Where can i get save data for this game?

  1. I want find save data for jap. version of this game.
    please give me link where i can download it.

    User Info: web0worm

    web0worm - 10 years ago
  2. you know, i just want all bonus videos and weapons, and i'm just too lazy to unlock them with myselfXD

    User Info: web0worm

    web0worm - 10 years ago


  1. What the above 2 said, save the grammatical error of the first poster

    However, your best bet is to either wait for somebody to upload one, or go to some sort of psp related forum (or a friend if they happen to have the game) and request a gamesave

    User Info: Darkriku666

    Darkriku666 - 10 years ago 3   1
  2. Well eventually u can get it here but why dont u play the game u lame-o theres no prize for getting all the games and not playing them.

    User Info: COD4_Supreme

    COD4_Supreme - 10 years ago 2   0
  3. What he said, and its waaaaayyyyy to early to look for gamesaves. So you can either beat it through (it's not that hard) or be patient and wait 2 or 3 weeks.

    User Info: EskimoBob2020

    EskimoBob2020 - 10 years ago 2   2
  4. I don't see why you'd go out and spend all the money on the game if you aren't going to take on the challenges with in it. Even if that is just unlocking all the bonuses.

    User Info: joho1

    joho1 - 10 years ago 0   0
  5. I want find save data for usa version of this game please ?

    User Info: gersongamer1

    gersongamer1 - 10 years ago 0   0
  6. It's a lot funner to play it yourself >_>

    User Info: xXxVengeancexXx

    xXxVengeancexXx - 10 years ago 2   3
  7. The only reason you should want a save is for Infected mode. Other than that you haveno reason for wanting one

    User Info: ronaldofan2862

    ronaldofan2862 - 10 years ago 0   1

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