protective gear and also hit the 
    showers. Yes, the infamous shower scene is in this game and will be revealed 
    later. If you happen to finish the game, go to one of the other open lockers 
    with something that looks like formal wear and press X. You will get Aya's 
    business suit outfit and it will be for you to access in the Protective Gear 
    menu. You can also access the roof for viewing the infested New York in the 
    far off horizon. I believe there is no function to the roof or have not found 
    one besides talking to one of the characters later on in the game. Otherwise, 
    head back to the main computer and select Mission Start to continue on with 
    the game.
    6.02 Episode 1: A Brand New World
    Surprise! The episode begins in a club with a boss fight against Helix, a 
    large twisty thing with only its head showing. It will shoot red energy 
    spikes at you so hide behind the cover. Helix may also charge and break the 
    cover so be sure to dodge accordingly. Try not to get damaged since you will 
    get an achievement if chapter 1 can be completed without getting hit once. 
    Once Helix is defeated, it will retreat so head up to the stage and enter the 
    next area.
    Run through the hallway and kill the two Slackers that will be there to greet 
    you. Grab the ammo recharge and continue to a room with orange covers. When 
    you head up toward the exit, it will be blocked and a Wad will spawn. Kill 
    the wad to open up the path into the next area.
    A slacker will be in front of you when you enter the area. Kill it quickly 
    and turn left where you will see another slacker. Kill it and enter the room 
    that looks like a dressing room. A wad will spawn so hide behind the orange 
    cover and kill it. Go around the dressing room area and another slacker will 
    appear. Defeat it and pick up a hand grenade +3. Go to the next room and 
    there will be two more Slackers you will need to kill. After killing both, go 
    towards an entrance to find a single slacker with an ammo recharge. Near the 
    exit, there will be another slacker so kill it to open up the pathway and 
    enter the next area.
    Run forward and kill the slacker standing near the entrance. A fellow soldier 
    will appear that you can dive into if you wish. Keep going down and gun down 
    the slacker that appears. A wad will also appear so kill that as well. 
    Continue onward down the walkway and another slacker will suddenly jump out 
    from the right side. Kill it and break the red orb to pick up a hand grenade 
    +3 where a wad will begin spawning as a consequence. Run back towards the 
    entrance where you entered the area to trigger a wad to spawn and kill it. 
    Pick up the ammo recharge if you have not done so and continue down the 
    walkway past the red orb. Kill the Slackers and Wads that appear behind the 
    orange cover and continue toward the exit which is blocked. A wad will spawn 
    when you approach the exit so kill it. You will receive two achievements if 
    you killed all the Slackers and Wads in Chapter 1. If you did not receive any 
    damage at all during the chapter, you will also receive an achievement. 
    Proceed through the exit to enter a safe room. The safe room will always 
    appear as a transition between chapters. It allows you to save/load, alter OE 
    settings, upgrade or switch weapons, and change as well as restoring damaged 
    costumes. In addition, there will be several soldiers loitering around that 
    you can dive into if you are running low on health. Pick up the ammo recharge 
    as well as the hand grenade +3 and enter the next area to start Chapter 2.
    Run toward the lobby area and kill the slacker. Destroy the red orb and kill 
    the Wad is floating around nearby. A soldier will also be there to aid your 
    efforts. Proceed to the middle of the room and a bunch of Wads will spawn. 
    Kill all of them and another set of Wads will spawn. Kill them and proceed 
    towards the area with a red orb. Kill the two Slackers nearby in addition to 
    the two Slackers that appear from behind. Destroy the orb and continue to the 
    next area.
    Pick up the hand grenade +3 to the right and then enter the main room. 
    Quickly destroy the orb and the Slackers in the area. Do not let the Slackers 
    destroy the structure in the middle of the room with a soldier on top or you 
    will not receive an achievement. Break the red orb in the next room and turn 
    around to pick up the ammo recharge. OD into the civilian since you will need 
    to bring him into a safe room for an achievement requirement. Civilians can 
    be distinguished from soldiers as they look visually different.  Civilians 
    have normal clothing and they will semi-squat in fear. Soldiers will have the 
    usual military uniform. Also, civilians have a small blue tag to the left of 
    their name. In addition, you will not have an extra gun in your L+X. Kill the 
    two Slackers that drop down from the ceiling in the next room and continue 
    towards the exit into a safe room.
    Upon entering, you will notice that one path is blocked so head right and go 
    through the doorway. Aya will immediately OD into a soldier upon entering a 
    safe room when in a civilian body. Earlier, I said that you will always pass 
    a safe room as a transition in between chapters. However, this safe room is 
    an exception for this episode since you need it to save the civilians for an 
    achievement. Pick up the ammo recharge in addition to the hand grenade +3 and 
    exit to the next area. 
    In this area, there will be 2 civilians that can be rescued. Dive into one of 
    them and proceed back into the safe room so you can dive into another soldier. 
    When both civilians are saved, kill all the Slackers and Wads in the room. 
    Break the orb and exit into an area that you should have seen before. 
    When you enter the large area, immediately dive into another civilian and 
    kill the slacker nearby. Toss a grenade into the hallway to kill another 
    slacker. Break the blue door by blowing it up with a grenade and backtrack to 
    the safe room again. Now that you saved three civilians, go back to the large 
    area. Proceed down the stairs and go straight across to the newly opened path 
    into another room. You should see a disco ball in the ceiling upon entering. 
    Dive into the civilian and kill the Slackers along with the Wads. Head up the 
    stairs and break all three orbs with a grenade. After breaking the orbs, 
    several Slackers will rush from the main entrance. Kill them all and pick up 
    the hand grenade +3 before going back to the main large area. Backtrack to 
    the safe room; however, the path will be suddenly sealed when you approach 
    the door to the safe room. Kill the all the enemies to open up the path and 
    head into the safe room. You will OD into a soldier and receive an 
    achievement for rescuing at least four civilians. Save, load up on ammunition, 
    and then proceed to the path that was blocked before to begin the next 
    Jump down the ledge and continue walking forward where a cutscene will be 
    triggered. A Reaper twisted will show up that you won't be able to damage, 
    yet kill. You must evade the Reaper so don't waste time shooting since it 
    can't be harmed. Keep running forward and a darkish red blood barrier will 
    show up. Fortunately, a soldier will also pop up on the other side of the 
    barrier so OD into him. Continue running and you will arrive in a room with 
    two orange covers. A barrier will be blocking to exit so you will have to 
    evade the Reaper until another soldier appears. Do not touch or get hit by 
    the Reaper in this chapter since you will receive an achievement for doing so. 
    OD into the soldier behind the barrier and keep on running until you 
    encounter a split path. Decide which one to take quickly since the Reaper is 
    still tailing you. Left path is easier, but you risk the chance of being 
    stuck between the blood barriers that show up. Also, successfully going 
    through the left path will get you an achievement. If you take the left path, 
    the first two barriers can be evaded with a quick double roll. Triple dodge 
    to get past the third barrier before it is erected and you will receive the 
    achievement. Right path is easier and you will encounter Slackers that can be 
    avoided. Both paths will lead to the same exit, so keep on running and a 
    soldier will appear that is climbing the ladder. Quickly OD into the soldier, 
    climb up the ladder, jump down the ledge, and run toward the exit into the 
    next area.
    Run forward and two Slackers will suddenly jump out. Quickly take them out 
    and pick up the ammo recharge. Keep going down and two more Slackers will 
    show up. Gun them down when they appear and continue onward. Another slacker 
    will suddenly jump out so kill it as well. A junction with a left and right 
    path will be available for you to take. The left path leads to a hand grenade 
    +3; however, Slackers will appear as you pick up the container. Decide if you 
    need to grenades, then head toward the right path. Two Slackers will ambush 
    you from behind so be sure to defeat them. Kill the slacker on the ceiling 
    then proceed to destroy the two red orbs and any Wads that spawned. Pick up 
    the ammo recharge then exit the door way and go down the stairs. Kill the 
    Wads and two Slackers on your way down. Destroy the orb and kill the any 
    Slackers along with the Wads. Blow up the blue security door for an ammo 
    recharge and hand grenade +3 if needed. Head towards the door and enter the 
    next area for another Reaper encounter.
    The Reaper will appear when you enter the area in search form, a red floating 
    ball. Again, be sure not to touch it or receive any damage if you want the 
    achievement. OD into the lone civilian and run towards the exit. If you can't 
    shake the Reaper, OD into a different body to divert the Reaper's attention. 
    OD back into the civilian when then Reaper is out of your reach. Destroy the 
    two orbs quickly since the Reaper is still tailing you. After both orbs are 
    broken, head towards the exit and you will arrive in a safe room. You will 
    receive two achievements if you did not receive any damage from the Reaper in 
    addition to saving the civilian. Save and gear up for a boss fight with 
    Helix's true form.
    Target and break Helix's legs when the battle begins to paralyze it 
    temporarily. Run to the far end of the area and destroy the red orb. Run up 
    the stairs to position one of your soldiers on the rooftop and shoot at a 
    circular target on Helix's back. Helix will eventually target Aya on the 
    rooftop by shooting red energy projectiles. Hide behind the cover to avoid 
    damage and shoot at Helix when it stops attacking. Try to stun Helix with 
    high impact weapons and ODK for more damage. After awhile, Helix will turn 
    around and cling to the wall in order to attack you. Run to the stairs so 
    your rooftop soldier won't be harmed and OD into the soldiers below when 
    Helix is turning around. Have your ground soldier run forward and shoot 
    Helix's mark when its back is exposed. Alternatively, shooting and breaking 
    leg parts will cause Helix to fall off the wall allowing a chance to ODK for 
    more damage. Helix will eventually return to the ground so run your ground 
    soldier back to cover then OD back into your rooftop soldier. Pick up the 
    ammo recharges if required and repeat the process until Helix is dead. After 
    the battle, go towards the newly opened door to enter a safe room. Save or 
    have a bathroom break and get ready for the actual boss battle in Episode 1.
    Emily Jefferson is a huge and fat monster that has extrusions on the stomach 
    portion. The battle starts off with Emily being transparent where your 
    weapons won't inflict any damage. Transparent Ms. Jefferson will send out 
    wind vortexes that swirl around the area and run into Aya. The only way to 
    damage transparent Ms. Jefferson is to attack her in Liberation form. If your 
    Liberation gauge is not full, fill it by destroying the vortexes. Otherwise, 
    quickly activate your liberation gauge and proceed to stun Emily then perform 
    ODK. Emily will solidify after the ODK rendering your normal attacks 
    effective. In her solidified form, she will leap at Aya to cause damage. 
    Emily will also try to pound Aya if within her reach. Keep shooting Emily 
    with high impact weapons and ODK to kill her. 
    6.03 Episode 2: The Lost Soul
    The episode begins in the ravaged streets of New York City. Proceed onward 
    and you will notice Slackers hanging on lamp posts. Kill them all and keep 
    going where you will find an Ammo Recharge behind a car. If you decide to 
    pick it up, a pack of Slackers consequently show up. Kill them all before 
    going onto the next area. You should try to ODK all Slackers in this area 
    since you will receive an achievement for killing at least 8 enemies with ODK 
    in Chapter 1. After killing all the Slackers, go through the alleyway into 
    the next area.
    Proceed through the alley past the orange cover and a Roller will suddenly 
    start to spawn. Kill the Roller quickly to earn an achievement. Another 
    soldier will also be atop a building where a single slacker will show up. 
