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FAQ/Walkthrough by deathfisaro

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/19/09


                                   Patapon 2


 Table of contents                                                       [TABL]

 You can use search to navigate, no need to include [], just 4 letters will do
As for navigating MSxx-1 and MSxx-2 missions, you can just use MSxx (e.g. MS09)
or include -1 or -2 to target more specifically.

-Table of contents                                                       [TABL]

-Between Patapon 1 and Patapon 2                                         [PT12]
  =Readers who played Patapon 1                                          [PPT1]
  =New players                                                           [PPT2]

-Difficulties                                                            [DFCT]

-Hero Mode and Just Timing                                               [HMJT]

-Basic Controls                                                          [CTRL]

-Multiplayer                                                             [MTPL]

-Walkthrough                                                             [WKTR]
  =Opening                                                               [MS-1]
  =Prologue: Return of the God                                           [MS00]
  =Mission 1-1: Hunting on Totchira Shore                              [MS01-1]
  =Mission 1-2: Hunting on Totchira Shore (Stormy weather)             [MS01-2]
  =Mission 2-1: Search the Jaja Jungle                                 [MS02-1]
  =Mission 2-2: Training: Destroy the obstacles and reach the goal     [MS02-2]
  =Mission 3-1: Fateful encounter at Nanjaro Hills                     [MS03-1]
  =Mission 3-2: Training: Practice of Attack and Defense               [MS03-2]
  =Mission 4-1: Creature defending the Bud of Mater                    [MS04-1]
  =Mission 4-2: Giant Dragon Dodonga of Dongara Ruins                  [MS04-2]
  =Mission 4-3: Fog!! Giant Dragon of Fortitude Appears                [MS04-3]
  =Mission 4-4: Ultimate Giant Dragon Appears!!                        [MS04-4]
  =Mission 5-1: Usso Forest's Kamen Fortress Siege                     [MS05-1]
  =Mission 5-2: Usso Forest's Kamen Fortress Siege                     [MS05-2]
  =Mission 6-1: The Man dies twice                                     [MS06-1]
  =Mission 6-2: Mushroom shroom shroom Nyokiri Swamp                   [MS06-2]
  =Mission 6-3: Mushroom shroom shroom Nyokiri Swamp                   [MS06-3]
  =Mission 7-1: Revenge of the Motiti                                  [MS07-1]
  =Mission 7-2: Angry Monster Bird Motititi                            [MS07-2]
  =Mission 8: Gong's test                                                [MS08]
  =Mission 9-1: An invisible hand                                      [MS09-1]
  =Mission 9-2: Monster Sentura hidden in the fog                      [MS09-2]
  =Mission 10-1: Decisive Battle! GongRock Mountain                    [MS10-1]
  =Mission 10-2: Magical fog surrounding a rock mountain               [MS10-2]
  =Mission 11-1: Protector of Dachara Ruins                            [MS11-1]
  =Mission 11-2: Fearful tentacle monster Darachura                    [MS11-2]
  =Mission 12-1: Fortress of Edgege Cliff                              [MS12-1]
  =Mission 12-2: Fortress of Edgege Cliff                              [MS12-2]
  =Mission 13: Sky protected by cloud demon Fuaramanta                   [MS13]
  =Mission 14: The sky castle where God lives                            [MS14]
  =Mission 15-1: Watchtower and two Kamen                              [MS15-1]
  =Mission 15-2: Rage of the lamb and its mother in Bryoon Snowfield   [MS15-2]
  =Mission 16-1: Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins                           [MS16-1]
