PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File11/04/08bayanul153K
All Char lvl 99, ATK 999 each, Def 350+ each...HP 9999, Sp 330+
Save Game File12/04/08Lonelyxx153K
All characer lvl 99, Ex kisuke lvl 60, DEF 999 & REI 999, All skills MAX, Ex soul pieces too
Save Game File11/01/08bleach9999153K
All characters level 99 100% all battle map except on link players
Save Game File12/15/08Mazinger_Kaiser160K
All Characters LvL.99 except for Aizen [LvL.92], All maps "Perfect" [not just "Clear"] and finished except for "Challenge" map, many +9 equips to increase stats
Save Game File10/30/08YeLLoWFlAshXX153K
Ichigo lvl 60- 999 strength, 9000 hp, 375 defence, easy to beat any boss

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