What are the cloven?

  1. A new chimera?

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  1. The cloven are actually i think mutations from a vaccine created by a friend of doctor claude bouchard at first the vaccine seemed to work but there was a side effect resulting in the cloven

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  2. The Cloven are Chimera that Malikov (R2) experimented on.

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  3. The Cloven are Russian soldiers that were inoccualted with a Crawler vaccine, created by Dr. Malikov, a friend of Raine Bouchard's father. This vaccine was created in order to counter the Chimera threat from Siberia.

    The vaccine protected the soldiers from all Chimera infections for nearly two years. However, side-effects included horrible nightmares. Eventually after two years, the vaccine transformed the soldiers, mutating them and creating a hive mind between groups of them. Regardless of their insanity, the Cloven use a complex language in order to communicate, and hold onto trinkets from their past as keepsakes, including uniforms and jukeboxes playing a Russian folksong "Down the Volga". (As seen in-game through several Cloven lairs/chambers)

    Chimera avoid Cloven, as they are genetically related. Cloven are part human, part Chimera.

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  4. They are not a new type of chimera The Cloven are one of several experiments that Dr. Fyodor Malikov worked with using Pure Chimeran DNA. Though they did not physically change into a Chimera, the psychological stresses of their Chimeran condition drove the Cloven insane. The Cloven were able to hold on to their individuality, and as a result have traits of both Chimera (Inhuman noises, parts of their DNA, eating their dead) and humans (appearance, Russian dialect). However, the Cloven have no known alliance with either group, and are hostile to both.

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  5. Coven are mutated russian soldiers

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  6. the Cloven are acually humens but(just like wat happened to bouchard she said shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... and her eyes turned yellow so she in the first step into becoming into a cloven) injected by the bouchards father because he was making the serum to kill the chimeara carreirs.

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  7. The cloven are basically soldiers that have been experimented on and became part human and part chimera

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  8. The cloven are hybrids of human and Chimera caused by an antidote gone wrong. Dr. Malikov created them himself, during some experiments involving the Chimera. It was because of his "success" in Russia that he was transferred to the American Chimeran virus experimentation program, known as "Project Abraham". He then continued his work, thus creating "The Sentinels".

    Notes : "The Sentinels", are soldiers that are infected with the Chimeran virus, but keep it under control with special inhibitors and are thus able to reap the benefits.

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  9. I am afraid you got that one wrong Fantas, sort of. I have not played the multiplayer, so I don't know about that. But the 'Cloven' and the 'Chimera' are two different....I suppose sides altogether.

    That question actually hasn't been answered yet. There is speculation that they are the chimera's old enemies (doubt it), early experiments of russian origin; as out lined in quite a few Resistance 2 questions, and things like that. But personally.....I think they are some what of evolved chimera. Bear with me. Like humans and apes, they evolved. Though the 'apes' or 'gurillas' as referred to by grayson (yes, I know it could just be idle chatter) just still have the tech(thier sticks and stones of our time). I believe the cloven may remember parts of their human lives (not humanity); but only what was important or significant to them (out lined by the paintings, music, and few references in what intel I've gathered so far); only with chimeran 'tendincies' and not their exact behavior (unequaled violence). Like humans and apes they live apart but in fair harmony (not all out war). Now look at the chimeran visage. Large sharp teeth, some got claws, and some (like the titan) are incredibly large and strong. Don't need all that when you can put a bullet in your foe (like us they evolved out the unneeded in favor of inteligence and invention). But thats not all. It's more like their animal kingdom; hybrids-apes, marauders-elephants, sirens-sharks, titans-gurillas (much larger and stronger than the other apes), and so on. Then there is their 'human' element still in its primal stages.

    Please don't take this as fact as this is only speculation on my part. The part about the cloven and the chimera being two seperate 'sides' is true, however (supported by the intel you find called "Cloven lore: Leben Geist" that you find with the two bodies behind the security bunker in the construction zone). Please note the repeated hints about what I believe may be the chimera's old enemy the "Leben Geist" could come up in a sequel on either the PS3 or the PSP. Also note the military jeep in the chimeran dug trench that doesn't have much for battle damage. I'm thinking more to the cloven than just the music, huh.

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  10. So the cloven are actually zombies.

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