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Level Help Answers Last Answer
How to get up with Mallery's help? 1 7 years ago

Plot/Storyline Help Answers Last Answer
Grayson become infected? 1 7 years ago
What are the cloven? 10 9 years ago
How did grayson become infected? 1 9 years ago
Any significant changes in story/alternate ending for Infected mode? 3 9 years ago
Ending?? 1 10 years ago

Other Help Answers Last Answer
Where can i buy the jacket which Grayson wears? 1 7 years ago
Infected Mode Add-On? 1 7 years ago
Why isn't RR available on the PSN? 2 7 years ago
Is this a good multiplayer game for the PSP? Does it have a strong community? 2 7 years ago
How inaproprioteis the partial nudity in this game? 2 7 years ago
Plasma Grenades & HE .44 Magnum? 1 7 years ago
Can I put Walkthrough Arabic Language here? 2 7 years ago
I bought resistance for my psp? 1 8 years ago
Where are all the Cloven on Area 01 of Luxembourg? 2 8 years ago
Does multiplayer support bot setup? if so, how many? 1 8 years ago
Resistance retribution 2? 1 8 years ago
Infected skin? 2 9 years ago
Can Someone Please "Infect my Game's Savedata" so I can get 100% Intel? 1 9 years ago
Can someone here post a savedata for the europe version that works?? 1 9 years ago
On online play how do you dance or do actions? 1 10 years ago
How can I go to the infrastructure mode of this game? They always state that I have 2 register in the playstationnetwork 4 10 years ago
Can i unlock weapons without PS3? 2 10 years ago
Sony Mic? 4 10 years ago
Can someone list were all the intel is? 2 10 years ago
What do we get for beating the game? 4 10 years ago
Where can i get save data for this game? 7 10 years ago
Does the infected mode can be use for all version? 1 10 years ago
How do you get infected mode? Mine didnt come with the booklet 1 10 years ago
Is this game mic compatible? 1 9 years ago
What do you unlock for earning all the Skill Points in a particular location? 3 9 years ago
Chrysalis Liar Intel? 2 9 years ago
What is the difference? 2 9 years ago
Infected intel? 1 10 years ago
Do I need a PS3 to get every bit of Intel? 2 10 years ago
When your online how do you kick someone from a game? 1 10 years ago
Someone have (save data in usa version)? 1 10 years ago
How can i pass unlock skill point in Rotterdam part 2? 1 10 years ago
Are the intel and skill points different in infected mode? 1 10 years ago
Can someone list all the ranks online? 1 10 years ago
This intel thing in construction zone? 1 10 years ago
How long does infected mode last? 3 10 years ago
Skill Points? 2 10 years ago

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