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Skill Point Guide by reddevil86

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 03/16/11

 ___           _      _                        
| _ \ ___  ___(_) ___| |_  __ _  _ _   __  ___ 
|   // -_)(_-<| |(_-<|  _|/ _` || ' \ / _|/ -_)
|_|_\\___|/__/|_|/__/ \__|\__,_||_||_|\__|\___|
 ___       _         _  _           _    _              ___  _    _  _  _ 
| _ \ ___ | |_  _ _ (_)| |__  _  _ | |_ (_) ___  _ _   / __|| |__(_)| || |
|   // -_)|  _|| '_|| || '_ \| || ||  _|| |/ _ \| ' \  \__ \| / /| || || |
|_|_\\___| \__||_|  |_||_.__/ \_,_| \__||_|\___/|_||_| |___/|_\_\|_||_||_|
 ___       _       _         ___            
| _ \ ___ (_) _ _ | |_  ___ | __|__ _  __ _ 
|  _// _ \| || ' \|  _|(_-< | _|/ _` |/ _` |
|_|  \___/|_||_||_|\__|/__/ |_| \__,_|\__, |

Copyright 2009 Yorks Joe (reddevils86)
E-mail: reddevils86@hotmail.com
Version: v1.0  20/06/2009
	 v1.01 29/12/2009


1.0 Author's Note
1.1 Version History
2.0 Skill Points & Tips

3.0 Walkthrough: Rotterdam
    3.1 Bonn
    3.2 Construction Zone
    3.3 Luxembourg
    3.4 Paris Catacombs
    3.5 Chrysalis Lair

4.0 Copyright

5.0 Credits and Thanks

6.0 Contact Info

* 1.0 AUTHOR'S NOTE * 

I saw that no one had posted FAQ just on skill points so I decided to collate 
what I've heard and read. So please don't be mad if you think you came up with 
it and I didn't put your name on the credits. As I'm putting everything that 
I've gleaned from everybody else, the line between who came up with a method or 
idea 1st fades a bit... Come to think of it, most of what I read is what you 
have to do, here I kind of wrote up a step by step kind of FAQ. Like I said 
this is just a skill point FAQ and I will assume you have knowledge on the 
game's basic game play mechanics and I won't be going into weapon details and 
such. Also please do not contact me about how to get weapons and intel, this is 
solely about skill points. If you do think you have a better/faster/efficient 
to get the skill point email me and I'll be glad to put it in here with full 
credit of course :D Please know this is my FIRST ever FAQ that will be 
submitted, so friendly criticism will be helpful :D 

Note: I did all these skill points in Easy mode >_> yeah yeah, move along now. 
Also please don't say these don't work because I know for sure they do, as I 
basically played the game again completing the skill points and basically 
noting down everything you see here right after completing the skill point. I 
have heard in some skill points where you have to kill multiple enemies with 
one shot/grenade/explosion than playing in hard maybe more helpful as there 
will be more enemies. However don't take what I just said to be granted, I 
haven't had the chance to play this on hard so I wouldn't actually know...


Version 1.0 	- Full skill points faq completed

Version 1.01 	- Proof-read entire faq and edited grammatical errors :x
	        - Added some tips, info received from reader  
		- 07/01/10 More minor updates, didn't think it was enough to 
		  make it 1.02...
		- 17/03/11 Sorry for lack of updates, haven't had much time. 
		  Likewise as the previous update it I didn't deem there to be 
		  enough to warrant a 1.02

* 2.0 Skill Points and Tips (I hope you might find helpful) *

Skill points are ways to challenge yourself in this game. They can be done 
during story mode (you actually don't know what you have to do to get the skill 
point). After you finish a stage you will be allowed to redo it again in the 
location select option in the menu. In here is where you can see what the skill 
points you need to do for each area. There are 6 areas, 5 with 12 skill points 
and one with 9, making a total of 69 skill points. Once you have done all skill 
points for one area you will unlock bonuses such as bonus videos, concept arts

- One of the most helpful tip, when you obtain a skill point you can quit the 
level, it will save it in the same way as the intel. Then you don't have to 
play through the whole level. THANKS to Ironspider!! That is of course if you 
still have some skill points or intel that you need to get further on in the 
level :D

- When using the razor don't be afraid to aim at the wall or floor rather than
the enemy. Later during the game some Chimera can actually dodge a charged shot
that is aimed right at them, which will undoubtedly piss you off after charging
a full clip. I know how it feels, stupid gorillas have done it so many times on
me >_<

- When throwing grenades always aim to hit an enemy for it to explode on impact 
otherwise it bounces off the surface i.e. the walls and the ground. That is 
unless you are ACTUALLY aiming for a certain spot on the ground or want it to 
bounce or rebound of a surface...

- When using the Fareye (sniper rifle) try to getting use to pressing 'L' 
straightaway. As this allow you to zoom without pressing the 'UP' button for 
manual aim and when you release 'L' you return to normal without going through
the 'UP' button method. It comes in handy when you just killed an enemy and 
want to move the aiming reticule quickly to another enemy.

- Try to avoid using the LAARK's secondary fire when the enemy is far away. I'm
talking about the one where you press 'R' to explode when stopped in mid-air. 
As you may have figured out, it is a bit hard to gauge where the rocket is when 
it is quite far away from you.