    Ignore it if you want and continue to the next area after killing the Roller.
    Continue through the alley, but take a left first to get a Hand Grenade +3. 
    Jump down from the ledge and you will enter a large area with a red orb. 
    Quickly destroy the orb then kill all Wads and a single Roller that spawn. 
    After the initial wave of enemies is dead, more Wads and another Roller will 
    show up. If you need more ammo, there is an Ammo Recharge near the corner on 
    the left side of the area. Kill them just as before and watch a short scene 
    that introduces a new enemy. A Rover will appear and is super hard to kill 
    without the right weapons. First time around, just avoid it and wait for 
    Gabriel to show up in a chopper. If you get caught, OD into another soldier 
    if they are still alive. Gabriel will eventually show up in a chopper and Aya 
    will automatically OD into her body. Switch to the sniper rifle and shoot the 
    Rover until it dies.
    *Alternatively, you can also kill the Rover before Gabriel shows up to 
    receive an achievement. If you have a sniper rifle, use it and zoom in on the 
    Rover's weak spot located on one of the legs. Shoot the orangish yellow weak 
    spot and it will stun the Rover temporarily. Quickly perform ODK to deal more 
    damage than your average gun and repeat the process until the Rover is dead. 
    If you cannot hit the weak spot since the Rover is constantly moving, your 
    best bet would be to use grenades and high impact weapons. As a last resort, 
    use Liberation to stun the Rover and ODK. The Rover must be dead before the 
    cutscene starts or you will not receive the achievement. 
    After the Rover is dead, Chapter 1 will end and Aya will now be on the roof 
    of a building. You will also have a sniper rifle in your possession that is 
    required for the next area. Proceed forward to begin Chapter 2
    As you enter the area, there will be clouds of darkish red smog lingering in 
    the air generated by bee-like Stinker enemies. Avoid the dark red spots as 
    they will drain your life rapidly and eventually kill. You will automatically 
    OD into a soldier in the area below where a group of Slackers will attack. 
    Quickly kill them and OD back above to higher ground. A bunch of normal 
    Stinkers will spawn and you need to quickly remove the dark red areas by 
    killing the dark red Stinkers generating smog in the high air. If you cannot 
    see them, aim the directional pad up so you can spot their locations. Quickly 
    dispatch the four Stinkers creating smog with the sniper rifle. A soldier in 
    the middle rooftop will also have a sniper rifle, so OD into him if required. 
    On higher ground, there is also a red ladder leading to an ammo recharge so 
    pick it up if you really need it. After the dark red smog making Stinkers are 
    killed, jump down to the area below by ladder where a Roller and some 
    Slackers will spawn by the red orb. Quickly eliminate the Roller and then 
    pick off the left over Slackers. Destroy the red orb and follow the path 
    around the corner where Slackers first attacked when entering the area. 
    Another Roller and several Wads will spawn by the next red orb. Again, kill 
    the Roller and quickly destroy the red orb followed by picking off the 
    remaining Wads and Slackers in the vicinity. Proceed to the next area to 
    arrive at a safe room. When finished with your business, climb up the red 
    ladder next to the saving computer to continue on to the next area.
    The next area is annoying especially on higher difficulty. A Roller and two 
    Wads will immediately spawn after entering the area. Take out the Roller, 
    proceed to destroy the orb, and kill any remaining Wads lingering around. Go 
    up the ramp and destroy the next red orb while a Bean spawns. Kill the Bean 
    and enter the next section. Immediately destroy the red orb on the right 
    after entering while a new batch of Wads and a Roller spawn. Eliminate the 
    Roller ands Wads then continue up the ramp to the next red orb. A Bean will 
    be right next to the orb and two Wads will also subsequently appear. Kill the 
    Bean and both Wads quickly; do not be hesitant to use grenades. A soldier 
    will drop down near the red orb with a Satellite C. gun so be sure to OD into 
    him since it will help tremendously in wiping out enemies. Use the satellite 
    weapon to kill the Roller and Bean below the ledge. Go down the cliff to 
    where the next red orb is located. A Roller will spawn so be careful when 
    destroying the orb. Continue up the ramp to the section that was previously 
    blocked with a tree-like structure with three red orbs. A Roller will spawn 
    upon entering the section and there will also be a Bean on opposite side of 
    the area. Use the satellite gun to clear these enemies quickly and easily. 
    Another red orb will also be located near the ledge where the Roller spawned 
    so destroy that as well. The three orbs need to be destroyed in order to 
    finish this area. Rollers will continue to spawn so destroy the orbs quickly. 
    Kill at least ten enemies with the satellite gun before breaking all three 
    orbs since you will receive an achievement for doing so. After destroying the 
    orbs, the fight will end where you will OD into the tree-like structure and 
    continue to the next area.
    In this area, a semi-boss fight will ensue with the Queen in free-fall motion. 
    Unless you have better weapons with high impact, you will need to kill the 
    queen by OD'ing into other soldiers that have a variety of guns such as 
    sniper rifles, assault rifles, and launchers. There will also be free-
    floating vehicles that you can blow up that will instantly stun enabling a 
    chance to ODK. However, the cars should be destroyed near the Queen for it to 
    be effective. If the queen is not killed before you reach the bottom chasm 
    that looks like a vortex, there will be a small cutscene and you will 
    continue to be sucked into the vortex. Stay away from the vortex since it 
    will be game over if you are sucked in. "Danger" will be indicated if you are 
    too close so OD to other soldiers that are above and keep shooting the Queen 
    far away from the vortex. New soldiers will also keep appearing so be sure to 
    OD into them as required. The free-fall part of the battle will repeat again 
    if Aya was not pulled in by the vortex. After the queen is destroyed, you 
    will end up in a safe area. You will be awarded with an achievement if the 
    Queen was defeated before the vortex cutscene is triggered. Continue on 
    towards the next area after restocking, saving, and making any OE changes on 
    the computer.
    The next area will have the dark red smog again so you will need to kill the 
    Stinkers responsible for the smog. Run up the ramp on the right to reach 
    higher ground and be sure to kill the regular Stinkers on the way. There will 
    be two soldiers at the top, one with a sniper rifle and the other with an 
    assault rifle. Use the sniper rifle to kill the four smog generating Stinkers. 
    2x Beans will also spawn so you can decide to kill them or evade them by 
    running back down the ramp and proceeding onward through the alleyway where 
    the smog is now gone. After turning the corner, you will be greeted by 
    several Slackers. Kill them and pick up the hand grenades +3 to your left. 
    Keep going and there will be a small section with two dumpsters blocking an 
    ammo recharge and another hand grenade +3. Throw a grenade at the dumpsters 
    to destroy them; however, two Wads will spawn as a consequence. Depending if 
    you really need those provision, you can either skip and continue on to the 
    next section or fight for your needs. An easy way to defeat them is to hide 
    behind the two orange covers and let the two Wads to spawn. Throw a grenade 
    to blow up both Wads and the dumpsters. Continue through the alley, kill the 
    single slacker, and proceed to the next area.
    After entering this area, go back to the previous area in order to obtain an 
    achievement. The area will be filled with darkish red smog again and a bunch 
    of Stinkers will spawn. Sniper Rifle is your friend here so use it to clear 
    all the smog generating Stinkers. Kill all the enemies as you make your way 
    through the area. Gun down the two Slackers waiting for you at the end then 
    go back to proceed on.
    After entering the new area again, two Wads and a Bean will spawn. Two 
    soldiers will also aid in your fights, one with a sniper and the other with a 
    handgun. There is also a hand grenade +3 behind so do not be shy with your 
    grenades. Two more Wads will show up after killing the first batch of enemies. 
    Proceed through the alleyway and a Roller will show up; kill it to open the 
    path into the building. Enter the building and fight a pack of Slackers and 
    several Wads. Destroy the red orb to reach a room with an ammo recharge and 
    hand grenade +3. Kill the two Wads before taking your provisions and continue 
    to the next area.
    Go up the stairs and you will encounter a Roller spawning. Kill it and then 
    keep going until you reach a red orb with two Slackers nearby. Destroy 
    everything and pick up the hand grenade +3 behind the orb. Backtrack to where 
    the Roller spawned and kill a wad on the way. A new path from a wall should 
    have been revealed so continue up the stairs to the roof.
    More smog generating Stinkers will be here so destroy all of them. Two Beans 
    will spawn at the far end after killing all the Stinkers. However, the 
    Stinkers will reappear after awhile so be sure to kill the smog making 
    Stinkers again. There will be two soldiers that will help in this battle so 
    OD into the one with a sniper rifle to kill the Bean enemies faster. Pick up 
    the ammo recharge on the left if needed. Jump off to the right to enter the 
    next area.
    Go down the stairs to enter a warehouse-like area. There will be two red orbs 
    on the bottom floor and a bunch of Wad enemies. Destroy both orbs first and 
    then kill the remaining Wads quickly. Two Roller creatures will spawn where 
    the second will spawn after the first is killed. Kill both to open a path and 
    go through the door into the next area. If both orbs were destroyed quickly 
    in the beginning, you will receive an achievement. An ammo recharge and hand 
    grenade +3 are located on the upper floor of the warehouse. Alternatively, 
    one of the soldiers on the upper floor has a sniper rifle so you can stay on 
    the metal bars and shoot down below to clear out the enemies. However, do 
    this after you break both orbs or you will not get the achievement. If you 
    run out of ammo, OD into the other guy and wait for the sniper rifle to 
    recharge. Rollers do regenerate health when they turn red, so they need to be 
    killed quickly. After killing both Rollers, go through the door to enter a 
    safe area. Do your business and then proceed on to a boss fight.
    Run toward cover and sit there for a bit before Gabriel Monsigny's monster 
    form shows up. There is an ammo recharge on the left, but save it for later. 
    In the first phase, Gabriel's first monster form looks like a giant orange 
    curled hornet. It shoots a bunch of energy balls that will impede your 
    movement so dodge accordingly and hide behind a cover. A minigun will be 
    available in this fight so use it wisely. You should use the normal soldiers 
    to hide behind covers when Gabrielle is firing energy projectiles at you and 
    quickly OD into the soldier operating the minigun and shoot her. Don't lose 
    the minigun or the boss fight will be difficult if you don't have high-impact 
    or better weapons. After dealing significant damage, Gabrielle will release 
    Stinkers on you. It will not harm you too much, but still be cautious of your 
    health. Gabriel may also fly to the end of the area opposite to the minigun 
    soldier and summon four Stinkers to make a huge orange glob bomb. Quickly 
    destroy the four Stinkers around her generating the glob to prevent her 
    attack. Lather, rinse, and repeat to kill her then enter the second phase.
    Gabriel changes into a white-purple coloured hornet in the second phase. The 
    boss fight is annoying, yet very similar with the exception that Gabriel 
    changes her form into a swarm of Stinkers when you damage her enough. The 
    only method of changing her back into a massive curled white-purple hornet is 
    to OD into the sniper rifle soldier and fire a shot at the single hornet that 
    glows red. The swarm of Stinkers will also have an attack where a laser sight 
    is directed and some sort of dark electric field is shot at you where instant 
    death ensues if you get caught. Dodge by rolling around and OD into another 
    soldier if you do get caught by the attack. Continue as before and the 
    episode will end when Gabriel's life is fully depleted and ODK.
