PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From RYeBlack (04/12/2009; 558KB) Completed Hard Mode. All Non-Infected Intels Acquired. All Skill Points Completed. All Additional Weapons Unlocked
  2. From EliteGamers (05/12/2009; 557KB) Resistance Retribution 100% Complete
  3. From darth-rx (04/03/2009; 561KB) Story Mode Finished, all non infected intel, all weapons

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From gantzxx (03/23/2009; 563KB) Game finished

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From johndoewi (03/26/2009; 558KB) Complete Save Game
  2. From cxy (06/07/2009; 558KB) Completed Campaign, 100% Non-Infected + Infected intel, 42% Skill Points. Done on 5.50 Official Firmware
  3. From Cosmickadet (10/24/2010; 559KB) Everything unlocked. 100% Skill points and 100% Intel with all Infected intel too.
  4. From VICBIC (01/11/2010; 558KB) Game Completed Naturally. [100% Skill Points | 76% Intel (Never Infected)]

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