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FAQ/Walkthrough by GuitaristMatt

Version: 0.10 | Updated: 06/10/14

                     ___________.__                 .__             
                     \_   _____/|__|  ____  _____   |  |            
                      |    __)  |  | /    \ \__  \  |  |            
                      |     \   |  ||   |  \ / __ \_|  |__          
                      \___  /   |__||___|  /(____  /|____/          
                          \/             \/      \/                 
          ___________                  __                           
          \_   _____/_____     ____  _/  |_ _____     ______ ___.__.
           |    __)  \__  \   /    \ \   __\\__  \   /  ___/<   |  |
           |     \    / __ \_|   |  \ |  |   / __ \_ \___ \  \___  |
           \___  /   (____  /|___|  / |__|  (____  //____  > / ____|
               \/         \/      \/             \/      \/  \/     
            ___________                                 _______     
            \__    ___/ ___.__.______    ____           \   _  \    
              |    |   <   |  |\____ \ _/ __ \   ______ /  /_\  \   
              |    |    \___  ||  |_> >\  ___/  /_____/ \  \_/   \  
              |____|    / ____||   __/  \___  >          \_____  /  
                        \/     |__|         \/                 \/   

                             Final Fantasy Type-0

                       By: Matthew Hall aka GuitaristMatt
                        Email: unlocktheguitar@live.com
                                 Version 0.10
                          Copyright 2014 Matthew Hall

Table of Contents
    I. Introduction                                     [1.00.00]
   II. Controls                                         [2.00.00]
  III. Main Characters                                  [3.00.00]
      -Common Ability Information                       [3.00.01]
       - Ace                                            [3.01.00]
       - Deuce                                          [3.02.00]
       - Trey                                           [3.03.00]
       - Cater                                          [3.04.00]
       - Cinque                                         [3.05.00]
       - Sice                                           [3.06.00]
       - Seven                                          [3.07.00]
       - Eight                                          [3.08.00]
       - Nine                                           [3.09.00]
       - Jack                                           [3.10.00]
       - King                                           [3.11.00]
       - Queen                                          [3.12.00]
       - Machina                                        [3.13.00]
       - Rem                                            [3.14.00]
   IV. Walkthrough                                      [4.00.00]
       - Chapter 1                                      [4.01.00]
        - Suzaku Gate                                   [4.01.01]
        - Byakko Flagship                               [4.01.02]
       - Chapter 2                                      [4.02.00]
    V. Sidequests                                       [5.00.00]
   VI. Chocobos                                         [6.00.00]
  VII. Version History                                  [7.00.00]
 VIII. End statement                                    [8.00.00]
   IX. FAQs (Emails)                                    [9.00.00]
Introduction [1.00.00]
    Hi there. Thank you for picking up this guide. This is the first guide that
I've written, so feedback would be great. I'm hoping to make this as spoiler
free as possible (even if that means making up some stupid jokes). At the time
of this writing, the game is only available in Japanese, so this is based off
of the Japanese version of the game.
    Now, to introduce you to the world within Final Fantasy Type-0. It is set
in the middle of three warring nations. Each has a different set of abilities 
at it's command, and each are powerful. Type-0 brings a new style of gameplay 
to Final Fantasy, and a vast world to the PSP. It's an action role-playing game 
or ARPG. 
    Good luck out there, and have fun!
Controls [2.00.00]

    The controls through most of the game are exactly the same, but there are
some differences on the world map and the occasional mech/chocobo.

|----BUTTON----|----On the Field----|----On the Menu----|
| Analog Stick | Moves Character    | Unused            |
| D-Pad	       | Moves Camera       | Changes selection |
| X            | Defensive skill    | Goes back	        |
| Circle       | Command 1          | Select            |
| Square       | Command 2          | Changes map       |
| Square + X   | Summon             |                   |
| Triangle     | Basic attack       | Map Legend        |
| Triangle + O | Special Equipment  |                   |
| L            | Field options      | Change page left  |
| L+R          | Draw Weapon        |                   |
| R            | Reset camera       | Change page right | 
| R (Hold)     | Lock on            |                   |
| R+D-Pad      | Change target      |                   |
| R+O/Tri/SQ   | Absorb Phantoma    |                   |
| Start        | Open menu          | Close menu        |
|Select        | Use equipment      | Unused            |

Characters [3.00.00]
    For this section you will get a break down of stats at level 99 for each
character, a list of abilities, and a description of each character. Abilities
that are denoted with a  -  can only be accessed after buying the ability noted
before it. 

