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Boss FAQ by Axel7174

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/01/09

Resistance Retribution

-[Boss Guide]-

Written by Axel7174 (Ryne Gardner)


Welcome to this in-depth guide for Resistance: Retribution for the PSP. This
guide is dedicated solely to the boss fights found in the game and not much
else. You won't find any strategies for the game outside of the boss fights.

The fights will be listed in order. Each will come with some very basic, very
simple outlining information, followed by the strategy. There will also be a few
extra tips thrown in where applicable. That's basically all there is to it so
let's get started. 

  TITAN - Rotterdam 01

|Attacks - Cannon|

|Recommended Weapons - Storm Rifle, Rifle Grenades|

|Strategy - Duck and Cover!|

This guy will be focused on Cartwright and if he kicks the bucket, you fail. 
Don't let that happen. The Titan is not very hard being that he is after all, 
the first boss of the game. Since the Titan will likely not approach you, its 
only attack is its cannon. Use cover and duck any time you see its cannon 
roaring to life. 

You have your Razor and Storm Rifle. Your Razor has a slightly better punch
but there really isn't a huge advantage between either of them. With your
Storm Rifle, you can pelt the Titan with a few Rifle Grenades to help you
along. If you want, you can also use the Fareye and headshot him. Surprisingly,
it actually does decent damage but it's not really necessary at all. 

Duck when he shoots and fire back so that the Titan turns around and turns his
back on Cartwright. Keep this up to protect him and you'll also bring his
health down in no time. 

   DROPSHIP - Rotterdam 04

|Attacks - Missiles|

|Recommended Weapon - LAARK| 

|Strategy - Break in the LAARK|

The Dropship will circle the tower and it's just you against it. No help from 
Mallery unfortunately. Luckily, you have the LAARK on your side. The alternate 
fire of the LAARK will be an extremely helpful asset against the Dropship's 
movement. Try to fire on it only when it stops. If you miss, use the alternate 
fire to stop your missile, then place your targeting reticle back on the ship 
and hit L again to send it that way. This is your main strategy for the fight. 

There is cover to be found but it's not very helpful. Your best bet is to stay
on the move from the Dropship's missiles. You can find Health Capsules in a
few of the corners so keep moving and recharge when needed. Also find LAARK
ammo when you're running low so you can keep up your assault. When you're on the
move, try to use the central pillar to shield yourself, keeping the ship on
the other side and its missiles hopefully blocked. 

Replenish your stock of LAARK missiles and stay on the move. Use the alternate
fire of the LAARK to help yourself out when necessary and just keep shooting.
Avoid firing when it ducks behind obstructions and just wait for it to be out
in the open again. Use these opportunities to grab ammo or health or both. Fire
when it is exposed and keep moving to eventually claim victory. 

   HAMMER - Bonn 01

|Attacks - Gatling gun, Missiles|

|Recommended Weapons - LAARK, Razor|

|Strategy - Don't piss it off!|

The Hammer is a tough fight. You'll have two floors to fight it from inside the
building. Your preferred attack point is from the second floor. The LAARK is 
the weapon of choice but your guns like the Razor can also help out a little 
along the way. 

The Hammer has two attacks. It has a powerful gatling gun and a missile 
launcher. Luckily, the Hammer will not be focused on you the entire time. The
Maquis guys below will distract it for you, and that's how it will be at the
start of the fight. Quickly get to the second floor and get ready with your

Now, the Hammer is a strange case with damage. Sometimes, you can do large
amounts of damage to it with a LAARK missile, and other times, very little. You
want to aim for its head area, but not at the orange spot on its back. Yes, I
know that seems like an obvious weak spot, but this is something you want to
avoid at all costs. When you hit that spot, the Hammer is stunned, but it
retaliates with a missile barrage. If this happens, take refuge behind the 
wooden dresser in the corner upstairs and don't move an inch. 

You want to attack with a few missiles, and then avoid its normal retaliation
which is just usually one or two missiles. After that, the Hammer gets 
distracted by the Maquis soldiers again, leaving you a chance to attack again.
Do not expose yourself until you hear those soldiers call out to the Hammer.

Since the LAARK is a little unreliable sometimes, you can use your Razor to
knock down its health very slowly. This is a decent backup idea. 

You can also  use the wall along the staircase as protection from its attacks,
leaving only momentarily to attack with a LAARK missile. If you do this, you
will be able to attack faster and be done with the fight a lot quicker. Just
don't pop out when it's attacking. This is also good protection if it unleashes
its missile barrage. 

