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  1. Hi, this is just after the elevator ride up/corridor (I think that this is level 20 or so).

    I have been really close to getting both using the LAARK at first followed by the chain gun, but can't finish either one of them off, much less both). I basically run out of ammo and/or health just before I got them! 8-(

    I have been stuck for weeks!

    Someone said to try the secondary attacks with the laark, but I haven't tried that yet.

    I haven't really had too much trouble up until this point, but these two flyers have me stumped.

    (I can't even play any other game in the psp, it's been stuck on RR for weeks because I can't make it up to the next save point and I don't want to have to do the part I've finished over!)

    Any suggestions? Thanks!


    User Info: Piesia

    Piesia - 9 years ago
  2. By bazooka do you mean the LAARK ammo scattered around? I've found that, but I'm having trouble taking care of the two fliers, even with that. Thanks for your response! P.

    User Info: Piesia

    Piesia - 9 years ago
  3. >Stupid there is LAARk ammo that never runs out there

    I will ignore the rude comment as troll bait, actually the LAARK ammo DOES run out...

    User Info: Piesia

    Piesia - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. What you should try doing is to use the LAARK ammo on one of those guys until they drop beneath you then you focus on the other creature until that creature falls because the one you were fighting would have it's shield up so it would be no use trying. Once they both have fallen down move back towards the entrance where you came from because when I did that they came up to me and they put their shields down to attack. When their shields were down I use my BM001 at full power from the secondary button so that it will hit both creatures. Try that but if it doesn't work then do the same thing but use LAARK ammo with the secondary button.

    User Info: Killers100

    Killers100 - 9 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. There Is A bazooka droped nearby

    User Info: PSP_boy_LTD

    PSP_boy_LTD - 9 years ago 0   0

  2. Stupid there is LAARk ammo that never runs out there

    User Info: ChinoManopreno

    ChinoManopreno - 9 years ago 0   1

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