  =Mission 16-2: Giant God of natural power Dogaeen                    [MS16-2]
  =Mission 17-1: Great Ice Wall breakage operation                     [MS17-1]
  =Mission 17-2: Great Ice Wall breakage operation                     [MS17-2]
  =Mission 18-1: Defeat the frozen ancient creature Mamboss            [MS18-1]
  =Mission 18-2: Giant Elephant of Kochikachi Lake Mamboss             [MS18-2]
  =Mission 19: Shiny Star and Black Star                                 [MS19]
  =Mission 20-1: An ancient tusk at Mambo Ruins                        [MS20-1]
  =Mission 20-2: The oldest existing protector Mamboross               [MS20-2]
  =Mission 21-1: Memory freed by the gate to the Netherworld           [MS21-1]
  =Mission 21-2: Fight to the death against Demon Gate Bababan         [MS21-2]
  =Mission 22: Ground Zero                                               [MS22]
  =Mission 23-1: Evil Mind at the border of the world                  [MS23-1]
  =Mission 23-2: Garl, servant of the Netherworld                      [MS23-2]
  =Mission 24-1: Phoenix at Merara Volcano                             [MS24-1]
  =Mission 24-2: Fire Bird Phoeniti                                    [MS24-2]
  =Mission 25: Past the Kolaakan Desert                                  [MS25]
  =Mission 26-1: Giant creature at Kolaakan Desert                     [MS26-1]
  =Mission 26-2: Zaknel, king of the desert                            [MS26-2]
  =Mission 27: Mystery of the desert's sandstorm                         [MS27]
  =Mission 28-1: Struggle for Ekkora Oasis                             [MS28-1]
  =Mission 28-2: Struggle for Ekkora Oasis                             [MS28-2]
  =Mission 29: Kamen country and three god generals                      [MS29]
  =Mission 30-1: Protector of Mechaku Jungle                           [MS30-1]
  =Mission 30-2: Patapon eating plant Shookle                          [MS30-2]
  =Mission 31: Great Despair                                             [MS31]
  =Mission 32: Retrieve the Zigoton catapult!                            [MS32]
  =Mission 33: God general of shield Nomen                               [MS33]
  =Mission 34: God general of spear Kimen                                [MS34]
  =Mission 35: God general of staff Hookmen                              [MS35]
  =Mission 36-1: Protector of the Kneknell                             [MS36-1]
  =Mission 36-2: Mighty Dokaknel                                       [MS36-2]
  =Mission 37-1: Arc to the Great Hope                                 [MS37-1]
  =Mission 37-2: True arc to the Great Hope                            [MS37-2]
  =Mission 38-1: Angry claw of Guguchoppa Ruins                        [MS38-1]
  =Mission 38-2: Scorching claw Cioking                                [MS38-2]
  =Mission 39: Promise!? Rescue Meden!!                                  [MS39]
  =Mission 40-1: New weapon from the Netherworld                       [MS40-1]
  =Mission 40-2: Netherworld's war machine Cannogears                  [MS40-2]
  =Mission 41-1: Farewell, Black Hoshipon                              [MS41-1]
  =Mission 41-2: Zugagan Modified, the Netherworld's tank              [MS41-2]
  =Mission 42-1: Fight against the true superweapon living fortress    [MS42-1]
  =Mission 42-2: Living Fortress Cannodears                            [MS42-2]
  =Mission 43: Once UPON a Time in PATA-Pole                             [MS43]
  =Mission 44-1: Archdevil that devastates the Patapons                [MS44-1]
  =Epilogue                                                              [EPLG]
  =Mission 44-2: Archdevil of cursed mask Dettan Kamen                 [MS44-2]
  =Mission 45-1: Grey Rainbow and the rear side of the face            [MS45-1]
  =Mission 45-2: Archdevil of the other side mask Zuttan Kamen         [MS45-2]

