How do I beat bouchard on the level where she becomes an alien?

  1. Any tactics please i always get killed by her electric thing?

    User Info: pacmanslayer

    pacmanslayer - 10 years ago

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  1. Only thing I have come up with is to just keep running around the circular level, she stops using it fairly quickly and you are more or less faster than her. In the meantime, I wouldn't recommend you try to shoot her if she gets the attack off. If she is about to use it and you are near one of the laser cannons you can use it to stop her either before or after she starts using it.

    User Info: Valerias

    Valerias - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. The best strategy i found was to find all retribution intel and get the longbow 1s-1k this is as powerful as the guns used to shatter her shield, shoot her then charge up the next shot take out your razor (or chaingun) and kill the drones, after that she will come back shoot her again with a longbow shot then charge it up again and shoot. The droids will come back, so shoot them with either the chaingun or razor, she will finally come back, after that destroy her shield then kill her with one final shot from the longbow, if you do this correctly you will not even see her electrical thing, or any other attack for that matter. Or if you do not want to spend your time getting the longbow, go to this website, it has tactics for all levels and all intel locations for every level so you can get all intel if you want. here it is :

    User Info: RatchetNBellic

    RatchetNBellic - 10 years ago 0   0

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