    6.04 Episode 3: Against the World
    The level starts off in a subway station. Walk down the stairs and, surprise, 
    a Reaper shows up. Shoot the red orb and go up the stairs to evade the Reaper. 
    Keep going and you will eventually end up on the opposite side of the room 
    that the tree was blocking. Kill the slacker and turn around to get the hand 
    grenade +3. 
    Go to the next area in the underground railway station only to encounter a 
    Detector. A small vortex pops up and scans the ground, be sure to avoid them 
    as it will trigger a Rover to appear. Run to the end and turn right into the 
    next area.
    In this area, OD the soldier if you needed and grab the ammo recharge on the 
    opposite end of the room. Proceed down the stairs to encounter another 
    Detector. Grab the hand grenade +3 if needed; otherwise, jump down onto the 
    subway tracks and enter the next area. However, it should be noted that you 
    will receive an achievement if all the ammo recharges and hand grenade +3 
    were obtained in Chapter 1.
    A soldier will pop up in this area so OD him if you need another gun. Also, 
    pick up the hand grenade +3 behind him. 2x Snatchers will pop up here so kill 
    them by hiding behind the cover and shoot them. The ghastly projection that 
    floats around will leave you alone, so don't worry about it too much. Keep 
    going across the tracks and into a section with two more Snatchers. When you 
    enter the area, the entrance and exit are sealed. There will be two soldiers 
    in this area that help out in the fight. Killing the Snatchers will allow you 
    to proceed on towards the next area. Also, killing all four Snatchers in this 
    area will net you an achievement.
    Pick up the hand grenade + 3 when you enter the new area and toss one at the 
    barrier embedded with blue explosive tanks. Go through to arrive at a subway 
    area with a fresh batch of soldiers. Immediately blow up the blue tanks on 
    the left. It might be helpful to OD into a soldier with the launcher first 
    since it will help in the next area. Keep going forward and toss a grenade 
    toward the blue tanks, but don't go through yet. Proceed forward and take a 
    left to pick up another hand grenade +3. Go back and proceed through to have 
    a Reaper suddenly show up. Quickly blow up the barrier with blue tanks and 
    pick up the hand grenade +3. Run through while dodging the Reaper and be sure 
    to pick up the ammo recharge nearby. If you managed to pick up all the ammo 
    recharges and hand grenade +3 in the chapter, an achievement message will pop 
    up. You will eventually arrive in a section with 5 blue tanks standing 
    upright and another wall embedded with the explosive tanks. Toss a grenade 
    and proceed through the newly opened path to the next area. The Reaper will 
    disappear once you reach the entrance to the next area. Go up the subway 
    tracks and arrive at a safe room. Save, pick up the ammo recharge and hand 
    grenade +3, and OD into any soldier if needed.
    *Alternatively, you could also OD into a soldier on top of one of the trains 
    and toss grenades to break all the barriers first before triggering the 
    Reaper to show up. If done properly, you will only need to dodge the Reaper 
    while picking up ammo recharges and hand grenade +3.
    In the next area, you will see laser traps to your left and ladder to your 
    right. Obviously, use the latter to get on top of the damaged subway. Avoid 
    the laser traps unless you have a death wish. Keep traveling down the trains 
    (reminds me of Final Fantasy VII), and a Bean monster will show up. Kill it 
    with the launcher you saved earlier. If you do not have a launcher then OD 
    the soldier with a sniper rifle. You can go down past the laser traps to pick 
    up the ammo recharge. However, a pack of Slackers will show up as a 
    consequence. Keep traversing across the trains and two Beans will begin to 
    spawn near the orange covers. The launcher will also help out here in killing 
    one of the two Beans. If you run out of launcher ammo, run back and OD into 
    the previous soldier with a sniper rifle granted that he is still alive and 
    allow your launcher soldier to recharge his ammo. You can also kill the Bean 
    monsters using the sniper rifle. Proceed to the next room after killing both 
    monsters. Alternatively, you could just dodge past both Beans when they are 
    spawning and enter the next area without fighting or risk losing health.
    The next area will also have laser traps and annoying Snatchers that you need 
    to watch out for. A red orb will be attached to the ceiling near the right 
    laser trap where a Snatcher or two will show up. Kill the Snatcher and 
    destroy the orb. The left laser trap will have another orb right next to it 
    blocking the patch to the next section. Destroy it and get to an area with 
    three orbs in addition to some Snatchers that require killing. Destroy one of 
    the orbs attached to the ceiling. Another orb will lead to an ammo recharge 
    while the last one leads to a section with a Detector guarding a red orb. 
    Watch out since the Detector will immediately pop up so quickly destroy the 
    orb and run through. Instead, the red orb can also be broken if you stand by 
    one of the laser traps near the entrance. Break the orb with a sniper rifle 
    first and you can just focus on dodging the Detector. Pick up the hand 
    grenade +3 if needed, but it might be risky whether or not the Rover was 
    summoned. Only go for it if you really want it; otherwise, go down the tracks 
    into the next area.
    The next area will start off with a different kind of slacker. Blue Slackers 
    are more powerful, but still attack in the same manner. Take it out and keep 
    going down to have another blue slacker suddenly jump out. A Bean will also 
    spawn at the far end. Kill the blue slacker, but watch out for the Bean's 
    attack if it has already spawned. An orange cover will fall from the wall and 
    a soldier with a sniper rifle will also be available. Use your launcher if 
    you still have it or OD into the soldier with a sniper rifle to kill the Bean. 
    Keep going forward and a Snatcher will appear. Kill it and proceed onward to 
    defeat another Bean. There is also a hand grenade +3 hidden nearby in a small 
    crevice where the Bean spawned. The room on the left leads to an ammo 
    recharge and hand grenade +3, but also a fight with four Snatchers. A soldier 
    with a revolver will also be in that room so decided if you want to risk your 
    chances of getting out alive with ammo replenished and 3 more grenades. 
    Otherwise, go right and up the ladder onto the subway to the next area. 
    A blue Snatcher will appear from behind when you go forward a bit. Two 
    soldiers, one with a shotgun and another with an assault rifle, will also 
    appear to help you in your fights. Wads will spawn as well and be an 
    annoyance during the fights. Try to kill both the Wads and blue Snatchers 
    with high impact guns so you can perform ODK. After the fight, a scene will 
    trigger where you will enter the next area.
    The next area starts with three Snatchers hanging on the ceiling. Try to kill 
    some with your sniper rifle from far away if you still have it. Otherwise 
    just jump into the firefight and some soldiers will appear to help out. Pick 
    up the ammo recharge near the walls of the room if needed. More Snatchers 
    will spawn after killing the initial three. Kill all the Snatchers and then 
    proceed to a safe room. Save, pick up ammo recharges/hand grenade +3, and OD 
    into any soldiers if needed. Go to the next area when finished.
    Jump down into the area where two Rollers and Wads will spawn. There will 
    also be two soldiers, one with a shotgun and the other with an assault rifle, 
    which will help out in the fight. After killing both Rollers and Wads, a Bean 
    will spawn. Another soldier with the sniper rifle will also join the fight. 
    More Wads will show up after killing the first two, so eliminate those as 
    well. Kill the Bean monster using the sniper rifle. However, watch out since 
    the Bean will teleport to opposite sides of the room. Hide behind the orange 
    covers to avoid its bubbling attacks. A Rover will show up after eliminating 
    the Bean and Wads. A soldier with Satellite C. gun will spawn so OD into him 
    and use it to obliterate the monster. More Rovers and another Roller will 
    spawn so just use the satellite weapon to kill. However, the Rover may target 
    and kill your host with the satellite gun on the ledge. If that does happen, 
    just OD into another soldier and try to survive to wait for another soldier 
    with the satellite gun to appear. The episode will end after killing all the 
    enemies. It's somewhat nice not to have a boss fight.
    6.05 Episode 4: The Moment of Truth
    The episode starts on the city streets outside a building where a huge Worm 
    appears with two smaller ones. Aya will automatically OD into one of three 
    tanks at different positions after some dialogue. Quickly kill the two 
    smaller Worms already on the ground roaming around the tanks. Try not to let 
    the enemies damage any of the tanks as you will obtain an achievement for 
    doing so. The Worms will attack by shooting large orange fireballs so use the 
    tank's machinegun to destroy them while they are still airborne. The large 
    Worm also spits out white waterish balls that will spawn a new smaller Worm 
    if it hits the ground so be sure to also take those out in mid-air. The large 
    Worm cannot be harmed in any area other than its mouth. Damage the large Worm 
    by shooting only its mouth when it's open and attacking. Tank shells will do 
    much more damage than the machinegun so aim precisely before shooting since 
    there is a wait period to recharge tank rounds. The area will end once you 
    destroy the large Worm. Aya will OD into a soldier inside the building where 
    you begin the next area.
    The next part will consist mainly of traveling up the building and activating 
    C4. Aya will enter an area with four other soldiers loitering around and you 
    will see some green boxes on the wall. Press and hold X on the boxes to 
    activate the C4 explosive and they will turn red. If you have trouble 
    locating where the green boxes are situated, look at the mini map or radar on 
    the top right hand corner of your screen. It will designate the location of 
    each box with a green X. Activate all three explosive boxes, meaning the 
    screens have turned red, and two Wads will appear. Kill the Wads and a 
    pathway will open into the next area.
    Aya will enter the main building and four inactivated C4's are located on the 
    middle pillar, one on each face. When you begin activating the C4, a Worm 
    will begin to spawn. Do not get sucked into its mouth or you will die 
    automatically. OD into another soldier if you do get sucked in. Quickly 
    activate all the green boxes and then go for the Worm. The Worm will also 
    spit out small fireballs that will then erupt from the ground and jump at Aya 
    so dodge accordingly or hide behind the cover. Similar to its larger 
    counterpart, the Worm can only be damaged from shooting its mouth. After 
    dealing a chunk of damage, the Worm will begin to shed its outer shell 
    revealing a blue colour. If you wish to speed up the shedding process, you 
    can shoot the weak point located on the Worm's mouth with a sniper rifle. The 
    Worm will also turn red and will constantly heal itself. After shedding, your 
    guns will now be able to damage the Worm. If possible, quickly eliminate the 
    monster via ODK and use grenades to bolster the process. Pick up the ammo 
    recharge and hand grenade +3 nearby the wall if you run out of both. After 
    killing the first Worm, three more will spawn as a consequence. However, a 
    tank will also arrive outside of the building and allow you to kill the 
    enemies faster. OD into the tank and clear out the Worms using tank shells. A 
    pathway will open up when all the Worms are dead. Proceed up the stairs and 
    pick up another ammo recharge on the way then continue downstairs into the 
    next area.
    Upon entering, you will see a pillar in the middle of the room with green 
    boxes that require activation. The area will have a black Roller, another new 
    type of the usual orange Roller you are used to seeing. Snatchers will also 
    be present within the area so watch out when activating C4. After activating 
    the explosives, kill all the enemies and continue through the door that opens 
    up. Enter the elevator to go up the building into a safe room signaling the 
    end of Chapter 1. Also, you will receive an achievement when you enter the 
    elevator if none of the soldiers died in the previous areas. Exit the 
    elevator into the safe room and do the usual. OD into any soldier if needed 
    then pick up the ammo recharge and hand grenade +3 near the computer. Save 
    your game and jump down the ledge to begin Chapter 2.