   HAMMER - Bonn 02

|Attacks - Gatling gun, Missiles|

|Recommended Weapons - LAARK, Auger, Razor|

|Strategy - Be quick; don't expose yourself|

It's the same foe, and he's blocking your way to the end of the stage. This time
it's just you and him. The Hammer's gatling gun really comes into play and it 
can devastate you in little time. Around the arena, you have ammo and Health 
Capsules, but going for them means exposing yourself.

Luckily you do have some help. There are platforms in the area with switches.
On the ground before these platforms, you'll see large circular grates. Above
that is a laser that will stun the Hammer if you throw the switch when it is
standing there. You can lure the Hammer to one of these grates, using the
barriers on the platforms to protect yourself as you wait. When it is in
position, throw the switch and it will be stunned. Use this opportunity to
pelt it with your weapons, including your LAARK and Razor. You also recently
acquired the Auger and you can definitely use it against him. The shield will
also provide you temporary protection. 

If you can, it's best to stay on one platform and fend him off with the laser
activated by the switch and just what weapons you have. Just watch out for the
missiles. If you have to, drop down and grab health. Fight back with your LAARK
and Auger, or whatever, but try not to stay exposed for too long. 

   ANGEL - Bonn 04

|Attacks - Mist attack|

|Recommended Weapons - LAARK, Razor, Rifle Grenades, (Longbow)|

|Strategy - Protect Bouchard!|

The Angel is a freak of nature to be sure. It will float around the area and 
attack both you and Bouchard with its only attack. It whips its arm forward and
launches a strange mist or gas that covers a decent radius. The mist remains 
for a few moments and standing in that area will do cumulative damage to you. 

Still, this attack is easy to dodge as long as you continue to move along the
walkways. You can find LAARK and other ammos, as well as Health Capsules along
them. Your main concern actually is protecting Bouchard, because she will be a
target of the Angel's attacks. She won't move an inch either, so the Mist
attack is a problem. What you want to do is make sure the Angel doesn't go
after her too much. You can accomplish this by staying closer to the Angel,
but also by taking it down as fast as you can. 

The LAARK is the most helpful. The Angel stays still for short periods to
attack, then it will disappear under the platform or move around a little. If
you miss, you can use the LAARK's alternate fire to redirect your missiles.
Other than this, the Storm Rifle's Rifle Grenades help. Try to stay with the
LAARK for the majority of the fight though. 

After it loses most of its health, the Angel deploys a shield. You can't break
through it unless you wield the Longbow. Since that is unlikely, you'll just
have to wait it out. It drops the shield to attack, so attack while you're
moving if you can to avoid its mist. Plant a few more LAARK rounds into it and
you'll win eventually. 

If you come back later when you're nearly done with the game and replay the
stage, you can devastate the Angel with the Longbow. 

   HAMMER - Construction Zone 03

|Attacks - Gatling Gun, Missiles|

|Recommended Weapons - LAARK, Razor|

|Strategy - Don't ignore the Boilers!|

The Hammer has the same attacks. You have a slight advantage of distance and 
terrain. You'll be positioned on the Earth Mover with a barrier that will 
protect you from its gatling gun. Just be careful, because that barrier will 
deteriorate from continued attack. The missiles can still be a threat, but they
shouldn't be a lot of trouble overall. 

The biggest problems are the Boilers that make their way up to you throughout
the fight. Watch them carefully from above and when they start marching up the
ramp, get out your Razor and pop them in the head in manual aim. Just watch
out again for the Hammer and its missiles. When the coast is clear, you're free
to fire on the Hammer, preferably with the LAARK. Keep firing and you can find
backup ammo behind you. 

The Hammer will walk left and right and stop, so if your missiles miss, just
use the alternate fire to stop and redirect them. That's all there is to this
fight. Keep an eye out for Boilers and duck and cover and shoot. The Hammer
will go down eventually. 

   ARMORED TITAN - Luxembourg 03

|Attacks - Cannon, Melee|

|Recommended Weapons - Razor, Storm Rifle, LAARK|

|Strategy - Don't waste any time; just shoot!|

The Armored Titan is a lot more durable as its name suggests. In this fight, 
you will be perched on the balcony as the Titan hunts after Bouchard. It won't 
be difficult to protect her or defeat it however. 