-Item Database                                                           [ITDB]
  =Drum                                                                  [ITD1]
  =Miracle                                                               [ITD2]
  =Hidden Ruin Access Key                                                [ITD3]
  =Song                                                                  [ITD4]
  =Memory                                                                [ITD5]

-Materials Database                                                      [MTDB]
  =Meat                                                                  [MTD1]
  =Hide                                                                  [MTD2]
  =Fang                                                                  [MTD3]
  =Bone                                                                  [MTD4]
  =Ore                                                                   [MTD5]
  =Wood                                                                  [MTD6]
  =Vegetable                                                             [MTD7]
  =Seed                                                                  [MTD8]
  =Alloy                                                                 [MTD9]
  =Liquid                                                                [MTDA]

-Rarepon Database                                                        [RPDB]

-Frequently Asked Questions                                              [FAQS]

-Histroy                                                                 [HSTR]


 Between Patapon 1 and Patapon 2                                         [PT12]


 Patapon 2 is a direct sequel to the first game, Patapon 1. You'll have a
relatively easy time in this game if you've played Patapon 1 (and even more so
if you still have the save file from the previous game). But at the same time,
Patapon 2 is designed so that people who never played the first game can still
have fun.

 -Readers who played Patapon 1

 If you have your save file from the previous game, you can have some stuffs
carry over. On the other hand, you can choose not to carry over anything and 
start a fresh game as if you've never played the first game.

 All materials and Ka-ching (Charin) carry over. Some of your equipments
carry over but you need to unlock them. Also if you had rarepons in the save,
you can jump-evolve to that rarepon.

 For example, if you had Mogyoon Yaripons and Barsala Tatepons, you can 
evolve your Yaripons directly into Mogyu (still need to pay for it) and 
your Tatepons directly into Sabara. This saves all the trouble of unlocking
intermediate ranks to reach your desired rank.

 You'd be delighted to know that EVERYTHING from Patapon 2 demo carry over to
the main game. You can transfer your Patapon 1 stuff either to the demo and 
then to the main game, or directly to the main game. You'll get a bonus item 
for finishing the demo so if you're a completionist go ahead.

 You may think the game will become pushover if you have stuffs carry over from
the previous game or you've gained some serious rhythmical skill playing it. 
Should you feel that way, try the hard mode. Note that you can change the 
difficulty during the game.

 -New Players

 The game recommends you that you play in Easy mode when you first start the 
game. You can change the difficulty at will, so I'd also recommend that you
start with easy and then move up the difficulty ladder.

 I also recommend you to play the demo first to get a feel of what this game is
like. If you fall in deep love, you may want to pick up the first game as well.
You'll have better understanding of the story and characters, also you'll 
likely to have a better Patapon 2 game experience by playing the first one.

 Check out my Patapon 1 FAQ/Walkthrough if you want:


 Difficulties                                                            [DFCT]


 Patapon 2 has three difficulties. The difficulty can be changed in Patapolis
at will, so feel free to experiment and find your right difficulty.

 Easy : Timing of beats become very forgiving. Hero mode procs after one set of
        "just timings."

 Normal : About the same as the previous game if you've played it. A good 
          difficulty for both new and returning players. Hero mode procs after
          one set of "just timings."

 Hard : Timing becomes strict. But the real difference is that the number of
        sets of "just timings" needed for Hero mode is three. Combined with
        more strict timing, many people will have trouble facing the first boss
        in this difficulty.

 My walkthrough will be based on my experience of playing on hard difficulty.
Just so that everyone knows the missions can be beaten on ANY difficulty.


 Hero Mode and Just Timing                                               [HMJT]


 While the key to the success in the first game is Fever mode, the key to the
success in this game is the use of your Hero.

 Heroes can take any class and rank of patapons, and have a unique ability
called Hero mode based on its class. To activate Hero mode, you'll need to 
perform a set of just timings.

 Just timing is when you beat the drum (press a button) perfectly on beat. If
you drum four consecutive valid just timings, that's a "set" of just timings.

 If your combo is 3 or above, a set of just timings will get you into Fever
mode. In Fever mode, 1~3 sets of just timings (depending on difficulty) will 
activate Hero mode EXCEPT the march command.

 Note that in Hard difficulty, Just Timed March command will count towards the
first two sets, but it will not activate Hero Mode.

 For example, Just Timed March + Just Timed March + Just Timed non-March
command activates Hero mode in Hard difficulty. But 3 Just Timed Marches in a
row will not.

 Also two Just Timed commands in a row where the second command is a 
non-March command will allow you to activate Hero mode in two sets instead
of three.

 In order to keep Fever mode going, you need to have at least one Just Timing
in each set. Failing to do so will create a skull next to the Fever meter and
if you perform two consecutive sets without Just Timing, you'll lose the 
Fever. If you frequently lose Fever mode because of this, you can either 
lower the difficulty, or simply practice more.

 The list of Hero mode attacks depending on class are at the end of the guide.
Use the table of contents to skip there.

 You can sustain Hero mode as long as you keep entering Just Timed non-March
commands. Except on one occassion, that is right after you activate Hero mode.
You can spend this time marching, so that you can get Hero in better position
to deal more damage.


 Basic Controls                                                          [CTRL]


 In Patapolis, you navigate using L and R keys.