    Chapter 2 will begin in a spacious room with a black Roller and two Snatchers. 
    There are three pillars with C4 that need to be activated. Try to quickly 
    activate the C4 as enemies will still target Aya. Let the soldiers around you 
    do the fighting while you activate the C4 and dodge enemies. If you have 
    trouble killing the enemies, OD into a soldier with a launcher or another 
    soldier at the far end near the exit with a sniper rifle. Also, pick up the 
    ammo recharge at the far end if you're running low on bullets. The exit will 
    open up after all C4 are activated and enemies killed. Go up the stairs into 
    the next area.
    Keep going down the hallway and turn right into a room where three Worms will 
    spawn. As you have encountered earlier, it is difficult to damage these 
    monsters. Two other soldiers will also be in the room, but will die shortly 
    after the monsters spawn. You need to stay alive until a chopper shows up so 
    try not to be swallowed by the monster and dodge their fireball attacks. 
    After awhile, some more soldiers will drop in and you will see a chopper 
    right outside the building. Immediately OD into the chopper and destroy the 
    Worms with missiles and machinegun. OD back into a soldier in the building 
    then go through the newly revealed path and up the stairs into the next area 
    for a cutscene.
    Jump down the ledge and you will encounter some Wads and a Bean. Lined up 
    along the wall in this area are five green C4 explosives. Kill all the Wads 
    first before activating C4 since their attacks will interrupt the activation 
    process. A soldier operating a machinegun will be available for you to use. 
    You can also OD into a soldier with a launcher if you wish. Kill everything 
    on site and be sure to pick up the hand grenade + 3 if needed. A cutscene 
    will occur showing the entrance being sealed and no other exit available to 
    proceed onward. After a bit of talking and waiting, a chopper will crash into 
    the building. Jump down the ledge and Aya will OD into the chopper then 
    transition into the next area.
    The next area will comprise of operating the chopper to further ascend the 
    building. It's somewhat like an on-rails shooter where you transition to the 
    next sequence after defeating all the enemies. You will have to fight a 
    cocoon like Spitter twisted stuck to the walls that will shoot red bubbles. 
    Kill the Worm fighting the soldiers quickly as you will earn an achievement 
    for assisting their escape. Destroy ~20 Spitters since you will also receive 
    an achievement for doing so. Eventually, Aya will fly to a part of the 
    building where there are two Spitters and Worms that need to be killed. A 
    cutscene will ensue after the fight and the chopper will continue to ascend 
    the building. Some dialogue will occur and Aya will OD inside the building 
    continuing to the next area.
    A Worm will spawn when you OD into the building that you need to kill. Avoid 
    being sucked to your death and hide behind cover or the fountain structure in 
    the middle of the room. After dealing a chunk of damage, it will shed and 
    become blue where it is more susceptible to damage. Use grenades to help ODK 
    faster and keep shooting until it dies. Another one will spawn after the 
    first one is dead so use the same tactics to kill it. Pick up the ammo 
    recharge and hand grenades +3 near the back wall when you run low bullets. Go 
    through the done into a safe room when the monster is dead. Finish the usual 
    business and go through the door for a boss fight following a cutscene.
    Kyle Madigan's monster form looks somewhat like a coiled serpent with blue-
    tipped tail. Kyle will teleport around and fires blade projectiles. The 
    projectiles will either be horizontal blades or vertical blades coming at you 
    so be sure to dodge them since they deal a good amount of damage. After a bit 
    of shooting, two choppers will come to assist your fight. A soldier with a 
    sniper rifle will also come appear so OD into him to if you want to use the 
    sniper rifle. The bulk of the battle will be done using the choppers so OD 
    into one and start firing missiles and machinegun. In air, Kyle will also 
    shoot black electrified projectiles and also huge vertical and horizontal 
    blades so fly around constantly to avoid them. When a bulk of damage is done, 
    Kyle will summon orbs that circle around and make him invulnerable to damage. 
    Quickly take out the orbs before more damage can be done to Kyle. Keep on 
    damaging him until he succumbs and ODK to finish the fight.
    6.06 Episode 5: The Counterattack
    Aya will start in the streets of a post-apocalyptic New York again. Proceed 
    forward and enter the entrance into the next area. Run into the main room to 
    find an ally soldier and enemies will start to spawn. Hide behind the cover 
    and kill the Wads and a Roller. After killing the enemies, proceed through 
    the previously blocked pathway to the next area. In this area, kill the 
    Snatcher and then run toward the blocked exit where more enemies will spawn. 
    Kill the Wads, Rollers, and Snatcher to open up the path and continue onward. 
    Kill the two Beans that spawn and then proceed to destroy the red orbs. One 
    of the orbs can be found in the gap between the Beans and the other is found 
    on the wall near the ceiling. Pick up the ammo recharge if needed and OD into 
    another soldier that appears on the far end of the room. Kill the Wad, Bean, 
    and two Rollers that spawn. Pick up the Hand Grenade +3 and go through the 
    newly opened path to the safe room. Do your business and continue to chapter 
    Follow the path to the main room with orange covers and a blue wall embedded 
    with a bunch of fossils. The wall can only be broken with a launcher and one 
    of the soldiers conveniently has one in their possession. OD into the soldier 
    with a launcher and shoot the wall. After the wall subsides, break the three 
    red orbs first before attacking the Mudflap to receive an achievement. Kill 
    the Mudflap without having any of your allies turned into Slackers as a 
    requirement for another achievement. Mudflaps should be killed with ODK or it 
    will revive itself. Mudflap will also put up a black barrier that will 
    deflect your gun attacks. Go on to the next area after the path has opened. 
    Run past a large container stuck into the wall and arrive into a room with 
    another blue wall with bones. Kill the red Orb near the Roller and Bean then 
    proceed to kill both. OD into the soldiers on the other side of the blue wall 
    and destroy the two red orbs in the pits. Kill the Wads then pick up the ammo 
    recharge and continue to the next area.
    A bunch of orange covers will be in this room with four red orbs. Quickly 
    kill the Snatchers that spawn on the ceiling. DO NOT DESTROY THE RED ORBS! 
    Move your soldiers near the entrance since they will constantly shoot the 
    orbs when positioned behind the covers. Wait for the Mudflap to spawn and 
    kill it quickly via ODK again. If none of the soldiers were turned into 
    Slackers in this fight as well as the last one, you will receive an 
    achievement. Proceed to the next area into a safe room.
    Aya will start in a narrow path with orange covers and another blue wall. 
    Kill at least five Beans that spawn here before breaking the blue wall to get 
    an achievement. After receiving the achievement, break the first blue wall 
    and proceed through to hit another blue wall. Break it and go through to 
    arrive in an area with more orange covers. Kill the Mudflap and Beans that 
    spawn. Pick up the ammo recharge before continuing onward. The next area will 
    be annoying when played on higher difficulties. Hide behind the orange covers 
    and kill the constantly spawning Rollers. Defeat at least 15 Rollers in order 
    to receive an achievement. Try to kill them by hitting their weak spots on 
    the tip of their tail to stun and then ODK. Pick up ammo recharge if required 
    and continue to kill the Rollers. Quickly eliminate the Mudflap when it shows 
    up since it will turn your allies into Slackers. A minigun will also be 
    available that should help in killing Roller. A Mudflap and two Rollers will 
    also spawn on the upper ledge near the 3 red orbs. Rollers will stop spawning 
    when the orbs are destroyed so try to avoid breaking them until you have 
    received the achievement. Break the orbs then kill the Rollers and Mudflap to 
    open up a pathway to the safe room ending chapter 2. 
    In this area, there will be a Boss fight with the Reaper. Drop down the ledge 
    and the Reaper will spawn. The Reaper cannot be damaged by normal means so 
    your guns will be useless in this fight. Dodge the Reaper by OD'ing into 
    other soldiers to divert its attention and stopping its attacks. Eventually, 
    soldiers will spawn with the Berserker gun that is capable of damaging the 
    boss. You can either kill the Reaper painstakingly or use the cheap method. 
    Pick up ammo recharges when necessary. Deplete the boss' life gauge and the 
    Reaper will combust with a blue flame. The exit is still blocked so wait 
    until the boss reanimates itself where you will have to kill it again. The 
    Reaper can now be damaged with your regular guns. When the Reaper is dead, 
    proceed to the safe room and prepare for a fight with... Hyde.
    Jump down the ledge and watch the cutscene then proceed to fight Hyde. Hyde 
    is all twisty and will squirm around on the ground. In addition, Hyde is 
    stretchy and will shoot red energy projectiles while running or stationary 
    with awkward movements. Hyde will also try to swipe with his arms or quickly 
    slash Aya with the extra arms on his back. Hyde will also release a black 
    swarm that home onto Aya and will kill instantly if caught. OD into another 
    soldier quickly or activate Liberation to avoid getting a game over. 
    CrossFire and high impact weapons will help to stun allowing a chance to 
    perform ODK for more damage. After the scene, it's onto the final episode!
    6.07 The Last Episode: Eternity
    As you begin the final episode, Aya will be in freefall motion and there will 
    be a boss fight with the Queen. Defeat it as before to continue and then run 
    toward the vortex for another boss fight with Hyde.
    Watch the cutscene and begin the fight with Hyde. Aya will start in an area 
    with a lot of static. You won't be able to damage Hyde at first, so just let 
    him deplete your life gauge. Another cutscene will ensue when you supposedly 
    die and the boss fight will start again. There will now be four bodies that 
    float around Hyde that Aya can dive into use. Use the bodies to take 
    advantage of your positioning to shoot at Hyde. When you shoot at Hyde enough, 
    Hyde's host body will fall causing him to dive into another static body. Keep 
    shooting at Hyde until all the bodies for him to dive into are gone, then you 
    will be able to start damaging his health bar. Hyde will still be stretchy 
    and use similar attacks in the Episode 5 boss battle. A white barrier will be 
    erected with the static bodies around Aya and you won't be able to get out 
    physically. Hyde will attack Aya by diving into different bodies so try to 
    dodge the attacks and shoot all of the bodies. If you are able to destroy all 
    of the bodies and get out of the barrier, Hyde will be stunned and you can 
    perform and ODK. Hyde's health bar can now be depleted. Repeat the process 
    until he goes down and you will transition to the final fight.
    Run towards the red floating orb in the pitch black area and Hyde will 
    transform into a twisted monster. Aya will initiate Liberation mode and the 
    boss battle will begin. Liberation mode will always be active in this battle 
    and the Liberation gauge serves as Aya's health bar. Twisty Hyde will have 
    several attacks that he will use on Aya. In the beginning, Hyde will just 
    shoot energy blasts at Aya that you should dodge. Dodge, shoot a few energy 
    shots and then dodge again to slowly wither away Hyde's health. Shoot like 
    crazy when Hyde is just floating around to deplete his health bar faster. 
    Hyde will use a new attack when his health is low by projecting an astral 
    image of himself. Stop shooting and start running the instant Hyde becomes 
    transparent since the projection will be launched at Aya and hurt a lot if it 
    hits. Keep shooting as well as dodging until his health bar is down to zero 
    and perform ODK. Congratulations! You have finished the game and now spend 
    the rest of the time unlocking costumes, cheats, achievements, and upgrading 
    guns on harder difficulties! 