In fact, it's really easy. You could just shoot at this thing with your Razor
and after a few moments, it will go down. It should not direct any attacks at
you so feel free to unload without mercy. Quicken the process if you'd like
with anything else in your arsenal. Just protect Bouchard above all. 

   BURROWER - Paris Catacombs 03

|Attacks - Mist Attack|

|Recommended Weapons - IWAO-R Chaingun, Razor, LAARK, Rifle Grenades|

|Strategy - Get in close for the kill!|

The Burrower begins by retreating into its tunnel with a release of its mist
attack. Avoid it and look for the Hybrids that come charging down the tunnel. 
Run and gun with your Razor to dodge their shots and at close range they will 
go down fast. Enter the tunnel after you've gathered what you want from outside.

At the corner, the Burrower pops out of nowhere. More alarming are the
Steelheads you'll also likely encounter. Take them down and then focus on the
Burrower. Periodically during the first part of the fight, the Burrower will
continue to drop off more enemies for you to face. The tunnel is lined with
ammo pick-ups and Health Capsules. Some of them require you to get close to
the Burrower, but this can work to your advantage.

The Burrower's main attack is the mist it spews, which you should be familiar
with. It has a decent sized range that you can't step within so watch it 
carefully. You can stay back, wait for it to attack, then move in closer. Your
targets are the Burrower's eyes. Your Chaingun or Razor are great choices for
this. Stay close and you'll land more bullets and thus knock down the eyes a
lot faster. Just use your own judgment for the mist attacks and fall back when
necessary and you'll find ammo and health. 

With the eyes down, the Burrower opens its mouth for a short time. Your attack
window is short so quickly change to your LAARK and fire some rounds. After
that, your Rifle Grenades, and after that the Razor or Chaingun. You'll have
to do this at least twice to lower its health to around the halfway mark. 
Watch out for more enemies meanwhile and restock when necessary, especially for
LAARK rounds and Chaingun ammo. When you manage to do enough damage, the 
Burrower retreats. 

Restock, then follow the Burrower around the next corner. You'll most likely
run into a few Assault Drones prior to that. Use your Chaingun and shield
combo to take them down fast. A drone will periodically appear during the next
part so watch out. 

When you find the Burrower, keep up the same tactics. Stay close, avoid the
mist and strike its eyes. If you run low on Chaingun ammo, switch to your
Razor or Storm Rifle. For its mouth, continue with the LAARK, then Rifle
Grenades, and so on. If you continue to lose ammo, fall back and find some. 
Keep attacking and try not to hesitate to attack its core. You'll win in due

   HAMMER - Paris Catacombs 04

|Attacks - Gatling gun, Missiles|

|Recommended Weapons: LAARK, IWAO-R Chaingun, Auger, Razor|

|Strategy - Give it all you've got; stay behind cover as much as possible!|

Yet another fight with a Hammer. What makes this different is the entourage it 
has and the area you'll be fighting in. This fight comes at the last stop of the
lift. Joining the Hammer are two Steelheads. To make things easy, use the Fareye
and enter slow-mo with the alternate fire and try and snipe them while they're 
moving. Once they're down, you can focus on the Hammer, hopefully with all of 
your health intact. 

You want to try and take it down as fast as possible. There are all the small
coffin objects around that provide cover, but it's not a great protection 
against the Hammer missiles. Use everything at your disposal to destroy this
thing. LAARK rounds are a good start, but if you run low, you'll want to 
switch to the Auger or Chaingun, both which will give you the shields for

There is tons of health around so picking a cover spot with one sitting there
is a good idea. Try not to go out into the open for ammo because the Hammer
will obliterate you. If you must, try stunning the Hammer first by hitting its
orange weak spot with a LAARK round. You can find more LAARK ammo in the center
of the platform. After that, continue your assault until it goes down. 

   MALLERY - Chrysalis Lair 02

|Attacks - Auger-FS, Summons Assault Drones|

|Recommended Weapons: Razor, IWAO-R Chaingun, Auger|

|Strategy - Don't hold back; be mindful of the goodies surrounding you!|

Mallery might have a big gun, but he's probably just compensating for his 
lack.... of strategical wit! Grayson surely has the advantage but do not 
underestimate Mallery. His attack is mind numbingly simple. He will stand on 
that platform all day and spray fire at you with his Auger. 