For each character there is a recommended skill level for using that character.
It should be noted that the AI will be skilled with any character, and that
these recommendations are for you to use as your lead character or back-ups for
whatever the situation requires. 

Common Ability Information [3.00.01]
	This is a quick run-down on what each of the different common abilites do.
This is also pretty much a quick time saver for me, and an easy way to keep 
information organized and easy to read for you.

Speed Up: Increases the character's movement speed.
Twin Magic: Enables two magic spells to be equipped concurrently.
-Ra/-Ga Magic Cancel: Cast -Ra/-Ga class spells when cancelling with magic.
Triple Evasion: Allows you to evade three successive times.
Infinite Evasion: Allows you to evade an infinite number of times.
Evasion Guard: Increases the period of invincibility while evading.
Libra: View the foe's status by locking on.
Evasion Cancel: Enables various actions to be cancelled into evasion.
Action Cancel: Allows you to cancel various actions into an attack or evade.
Snipe Mode: Zoom in and aim at faraway enemies.

Ace [3.01.00]
    Ace uses a deck of cards to defeat his enemies. Depending on the ability
used, these cards can teleport him from place to place around the battlefield, 
restore health, cause status effects, or just deal damage.

He is an all-rounder with low HP. Recommended for beginners. 

HP----------------- 916
MP----------------- 609
Attack------------- 154
Defense------------ 70
Fire Magic--------- 99
Ice Magic---------- 101
Lightning Magic---- 102
Defense Magic------ 103

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
-Ga Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Evasion Cancel
Melee Attack: Enables a close-range attack with up + Triangle
-Melee Attack Lv.2
-Magic Cancel S-1
Charge Hit: Charge an attack by holding down + Triangle
-Charge Hit Lv. 2
Normal Attack EX: Add a combo finisher to normal attacks
-Magic Cancel S-2
Open Deck: Draw cards, invoking various effects
Attack Deck: Draw cards, has a high chance of attack cards
Support Deck: Draw cards, has a high chance of support cards 
Life Deck: Draw cards, has a high chance of HP regen
Spirit Deck: Draw cards, has a high chance of MP regen
Trap Card: Places a mine on the ground
-TC Time Ext
-TC AG Reduction
Laser Cannon: Fire a photon laser in front of you
-Enhanced LC
-LC Time Ext
-LC AG Reduction
Tri-Laser: Fire a laser in three directions
-TL AG Reduction
Teleport Card: Teleport to thrown card's position.
-TP Power Up
-Enhanced TP
-TP AG Reduction

Deuce [3.02.00]
    Deuce uses a magical flute with a varying abilities, like Ace, and is very
good at being a support character. She has some of the lowest stats of the 
group, but she has the best abilities.
(Asclepiuz says...)
"Great supporting skills; Concerto grants aura and protect (and trance?) to
 your party members, White Serenade heals the whole party, Dissonance Sonata
 stuns enemies. She's also good offensively because her attack is
 multi-hitting, and it is considered a magical attack so she can hurt stuff
 like flans."

A character that can be used as a back up healer. Recommended for advanced

HP----------------- 757
MP----------------- 731
Attack------------- 146
Defense------------ 66
Fire Magic--------- 105
Ice Magic---------- 97
Lightning Magic---- 90
Defense Magic------ 108

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
-Ga Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Melee Attack: Enables a close-range attack with up + Triangle
-Melee Attack Lv.2
-Magic Cancel
Sonic Field: Place a sound orb in front of you with down + Triangle
-Sonic Field EX
Performance EX: Increase attack damage
-Performance EX2
Concerto: A song that empowers allies
-Con Guard
-Con AG Reduction
FF Concerto: A song that makes allies specialize in attack
-FF AG Reduction
Black Requiem: A song that damages foes
-Req Guard
-Req Power Up
-Req AG Reduction
Dissonant Sonata: A song that deals high stun damage to foes
-Son Guard
-Son Effect Up
-Son AG Reduction
White Serenade: A song that replenishes the HP of all allies
-Ser Guard
-Ser Recovery Up
-Ser AG Reduction
Crescendo: A song that increases the attack damage of basic attacks
-Enhanced Cres

Trey [3.03.00]
    If Ace was a class, like warrior or mage, Trey would be his ranged advance
class. Trey uses a bow and arrows to take out his targets. He specializes in 
ranged damage. His weakness is close-combat. Keep a Blizzaga BOM on him. 