    7. Weapons & Customization
    The weapons in the game must be bought and upgraded with BP. BP or what I 
    believe what are called Battle Points can be obtained by killing enemies, 
    getting achievements, and completing episodes. The weapons can be purchased 
    in the weapon bank menu. Weapon bank shows the list of different types of 
    weapons available in the game. Purchased weapons can then be upgraded by 
    using BP to buy parts. Parts will enhance weapon stats such as W-Pow, B-Pow, 
    B-Impact, Handling, and Range. Weapon Power is the base strength of the gun. 
    Bullet Power is the base strength of bullet that is added onto the gun. 
    Bullet Impact dictates how easily the gun will stun an enemy allowing for ODK. 
    Although I am not positive, I believe the handling attributes to the degree 
    of recoil of the gun. Range will tell how far the gun can fire.
    Aya will have four slots to carry weapons using the L + Triangle, O, X, and 
    Square buttons to change guns. Aya will always carry the Beretta 92M in the 
    L+Triangle slot. The 92M will can be upgraded like normal guns and will have 
    infinite ammo so that you will always have something to shoot with. The L+X 
    slot will always be reserved for the guns that soldiers you OD into carry. 
    L+Square and the L+O slot will be up to you to choose what you take on 
    missions in the weapon bank.
    The weapons are listed in the order of type: handgun, assault, shotgun, 
    sniper, launcher, and special. In addition, there are different types of 
    weapons that are listed in Normal, Power, Impact, and Liberation. Weapons can 
    have higher or lower power/impact and may also specialize in filling 
    Liberation bar. Some guns will also have categories that are Power Up/Impact 
    Down; however, I will only list the dominant positive attribute with a + sign.
    Normal - M17GC --> M22GC --> M22G G4
    Power - .45auto A1 --> .45auto sfa --> SBI4.3 cmp.
    Power - SZ239 --> SZ229 -->SZ220 SAO
    Power + - MP10 3IN --> 686SEALs --> Hunter 500
    Normal - CR15 --> C. MfA1 --> Mf SOPMOD
    Power - RK-47 --> RK-101 --> RK SOPMOD
    Impact - S556SWAT --> S552 --> S550
    Liberation - FNHC --> MK.16 --> MK.17
    Impact - R1100P --> R11-96P --> RSP10
    Impact + - M102T --> M103T --> M1014
    Power - FSA12 --> FSA15 --> FSA15 IC
    Power - HK3SPR1 --> PSPR-1 --> PSPR-1 GB
    Normal - CR10SASS --> Mk.11 Mod0 --> SR110
    Power + - B82A1 --> AIS50 --> XM109
    Power - AG 320 --> AG-C --> RG140
    Speed - M249 --> Mk. 46 ModO --> M240B
    Normal - Pile Bunker
    Normal - Blaze Edge
    8. OE
    Over Energy grants Aya special abilities or attributes during battle. OE can 
    be harnessed by obtaining and assigning DNA chips onto a 9x9 board. In the 
    menu, go to the OE Setting tab to access the board. Also, up to 5 boards can 
    be obtained.
    8.01 DNA Chips & Skills
    Aya can obtain DNA chips by diving into soldiers or defeating enemies/bosses 
    via ODK. DNA chips also differ in type that grants various attributes or 
    abilities depending on their colours. The chips mainly come in three 
    different dimensions: 1x1, 1x2, and 1x3. However, the transpose of those 
    dimensions also apply meaning that 2x1 and 3x1 chips can also be obtained. It 
    basically means that the chips can come either in horizontal or vertical of 
    the sizes mentioned. In addition, chips can also differ in rarity: normal, 
    rare, and evolved. Skills or abilities found on rare and evolved chip drops 
    may have higher level or better skills. 
    The colour of the DNA chip is related to the type of skill or attributes it 
    provides for Aya. In addition, it will also tell you what types of actions 
    are required in order for the skill to be activated. A list below describes 
    the function of each colour type and the skills that fall under each colour 
    Green - CrossFire (CF)
    Skills activated from green chips help with improving CrossFire attributes.
    Boost Fire - Increases Cross Fire Attack of teammates when activated.
    Rapid Link - Increases rate of filling the Linkage Bar when attempting to 
    CrossFire the enemy.
    Cross Healing - Restores some health after activating CF
    Orange - Enhancement
    Skills that fall under this category are enhancing skills that may be 
    activated when Aya dives into another soldier. I usually think of this as 
    OverDiving skills that activate when entering a new host. OD activating 
    skills occur at low probability meaning it won't activate every time you dive 
    into another soldier 
    Healing - Restore some life if activated after diving into another soldier.
    Antibody - Defense Boost when entering a new host.
    Restock - Replenish a little bit of ammunition. 
    Impact Wave - Generate a shock impulse to damage enemies nearby upon entering 
    Blue - Passive 
    Chips of this colour are passive skills and will activate either by shooting 
    or taking damage. However, some skills are always active.
    Power Surge - Attack power increases temporarily when an enemy is killed. 
    Aya's weapon will glow white indicating activation.
    Critical Shot - Handgun shots may inflict higher damage and potentially stun 
    enemy. Remember... HANDGUN ONLY.
    Energy Defense - Defense is increased. It seems this skill is always active 
    and does not require any action on your part.
    Barrier - Aya will become temporary invincible upon activation when taking 
    damage. A silvery glow will indicate activation of the skill.
    Pre-Raise - Prevents death and revives host body, but can only be used once 
    per episode.  
    Odds Up - Increases likelihood of obtaining higher quality chips when diving.
    Yellow - OverDive Kill
    Yellow skills are rare and activated by OD'ing into enemies.
    Kill Boost - Increases Damage output done by ODK.
    Haste - Aya's movements will become faster while enemies slow down. The skill 
    may be activating after killing an enemy via ODK.
    Purple - Liberation
    Purple Dots grant skills that activate when Aya initiates Liberation.  
    Energy Shot - Increase Attack Power during Liberation mode.
    Regeneration - Aya will regenerate health when Liberation is active.
    Inferno - Sacrifice host body to perform an attack that damages all enemies 
    on screen. The skill is performed by pressing circle button during Liberation 
    Red - Diseased
    Red coloured chips will hurt Aya and degrade her skills.
    Slow - Decreases movement speed.
    Slow Recharge - Reloading speed is slower.
    Odds Down - Chances of acquiring DNA chips are lowered when diving.
    Escape Down - Decreases number of times you are able to perform a dodge roll.
    Illness - Health recovery rate slows down.
    Disease - Liberation Gauge fills at a slower rate.
    8.02 Assimilation
    In order to access the skills listed above, you will need to assimilate the 
    DNA chips onto the 9x9 board. Select the chip that you want and place it on 
    the board in order to obtain the skill. Once a DNA chip has been placed on 
    the board, more chips can be used to level up the skill. Maximum level for 
    any skill is 25; however, Aya's level must also increase in order to level up 
    skills. A colour coded message will also show up when you assimilate new 
    chips with the existing one on the board. The coloured phrase in the messages 
    will either say...
    1. Normal - Yellow
    2. Benign - Green
    3. Mutation - Purple
    4. Malignancy - Red
    Generally, you want normal and benign changes in DNA when you wish to level 
    up your skills on the board. Purple mutations are beneficial since some of 
    the rarer abilities that do not normally show up in chip drops need to be 
    obtained by combining DNA chips of different skill and colour. Never accept 
    red malignant changes in DNA since they end up harming Aya more unless you 
    want a challenge. When playing with DNA chips, there will be some options 
    that you must choose when colour coded messages show up. If you don't like 
    the variation in DNA that occur, you can change it by pressing square for 
    another random change to occur. This is done frequently when you want to 
    level your skills or trying to get a beneficial purple mutation in obtaining 
    better skills. It is somewhat like playing slots hoping for a better or 
    winning combination. You can press triangle and view the changes in a list 
    that includes the skill name and level. If you like the change that occurred, 
    you can press circle to accept the changes and a small animation indicating 
    the new alterations on your board have been implemented. Otherwise, you may 
    press circle to cancel the transaction and pick another DNA chip to fuse.
    As described before, the better skills must be obtained through combinations 
    in chips of different skill or colour. Although Red Dots are generally bad 
    and avoided, they do help obtain some of the better skills. So... don't throw 
    away all your red dots since they may help in the combining process to get 
    better skills. Since you can have up to 5 OE boards in the game, it may be 
    better to create more boards with different skills for various situations 
    such as boss fights or encountering some type of enemy. After some 
    experimentation, I have compiled a list below that shows the combinations to 
    get better skills, mainly Yellow and Purple dots.
    Yellow Skill Combinations - ODK Skills
    Kill Boost:
    Antibody (Orange) + Healing (Orange)
    Energy Defense (Blue) + Illness (Red)
    Cross Healing (Green) + Disease (Red)
    Boost Fire (Green) + Healing (Orange)
    Cross Healing (Green) + Slow (Red)
    Defense Energy (Blue) + Slow Recharge (Red)
    Barrier (Blue) + Illness (Red)
    Purple Skill Combinations - Liberation Skills 
    Energy Shot:
    Healing (Orange) + Barrier (Blue)
    Cross Healing (Green) + Defense Energy (Blue)
    Healing (Orange) + Pre-Raise (Blue)
    Healing (Orange) + Odds Down (Red)
    Energy Defense (Blue) + Illness (Red)
    Healing (Orange) + Illness (Red)
    Healing (Orange) + Kill Boost (Yellow)
    Healing (Orange) + Disease (Red)
    Cross Healing (Green) + Antibody (Orange)
    Antibody (Orange) + Kill Boost (Yellow)
    Happy Combining!
    9. Bestiary
    All of the enemies and bosses encountered in the game are listed in this 
    section. The creatures that you fight are called twisted and there are many 
    different varieties for you to kill. Although some of the enemies are 
    recycled by their colours, the game does offer quite a repertoire of twisted 
    to enjoy the game. First section will have information on normal enemy 
    encounters; the second part includes information mainly on bosses and their 
    attributes. The description will also provide strategies on how to kill 
    enemies and bosses. It should be noted that all normal enemies have a stun 
    point that you can shoot when using a sniper rifle to perform ODK.
    Enemies in the game are known as Twisted that are pretty much normal monsters. 
    All the enemies seem to have some twisty shape or form. Twisted... Geddit?
    An enemy that is pretty common throughout the entire game. The slacker has a 
    humanoid form and looks light brown in colour. It has a huge hand that it 
    swings as an attack when charging toward Aya. Slackers are very easy to dodge 
    by side stepping or just running out of the way. The stun point is located on 
    the chest of the slacker if you wish to use a sniper rifle. A different 
    variation of the slacker is also found in later chapters and looks blue 
    instead of beige. It is a bit more powerful, but still very easy to kill via 
    the same method. For anyone who has played Dead Space series, does this enemy 
    remind you of the Exploder?
    The floating white and purple ball-like creatures are another common enemy 
    motif found throughout the game. Wads are initially flat and will puff up 
    when they are about to attack. The only attack that Wads can perform consists 
    of ejecting bubbles at Aya. Hide behind cover or run to dodge the attack. 
    Stun point is located in the center of the Wad's body. 
    Stinkers are yellow bee-like enemies that are mainly found in Episode 2. 
    Attacks consist of green energy projectiles. A different type of Stinker can 
    be easily distinguished by their glowing red end and releases darkish red 
    smog. Avoid areas covered by dark red since it will continuously damage Aya. 