If you stay behind the barrier where you begin, it will shield you from the
Auger's usual piercing ability. The barrier can be destroyed though, so watch
it during the course of the battle. An alternate strategy or one to use when the
barrier is destroyed is to just stay at a good range and strafe from his shots.
You'd be surprised how easy it is to avoid most of them because they aren't
often very dead on. 

Before you even get to attacking Mallery, take out the Assault Drone with your
Chaingun. What also makes this fight easy are the tons of ammo and health 
pick-ups mostly to your left and near the column. 

When it finally comes to Mallery, you can't hurt him with his shield up so just
wait it out. When it fades, let loose with anything you want. Your Razor is a
great candidate, as is your own Auger or the Chaingun. Of course, when you take
his life bar down to nothing, that isn't the end of the fight. It only stuns
Mallery, and that will buy you valuable time.

Once Mallery is stunned, run for one of the three switches in front of you.
Interact with one and hammer the X button to operate it. This raises one
section of the ramp that you need to get on to reach Mallery. Fall back at this
point and prepare to do it all over again. 

Two drones appear this time. Again, try and shield yourself with the Auger or
Chaingun and fire back with those guns. This can be valuable too against 
Mallery if you have trouble for some reason, dodging his attacks. Remember also
all the goodies on your left. Attack again when Mallery is vulnerable and bring
his health down. Throw another switch at that point. 

With the earlier barrier likely destroyed, you should go with your Chaingun and
shield combo to fend off the three Assault Drones. If necessary, you can get
close and use the Schrotflinte to easily defeat them but try to avoid doing
this unless one or two are already defeated. 

For Mallery, just strafe from his shots and fire back when his shield is down.
Mix things up if you have to. Rifle Grenades work well if you shoot them right
at him. Drop his health and activate the last switch. 

At this point, you are free to run up to get him, but Mallery will still be
shooting at you if you do that and as you get closer, it's more likely you'll
be hit. All you need to do is get close to him and hit the Interact button to
finish the fight. It's easier if you take the time to deplete his health one
last time. If you decide to risk it and do it without taking down his health,
you'll get a Skill Point out of it. 

   ANGELS - Chrysalis Lair 03

|Attacks - Mist Attacks|

|Recommended Weapons - LAARK, IWAO-R Chaingun, Auger, Rifle Grenades|

|Strategy - Stay on the move and trust in the LAARK!|

You've fought an Angel before. No sweat, right? How about two at the same time?
Hmmmmm. Your fighting arena here consists of just two walkways that intersect 
each other perpendicularly. The one leading toward the middle of the chamber has
a rounded platform where you can find some LAARK ammo, among other things. 

The LAARK of course, will be an important tool in vanquishing these beasts.
Remember to use the alternate fire should you miss and redirect your missiles.
The Angels will move around and attack with their Mist. You are familiar with
this attack by now. The best idea is to keep moving down the walkway, 
particularly the central one, going toward and away from the center. Since
they will frequently disappear underneath the platform and out of sight, you
can use the opportunity to fire on the other Angel. Refill both ammo and health
when necessary. 

Wearing them down equally can be a better idea than focusing on one by itself.
If you run low on health though, consider wiping one out as fast as possible.
Always aim for the one that isn't using its shield. Wearing them both down means
that both Angels will continually deploy their shields. This works to your
advantage because when the shields are up, they are not attacking. This provides
you with time to restock and heal up. 

Storm down the walkway and learn to predict when they are attack so you can make
your escape. Use the LAARK's alternate fire to redirect your missiles and if
necessary, use the Chaingun or the Auger to finish the job. Rifle Grenades also
do good damage as explosives. 

   MOTHER - Chrysalis Lair 03

|Attacks - Siren blast, Vacuum-Bite combo (instant kill)|

|Recommended Weapons - Razor, Auger-FS|

|Strategy - Watch out for the instant kill!|

This is an underwater boss fight. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about 
breathing so just get accustomed to the movement and all that. The boss is big 
and a bit intimidating, but it is really easy to defeat. It has the same attack 
that all the other Sirens have, and you can easily dodge this by moving 
consistently to the left or right. If you're locked on, you can simply fire back
with your Razor or Auger-FS while doing so to gradually hurt it. 

