Where can I find the marquis intel in the`paris catacombs?

  1. Its probably in the 2nd or 3rd stage

    User Info: hasgdjasg

    hasgdjasg - 10 years ago


  1. Maquis Paris Catacombs #1 : In this first area you'll have to fight off several waves of enemies. Mallery will help you out. Most of them will attack from above you. When the area is clear equip your shotgun then use the chain to open the gate. But before you'll open gate turn back, and in a wall of front of you behind left pillar you find a passage, inside you'll find Draco's Dog-Tags Intel

    Maquis Paris Catacombs #2 : In the fourth area you'll find yourself in a long tunnel. There are leaper pods in the first section, (Kill all Leapers without destroying the Leaper Pods) so you can either destroy the pods or let the leapers attack you. If you kill all the leapers without destroying their pods you'll get a skill point. Move forward to a hole in the ground, jump through it and kill as fast as is possible two Cloven. Fight your way up to the door but don't go through it, go to your right to the end, and you find a metal grid on the floor, lift it and there is a If You Hear the Cloven Intel
    Credits all to Darth-RX

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  2. Maquis Paris Cattacombs #3: In the lower tunnels after the cloven attacks you there will be a latter, ignore that and look to your right, there will be a little thing that you can crawl under, go under and there will be chimera kill them, then go to where you see ledges(they're to your left) climb up and there's the intel.

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  3. Dumbass FAQs

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