Best ranged character. Recommended for anybody.

HP----------------- 996
MP----------------- 706
Attack------------- 161
Defense------------ 80
Fire Magic--------- 96
Ice Magic---------- 108
Lightning Magic---- 93
Defense Magic------ 100

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
-Ga Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Charge Shot: Fire a charged shot by holding Triangle
-Charge Lv.4
-Charge Lv.5
-Charge Lv.MAX
-Magic Cancel
Arrow Shower: Fire several arrows simultaneously
-AS Power Up
-AS AG Reduction
Freeze Shot: Fire arrows that inflict Stop
-FS Time Ext
-FS AG Reduction
Burst Area: Drop a magic sigil, absorbing HP and causing Kill-Sight to foes
Grand Delta: Absorb more HP from foes in the magic sigil and inflict Kill-Sight
Dynamite Arrow: Launch a timed explosive at the enemy
-DA Power Up
-DA AG Reduction
Snipe Mode
-SM AG Reduction
Hit & Shield: Materialize a fire-element wall and perform a melee attack
-HS Power Up
-HS Time Ext
-HS AG Reduction
Concentration: Temporarily increase attack damage
-C Effect Up
-C Time Ext

Cater [3.04.00]
    Cater uses a magical type of shot gun. It's ammo would be magical bullets
as well. These bullets are used to deal mostly status effects to the enemy.

Cater has the lowest attack and second lowest health of the group. If you want
a character that can deal out some status effects then you should be looking at
Seven. Being ranged does give her a defensive bonus though.

Recommended for players who prefer ranged, but mainly a back-up character for
Seven or Trey who outperform her in both status and damage dealing attacks. 

HP----------------- 877
MP----------------- 658
Attack------------- 144
Defense------------ 72
Fire Magic--------- 102
Ice Magic---------- 101
Lightning Magic---- 101
Defense Magic------ 101

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
-Ga Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Action Cancel
Charge Shot: Draw your weapon and don't fire to charge shots
-Magic Cancel
-Enhanced Charge
Blast Bullet: Shoot an explosive magic bullet with up + Triangle
-Enhanced BB
Normal Shot EX: Increases the attack damage of normal attacks
Attribute Bullet: Endow bullets with various attributes
-AB Power Up
-Ice Bullet: Enables Ice-element bullets by pressing up.
--Enhanced IB
-Thunder Bullet: Enables Thunder-element bullets by pressing down.
--TB Power Up
Mine Bullet: Place an explosive bullet on the ground
-MB Power Up
-MB AG Reduction
Weakening Bullet: Fire a bullet that lowers the foe's defense
-WB Effect Up
-WB AG Reduction
Stop Bullet: Fire a bullet that inflicts sleep.
-SB Time Ext
-SB AG Reduction
Snipe Mode
-SM AG reduction
Poison Bullet: Spray poison smoke.
-PB Time Ext
-PB AG Reduction

Cinque [3.05.00]
    Cinque use a large mace to deal a lot of damage. With a heavy weapon, you
also have a slow character. She also has the second highest defense making her
a great tank to plow through enemies with. 
(Asclepiuz says...)
"Great defensive stats and hits hard, but has a very sluggish attack
 animation. Hitting break/kill sights is pretty hard with her. Full Swing 
 kinda fixes this, though. She also can stun enemies with Earthquake."
Cinque is the damage dealer of the game, but she is also quite slow.
Recommended for beginner to mid-level players. 

HP----------------- 1415
MP----------------- 560
Attack------------- 166
Defense------------ 89
Fire Magic--------- 99
Ice Magic---------- 97
Lightning Magic---- 92
Defense Magic------ 104

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
-Ga Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Charge Hit: Charge by holding down + Triangle
-Charge Lv.2
-Charge Lv.3
-Magic Cancel S-1: Enables Magic Cancel when attacking with Charge Hit at Max
Magic Cancel S-2: Enables Magic Cancel after the second normal attack
Earthquake: Smashes the ground to deal high stun damage to nearby foes
-EQ Effect Up
-EQ Effect EX
-EQ Guard
Earth Impulse: Smashes the ground to deal high stun damage in a straight line
-EI Effect Up
Full Swing: Increase this attack's damage by holding the button.
-FS Charge
-FS Charge EX
-Enhanced FS
Battle Cry: Increases damage dealt with next attack
-BC Effect Up
-BC AG Reduction
Hurricane Mace: Spinning attack that knocks back foes
-Enhanced HM
Cyclone Mace: Weak attack with high chance to knock back foes
-CM Guard
Revenge Blast: HP absorbing attack; damage depends on remaining HP
-Enhanced RB

Sice [3.06.00]
	Sice is a pretty unique character. She uses a scythe and specializes in 
dark magic that gains bonuses by defeating enemies. She is fast and just deals
out tons of damage. She also, can use Psycho Vortex and Black Hole to draw
enemies into one place or immobilize them so that she can continue to dish out
damage. She has average stats, but makes up for it with that speed. 