- Remember the Auger can shoot through walls and obstacles, so if you like, you
basically kill an enemy when you're taking cover. Note that the auger can lock 
on to a target that is in hiding, the enemy hidden body/legs/arm or whatever 
body part you can't see will be shown as yellow when the Auger is locked on. 
Just remember there's not actually much Auger ammo to be picked up during the 
game so whenever you kill a enemy who has an Auger make sure to pick up the 

- When using the Chaingun, remember it has a bit of a lag between pressing the 
shoot button and when the bullets actually come out. So if you're in hiding
press the fire button, you can actually hear the gun 'getting into gear'
before shooting or before coming out of hiding. 

- When using the longbow try to charge it up EVERYTIME, I find that you only
need one charged shot to down a gorilla compared to 3-4 normal shots. It 
doesn't take long to charge either.

- The magnum is an awesome gun. When you shoot a round it sticks on to anything 
be it an enemy or a surface and when you press 'R' all the rounds explode. So 
if you miss the enemy press 'R' so the round can explode and catch the enemy in 
its blast radius. Very useful, be careful of the ammo running out.

- If you miss out on a skill point by doing something silly or screwing up, 
shoot a LAARK at the ground so it will kill you. Actually you don't have to use 
the LAARK, anything that explodes and you getting into the blast radius 
will kill you... That way you'll restart at the last checkpoint, if you use 
the restart option in the pause menu it will take you all the way to the 
beginning and that maybe not what you want. So use this option when YOU think 
it's the proper time :p

After all that, finally we get to the skill points :D

* 3.0 ROTTERDAM * 

Part 1
Kill 2 Hybrids from inside the Attic using one grenade:
Easy and you don't need help with this... Seriously ^^;

Kill 10 hyrids using exploding barrels: 
1st and 2nd barrels: 4 gorillas
3rd barrel (just after getting the razor): 2
There are also many barrels when you have to cover Cartwright, shoot the 
barrels when a couple or so gorillas are around a barrel and this point will be 
yours. It's pretty easy :D

Get 9 headshots with the Fareye FR-1 while protecting Cartwright:
Self-explanatory, just remember you basically have infinite ammo as it keeps 
respawning after you pick up the ammo. A cool thing: stand where the ammo is or 
will appear and when you shoot a few rounds step back and step forward again 
and you should have full ammo right away without even reloading :D

Part 2
Kill 8 Boilers with headshots before they self explode:
Simple skill point, basically shoot them in the head by using the manual aim. 
You should be killing them with headshots anyway. Get 8 boilers and the skill 
point is yours.

Destroy both Worker drones before they retreat:
There are two worker droids, you can down them with any weapon but I suggest
using the Fareye for both, it's just simpler. So shoot the left worker drone
1st (the one that's closest to you), when that is destroyed you can see the 
right worker drone trying to flee. It goes behind a wall panel but pops back 
out and that's your chance. Nothing difficult about it, may have to work on 
your timing. Just beware that attack drones come out after the 1st one is 
destroyed so as the worker drone is fleeing it flys into the group of attack 
drones making it a little bit hard to see which is which.

Once operational, return to elevator without taking damage:
This can be very hard or meh it's not that hard...
When you exit the room where the power switch was 2 boilers (remember headshots
for easy kills) are on you very quickly. While getting the boilers be careful 
about two gorillas shooting at you!! What you can do is walk out the room to 
make the boilers walk over, go back into the switch room you came from so you 
don't have to worry about the gorillas hitting you. You can then dispatch the 2 
gorillas later, done easily with a charged razor shot. When you start walking 
again 2 boilers will pop their heads so be careful, use Fareye's slow down 
secondary aid!! When you get to the balcony, 4 gorillas will come into the 
room. If you have enough razor ammo you can actually get them all with 2 well 
placed fully-charged shots (or shall I say lucky shots). When you walk to the 
big room's exit 3 bloody boilers come out, you know what to do. There is only 
one way into the big room so try to line up your aiming reticule to where the 
heads of the boilers will come in and it should be very easy :D Once you step 
out of the big room 2 attack drones will come out, these are the last 2 enemies 
so don't screw up >_> You should get the point when you activate the elevator. 
Note the life bar may seem like its showing a full health bar but sometimes you 
can get a sliver of damage which will stuff this point up, try to locate a 
health pack before going on the elevator and if it says health full then you 
should be good. Also this point is pretty easy if you come back with the auger 
and use its shield.

Part 3
Survive 2 minutes without killing the final two Titans: 
There is a small ledge to the far left corner of the dock, climb up there using 
the crates right after killing the 1st titan. Shooting a couple of fully 
charged razors at the 1st titan should draw smoke from its backpack. One more 
charged shot should kill it, so when you're just about to shoot the round that 
will kill it you should already be dashing to the crates to climb up to this 
ledge. The 2 titans shots won't even harm you, they keep hitting the underside 
of the ledge...Once you get the point finish them off from your little safe 
heaven :D

Kill 2 Titans using only the LAARK:
Do this on easy (2 LAARK shots to kill each titan), wait a minute you might 
say there's only enough to kill two. Well remember that magical ledge where it 
helped you get two skill points on this level, well this ledge saves you again 
by supplying you the ammo to get this point. If you want a real challenge, get 
this point without getting the ammo... Shoot the first two LAARK at the first 
titan and when the other two appear explode the 2 leftover LAARK's in midair to 
damage both of them. TA-DAH I didn't know about the ledge until I wrote 
this and I had already gotten the point :D

Complete the dockyard battle without collecting health capsules:
Do this on infected mode and should be easy peasy. However for the guys who 
don't have a PS3 *raises hand* this point is actually quite easy... If you 
started out alright with minimal damage loss just follow the instructions for 
'Survive 2 minutes without killing the final 2 titans' because of this ledge 
the titans can't hit you and you'll be the one dishing out all the PAIN!! You 
get this point AFTER you plant the bomb.