 In Obelisk mission selection screen, you can look around with L and R keys and
move with left and right d-pad buttons.

 Mission preparation screen which appears after you choose a mission offers 
various useful features.

 Patapons selection: You can select an empty space to add a group of Patapons 
                     or press square to empty a space.
 Equipment selection: You can choose triangle on a group of Patapons to go into
                      equipment selection menu. You can choose the rank of 
                      Patapons along with their equipment and order of 
                      individual Patapons within the group.
 Help: Press SELECT in equipment selection to get a help on what each stats 
       means. There is no retire option in Patapon 2.
 Miracle selection: Available after you obtain a miracle, you can equip only
                    one miracle in the big round spot underneath Hatapon.
 Embarking on a mission: Press START at Patapon selection screen.

 The difficulty of multiplayer is set close to Normal. You only need one
set of Just Timed command to activate Hero mode. The timing window is not as
strict as Hard but not as forgiving as Easy either.


 Multiplayer                                                             [MTPL]


 You can play multiplayer with other people once you get your Hero and unlock

 There are four options:
 Play alone (Single Player)
 Carry a mysterious egg (Host a multiplayer game)
 Join an adventure (Join a multiplayer game)
 Game sharing (Play with PSP users without Patapon 2 game)

 Demos and full versions are not compatible with each other. All players can
get dropped items and kachings, but only the host can get the item from the egg
. So it is a basic etiquette to take turns hosting a game.


 Walkthrough                                                             [WKTR]


 "The ship is almost finished and Hatapon (flag carrier pon) was remembering
things that happened in Patapon 1.
 Please come back dear God, let us venture to the end of the world together.
 Patapons set sail to the end of the world from the end of a small island.
 It was a long and tough journey; there were rainy days and scorching days but
Patapons never gave up.
 49 days after Patapons left the island, they were attacked by a monster they 
have never seen before.
 What happened to them...?"

 -Contract of God-
 I swear an oath to become the God of Patapons to find the end of the world.
 Even if I do not have a good sense of rhythm, even if I want to quit halfway,
I will never give up to the very end.
 I promise to keep my oath and receive the Drum of Valour as the God of 

 *I promise*

 After you sign the contract, the game asks you whether you want to tell 
the name or you want to load Patapon 1's save data. By loading the save data
you will gain access to some of the stuff you collected in Patapon 1.

 Then the game asks you if you want to play in easy mode. You can change the
difficulty later, so it's not very important whether you choose yes or no.
I recommend that new players choose yes and play on easy until you get more
familiar with the game.

 You've gained the Drum of Valour. It is mapped to your PSP's O button and has
a sound of "Pon." Move on to the prologue now.

 -Prologue: Return of the God

 "Patapons' ship sunk before reaching the end of the world. While drifting to
unknown shore, Hatapon never let go of the drum that is more important than his

 "Lord help us...
  Please help the Patapons..."

 People who played the first game will have a deja vu, but I will go ahead and
explain it for the new players and to refresh returning players memories.

 You'll notice the edge of the screen flashing. You want to press the O button
at the same time as the edge flashing. If you successfully drum four pons in a
row, you'll see the broken ship and sleeping (unconscious?) Hatapon.

 Drum one more set (four drums) of Pons and Hatapon will wake up. 

 Hatapon: "This drum... I feel empowered for some reason! Are you not the 
           God? I protected this with my life! Please take this drum!"

 Hatapon then gives you the Drum of Strength. It is mapped to the square 
button of your PSP and has a sound of "Pata."

 Now you'll learn the basic command, March. The command is Pata Pata Pata Pon,
and you rest for one set afterwards to allow your Patapons to move.

 After four sets of march commands, your Hatapon will be able to move. You'll
come across three Yaripons (spear pons) who will get empowered by your drum.
Keep marching and you'll find Meden, the priestess of Patapons, and Kamen tribe
(Masked tribe). Since the only command you know is march, keep marching. Kamens
will retreat and you'll save Meden.

 -Mission 1-1: Hunting on Totchira Shore
  Patapons are always hungry!
  Capture prey and Patapons will offer meat
  Something might drift ashore when the waves are big...

 "The guys with strange masks were Kamen tribe. Meden must have passed out 
after wandering around in an unfamiliar territory and got captured by them."