Sice can be tough to use, but is ultimately worth it for dealing out damage.
Recommended for average players. 

HP----------------- 1295
MP----------------- 536
Attack------------- 154
Defense------------ 84
Fire Magic--------- 97
Ice Magic---------- 98
Lightning Magic---- 106
Defense Magic------ 102

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
-Ga Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Normal Attack EX: Increases normal attack's number of combo hits
-Normal Attack EX2
-Normal Attack EX3
Magic Cancel S-1: Enables Magic Cancel after the fourth normal attack
Mobile Attack: Attack performed by pressing in any direction + Triangle
-Magic Cancel S-2: Can Magic Cancel while moving forward
-Magic Cancel S-3: Can Magic Cancel while moving backward
*Absorb Malice: Increase damage by collecting malice from defeated foes
-Enhanced AM
-Enhanced AM II
-Absorb Malic EX: Reduces malice lost upon taking damage
Dark Nebula: Attack foes in front of you with gained malice
-DN Add Effect
-DN AG Reduction
Dark Zone: Attack surrounding foes with gained malice
-DZ Add Effect: Adds HP Drain effect
-DZ AG Reduction
Dark Nemesis: Attack with gained malice; chance of instant kill.
Poison Wall: Attack foes by errecting a wall of poison.
-PW AG Reduction
Psycho Vortex: Unleash a wind-element tornado that follows the target
-PV Power Up
-PV Time Ext
-PV AG Reduction
Black Hole: Draw foes into one place
-BH AG Reduction

*Malice is a special energy unit that only Sice can pick up after gaining the 
 absorb malice ability.

Seven [4.07.00]
    Seven uses a whip and a slew of elemental attacks. She can drain MP to dish
out constant healing when you need it while dealing damage at the same time. 
She will also stop enemies in their tracks with her Bondage Whip ability so
that your damage dealing characters can get in there and deal it out. Also, one
of the few characters that are good with magic.
(Asclepiuz says...)
"Fast, and her attacks have a small-medium range"

Great support character for average to advanced players. 

HP----------------- 1255
MP----------------- 621
Attack------------- 160
Defense------------ 77
Fire Magic--------- 104
Ice Magic---------- 110
Lightning Magic---- 92
Defense Magic------ 107

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
-Ga Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Magic Cancel
Frontal Blow: Enables a long-reaching attack with up + Triangle
-Frontal Blow Lv.2
-Frontal Blow Lv.3
Wide Attack: Enables a wide-ranged attack with down + Triangle
-Wide Attack Lv.2
-Wide Attack Lv.3
Stun Finisher: Enables a strong whip attack against stunned foes
Catch: Brings the enemy to you, or you to a large enemy
-CA Effect Ext: Stun caught enemies with thunder by pressing up and attack
-CA AG Reduction
Overhead Strike: Extend whip to pierce foes from the sky
-OHS Power Up
Elemental Whip: Default fire elemental attack
-EW Fire Up
-EW Add Ice: Ice attack by holding up while attacking
-EW Ice Up
-EW Add Thunder: Thunder attack by holding down while attacking
Bondage Whip: Attack and bind the foe
-BW Time Ext
-BW AG Reduction
Drain Whip: Attack and drain HP
-DW Power Up
Aspir Whip: Attack and drain MP
-AW Power Up

Eight [3.08.00]
    Eight uses his fists to beat down enemies quickly and aggressively. The
more he punches, the more damage he will deal out. He is exclusively a close-
range character, so you should equip a longer range magic on him (cold type).

He is a fairly simple character. 

Eight is a great character to use as your main character, and is recommended 
for those that are beginning to average level players. 