Part 4
Mallery takes no damage from Leapers:
Pretty simple, just do it!! Use razor or storm rifle. If or should I say when 
leapers jump on Mallery let the frog die!! *ahem* wait then we can't get the 
skill point *jokes* as I was saying if leapers jump on Mallery those are the 
priority!! Lucky your bullets won't hurt him... Funny that

Kill 3 Slipskulls using a thrown grenade: 
Upon entering wait for a group of 4 to be on the center thing and target bomb 
them. Helpful hint: When you enter there will be two straight away, kill one 
of them and 3 will show up. This shouldn't be too hard as most of the time the 
slipskulls comes in groups of 4 and so. There will at least two chances IIRC
Take no damage from Dropship missles:
Dude just empty one clip into this ship and it's all over :D

* 3.1 Bonn *

Part 1
Kill the first Hybrid:
Right at the beginning switch to Fareye or something that can take out enemy
in one hit. Just as you climb over (basically the 1st thing you do on this 
level) a gorilla will run past, kill it. This happens quickly so be fast or 
you will miss out.

Take no damage from Leapers in the sewer:
Shotgun works best, a semi charged razor shot can also be good here. Some 
people have used explosive weapons too, it's up to you. Try fully charging a 
razor when you shoot it change quickly to shotgun to finish them off. Remember 
there are three parts where leapers come out.

Destroy the Hammer without using the LAARK:
Self-explanatory, the auger is your friend, just use all your other weapons. 
This is pretty easy all you have to do is take cover and shoot when not fire 

Part 2
Hit an Angel with a thrown grenade:
Just after the beginning you will hop onto an elevator after killing 2 titans. 
When you activate it walk to the opening and soon an angel will appear, just 
chuck a hand grenade at it. This will be a bit difficult as the elevator will 
be rotating stuffing up your aiming. Try to aim for it's head or around that 
area and it should at least hit it's body scoring you the skill point. 

Kill both guard tower Hybrids with a single LAARK rocket:
This is soon after the previous skill point. After killing some drones and 
gorillas after exiting the lift you have to activate this moving platform to 
come towards you. When you're on the platform there is a tower on your left. 
2 gorillas will come out and try to kill you, hide and avoid damage till 
they're close together and shoot the rocket between them. You could shoot 
between them and press to stop it and press R at the moment when they're close. 
This is more of a trial and error to know where to shoot and/or when to stop 
the rocket and explode it.

Shock the Hammer with both particle beams:
From the corner switch where you activate the elevator so the hammer shows up. 
If you look to your left and right, there will two platforms on either side of 
you. On each of these platforms there will be a switch that when activate, a
electrical beam will shoot from the ceiling straight down. These beams don't 
shoot anywhere else. What will be even easier is that there is an area with a 
circular grill or mesh. When the hammer is above this bit, that is when you 
need to switch the electrical beam on. Repeat with the other switch, once the
2nd beam hits hammer you should get the point. 

Part 3
Destroy every Drone:
At the start just after the titan there will be some drones. The one where 
most people miss out on and thus screwing up the skill point is behind the 
glass wall just as you get out of the water part. You know the part where you 
had to kill all those ugly mermaids right after that where you exit the water 
tube use an auger and destroy the drone on the other side of the glass/clear 
wall. Then later on the rest of the drones should pop up normally and then 
serve them your justice and bang there you go. You should get the point when 
you finish off three drones just after coming out of the longish tube thing.

Take no damage from Sirens:
These are the alien mermaids, skill point is self-explanatory. What I did was
use a semi-charged razor shot, some people like to shoot normally. Either way, 
you can only use the razor or auger underwater. You actually have to kill 5 of 
these to actually get this skill point. The 1st two is the hardest as you have 
no preparation for it and you're underwater too. Once you reach land, activate 
the switch so two other fishies come out, for these two you don't need to dive 
in to kill them, just shoot them from land. Now the last one is underwater but 
this time you can get ready, charge your razor and shoot once you see it.

Reach Power Core without killing any SlipSkulls in power room:
I'm not entirely sure when this skill point starts, but basically after the 
water part I didn't shoot any slipskulls and I got the skill point. The most 
trouble you will have is near the end where there will be heaps of them, but 
you can just ignore them and run towards the power core. You will get the point 
even without going all the way to the core just go near it and it's yours. Be 
careful about the floating hags around here too :/