    A black and dark purple Stinker variation will only appear during the boss 
    fight with Gabriel Monsigny at the end of Episode 2 and has the same attack 
    as the normal Stinkers.
    The spider-like enemies hang on the ceiling and shoot black sharp projectiles. 
    Snatchers will also drop down onto the ground and snatch up Aya or other 
    soldiers then proceed to drag them into a portal that will instantly kill. 
    Stun point is located on the joint of one of their legs. It is best to shoot 
    the Snatchers when they are not moving or clear out groups with launchers 
    during battle. 
    A twisted that attacks with toxic green bubbles and hides in its black 
    exterior shell to prevent damage. Beans will reveal their inner flesh when it 
    is about to attack and sprout out of the black protective casing. The long 
    fleshy body will have two tubes that will shoot out bubbly green liquid in 
    three different forms of attack. Beans can either shoot an array of toxic 
    bubbles that spread, single shots in three bubbles, or larger toxic bubbles 
    that follow Aya and explode upon contact. A bunch of bubbles can also be 
    launched into the air and fall right back down causing splash damage if Aya 
    gets close to the Bean. Stun point can be found in the front center of the 
    black body when it is hiding. However, it will disappear once the inner flesh 
    sprouts. After dealing significant damage, the Beans will start glowing red 
    signifying that it is trying to regenerate health. A different coloured type 
    Bean with yellow stripes will appear in later chapters with the exact same 
    attacks. In certain episodes, Beans are able to teleport.
    As the name suggests, these creatures just roll and twist around as one form 
    of attack. Rollers look like a crustacean type enemy where the body has an 
    orange colour with white lining. It also charges as another form of an attack 
    that can be avoided by dodge rolling. The stun point is located near the tip 
    of the tail and is fairly hard to hit when the Roller is rolling around. Hide 
    behind cover and it will try to break the cover instead of rolling. Shoot the 
    stun point quickly when it is in front of the cover and perform ODK for a 
    quick kill. A black-white and green-purple Roller will also appear in later 
    episodes with same attack, just higher defense I presume. Lobster anyone?
    A tall three legged twisted that has a round head with tentacle hairs 
    sticking out and is very difficult to kill. Rovers will often lock on a 
    target and relentlessly attack until its prey is dead. It will scan for a 
    target with an electric trap that originates from a purple bubble above the 
    head. The electric trap will immobilize Aya or another soldier upon contact 
    where the Rover will attack with a swipe of its leg. In addition, Rovers will 
    also shoot electric bolts or produce white bubbles that will explode. An easy 
    way to kill the Rover is to use shoot its stun point on one of the legs. The 
    stun point is yellow and located on the tip of its leg. It may be hard to hit, 
    so shoot when the Rover is stationary. Also, quickly ODK when to Rover is 
    stunned since it recovers quickly. 
    Avoid these like the plague since a Rover will be summoned if stepped on. 
    Detectors, mainly found in episode 3, are vortexes that appear on ground and 
    will hover around to scan its surroundings. When avoiding detection, be sure 
    to take a moment and learn their movement pattern and quickly run or dodge 
    roll past them.
    The Worm is another twisty monster that does not have a head and only 
    consists of a mouth. It mainly attacks by charging at Aya or shooting 
    fireballs out from the mouth. The fireballs will continue to bounce from the 
    ground aimed toward Aya or other characters so be sure to dodge roll to avoid 
    them. Worms initially can only be damaged by shooting its mouth. The damage 
    dealt to the Worm is very minimal and will take some time before taking a 
    chunk out of its health bar. However, the weak point can be targeted and is 
    located at the center of the mouth. Shoot it with your sniper rifle to stun 
    it and perform ODK subsequently. After dealing a significant amount of damage, 
    the Worm will shed its outer covering revealing inner flesh. The monster will 
    become more susceptible to damage so unload everything you have on it. Worms 
    will also start sucking in and eating soldiers. If Aya is caught, it will 
    instantly kill your host so be sure to OD into another soldier or activate 
    The large purple and pink twisted with a huge floppy flap near its head. 
    Mudflaps will erect a barrier that will prevent it from being damaged 
    directly. Quickly dodge roll to its rear and shoot unguarded areas in order 
    to damage Mudflap. However, the small black barrier will eventually move and 
    constantly switch locations. Mudflaps will attack by swiping with its flap 
    and also use telekinesis to drag Aya closer to itself. Aya or other soldiers 
    will be lifted in the air and thrown towards the twisted. Mudflaps will also 
    turn your fellow soldiers into twisted. Kill the creature before this occurs 
    and you will net an achievement during Episode 5 in the room with 3 orbs. 
    Mudflaps must be killed with ODK or it will revive itself where you have to 
    fight it again. Utilize high impact weapons to speed up the stun process and 
    ODK to finish it off. Launchers and grenades will greatly help out in 
    stunning Mudflap so use them. The stun point is located near the tip of the 
    flap, but it is hard to shoot since the flaps are very dynamic.
    Reapers are black and red in colour that looks like another version of the 
    Roller. Initially, Reapers cannot be damaged until much later in the game. 
    Run from them when they spawn since Reapers will most likely kill you in one 
    hit. Reapers will attack primarily with their tails either by a tail swipe or 
    flinging blood projections. Dodge the attacks by dodge rolling or running 
    away as they will kill instantly. Reapers will also have a search form where 
    it will turn into a glowing red ball that floats around. Search form Reaper 
    can still damage Aya upon contact so be sure to avoid. Also, an achievement 
    will can be obtained during episode 1 if the Reaper can be avoided 
    successfully without being damaged or touched. Reapers can also quickly 
    teleport from one end of the room to the other.
    Boss fights occur in all episodes with the exception of Episode 3. Several 
    episodes will have multiple boss battles. Bosses generally do not have weak 
    The boss will have two different forms that you will fight in Episode 1. As 
    you begin Episode 1, the boss fight will ensue with the first form of helix 
    with only its head. The first form of Helix will attack by either shooting 
    red energy projections or charging its head. Avoid the red energy projections 
    by sitting behind the orange covers. Helix's charge attack will break the 
    orange covers. Quickly dodge roll away from the covers to avoid being damaged 
    by the charge. Helix's final form will be fought later in Episode 1 where the 
    full body is exposed. The final form of Helix will still attack with red 
    energy projections and charging. In addition, Helix will pound the ground 
    that will damage and cause Aya to lose her footing. Helix's head can be 
    broken to prevent it from shooting projectiles. The legs can also be broken 
    and will render Helix immobile temporarily. In order to damage Helix, shoot 
    the small circle located on its back. Run one of the soldiers to higher 
    ground and shoot Helix's back to induce damage. Eventually, Helix will divert 
    its attention and climb the wall to attack Aya on higher ground. Move Aya to 
    the stairs to prevent Helix from damaging the host and OD into the soldiers 
    below. Breaking the legs will cause Helix to fall off the wall onto its 
    backside allowing Aya to perform ODK. Lather, rinse, and repeat until dead.
    Emily Jefferson
    A huge fat twisted with spikes that extrude from the stomach. When the battle 
    begins, Emily Jefferson will be in a transparent form where normal weapons 
    are ineffective. The only way to damage the transparent form is to use 
    Liberation to stun Emily and ODK. Transparent Jefferson will send out small 
    vortexes that will home onto Aya. Activate liberation if the gauge is full; 
    otherwise, shoot the small vortexes to build your liberation. Shoot like mad 
    in Liberation mode and stun Emily to ODK. After ODK, Ms. Jefferson will 
    become a solid form that you will be able to damage. Solid Emily will attack 
    by pounding and leaping at Aya. High impact weapons: shotguns, launchers, and 
    grenades are a plus.
    A twisted that has a head portion, arms, and the bottom that looks like the 
    base end of a dress; hence the Queen name. The head portion opens up and 
    shoots out black energy that will grab Aya or other soldiers and instantly 
    kill. Queen is the only boss with a weak point located in the head portion, 
    but very hard to hit. The boss is fought in freefall motion where Aya can 
    freely OD into other soldiers within the vicinity. The Queen can be damaged 
    slowly by using normal weapons. However, stunning the boss and performing ODK 
    will be a faster way to deal damage. Free-floating cars will also appear and 
    will stun Queen instantly when blown up. Utilize the free-floating cars to 
    deal more damage with ODK hits. Eventually, a cutscene will ensue showing a 
    vortex at the bottom of the abyss. An achievement will be received if the 
    Queen is defeated before the cutscene occurs. Otherwise, "Danger" will be 
    indicated when Aya is falling closer towards the vortex signaling to OD into 
    other soldiers farther away from the vortex. After the vortex disappears, the 
    free-fall motion portion will start again. Keep shooting and ODK'ing until 
    the Queen is dead.
    Gabriel Monsigny
    The boss fight has two separate phases. Gabriel's monster form in the first 
    phase is a large orange hornet. Gabriel will attack by shooting energy balls 
    rapidly so hide behind the orange covers. When Gabriel is attacking Aya with 
    her energy shots, OD into the minigun soldier to deal a lot of damage. 
    However, quickly OD out into another soldier when Gabriel stops attacking to 
    prevent her from targeting the minigun soldier. It is imperative that the 
    minigun soldier does not die you do not lose the minigun soldier or the 
    battle will become hard without good weapons. Gabriel will release Stinkers 
    on you after dealing significant damage. In addition, Gabriel will also fly 
    to the back of the battle area near lamp posts and generate an orange glob 
    bomb. Kill the four Stinkers that help making the bomb to prevent the attack 
    from being unleashed. When Gabriel's life bar is depleted, the second phase 
    will start. During the second phase, Gabriel turns into a white purplish 
    coloured hornet. The battle will be similar except that Gabriel will change 
    into a swarm of Stinkers after taking significant amount of damage. The swarm 
    of Stinkers will target Aya with a laser sight to indicate the position of 
    the attack. Quickly dodge away or it will instantly kill Aya's host. In order 
    to have Gabriel revert back into the large hornet, zoom in with a sniper 
    rifle and shoot the single hornet that is glowing red. Continue as before and 
    deplete her life bar to finish the boss fight.
    Kyle Madigan
    Kyle's twisted form looks like a large coiled serpent with a flowery tail. 
    The boss fight is timed where you must take out Kyle within ten minutes. When 
    Aya is on the ground, Kyle attacks with blade projectiles that are either 
    horizontal or vertical. After dodging a few of Kyle's attacks, two choppers 
    will show up. OD into a chopper and start firing missiles and machinegun at 
    Kyle. In air, Kyle will attack with very large horizontal or vertical blade 
    projectiles in addition to the smaller ones as before. Kyle will also fire 
    electrified energy sharps so maneuver around with the chopper to avoid them. 
    After dealing significant deal, Kyle will summon orbs that will hover round 
    in a circular pattern. Kyle will be invulnerable until the orbs are destroyed 
    so break them all with machinegun and missiles. On occasions, Kyle will 
    charge at you and down the chopper in a single hit. Quickly strafe to the 
    sides when you see any indication of Kyle charge to dodge the attack.