HP----------------- 1335
MP----------------- 438
Attack------------- 162
Defense------------ 85
Fire Magic--------- 98
Ice Magic---------- 105
Lightning Magic---- 100
Defense Magic------ 94

Speed Up
Twin Magic
Ra Magic Cancel
Triple Evasion
-Infinite Evasion
Evasion Guard
Special Evasion: Enables a special evasion with left/right + Triangle
Back Attack: Attacking certain foes from behind results in high crit chance
Magic Cancel S-1: Allows you to cancel magic after a normal attack
Down Counter: Can counter a hit when knocked down by pressing triangle
Backhand Blow: A high stun attack by pressing down + Triangle
-Magic Cancel S-2: Allows you to cancel with magic after Backhand Blow
Gale Form: Easy to use attack style. (Yes that's the description)
-Gale EX: Enables a special strike with down + attack
-Gale EX2
Raging Fire Form: A different kind of offensive form
-Raging Fire EX: Enables a special strike with down + attack
-Raging Fire EX2
Thunderclap Form
-Thunderclap EX: Enables a special strike with down + attack
-Theunderclap EX2
Raging Fist: Slowly approach the foe and unleash a powerful attack.
-RF Power Up
-RF Guard: Become invincible during Raging Fist
Go-All-Out: A powerful attack that leaves you with 1 HP.
Lightspeed Fist: Very fast but weak attack. 
-Lightspeed EX: Approach the foe instantly when you use this attack
-Lightspeed EX2: Extends the range of the instantaneous movement.
Last Stand: Gain Haste and Aura, but places Kill-Sight on self.
-LS AG Reduction
Phantom Rush: Always dodge foe attacks when in effect
-PR AG Reduction

Nine [3.09.00]

Walkthrough [4.00.00]
    For this walkthrough, I will go over strategies for bosses, techniques on
the battlefield, places to go and see, as well as any items that I've found you
can pick up along the way. I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible as
well. While I guide you through the game, my main party is Ace at lead and Sice
and Seven at backup. If I change from that for a strategy, I will let you know.
Do remember that this is the Japanese version of the game; at the time of this
writing a patch has not been released, and Square Enix have not localized the 
game in English.

Chapter 1: War, 3 Hours that Changed the World [4.01.00]
    Once you start a new game, you are asked if you would like to transfer any
data from the demo. If you played the demo, go ahead and select yes. If you
have not played the demo, you may want to download it. The demo is the only way
to get the alternate Summer Outfit for each character. Start watching the
cutscenes after this.

Suzaku Gate [4.01.01]
    Now that you are in-game, you gain the item Life Bracelet. Life Bracelet is
basically infinite Phoenix Downs (revives the player). Then you have the option
of turning the tutorials on or off. If you're reading this section, then you 
probably want tutorials on. 
    You start with Ace, Nine, and Queen. They are level 6, 6, and 7. Ace is the
all-rounder type character who with his magical cards can heal you, deal damage
or deal some status effects. Nine is the tank of the group. He has the highest
defense and health of the game. Queen, on the other hand, specializes in 
lightning magic and not much else. If you are a fan of that, go ahead and use
her the rest of the game, but I will be dropping her off at the nearest point.
    Choose your character by holding L+left or right on the D-Pad. Ace is the
recommended character because he has ranged attack, and can cast Wall to 
protect himself. Then, head straight forward into the start of the game. 
[If you disabled tutorials you can skip this section]
    The game doesn't explicitly tell you what all of the different markings in
combat do until later in the game, so I will give you a quick run-down. From
left to right and top to bottom, you have your player-character (PC) name, his
or her level, and then your party characters' names. Below those you have
health in blue, and ability points in yellow. If you have played previous
Final Fantasy titles, you know that ability points are for abilities and that
you usually have something different for magic abilities called an MP bar. In 
this game, the MP bar and AP bar are shared. Lastly, on the far right you have
an item icon, and the number of that item you have left. In this case you start 
with 5 potions that you can press select to use. 
    While fighting, you may notice a yellow stylized circle around the enemy; 
this is called break sight. If you hit the enemy while they are under break 
sight, you will do a critical hit. If the circle is red, then the enemy is
under kill sight. This means that you can land an automatic kill. 
[End section]