 Meden took the Patapons to a place she found while roaming around, which was
remains of a Patapon village, Patapolis."

 Meden: "Thank you dear God for saving me from danger. I will introduce myself
         again; I am Meden, the preistess who worship you. I would like to
         celebrate your return but there's an urgent matter, please come this
 She takes you to the Obelisk.

 Meden: "This monument, the Obelisk, is the soul of the Patapons! Our ancestors
         prospered here. We need to re-establish the Patapolis in order to 
         reach the end of the world. But... We couldn't do that if we were 
         hungry, could we? Please go hunting using the Obelisk.

 Choose the obelisk and choose your first mission.

 "Please dear Lord...
  Give Patapons the Valour to fight..."

 Just like your march command, you learn the attack command Pon Pon Pata Pon
here by successfully performing them in a row. After four sets, the stone wall
will get destroyed and you're ready to go on a hunt. You'll face 5 Kacheeks,
when your Yaripons' eyes turn aggressive, the preys are within range. Give 
attack orders to kill them and advance. 

 This is a good example of a "hunting stage." Hunting stages are replayable and
nets you with materials and Kachings (currency in game, or Charin)

 Back in Patapolis Meden greets you.

 Meden: "Thank you God for the food! Look! Our tribemen who heard of your act
         have returned!! Everyone thank the lord! Now I'll lead you to our
         treasure chest."

 Meden takes you to the Altar.

 Meden: "This is the Altar! The place where we offer you treasure... If you 
         take a look, you'll know what's inside."

 You'll have two drums, two songs, Memory of Yaripon, your first hunt items,
3 wooden spears, 3 wooden helms, and finally ALL your materials and kaching 
from the first game if you chose to load it after signing the contract.

 When you replay this map, you'll find Motiti along with Kacheek. In order to
wake up the sleeping sign, you need to set fire to the grass it's on. You can
return with a Flame weapon and wake it up to make it drop some kaching. This
has to be done when the weather is nice. If you enter the stage in rainy or
stormy weather, you'll not find the grass.

 Rarely you can find a rabbit called Rappapa behind grass on sunny days. It's
a little hard to hunt because it runs away quickly. Once you level up your 
Patapons a bit or get better weapons, you'll have no trouble hunting it. 

 After playing the Nyokiri Swamp, Parcheeks were spotted. Parcheeks can 
appear in groups of three so watch out when you're weak.

 -Mission 1-2: Hunting on Totchira Shore (Stormy weather)
  Patapons are always hungry!
  Capture prey and Patapons will offer meat
  Something might drift ashore when the waves are big...

  When you play this mission in stormy weather (rain and lightning), it will
change slightly. There will be no noticable difference at first glance though.

 Once you enter the stage, there are preys as usual. Get past the sleeping sign
and you'll notice a treasure chest. Destroy it and you'll get a random 
equipment that was in possesion from the first Patapon game's save you loaded.

 Not all equipments transfer. But if you're set on completing the game on Hard
from start to finish, getting some good equipments here can help you on the
Dodonga fight. You cannot create or upgrade Patapons before you defeat Dodonga,
so the only way to strengthen your army is by having better weapons.

 The list of equipments that are confirmed to carry over are listed at the end
of the guide.

 Because the thunder cause damage and preys tend to run away when they are hit,
don't worry too much about hunting and focus on getting your equipment.

 Note that without the Patapon 1 save loaded, you'll only get materials. 
Disregard this section unless you have and chose to load the Patapon 1 save.

 -Mission 2-1: Search the Jaja Jungle
  Unknown forest continued from the Totchira Shore is full of tropical trees
  and is blocking Patapons' way
  Will ghosts come out or snakes come out... Kamen came out!

 After you enter the forest, you'll be faced with series of stone walls. Simply
attack them and destroy them. After two walls, Ban the Tatepon (shield pon)
comes out of the bush and joins you. 

 If some of you find his name strange, no it's not Deja Vu, it's the same 
Ban the Tatepon from the first game. I wonder how and why he's here again?

 You'll soon feel his power, dealing several hundred damage to the stone walls
and what not. Shortly after you destroy all stone walls, five YariKamen jump
out of the bushes and attack you. With the might of Ban the Tatepon at hand,
they are nothing. Just keep marching and attacking.