Part 4
Kill 50 Boilers with headshots before they self explode:
Just note to get this skill point you need to head shot boilers THROUGHOUT the 
level. At the start there should be 4, after them you have to go through two 
water bits, on the last water bit 3 more boilers appear once you get out of 
the water and walk up a bit of the ramp, so be ready!!! Ok right after this 
climb up the edge to go through this circular door, before you do anything else 
get out your auger. I advise you to zoom in for manual aim and start to walk, 
four boilers will come out, two from the left and two from the right. Try to 
shoot at least two of them before they explode. Note that these four explode 
pretty fast so you have to be quick. It's not paramount you get these, it'll 
just be a bit easier later on. In that large area with the circular platform 
all the enemies that will come are boilers so this is your show!! Headshot 
every single one of these hags, try to conserve ammo and such, there's boxes 
of ammo throughout the platform but as the boilers are always gunning for you 
try to stay in one spot. I tried to pick a spot and stayed there, I fired at 
the spot where the boiler's head will be. In a way I was kind of leading the 
target i.e. shoot where the enemy WILL be NOT where it is at. I counted 41 of 
them, so now you should have 48 or even the 50 if you actually get those 
through the wall with the auger. Note that I couldn't get them, the ones where 
you need an auger... Ok get out your Fareye before you press the switch, you 
think that last part was hard, this is even worse :/ As you descend on the 
elevator more boilers will head towards where Bouchard is. This is where the 
skill in this point comes in, you have to head-shot at least two to get the 
point. To make it difficult the elevator is spinning so the aim is always 
going against your aim and such. I advise you to shoot the boilers that come 
from your left, they're closer and easier to hit. I guess try to aim to the 
left of the boilers head because the elevator is spinning you to the right... 
So happy hunting :D

Destroy a Drone using a Boiler explosion:
Do this with the first bunch of boilers, as you see them walking past the 
glass, walk forwards to get the drones to appear. Head shot a boiler when a 
drone is near it and you should get the point. This might take a few tries...
* when you see the boilers walking past the glass to get to you walk toward 
them and the drones will come while the boilers are still there

Take no damage from the Angel:
The biggest issue is the poison gas bombs it chucks at you. As soon as you see 
it throwing it, RUN!! When it's health is low it will have a shield just pick 
your moment and fire at him. Whenever it's close try to quickly shoot your 
LAARK rockets as it gets stunned and stays stunned. Just remember to run away 
when it throws its bomb, use the magnum if you have it (awesome weapon!!) it 
shouldn't be too hard. I got the skill point just as a gas bomb went off 
right at my feet ^_^; 

* 3.2 Construction Zone *

Part 1
Kill 4 Hybrids with one Hammer missile:
There should be plenty gorillas when you walk forward, try to group them 
together and then fire your missile on the group and hope 4 of those ugly mugs 
get caught in the blast radius.

Destroy bridge while 3 Hybrids are standing on it:
Seriously if you're needing help for this point I'm gonna face palm... Anyways 
shoot the ball thing (with chaingun not with a missile)... on the left of the 
bridge to reduce it's health and eventually the brige falls :x London bridge 
is falling down, falling down...

Kill 20 Drones with Hammer missiles:
I'm not exactly sure which drones, I got my skill point killing the assault 
drones later on in this area... There were normal attack drones earlier in 
this level which I destroyed with a combination of missiles and chaingun. I'm 
not sure which 20 it's talking about or if you can have a combination of each.
If someone knows please kindly let me know :D so anyways whenever you see 
ANY of the drones aim for them when they're clustered up together... So they 
get cluster ****** ROFL ahem anyways, that should get you the point. Just be 
careful as the missile takes a few seconds to reload!!

Jibz had this to say about the above skill point:
I tried: it works very well with the first batch of ordinary drones, no need to 
wait for the assault drones to appear. As a consequence, I got this skill point 
right at the start of the level

Part 2
Take no damage from a turret:
Turret is in the 2nd area, hide behind the large cylindrical thing and take 
out the gunner with the auger. Kill everything else and you'll get the point 
when you activate the switch up at where the turret was.

Clear first outpost without using the turret:
Self-explanatory, kill the titan with LAARK or whatever you want then the rest 
of the gorillas. You get the point when you go up to that outpost and press 
the switch. Careful that once you hit the switch boilers will come from the far 
door that you can see from this 2nd floor...

Destroy 6 Assault Drones using the Fareye:
This is right after you go through the door where the previously said boilers 
came out off. Try to get to start of this point with full Fareye ammo... It'll 
be helpful. Before shooting take note of where the Fareye ammo is, it's a 
blackish box that is on your left-side right after you exit the door. You only 
need three shots to down one drone note that after the third shot the drone 
will just hover in mid-air on fire but it will blow up soon after. The Fareye 
ammo also respawns, if you shoot each Fareye with three ammo each you will get 
the point. Note there is actually one extra assault drone that is left over 
once as you empty all your Fareye ammo, kill it whatever way you want.

Part 3
Kill 2 Titans within 5 seconds of each other:
Try to get their backpack smoking at the same time, then either shoot LAARK's 
at them when they're close to each other or shoot between them and explode 
them in mid-air. Magnum works very well here if you have it, same principal, 
explode the shells after they're shot on each of the titan.

Destroy 7 Worker Drones:
At the start there are two, shoot them with whatever you want, just don't let 
them get away... After you get the boilers you have to go through the circle 
door. Right after this door is where the other worker drones are, however they 
leave pretty much as soon as the door opens. There are several ways, you can 
fire a LAARK somewhere in the vicinity of where they will fly and explode it 
or use Fareye. That's what I did and I can get at least 4-5 before they 
disappear. Later in this area where you're riding this platform thing over the 
lava two more worker drones come out. Use Fareye for them but be careful as 
there are alot of gorillas shooting at you.