    You can rush through the enemies in this area, but I recommend that you try
out all of the characters, and their skills while you are here. Use the
barriers and use Ace's charge attack (Analog down + Triangle) to get in a few
kills. Queen will heal you if your health starts to get low. If you are dying a
lot, then you may want to try to stay defensive and use the dodge ability with
the X button.
    Once you head up the stairs, you will come across the leader. Focus on him.
Use Ace's charge ability and when he is about to attack send those cards out.
Right before he attacks he goes into break sight so that you can deal more 
damage. Dodge those rockets too. Once you have defeated him, run over to the
other soldiers and press Circle for some extra goods. Don't head through the 
gate yet. Head up the stairs on the right and there will be a potion on the 
ground. Touch the blue marker on the ground (the Healing Sygil) to restore
everyone's HP/MP. Now, head on into Elevator Square. 
    Defeat the enemies quickly and a cutscene will play. Lock onto the enemy so
that you can properly see it, and dodge the attacks for about a minute. Up on
the second level there is a burning flag and a giant gear. In between them is a
[Memory Tag]. These are dog-tags that you find throughout the game and can
trade for items. Go to the third level, touch the button, and head up to Tusky
    Immediately to your right, behind the barricade, there is a high potion.
Head straight, defeating enemies, and switch to Nine or Ace at the end (if you
haven't already). There are 5 enemies. Two to the right, out of reach by the
railing, that you'll have to use magic or Ace's cards to kill, one blocking the
exit, and the last ones to the left at another set of balconies. 
    Another cutscene will play, and you will be in Rubrum Square. Ignore the
big guy up ahead, he is an NPC, and save.
    In the back right, their is a body with another Memory Tag. Now, head down
the stairs and exit to the Airship Landing Zone. 
    Go right to avoid the mech that is shooting missiles at you. There are 
soldiers behind the crates that will sneak up on you, so be careful. When you
dispatch them, head towards the landing pad and you will be ambushed by 3 more
soldiers. Take out the one who decided to sneak out from behind the storage
crates on the left, then put up a wall to take out the other two. Hit the 
switch, and you can now go take out that pesky mech and a few more soldiers.
    Lt. Ernesto is your first mini boss. He will shoot missiles at you from
afar and if you get close, then he will use his machine guns and try to jump on
you. It is best to stay in the middle, use Ace's cards, and use teleport dash
to get away from the missiles. If you take out the two soldiers with him,
you'll have an easier time and take less damage. Queen or Ace are best to deal
with those two. With two break sights, you should get a kill sight, and be able
to take him out. 
    Head up the elevator lift thing to the Byakko Flagship.

Byakko Flagship [4.01.02]
    About halfway up the elevator, Ace will say something, and then a few 
Imperial soldiers will join you. Unfortunately, they aren't there to visit. 
Kill them, and wait for more action. When the elevator stops, immediately put
up a wall and take out the enemies here. Easy. Move on to the next area. 
    You are out in the open, so put up another wall, and take out the rocket
launcher on the balcony to the right. You can then easily take out the soldiers
behind the barrier. Stay to the left, and you'll run into more enemies (are you
surprised?). Continue going up the ramp, and then head right. Take out the
soldier there and get behind cover. Defeat the next rocket launcher, on another
balcony, and then go for 2nd Lt. Van Damme. Now you can go over to the last 
soldier and capture him for some stuff. Head on over to the power generator
press Circle, and prepare for escape (and a short cutscene). 
    Touch the sygil, and fight off the soldiers and Major Zurian. There is no 
real strategy here, but to stay alive. When you're done, it will fade to white,
and you'll see another cutscene. 
    After the scene, you'll be back on ground. To the right, there are metal
storage crates that form a ramp. Head up them and onto the broken road. At the
end there will be an Ether on the ground. Continue along the path for another 
short cutscene.
    Your Life Bracelet broke! You see the big guy from before, and some
of your allies partying it up. Touch the sygil and head over to save the game. 

    While you are there, equip the bronze bangle to Ace from your inventory.  
You may want to remove his Ice accessory and replace it with the Gauntlet. If
you explore the menu a little, you may notice the Upgrade option. This uses the
skill points that you've gotten from playing the game. Here it is called AP. I
had 8AP for Ace, so I went and got the Life Deck ability to replace Open Deck. 
Now, with all of these upgrades, Ace should be a little more useful. The other
option would be to go for his Combo Finisher ability and then get his Melee 
Attack ability for 6AP total. These give him his much needed (at this point) 
close range defense. 
    Head through the gate for a cutscene or 2. When the cutscene ends run
towards the fountain, and stay to the right. Stay out of range of machine gun
fire, and avoid the rockets. Remember you don't have infinite respawns anymore,
so be sure to use your dodge commands. Keep the same strategy for the second 
Nimrod. Before you leave, go to the door and search the rubble for a High
Potion. There is another dead body near where you came in. He is carrying a 
Memory Tag. You may now leave, and watch another cutscene.
    Here you get an introduction to Summons. You also lose two of your party
members, and gain two others. Seven and Jack join your team. Seven uses a whip
and elemental attacks that will deal some status effects, while Jack uses a 
katana. Jack has a very different strategy than the other characters in the 
game. If you have your weapon drawn he won't run like other characters, and he 
has defensive attacks. Instead of dealing small bits of damage with each quick
attack like other characters, Jack will use a single powerful attack. He is a 
great character for people who like to hang back and stay on the defensive. 
    After the tutorial, you gain control of Odin and his horse Sleipnir. 