    The Reaper can be damaged and kill in the boss fight unlike previous 
    encounters; albeit only by using a special gun, the berserker. Reapers will 
    teleport quickly across the area and try to smash its tail at Aya. In 
    addition, the Reaper can erect a blood barrier that will prevent Aya from 
    physically passing the barrier wall. In order to get out, dive into a 
    different soldier that is outside of the barrier. Soldiers carrying the 
    Berserker gun will eventually spawn. OD into the soldier with the Berserker 
    and fire the laser at the Reaper. The Reaper can also use its tail to block 
    the laser so wait for the twisted to put down its guard before shooting the 
    laser again. The Reaper will burst into blue flames and pretend to die. After 
    a bit of waiting, the Reaper will revive and you will have to kill it again. 
    However, the Reaper can be damaged with normal weapons the second time around. 
    Avoid its tail swipes and keep shooting, stunning and ODK'ing.
    Hyde Bohr
    Hyde will have two different forms that you will need to fight. In the first 
    form, Hyde will stretch and become all twisty while squirming around the 
    ground. The first form of Hyde must be fought twice, once at the end of 
    Episode 5 and the other in the last episode. Hyde will shoot red energy 
    projectiles while running at Aya or while stationary with matrix-like body 
    motions. Hyde has multiple curly appendages on his back and will try to hit 
    Aya by swiping his arms or slashing. In the Episode 5 boss fight, Hyde will 
    release several black homing swarms that will instantly kill if Aya is caught 
    so quickly OD into another soldier. In the last episode, Hyde will still have 
    similar attacks minus the black homing swarms. However, Hyde will be able to 
    constantly switch into other bodies on the in the area. Keep shooting at Hyde 
    to damage the bodies causing him to switch out into another one. The bodies 
    must all be destroyed before Hyde can be damaged. Eventually, Hyde will erect 
    a white barrier with the bodies. Destroy all the bodies to get out of the 
    barrier and stun Hyde for an ODK. Keep shooting Dr. Bohr with your high 
    impact weapons to stun then ODK.
    Hyde will become a full fledged twisted in the second form that somewhat 
    looks like a caduceus. The twisted form of Hyde is very curly especially at 
    the tail. In addition, Hyde will have four large arms in the back with two 
    smaller tentacles on each arm. Aya will be in liberation mode throughout the 
    battle. Twisty Bohr will float around and shoot white energy balls at Aya. 
    After dealing a significant amount of damage, Hyde will become more 
    aggressive and use a new attack. An astral image will be projected from Hyde 
    and will be launched at Aya. Start dodging when you see the astral projection 
    or you will be hit and lose a lot of health.
    10. Costumes
    Costumes serve as protective armor and can be accessed in the protective gear 
    menu. The protective gear will also provide Aya with defense. Some costumes 
    will have more or less defense than others. The costumes in the game must be 
    unlocked before they can be accessed.
    Black Leather - B Defense
    Aya comes in this default costume.
    White Eider - A Defense
    Another default costume that Aya has and is already listed in the protective 
    gear menu.  
    Maid - B Defense
    Finish game on Easy to obtain this costume.
    Business Suit - B Defense
    Beat the game on any difficulty. The suit is located in one of the lockers in 
    the CTI shower room on the women's side.
    Santa Costume - B Defense
    Finish the game on any difficulty. The costume can be found in one of the 
    drawers in the shower room of Maeda's base.
    China Dress - C Defense
    Finish the game on normal difficulty. It will be in your protective gear menu 
    upon starting new game+.
    Swim Wear - C Defense
    End the game on hard difficulty. Access the costume in new game+.
    Knight Armour - A Defense
    Complete game on hard deadly difficulty. The costume will already be unlocked 
    when starting a new game.
    Titanium Bunny - C Defense
    Complete the game on genocide difficulty. Start a new game to access the 
    OD Suit - B Defense
    Obtain 1 stamp on the Japanese Square-Enix member site and complete the game 
    on any difficulty setting.
    Lightning Custom - A Defense
    Obtain 7 stamps on the Japanese Square-Enix member site and finish the game 
    on any difficulty. Alternatively, complete the game 30 times on any 
    difficulty. The Blaze Edge will be purchasable in the weapons bank when you 
    unlock the costume. NO RED CAPE!
    11. Extras
    11.01 Stamps (JP Version ONLY!)
    The game allows you to obtain stamps in order to net extra OE chips and 
    costumes. Sign up for a Japanese Square-Enix Member Site account and you will 
    be able to sign in and fulfill requirements the requirements. However, you 
    must have internet access on your PSP and connect to the member site by 
    accessing the Extras menu at the start screen of the game. Choose a save that 
    you wish to connect to the member account. Enter the code into the member 
    site and your save will now be linked to the account. After you obtain stamps, 
    connect to extras and you will receive your prizes.
    Stamps Requirements are listed below:
    1. Enter your player code into The 3rd Birthday Member Site to receive your 
    first stamp.
    2. Complete registration of your "The 3rd Birthday" game to the member site.
    3. Register your "The 3rd Birthday" soundtrack to the member site.
    4. Make a single friend on the "The 3rd Birthday" member site.
    5. Make 5 friends on the "The 3rd Birthday" member site.  
    6. Make 15 friends on the "The 3rd Birthday" member site.  
    7. Visited "The 3rd Birthday" Member Site a total of 5 times.
    8. Visited "The 3rd Birthday" Member Site a total of 15 times.
    9. Visited "The 3rd Birthday" Member Site a total of 25 times.
    10. Visited "The 3rd Birthday" Member Site consecutively for 5 days.
    11. Visited "The 3rd Birthday" Member Site continuously for 10 days.
    12. Visited "The 3rd Birthday" Member Site 15 days straight in a row.
    13. Join or create a "The 3rd Birthday" group.
    14. Write a diary entry on the member site.
    15. The 3rd Birthday Twitter account reaches 8,000 followers.
    16. The 3rd Birthday Twitter account reaches 15,000 followers.
    17. Purchased an avatar item for The 3rd Birthday.
    18. Cleared the game on easy, normal, or hard difficulty.
    *It should be noted that the site visits are counted once per day.
    1. Receive Energy Shot OE for obtaining 1 stamp.
    2. Receive Inferno OE for obtaining 2 stamps.
    3. Receive Critical Shot OE for obtaining 3 stamps.
    4. Receive Burst Fire OE for obtaining 4 stamps
    5. Receive Barrier OE for obtaining 5 stamps.
    6. Receive Impact Wave OE for obtaining 6 stamps.
    7. Receive Inferno and Energy Shot OE for 7 stamps.
    8. Receive Regeneration and Energy Defense OE for obtaining 8 stamps. 
    9. Receive Cross Healing and Healing OE for obtaining 9 stamps.
    10. Receive Critical Shot, Energy Shot, and Energy Defense OE for obtaining 
    10 stamps.
    11. Receive 3x Impact Wave OE for obtaining 11 stamps.
    12. Receive 3x Odds Up OE for obtaining 12 stamps.
    13. Receive 3x Rapid Link OE for obtaining 13 stamps.
    14. Receive OD Suit for obtaining 1 stamp and clearing the game on any 
    15. Receive Lightning Custom for obtaining 7 stamps and clearing game on any 
    11.02 Shower Scene
    Yes, the infamous shower scene can be viewed in game only if you fulfill 
    certain requirements. The requirements are that you obtain all achievements 
    for at least one episode. After that, the shower scene can be viewed any time 
    during mission transitions by interacting with the shower. The shower scene 
    can also be unlocked in the video log only if you tediously beat the game 50 
    times. Have a fun time beating the game 50 times on any mode... you pervert.
    11.03 Cheats
    Cheat codes... well they really aren't beneficial cheat codes. You would think 
    that the cheat codes included in game would actually help you. Besides three 
    assist codes that do actually help, the rest are challenge codes made with 
    the intent to make the game harder. 
    Assist Codes
    High Regen - Increased regeneration of health when stationary. Purchase with 
    10,000 BP.
    Free CrossFire - Soldiers not hiding behind covers can also assist in 
    CrossFire attack. Purchase with 10,000 BP.
    Infinite Ammo - Finish the game 10 times on any difficulty setting.
    Challenge Codes
    No Armor - Aya's costume is always damaged to the greatest extent. 
    No Escape Assist - Vulnerable when dodge rolling. 
    No Regen - Health will not restore itself when stationary. 
    No Info - Information on screen is omitted. 
    Critical Disease - Liberation Gauge fills at a slower rate. 
    No OE - OE skills cannot be used during missions. 
    No Life Assist - The HP you have in your current host will stay the same if 
    you OD into another soldier. 
    Limited Weapon - Only hand gun can be used. 
    Level Hold - Aya's Level is fixed to 1. 
    Illness - HP will constantly decrease. 
    Half Ammo - All weapon ammo is decreased by half. 
    NPC One Hit Kill - Fellow soldiers die in one hit. 
    No Clock Up - OD in real time. 
    Life Hold - Health remains constant when you OD into other soldiers. 
    Friendly Fire - Fellow soldiers can now be damaged by your shots. 
    No Cover - All of the orange covers in the game are gone.
    One Hit KO - Obtain all cheat codes.
    12. Achievements
    In each episode and chapter, there are various achievements to obtain. 
    Achievements net you BP in addition to unlocking parts or cheats. A list 
    below is the compiled achievements in each episode and chapter. Translations 
    are not literal for some of the achievement titles.
    These are the achievements listed in each episode and chapter. Translations 
    are not literal for some of the achievement titles.
    Episode 0: Sacrifice
    Episode 1: A Brave New World
    Chapter 1
    1. Join Forces without Damage - Pretty much go through Chapter 1 without 
    getting hurt at all. Notification of receiving the achievement will pop up 
    when you enter the safe room.
    2. Wad Annihilation - Kill all Wads in Chapter 1 with some gimmicks. Certain 
    requirements need to be met or else two of the Wads will not appear. Destroy 
    the red orb and pick up the Hand Grenade +3. A Wad should spawn when you turn 
    around so kill the first of the two hidden Wads. Another Wad will spawn if 
    you head back toward the entrance where you entered the area. Kill all the 
    other Wads as you would normally throughout Chapter 1. You will earn the 
    achievement when the last Wad is killed.
    3. Slacker Extermination - It sounds simple enough; however, you need to 
    search every nook and corner to find all of them. One of the Slackers will 
    appear if you go behind the curtains to pick up a hand grenade +3 near the 
    mirror. The other slacker is located in a small room standing by an ammo 
    recharge. Achievement message will show up when the last slacker is killed.
    Chapter 2
    1. Protect Civilians - You need to save at least four civilians by moving 
    them into the safe room in order to get this achievement. When you encounter 
    a civilian, they will look like normal people rather looking like a soldier. 
    The names listed will also differ in a little blue box next to the civilian 
    name. Also, civilians will not have an extra gun in the L+X weapon slot. 
    There are two hidden civilians that you have to blow up the blue emergency 
    exit doors with grenades to reach. Clear out the enemies in those rooms and 
    walk the civilian back to the safe room to get the achievement.
    2. Ensure the Equipment - Defend the structure that a soldier is standing on 
    in one of the rooms. The twisted start attacking that structure when they 
    spawn. You will get the achievement when you enter the next area.