Destroy the Hammer without using explosive weapons:
Self-explanatory; auger, full charged razor, use whatever is in your arsenal 
besides explosives... Obviously >_> remember to aim for its weak spot, the 
red/yellow node on its ass, and be careful of those stupid stupid hags >_<

* 3.3 Luxembourg *

Part 1
Destroy all leaper pods before they birth leapers:
After the burrower scene just blow them up with explosives before they hatch

Kill every Cloven: 
Right after you kick the wall in, kill the gorilla either staying on top of 
ledge or jumping down, once it's gone jump up onto the otherside. After a few
5-10 seconds a cloven will come out from the gas. Grayson will say 'Get some 
sun mate' once he kills it, this can indicate to you if you did get it... 
Right after you climb those stairs taking down gorillas on the way up, there 
is a door way, kill the slipskulls and gorillas quickly. Change to the Fareye 
when you're finish with the enemy. Look to the doorway at the bottom (where 
the gorillas came from) and shoot the cloven that appears. The cloven only 
appears when all enemies are dead, well I know for sure when all the gorillas 
are dead... Anyways shoot it quick as it scurries away soon after. After the
assault drones and getting the gorilla coming down on the elevator go back 
quickly to where you opened the roof, change to Fareye and keep an eye out for 
the last cloven. He appears near the left wing of the nearest VTOL, get him 
fast as he hightails it out of there quickly.

Get 6 headshots with the Fareye while protecting Mallery:
Note there is some Fareye ammo at a corner. Head shoot the slipskulls that are
on Mallery's VTOL, you have to move around to get a clear headshots. There's 
not much else in it.

Part 2
Kill all enemies in the barracks using only the Shotgun:
If you attempt this skill point you should do this level from scratch. If you 
come into this during story mode you may not have enough shotgun ammo left... 
This skill point starts after you leave Parker, from the elevator till after 
the boilers. First off you don't need to get the gorilla that runs past you 
when the elevator door opens. Hopefully you have full shotgun ammo, so leave 
the pack near the elevator for now. Continue forward, if you can, try to shoot 
the two gorillas point blank, you can kill them with just one shot. You can 
also kill them with the shotgun's secondary fire (it's basically firing 2 
shots anyway). See the doorway where a leaper normally jumps on you straight 
away, you can actually kill it by inching you way towards the door and it'll 
be sitting your left. After that deal with the rest using minimal ammo, make 
sure they don't jump on your face!! This is important as when they jump on your 
face youthrow them down killing it but you actually need to shoot it. Hopefully 
you shouldn't need to pick up any ammo yet, crawl through and kill the three 
gorillas and pick up all the ammo. When you're ready walk out on the hallway 
to make the boilers come, immediately run back to the vent and go in there. 
From there kill all boilers using the shotgun's secondary fire. Once you run 
out of ammo go back to the elevator where I said to leave that ammo. Pick the 
ammo up, go back to the vent and finish the job. Note you can't manual aim I 
guess this is because you're squish inside a vent, but the auto-lock and 
secondary fire will handle it.

Parker take no damage from Leapers:
Once you start the level get rid of the leapers, now before you turn the corner 
charge your razor fully and shoot at Parkers feet, from then on try your best
to get rid of the leapers. If your ammo runs out switch guns rather than 
reload, theres actually quite a bit of leapers here and they so love to jump 
on Parker's face...

Kill 3 Slipskulls using a thrown grenade:
When you enter the area, straight from the barracks, kill one of the two 
slipskulls on the cylindrical thing and two more will come. The easiest thing 
is to try to get them or wait for all of them to get on the cylinder thing, 
they've never done it for me... When I got mine I had all of them on the left 
wall (when looking in through the door you came through). Then I walked back 
up a bit and they stayed on the wall. I chucked the grenade at the middle one, 
from my position they were quite close so they were easy to hit... Make sure 
the grenade hits them otherwise it won't explode.
Part 3
Complete lab battle without collecting health capsules:
Do this on infected or easy mode, also when I did this I sort of treated this 
as a 'don't take any damage' in this way if I accidentally walk over any 
health capsules it'll say health full indicating I didn't pick up any of the 
capsules... Back to this, just watch out where you're walking especially 
around where Bouchard is as there are health capsules on either side of where 
she is standing (when she gives you the vial). Pretty standard, use your usual 
weapons on the enemies, try to save your auger ammo for the titan. Once the 
titan is gone you get the point. The annoying thing is that Raine doesn't know 
the meaning of taking cover >_> dumb broad, just watch out for her health :/

Kill all enemies in Lab using only the .303 Storm Rifle:
Once again do this on infected mode or easy. This can be very hard as you have 
to conserve ammo and such. After the first three gorillas, pick up some ammo 
before climbing the ladder up. Before getting the vial from Bouchard walk 
around the top so you know where the storm rifle's ammo are, you should see 
three boxes altogether. I think some of them will respawn, not too sure... 
Once again Bouchard's health goes down quite fast so watch out, save your 
secondary fire grenades for the end titan and again you get the point when the 
titan blows up. Note when the leapers came none of them jumped on my face thus 
none of them were thrown off, I'm not sure if this can affect you getting the 
skill point like the shotgun in the barracks one...

Kill Titan using only the XR-004 allure: 
Must unlock the weapon by collecting all Cloven Intel first. It's pretty easy, 
charge it up and keep stickying it. 

Part 4
Kill every Cloven:
Straigght after the 1st turret bit go back inside and use the Fareye, you can 
actually use the turret :D anyways kill the three cloven that show up on the 
walkway. If you kill the assault drones out the other way first you risk the 
the cloven moving too fast and reach it's shelter before you can do anything. 
So ignore the drones at the start and get the cloven first. After the cloven,  
kill the drones and the 4th and last cloven should appear on the roof of the 
building you just exited. You may have to wait a few seconds for it to appear. 
A little extra bit: go to where you shoot down the last cloven and you should 
find an intel :3

Kill 3 enemies using exploding barrels:
There are three barrels to do this so easy peasy, note it's kill three enemies 
in total, not three enemies with ONE barrel :D
Cartwright reaches the wreck site without taking damage:
Self-explanatory, the turret is the ****** single round per shot type, so aim 
carefully before you shoot. You only need to down some assault drones and 
Cartwright should then make his dash getting you the skill point.