You have a lot of health, so you can do whatever you want, but, when you're 
ready, go ahead and lock on and hold down Circle. You will see a blue 
percentage. This indicates the chance of a one-hit kill. It's best to just 
wait the 20 seconds for it to reach 100% for an easy win against this boss.
    Back in control of the party, go ahead and smack the boss around until he
loses his remaining health. Pillars of light will come down and take out 90% of
your health. If you get hit try your best to avoid until you are healed. The 
only defense is your ability to dodge, so you should wait patiently charging up
your cards until you can launch them for a break sight. After much dodging and
explosions, you will have defeated your first boss!

    Now for some cutscenes, and your mission results. To get S rank, you need
an A in each category. Along with the mission results you will get some money
and usually an item. 
    There will be another cutscene and Chapter 1 will be complete as soon as
you walk into the building to your left, watch a cutscene and save. 

Chapter 2: Raise the Vermilion Banner [4.02.00]

Sidequests [5.00.00]

Chocobos [6.00.00]
    This guide is about breeding, catching, and taking good care of your

-Handling your Chocobo-
What is a chocobo? A chocobo is your life partner on the world map in Final 
Fantasy Type-0. Where you go, they travel with you in your backpack. To pull
them out, go to the world map and press Square and X at the same time. Like all
things, your chocobo does not last forever. To catch more, you can breed them,
or you can catch them on the world map. To catch them on the world map, simply
walk around until you spot the creature, then run up and press Circle. The 
chocobo will be immediately added to your count. If you can't get to the chocobo
fast enough though, it will be scared off to respawn at a later time. Certain 
characters are faster when running around, and will improve your ability to
catch them.

-Breeding a Chocobo-
To breed chocobo, you need to head to the Chocobo Ranch. You can get there from
the school. When you arrive, speak to the breader and he will start you off with
10 female chocobo, and 10 male chocobo. If you speak with him further, you will 
be allowed to breed chocobo. He will ask which two chocobo (one male and one 
female) you would like to breed, and if you would like to provide some extra
food for them. Providing greens for your chocobo are optional, but will improve
breeding results. After you finish, wait 6 in-game hours and you'll have some
new baby chickobos! (Haha, sorry)

-Improving the Outcome-
There are 16 different types of chocobo you can breed, and some of them require
extra pampering to breed properly. To do this you can provide 'Greens' to the 
breeder. You can save and then, after checking your offspring, reload to get a 
different result if you don't quite like yours. 

Here is a chart of the greens, and what their special abilities are:

|------Green------|-What it does--------------------------------|
| Gysahl Greens   | Increases the chance of breeding a different|
|                 | type of chocobo                             |
| Karakka Greens  | Further increases the chance of breeding a  |
|                 | different type of chocobo                   |
| Tantal Greens   | Increases the chance of the chocobos'       |
|                 | quality being influenced by the father      |
| Basana Greens   | Increases the chance of the chocobos'       |
|                 | quality being influenced by the mother      |
| Kurieh Greens   | Increases the number of chocobo born        |
| Mimett Greens   | Increases the chance to breed a higher      |
|                 | quality chocobo                             |
| Reigen Greens   | Further increases the chance to breed a high|
|                 | quality chocobo                             |
| Sylkis Greens   | Gives the best chance of breeding a high    |
|                 | quality chocobo                             |
| Gyzahl Greens   | Further increases the number of chocobo born|