The one thing you need to watch out for is when it begins to suck in the water
which pulls you closer to it. It will attempt to swat you with its arm and
you're presented with a button prompt right before that. The button will be
random so be ready and react quickly. Get it right and you'll dodge the
attack. Miss it and you'll be seeing the boss's insides pretty soon, as well as
a game over screen. It will do this attack a few times, but you can prevent it
from doing it more by finishing it quickly. 

Your main strategy should be to keep your distance and strafe to the left or
right, dodging its shots and firing back with the Razor or Auger-FS. You can
find additional ammo and especially health on the platforms below so swim over
there when you need either. It should go down pretty easily though. 

   THE CHRYSALIS - Chrysalis Lair 04

|Attacks - Energy attack, Electric beam, Summons Assault Drones/Titans|

|Recommended Weapons - Longbow, Razor, Auger-FS, IWAO-R Chaingun|

|Strategy - Use the switches and then don't hold back!|

This foe is big but not as tough as you might think. It will just take some time
to wear it down. It utilizes a shield which can only be disabled normally by 
activating one of the switches around the perimeter of the platform you start 
on. The switches activate at certain intervals so they can't always be used 
immediately. The other way is to use the Longbow, if you were fortunate enough 
to acquire it. This works on the beast's shield just as well.

At the outset, focus on moving; it really won't matter which direction. Just
keep running so you can avoid her initial attacks. Wait for a switch to 
activate (look for the Interaction symbol) and hurry over to it. Turn it on to
blow her shield off. Now you're free to attack her with whatever you please.
Your Razor is always a great choice though. 

You need to repeat this process again until the boss goes down, so it's pretty
simple. You can find ammo around the towers where the switches are and there
are plenty of Health Capsules lying about too. You can even wait for more than
one switch to activate, but perhaps waiting isn't really a good idea.

Before you get the chance to eventually activate another switch, the boss will
drop out and drones will attack in its place. Take advantage of the distance
and use your Razor to destroy most of them. The closer they get, the more of a
threat they become. Defeat them, then make your way to the switch that is by
now, hopefully active. 

The boss will likely introduce a new attack and it's a doozy. It's an 
electrical bolt that sweeps around the arena and chases you. Turn the camera so
that it's behind Grayson and just take off running. Keep moving and don't stop.
The attack will eventually subside. If the boss begins charging this attack
when you reach a switch, feel free to take the risk before it launches it. 

When you drop the shield, the boss will not simply take it. It will fight back
with its attacks, including that bolt move so be ready. Get a good angle and
try to attack while running. You'll end up depleting more of its health without
too much trouble. It'll summon more drones when its shield goes back up so be
ready to fend them off. If you have the Longbow, it works wonders. 

Repeat this process again to do more damage to the boss. Grab health when
necessary. You can also locate some Razor ammo near one of the switches. The
boss will next summon two Titans. Here is where it can get tough. If you're
fortunate enough to be far away from them, you have an advantage. The Longbow
again works brilliantly against them, but at a  distance, you can use the
Fareye with slow-mo to soften them up, then add in some LAARK rounds, and
finally either your Auger-FS or Chaingun (using the shield for both). If you're
close, try your best to kill the first one as quickly as possible. For this
purpose, go with your Auger-FS and shield. Switch to LAARK rounds or your
Chaingun for the other, and use the towers where the switches are as cover. 

When the boss returns, this should be the last go-around so make it count.
Make a run for the next active switch and turn it on to drop the shield again.
Unleash hell on her and that will end the fight and the game. 

   Credits/Special Thanks

-GameFAQs as always.

-My friend Mike for encouraging me to get the game. 

-NightCroucher for a tip for The Chrysalis

   Contact Info

If you wish to e-mail me something, you can find my primary e-mail listed below.
Feel free to ask anything about the game, beyond the scope of this boss guide.
Just please put a subject line in your mail that tells me it's about Resistance.
Don't type "HELP!!!" or something stupid like that in all caps. I tend to ignore
e-mails like that for a few days. 

If you have a strategy to submit, please leave an alias or screen name that you
use. I do not publish people's real names or e-mail addresses. This is an easy
rule and I expect people to follow it when they e-mail worthy info. I will give
credit for strategies and small tips. I do not give credit for typos or


This guide was created by me, Ryne Gardner aka Axel7174. Copyright 2009 Ryne
Gardner. Do not steal this without permission and pass it off as your own. Do
not make unwarranted changes without e-mailing me. If you wish to host, please
e-mail me. The following sites have permission to host this:


That's all. Thanks for reading; hope it helped you.

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