How do you get infected mode? Mine didnt come with the booklet

  1. How to get infected mode

    User Info: lotus_ninja

    lotus_ninja - 10 years ago

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  1. Well, you'll need A) a PS3, B) a copy of Resistance 2, and C) a USB cable (standard to mini). Assuming you have all these things, boot up R2 and head to the Options menu. You should see an option for "Connect PSP." Upon selecting this, the game will begin scanning for a copy of Retribution. Fire up Retribution and connect your PSP to your PS3 via USB. Shortly after Retribution reaches its title screen, you should recieve the option on your PS3 to either "Infect" the PSP or activate "PSP Plus" mode. Select "Infect" and presto!

    User Info: HyperGamer128

    HyperGamer128 - 10 years ago 3   0

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