* 3.4 Paris Catacombs *

Part 1
Kill every Cloven:
Before helping Mallery shoot the enemies at the start look to the right wall 
you should see a small hole near the ground, a cloven will come out later on. 
After clearing out the enemies including the gorilla behind the gate quickly 
go near the hole and shoot the cloven. I suggest shotgun, I tried the Fareye 
but it moved so bloody fast even during the slow down mode o_O The 2nd cloven 
is in the kitchen, so you're facing the gate the cloven will come out from a 
hole on the right wall when the gate closes down. Once again they move pretty 
fast!! The last cloven appears after the last enemy in the pillar room BUT just 
before the brute (fugly with minigun) appears. The cloven runs towards the 
desk where the gorilla shot the stereo beforehand. That is all three cloven.

Exit kitchen in under 45 seconds:
After you push the tomb out of the way, jump in and you have 45 seconds to get 
to a secret passageway on the left side at the end of the kitchen. I like to 
go in with a fully charged razor then, switch to weapons to take out enemies 
fast, shotgun, auger and/or other explosives are good. Once you're near the end 
you can bring out the LAARK and shoot them into the ground to explode and catch 
the enemies in the blast. When I did it I was shooting and running at the same 
time leaving some alive and killing just the ones in our way. Near the end look 
to your left and you have to crawl through the wall and that is when you should 
get the point.

Kill all enemies in pillar room from the ground floor:
Now this, this can be such a drag. You have to kill all enemies while inside 
pillar room... Sorry but I don't have a definitive strategy here, when I got it 
I did it by running around like a headless chook shooting everything. I know I 
jumped down into the room with my razor fully charged. Shotgun the 1st few 
assault drones and when the leapers come try to dispatch them first as they get 
really really annoying. While I'm running around I'm also picking up ammo and 
health. A lot of enemies pop out of nowhere here so blast everything. It didn't 
really help that I ran out of explosive weapons :/ You get the point once you 
kill the brute with the minigun.

R Palomares sent this in about the pillar room skill point:
First, switch to Razor (I already have BM003, but I bet it will work with 
BM001, too) and fully load the secondary weapon without exposing yourself. 
Then, hold the left button and walk into the pillar room ground looking 
directly to the guy with the WS gun (the perforator). As soon as you touch the 
ground, shoot to him (since the hybrid will move, I found it to work better if 
you make the blade to rebound on the floor, YMMV). It should kill him and a 
couple of regular hybrids, too.
After that, just find the gate to your right (where you can find a Clove intel) 
and hide after the corner. No enemy will enter there (not even the leapers), so 
all you need to do is to be careful to save your health and point and shoot to 
whichever enemy gets in front of it. It is still a bit more difficult than it 
sounds (you can't get health refill without going out and getting exposed, and 
everybody wants to greet you). :-)

I hope this helps others, I haven't tested this myself, haven't had the time :/ 
If someone does have something worth saying than email me, if not hope this new 
info helps :)

Part 2
Kill all Slipskulls using only the Fareye:
Self-explanatory, whenever you see any slipskulls bring out the Fareye. There 
shouldn't be any troubles about ammo as there are a few boxes spread around 
this level. Note there are 2 slipskulls in a hidden area, where the cloven 
attacks you there is a secret passageway on the left, much like the kitchen 
one... Last bunch of slipskulls show up after the armored titan is kaput. 

Escape the Crypt tunnel in less than 40 seconds:
This is the big curved tunnel * Crypt tunnel is the big curved thing (I think) 
use the chaingun, LAARK, shotty, BM003 and run like hell!

Survive the Temple Room without dying:
I've heard this starts after the one where the cloven attacks you. If it does 
start there you, you basically have to finish the level without dying. If you 
do, you have to restart the level from the beginning. Either way make your way 
through the curve and after the cutscene kill the gorilla. You can back track 
through the curved tunnel if you need any ammo, huzzah there's no enemies in 
this curve bit... Go back and climb up the broken stairs and 5 assault drones 
show up, shot gun them for ease or use what you want. After these will be a few 
slipskulls and further on another assault drone, a couple of gorillas and a 
heap load of leapers. Drop down a bit more to face an armored titan and some 
slipskulls and gorillas after that. At the top there will be a brute, kill it 
and you get the point. Whew!!

Part 3
Destroy all Drones using the Shotgun:
After killing the titan in the massive room, 3 assault drones will come out of 
the water, shot gun them. After the brutes there will be a few more drones once 
you enter the cave area. Keep moving forward and make sure to pick up the ammo 
on the right side of the door. Get your shotgun out and make your way through 
the circle doors. A whole bunch of drones will pop out, the skill point doesn't 
necessary say what kind of drones so I killed every drone I saw with a shotgun. 
If you're running out of ammo there is a pack near the rock ledge that will 
also give you some cover. Don't be afraid to use the shotgun's secondary fire. 
The last few drones are during the boss battle, after making it retreat the 
drones will first show up then. From then on drones will just keep coming so 
take care of them, don't worry about the drill for the moment, well besides 
dodging its gas... Just be careful you don't kill it with some other weapon :/ 
and you should get the skill point soon after...