    Chapter 3
    1. Evade Reaper without being damaged - Run from the Reaper you encounter in 
    areas 3-1 and 3-3 without being damaged. In the first area, keep running from 
    the Reaper when you encounter it. You will run into a wall and OD into the 
    soldier on the opposite side. Keep running and arrive at a room that will be 
    sealed with some covers to hide behind. Avoid being hit and keep dodging 
    until another soldier appears behind the dark red wall. OD into the soldier 
    and keep going where you will encounter a split path. Left and Right paths 
    both end up at the same destination. Left path is quicker; however, you will 
    be trapped between the dark red barriers if you cannot roll past them fast 
    enough. Right path is easier and you will encounter Slackers. Ignore the 
    enemies and keep running until you see a new soldier that appears to be 
    climbing a ladder. OD into the soldier, climb up, jump down the ledge, and 
    enter the door to the next area. The second area where you encounter the 
    Reaper will require destroying orbs. Do not waste time shooting the orbs 
    since you will most likely be hit if you stop to do so. Throw grenades to 
    destroy both orbs and run to the exit to enter the next area to obtain the 
    2. Evade Reaper Quickly - Take the left path instead of the right path when 
    you reach the fork in the first area you encounter the Reaper. The left path 
    may seal up if you do not dodge roll fast enough. An easier way to obtain the 
    achievement is to use Liberation and dash through the barriers. You will 
    receive the achievement if you successfully run through the left path.
    3. Rescue Civilian when evading Reaper - OD into the civilian in the second 
    area with orbs when running from the Reaper. The civilian will be behind some 
    blue crates. Upon entering the safe room, you will automatically receive the 
    achievement and OD into a soldier.
    Episode 2: The Lost Soul
    Chapter 1
    1. ODK 8 enemies - As the title implies, use ODK on eight enemies and you 
    will receive the achievement when the last twisted is dead.
    2. Defeat Roller quickly - Kill the first Roller you encounter in this 
    chapter immediately after it spawns. Use high impact weapons or launchers and 
    then ODK to quickly kill the Roller. Grenades may also help if you can time 
    when to toss it when the enemy is spawning. Achievement will be received 
    subsequently after making quick work of the Roller.
    3. Defeat Rover before Gabriel appears - Kill the Rover before Gabriel 
    arrives in a chopper to assist you. It will be hard since most weapons hardly 
    damage the Rover. Use high impact weapons, launchers, and grenades to speed 
    up the stunning process then follow up with ODK. Activate Liberation and hope 
    that you will be able to kill the Rover in time to get the achievement.
    Chapter 2
    1. OD Ability Preservation Training - Limit the times you OD into other 
    soldiers to get this achievement. If you want to ensure that you get the 
    achievement, do not OD into other soldiers throughout the whole chapter. You 
    can still ODK enemies, just no OD on soldiers.
    2. Kill 10 enemies with Satellite Gun - As the title name implies, use the 
    satellite gun to kill at least 10 enemies in the area. If you have not killed 
    10 enemies yet, wait until more spawn before destroying the orbs into the 
    next area. After killing at least 10 twisted.... Achievement Get! 
    3. Defeat Queen quickly - Kill the Queen before it reaches the bottom and 
    starts generating a vortex. Damage the queen by using launchers or sniper 
    rifles and ODK whenever possible. You can also throw grenades within the 
    vicinity of the queen. Blow up cars and trucks near the Queen to speed up ODK 
    Chapter 3
    1. Complete Removal of Poisonous Fog - Kill all the Stinkers in area 3-1 
    after the safe room where there are two Beans that spawn on top the roof. 
    Keep going to through and enter the next area, 3-2. Backtrack back into the 
    first area 3-1 and more Stinkers will spawn. Kill all of the Stinkers in area 
    3-1 and then proceed through the next area again. Tricky... eh? Go up the 
    stairs and ascend the building in area 3-3 and kill all the Stinkers and 
    Beans on the roof. The achievement message will appear when you finish 
    killing everything on the roof.
    2. Destroy Orbs quickly - Break both orbs in area 2-4 quickly. OD into a 
    soldier below and go straight for the orbs before touching any twisted. Kill 
    everything else after you destroy both orbs and you should receive a message 
    that earns you the achievement.
    Episode 3: Against The World
    Chapter 1
    1. Avoid Detector - In the second area of the Chapter 1, avoid the Detectors 
    when running across to the entrance of the subway station. Look at their 
    patterns and avoid them accordingly.
    2. Annihilate all Snatchers - Defeat all four Snatchers in Chapter 1. You 
    should encounter them as you go through the chapter normally. Receive the 
    achievement when the last one is killed.
    3. Collect all Items - Pick up all ammo recharges and hand grenade +3 you 
    encounter. Avoid the Reaper in the first area you start off in and get to the 
    other side of where a single slacker resides. Turn around when you get off 
    the stairs to pick up a hand grenade +3. In the third area, get the ammo 
    recharge at the far end of the room before walking down the stairs. Walk down 
    the stairs and avoid to Detectors that appear. Dodge roll and pick up the 
    hand grenade +3 then quickly head toward the subway tracks. A soldier will 
    immediately appear in the fourth area so pick up the hand grenade +3 behind 
    him near the corner. Area 5 will have the blue explosive tanks where you need 
    to also evade the Reaper. Pick up the hand grenade +3 when you first enter 
    and toss a grenade at the explosive tank barrier. Keep going forward and turn 
    left for another hand grenade +3 in the corner behind the metro cars. 
    Backtrack and blow up the explosive tank barrier on the way. Go through and 
    toss a grenade at the next barrier and pick up the ammo recharge nearby. Run 
    through, pick up a hand grenade +3 and the achievement should show up after 
    picking the last item.
    Chapter 2
    1. Reduce Snatcher Victims - In the duration of Chapter 2, do not allow any 
    Snatchers to snatch a soldier and drag them towards their death. If the 
    Snatcher happens to snag a soldier, shoot the Snatcher to make it drop the 
    soldier. You can also use a launcher to quickly clear out groups of Snatchers. 
    The achievement will be obtained in the area after the train crashes with a 
    bunch of Snatchers. Kill them all and the message should pop up.
    2. Destroy all Orbs - Break all six red orbs in the area with the laser traps.  
    Achievement message will show up when the last Orb is destroyed.
    3. Avoid Laser Traps - Do not approach or touch any of the infrared laser 
    traps. The achievement will automatically be received when you enter the next 
    Episode 4: The Moment of Truth
    Chapter 1
    1. Protect Barricades - Not entirely sure on the exact specifics to get the 
    achievement. However, I did receive the achievement by not having any soldier 
    deaths and orange covers broken in areas activating C4. Achievement message 
    will show up when you enter the elevator to the safe room at the end of 
    Chapter 1. If anyone can verify this for me, email me and I gladly fix this.
    2. No Tank Damaged - None of the tanks can be hit by the huge or small Worms. 
    Use the tank minigun to destroy the fireballs that the Worms shoot out. When 
    you OD into the tank, quickly kill the small Worms and then go for the huge 
    one. Prevent the huge Worm's waterish balls from touching the ground or a new 
    mini Worm will spawn. The achievement will be earned when the larger Worm is 
    3. Defeat Large Worm quickly - In conjunction with the second achievement, 
    kill the huge Worm quickly. Aim at the mouth and shoot tank shells for 
    dealing more damage and use machinegun bursts to destroy the fireballs and 
    watery balls. You will receive the achievement when the larger Worm is killed. 
    Chapter 2
    1. Rush Team Survive - In the area after controlling the chopper, kill the 
    Worms without any of your teammates dying. Achievement Get! ... when you enter 
    the next area.
    2. Destroy 20 Spitters - Kill 20 Spitters when controlling the chopper. 
    Easier said than done... Receive the achievement when you kill the twentieth 
    3. Withdraw Support - Aid the retreating soldiers from the Worm in the 
    helicopter part of Chapter 2. Kill the Worm quickly with missiles and 
    continuously shooting the minigun without overheating. The achievement 
    notification will show up when the Worm is dead.
    Episode 5: Counterattack
    Chapter 1
    1. Conserve Ammo - I have no idea what this means or how to fulfill the 
    requirements. However, I still got the achievement by ignoring all enemies 
    and breaking the orbs first. Break both orbs in the room where two Beans 
    spawn when you enter. Run past the first Bean and look into the pit for the 
    first orb. The second orb will be on the wall so turn around and look for a 
    huge orb. Destroy both orbs before attempting or you will not receive the 
    achievement. The message will appear when after all enemies are dead and 
    heading towards the exit.
    2. Maintain Assault Team - All the Soldiers need to survive throughout 
    Chapter 1. Do let any soldiers get killed or grabbed by Snatchers. The 
    achievement message will show when you are heading towards the safe room, 
    ending Chapter 1.
    3. Destroy all Orbs - As the name implies, destroy all the orbs in this 
    chapter. Following the strategy for the first achievement, this one will come 
    automatically. Achievement will be earned when heading towards the safe room 
    in the last area to Chapter 1.
    Chapter 2
    1. No Soldiers turn into Twisted - Kill the Mudflaps in this chapter before 
    it can perform an attack that turns your fellow soldiers into Slackers. 
    Achievement notice will show up when the last Mudflap is killed and head 
    towards the exit.
    2. Kill Mudflap quickly - Destroy all the orbs before blasting the Mudflap. 
    Do not let any enemy Wads spawn from the orbs or you will need to restart. 
    Message concerning the achievement will show up after the Mudflap is dead.
    3. Kill Mudflap without breaking orbs - In the large room with four orbs 
    where Snatchers spawn, do not break any of the orbs before killing the 
    Mudflap. The soldiers standing behind cover will continue to shoot the orb 
    after all Snatchers have been killed. OD into them and move them toward the 
    entrance to prevent further shooting of the orbs. Kill the Mudflap when it 
    shows up and earn the achievement when heading towards the exit into the next 
    Chapter 3
    1. Maintain Assault Team - Again, none of the soldiers can die if you wish to 
    receive the achievement. 
    2. Bean Annihilation - In the first area, Beans will keep spawning if the 
    blue wall is not destroyed by a launcher. Kill at least five of the Beans if 
    you wish to receive the achievement. Message will pop up when the fifth one 
    is dead.
    3. Roller Extermination - Kill at least 15 Rollers that spawn before breaking 
    any of the orbs on higher ground. The achievement will show up automatically 
    when defeating the last Roller. 
    Chapter 4
    1. Assault Unit Survival - None of the soldiers in the area where you fight 
    the Reaper can die for you to receive the achievement. Kill the Reaper and 
    the achievement should appear if all soldiers survived. 
    The Last Episode
    No achievements available.
    13. Credits
    The important parties I wish to give thanks to...
    -Parasite Eve Fans
    -HexaDrive and Square-Enix for creating and publishing the game.
    Special Thanks
    -Thanks to SilentPanda for posting a lot of information covering the game and 
    providing a way for fellow members to obtain stamps.
    -Thanks to SquareAtlus who started a guide.
    -Thanks to all the users who allowed me to obtain stamps.
    -Thanks to The 3rd Birthday board that provided much of the info used in the 
    -Thanks to everyone that uses this guide.
    14. Legal Information/Copyright
    The guide is copyright to the author, moomoomilkk. It is intended for private 
    use only and should not be reproduced in any circumstance under copyright law. 
    Information from the game and other intellectual property are owned by their 
    companies, respectively. Plagiarism is against the law and will be dealt with 
    accordingly. If any website wishes to host the guide, permission must be 
    granted by the author. Please contact the author by email and if any of your 
    emails contains retarded information, expect a no.
    Websites that may host the guide are:
    I may consider more websites.
    If you see the FAQ where it does not belong other than the websites listed, 
    please contact me so that I may take legal action.

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