-Chocobo Chart-
|Chocobo Type|--------Traits--------|-------Obtain-------|Optional Green|
| Chocobo    | Base                 | Togores Region     | None         |
|            |                      | Chocobo + Chocobo  |              |
| Military   | +Defense             | Chocobo + Chocobo  | Gysahl       |
| Attack     | +Attack              | Military + Chocobo | Gysahl       |
|            |                      | Military + Military| Gysahl       |
| Assault    | ++Attack             | Attack + Attack    | Gysahl       |
| Kamikaze   | +++Attack            | Attack + Attack    | Mimett       |
| Dash       | +Speed -Defense      | Yuhanra Region     | None         |
| Turbo      | ++Speed -Defense     | Chocobo + Dash     | Basana       |
|            |                      | Dash + Dash        | None         |
| Sonic      | +Speed +Defense      | Turbo + Turbo      | Gysahl       |
| Supersonic | ++Speed +Defense     | Sonic + Sonic      | Mimett       |
| Avoiding   | -Attack +Avoid       | Berito Desert      | None         |
|            |                      |Supersonc+Supersonc | Mimett       |
|            |                      | Sonic + Kamikaze   | Mimett       |
| Mikawashi  | -Attack ++Avoid      | Insuma Coast       | None         |
| Hidden     | +Avoid +Defense      |Mikawashi+Mikawashi | Mimett       |
|            |                      | Mikawashi + Attack | Mimett       |
| Stealth    | +Attack +Avoid       |Mikawashi+Mikawashi | Reigen       |
|            | +Defense             | Hidden + Hidden    | Mimett       |
| Knight     | +Attack +Defense     |Supersonic+Kamikaze | Reigen       |
|            |                      |Kamikaze + Kamikaze | Mimett       |
| Ninja      | +Speed +Attack +Avoid| Stealth + Stealth  | Reigen       |
|            |                      | Stealth + Kamikaze |              |
| Master     | +Everything          | Ninja + Ninja      | Sylkis       |
|            |                      | Knight + Ninja     | Sylkis       |

Version History [7.00.00]
Started working on the FAQ
Finished chocobo section
Finished Chapter 1
Finished abilities and stats for each character
Added a bunch of emails and FAQs
Did some work, and uploading to GameFAQs

End Statement [8.00.00]
First, I need to credit gerodelrieux (methynya), CarlosJAM (ing.carlosjam),
Heartless141, furygods, nirvash530 (redd530), lelouchzx (Tsuna-Decimo), 5orans
(crystalsekai), Tavania (wereswan), TheHikoriOne, Dunan, gfoster2
(Ultimasamune), davirost (KaibaFr77), shujinkgo, randomemail000, maxdarksol, 
toynanaka, DullahanEX, casker_, Acom007, nateriver02, Knightofthewind, 
DragonMaster105, MagiusNecros, kkusagami, Boomer642, kouli, calamityflare,
and everyone at Operation Doom Train. These people made the guide, and the 
information contained here-within possible. 

Thank you Square Enix for a great game that has lasted me many an hour. 

Thank you to Team SN for all of their help reviewing this guide with me. 

FAQs and Emails [9.00.00]

Q. I can't beat XXX RTS (real-time strategy) mission. Please help me!
A. Try to use a chocobo (I recommend the Sonic Chocobo). Chocobos can help you
   effortlessly traverse the battlefield to save YYY town or ZZZ base that is 
   being attacked.
Q. I can't beat XXX chapter! Help!
A. Level your party up. When you go to sleep at night (I really hope you are
   getting good rest) go to the Arena and select sleep training. 
Q. What Playstation Vita control configuration do you recommend?
A. Put the camera on the right stick ASAP. The bottom left of the touch screen
   should be set to your item that is accessed with select. 
   The Vita 1000 (the big glass one) has a difficult to use start button, so I
   usually set the bottom right corner of the touch screen to start. 
Q. I heard that there are extra uniforms for the Class-0 team. How do I get 
A. You have to play the demo of the game and transfer your save file after 
   collecting them as in-game items. There is a different set of uniforms that
   you can buy in-game as well. 

Q. I saw my friend playing as Kurasame. How do I do that?
A. This is a software hack that I will not be covering because it can damage 
   your save file. Use it at your own risk. 
Q. What is the best team?
A. This question comes up a lot. There is no best team, but there are multiple
   good teams that you can use. It depends on your play-style. 
   This is my recommendation though if your really want to know:
   I recommend that you have one healer (Rem)
   Someone that can deal ranged damage/ or status effects (Trey/Seven/King etc)
   Your favorite character. Yes, YOUR FAVORITE. It's about having fun, and you
   can win with almost any set-up.

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respective trademark and copyright holders.

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