Kill 2 Brutes while fighting from the temple stairs:
After finishing off the gorillas in the huge temple room two brutes (fuglies 
with minigun) with come. Go to the temple stairs, basically out in the open and 
use auger or your own chaingun with shields to get them.

Survive the Ramparts without using any turrets:
The area where you're going down on the ramps, just don't touch the turrets and 
use your normal weapons and this point is good as done. I suggest sniping most 
of them at the beginning and use shotgun to clear most of them out. You get the 
point just after jumping down from the broken stairs and the start of a scene.

Part 4
Kill all Steelheads using only the auger:
This one can be quite hard as the last two steelheads come at you with the 
hammer. Make sure you don't use your auger shield as rounds might reflect of it 
and hit the steelheads thus negating the skill point, to be clear steelheads 
are the gorillas that carry augers. Also once you defeat them go to where they 
die and pick up their auger ammo :D After the 1st brute two steelheads come out 
from the circular door. Around the top of the area where you have to press all 
these switches to move platforms and stuff there is one steelhead along with 
some attack drones. At the end of this area, when you press the last switch a 
elevator comes down with a brute and 2 steelheads on it. Use the auger to shoot 
through your cover to kill them and then deal with the brute. As you go up the 
elevator enemies will come out, on the final round two steelheads come out with 
a hammer. Finish them off and hopeful you get the point, I've heard that some 
people have trouble getting this to register :x

Kill all Leapers without destroying their Leaper Pods:
Self-explanatory just walk forward to allow them to burst and dispatch them 
normally. Back-track while shooting them if you need to, this shouldn't be too 

Kill both Titans within 4 seconds of each other:
This one can be quite tricky even on easy mode, as they come from either side 
of you and their BS weapon hits you no matter what >_< Try to get their back 
smoking together, when their backpacks are smoking try to get them together and 
use the LAARK on them or chuck grenades or even use the storm's secondary 
weapon i.e. grenade launcher. Do you want to make this so much easier, return 
with the magnum and then empty 1 chaingun on each titan, fire 3 magnum rounds 
on each titan and then detonate them all at once!! Easy peasy 

* 3.5 Chrysalis Lair *

Part 1
Stomp 15 enemies using the Hammer:
Just walk into the gorillas to crush them, get 15 and you got the point. You 
can also stomp on brutes but not titans. Also you can get the 15 throughout 
the level.

Kill 4 enemies with a single exploding Power Cell:
You should see some globe looking things on a stand near the edges of the path. 
Once you shoot them they explode hence you need to shoot them when you have 4 
enemies crowded around one. I normally get this right at the beginning, try to 
make the gorillas go near the exploding cell by walking to the right of them 
and 'push' them near the globe without stomping on them. When they're near the 
cell shoot it and you should get it. Another thing about doing this at the 
beginning is there are assault drones that can also get caught in the blast 
making your chances of getting 4 enemies a bit higher.

Destroy the Dropship using only the Hammer missiles:
Self-explanatory, just weave left and right to dodge, try to ensure your range 
of movement is spread out quite a bit. Also try not to backtrack as the 
missiles from the dropship will explode on the ground close to you hitting you. 
Aim carefully before you fire as well...

Part 2
Kill the turret operator using a hand grenade:
This is in the 1st area, there's a gorilla on a turret right from the start. 
After dispatching all enemies besides the turret try to get under it and throw 
grenades up. You have to be careful and only move out into the open when it's 
not firing. Throwing it directly at it won't work, you kind of have to it so 
hits the back wall and drop down on the gorilla. You only have three grenades 
for this too...

Kill the Armored Titan near the ice breaker using the Shotgun:
The titan is actually the 2nd, it comes after the gorillas and assault drones 
are destroyed. Use only the shotgun to kill it, dodge and do usual stuff to 
kill the titan, just make sure all hits that the titan receives are shotgun 
shells. I used 6 of the shotgun's secondary fire to bring it down, it's not 
terribly hard. Note there is some ammo at the near where you come out from the 
water if you need it.

Rush up ramp and kill Roland without stunning him:
You have to lower all three bridge parts without stunning him. Run to a switch 
and face Mallery then set your shield up. Quickly get the switch down as his 
ammo can pierce through the shield. After getting each switch, assault drones 
come out, use the shotgun to easily dispatch them. When you pressing 'X' to 
turn the switch you can get hit out out of it if too much of Mallery's auger 
hits you. Once you have got all three bridge down go up and finish him off, 
stupid frog.

Ironspider had this to say about the above skill point:
On Chrysalis Lair River Approach (area 2) the third skill point to rush up the 
ramp without stunning Roland is unlocked if you stun him to press the switch 
so long as you leave him be after the three ramps are set.
i.e. So guys you can stun while lowering the ramp but not after it is lowered!!

