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  1. This game is awesome in all it's aspects, though I almost threw my PSP out the window because of the hordes of enemies. Yes, this game has one minus:
    later in the game the enemies are way to many for you to face them with few ammo (even on the easy mode). This aspect wasn't quite well balanced by the creators.
    So, back to my question:
    Is there a safer way to defeat the final boss - besides the parts when you have to activate a certain switch to laser her brains out (a few times, I guess)? The waves of drones between the boss fight/switch activation are way to many and you have no time to rest what so ever, plus your running is way to slow for their cross fire, plus the shield weapon lasts so little even whit the upgraded weapon.

    User Info: infinitycomic

    infinitycomic - 10 years ago

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  1. Here is my method.
    Go through the first Chrysylis fight round with the LAARK. You can use the auger shield (they regenerate quickly enough) as a 'safe zone' just as long as you don't shoot anything but the auger from inside. When the drones come out use the (advanced) auger to kill them. Your shield will most likely run out before they are done; so switch to the chain gun before it actually cuts out (use its shield). Please note to use the auger first simply becuase of its 'backlash' function. Now before you continue your attack on the chrysylis, GET AMMO! Rinse and repeat.
    Now, when the two titans come out use the auger first. Even up close use the shield and stay in it (obviously), but I mean even when they are in your face. They will smash the ground but not hurt you. When out of auger ammo use the chaingun then shotgun (double shot stuns them) if necessary. Then just finish her off.
    1) keep moving, her attacks are slow and only really damage you if you stay still
    2) don't go across the small bridge, you go to slow
    3) the BM003 is fairly effective against the titans as well
    4) use the menu weapon select and auger shield as much as possible

    When using this method, I find that I was only damaged minorly by the drones only.

    User Info: King_DAR

    King_DAR - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. That's the best way to beat the boss right there. You'll just have to fight through those waves of enemies and activate those switches. Always use the LAARK to attack her when she's vulnerable. There are plenty of health capsules and ammo lying around so it shouldn't be too big of a problem, especially if you're playing on easy.

    User Info: OblivionRising

    OblivionRising - 10 years ago 0   0

  2. Another thing to note is that when she use her green orb attack similar to the hag one you can reflected it back with the upgraded auger and if she has a shield up it will go away. Also if you use your auger sheild on her death laser it will protect you for a second or so before getting destroy by it which is useful when a switch becomes a vailable near you but the laser is going the opposite way.

    User Info: supersonicrules

    supersonicrules - 10 years ago 0   0

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