Part 3
Take no damage during the elevator ride: 
This one can take a few tries :/ I suggest to start from the location select, 
so you can have some LAARK ammo (you may have used it up previously by the time 
you get here if you're doing story mode). While the elevator is going up, just 
before the enemy comes out from each door shoot a LAARK and stop it in mid-air 
and explode when the enemies come out. This takes a bit of practise to gauge 
the distance but if done properly it is real easy. So try to use a LAARK for 
the 1st three, if there is a gorilla still alive, quickly get the chaingun out 
and put up the shield. I don't think you actually need to kill them but can't 
risk them shooting us. By the time you get to the brutes you should have one 
more LAARK left, use it with the same strategy and you only need one clip of 
chaingun to finish them off, well I was lucky enough to... You get the point 
when you reach the top. I've heard some people like to use the Fareye for all 
the gorillas, it can be done but do my way if you want a challenge :D

Kill any Titan using his own weapon: 
Like what it says, you need to reflect the titan's cannon back to it and to do 
that you have to use the auger shield. You can actually weaken it first, just 
make a judgment how much punishment you can do to the titan without killing 
the beast. Then put up the shield to reflect the shot that will kill it. Once 
it explodes you get the point. Note you can do this with any titan in this 
level, I did mine after the 2 angel boss bottle. I shot all my LAARKs and the 
explosion killed the boilers as well :D

Take no damage from the Mother in the First 2 minutes: 
This is actually very easy once you know which place to hide, just like that 
skill point with the two titans near the start of the game. At the beginning 
get the auger, use the shield whenever you need to. When the battle starts you 
won't have enough time to swim up to the top without getting harmed, so use 
your shield to protect you 1st. After the 1st escape sequence swim all the way 
up to the top and hide there, its shot will always misses, however it will 
still get you with its suction attack. Just repeat and you should get the point 
in no time.

Part 4
Kill the Chrysalis using only the Fareye FR-1:
There should be a box of Fareye ammo around this level, find it and keep track 
of where it is. Try to make it so you have a full clip before you turn one of 
those beams on her. Note that the assault drones and titans can be killed with 
other weapons and all the ammo in this level are infinite :D 

Kill the Chrysalis in less than 4 minutes:
I'm not sure what other people did but I actually used the Fareye for this, for 
everytime she got stunned I could unload 8 shots from the Fareye (using it's 
secondary function, the slo-mo. I basically remembered where the Fareye, 
shotgun and LAARK ammo were and the good thing is they weren't spread out that 
far. I used shotgun to get the drones when they were near and used auger when 
they were far away. LAARK for the two titans and I actually aimed for the 
structure that houses the beam i.e. I purposely hit the wall so the explosion 
catches the two titans and they went down pretty quickly by this way. When I 
was shooting the drones and titans, I knew where the ammo for the shotgun and 
LAARK respectively were. What I do is I fire a few rounds walk forward to get 
the ammo, this way you pick it up and get full ammo, rather than waste time 
reloading, step back and the ammo will spawn again ready to be picked up again 
repeating these steps. I timed myself and I just killed it with barely a few 
seconds to spare... 

SlayerOfHellWyrm had this to say about the above skill point:
The easiest way of killing the Chryssalis in under 4 minutes is with a Razor, 
LAARK, Longbow, artillery platform combo. First find the Longbow ammo and stay 
in that are going right and left and back and forth. As long as you step onto 
then off of the Longbow ammo it will continually respawn. Next hammer the ***** 
with repeated shots of the LAARK and Longbow as needed to lower her health. The 
Longbow really comes into play now as when she puts up her shield you don't 
have to worry about artillery platform as if you hit her with the Longbow, the 
shield will be instantly destroyed and then you can fire off the artillery 
shell to do a lot of damage. Then when she leaves charge up a nice Razor Alt. 
and get ready to use it on a drone. If you wait for them to cluster together 
you can down up to 3 or 4 at at time. Continue this pattern for the first 2 
rounds then use the LAARK on the Titans that will appear  on the third round, 
and if your low/ far from LAARK rockets pop up the Auger Alt. to blast back 
their shots. Using this I managed to kill the Chryssalis in 1:13 at my fastest.

Use at least 8 different weapons to kill the Chrysalis:
Use the grenades first, if you miss all three restart, so not to waste time if 
you miss with the grenades if you do it later. Also I found that it's easier to 
hit with the grenades at the beginning...I'm postive you have to hit Big B with 
the weapon for it to be counted, so don't fire when it's got its shield up... 
Besides that this skill point is easy.

SlayerOfHellWyrm had this to say about the above skill point:
The first are really easy just shoot her with the .303 then the Razor, a LAARK 
and then she will probably put up a shield. When she puts up the shield you 
have to be fast. Shoot the shield with one longbow to break it then a second 
to count as a hit. Next quickly hit her with the hand grenade and as she is hit 
by it, hit her with the plasma. By now she'll be flying off so I like to stick 
her with an HE shot and switch to the Allure. When you switch to the Allure the 
HE shot will explode and count as a hit. IF your good enough now you can very 
quickly charge an Allure grenade and stick her with it. That's already 8 of the 
12 weapons. The next phase when she is back is quite easy. Immediately hit her 
with some shots from the Chaingun followed by the Auger. REMEMBER DON"T SHOOT 
style so you don't waste time then follow that up with the Shrotflinte, and yes 
this means getting close. Now your done. It's possible to do this in as little 
as 2:30 which means you can also get the "Kill the Chryssalis In Under 4 
Minutes" skill point at the same time. 

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R Palomares

If any of you guys see this by chance, pease don't be pissed that I didn't ask 
you. I couldn't post on the board and ask you guys as I had no PSN and all that 

I took most of their tips and blended it with mine. Thanks for their help in 
listing tips that helped me finish my skill points off, I had like a few to go 
and their help definitely helped. I have to say there weren't any help listed 
by them on the obvious skill points, so I fleshed it out and gave them some 
step by step aid which originated from me.

Thanks everybody at Gamefaqs, from admin making the site it is and all the 
looney poozers around that make the site what it is. Cheers everybody!!  

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