 You'll come across a tombstone, destroying it will yield you the Song of 
Chaka Chaka. It is no good without the Chaka drum, but you'll get it pretty

 Once you reach safety, Ban the Tatepon will leave you with some stuff 
including Memory of Tatepon. Pick them up, break a building and this mission
is over.

 Back in Patapolis Meden guides you to the next mission.

 Meden: "If mighty warrior and legendary hero Ban the Tatepon himself said you
         need to find the Bud of Mater then it should be done. This way please
         my Lord."

 Meden takes you to a dead Mater tree. 

 Meden: "The Bud of Mater would revive the tree of life Mater. It looks like
         Dodonga in Dongara Ruins past Nanjaro Hills has the Bud. Defeat
         Dodonga and retrieve the Bud of Mater please!"

 This mission will turn into a training mission now.

 -Mission 2-2: Training: Destroy the obstacles and reach the goal
  How far can you go within the time limit?
  Destryed obstacles give you items as rewards
  By destroying the tombstone midway, time limit on the next attemp will 

 As the mission description says, it is time-limited mission with obstacles.
You'll first be given 100 second. You are notified when 50, 30, 10, 5, 3, 2, 
and 1 second are remaining. Don't get too pressured, you'll move further by 
staying in Fever mode and keeping correct distance than trying to rush.

 You don't have to finish this course with just 3 Yaripons. You can play it for
fun, and to get a better sense of rhythm (specifically march and attack). But
without the Mater tree, rewards gained here are no use so I'd recommend you
increase your army size first.

 It's quite hard to destroy the tombstone if you don't have Yumipons because
Yaripons range can be hard to control. Yaripon Hero's Hero mode works very well
but you should take into account that it takes a full set to activate. I
suggest using Yumipons and staying in Fever mode to fire a barrage of arrows.
You will be able to destroy multiple rocks in one attack command, cutting down
the number of beats spent to reach the tombstone.

 Just before the tombstone, there is a large rock and it's quite durable in
early game. If you destroy it, you'll see a sign behind and get a reward, a
random level 2 material.

 If you get past the sign and destroy the tombstone, the next time around 
you'll get 200 seconds instead. You'll receive the Cap of Pakapon and the 
mission will end regardless of the time remaining.

 The next time around, you'll find another treasure chest containing Haten or
Ancient equipment. You'll get only one this way from my experience. Afterwards
you receive materials inside instead.

 -Mission 3-1: Fateful encounter at Nanjaro Hills
  In order to defeat Dodonga and get the Bud of Mater
  The party approached Nanjaro Hills, on the way to Dongara Ruins
  Nobody knew this hill was a promised land in Legend...

 As soon as the mission starts, you'll see a tombstone. Destroy the tombstone
and you'll get the Drum of Wisdom, which is mapped to the triangle button of 
your PSP and has a sound of Chaka.

 "Can you hear me Lord?
  Finally it's time to learn the third song.
  You'll be able to get out of harms way with the rhythm of defense."

 This is the song you picked up in the mission with Ban the Tatepon. Now you
have the drum, you can learn the song. Just like march and attack commands,
you need to perform the song successfully for 4 sets to learn it. The command
for this defense song is Chaka Chaka Pata Pon.

 Once you learned the song, march forward and you'll see a masked Patapon
trapped underneath a rock. (Imagine Sun Wukong, as this is probably a hommage
to The Journey to the West.) He says if Patapons destroy the rock for him, he
will join them. Attack the rock, you'll probably do 1 damage (sigh). He 
complains how they are Patapons and yet they're so weak. orz...

 Keep attacking, the screen will shake and Dodonga will appear. When it has its
head down, it's about to headbutt the rock. I'd actually recommend that you do
not enter any command and lose your Fever in exchange of dodging its attack.
When it jumps back, do not try to follow it, just keep attacking and defending.
Eventually the rock will be destroyed and the trapped Patapon will throw a 
small rock to Dodonga. 

 Dodonga will retreat and the party will return to Patapolis with a new ally.
After beating the stage, you'll be able to pick up Lv.1 egg of Dodonga fight.
More on this later. 

 Back in Patapolis, Meden looks very excited.

 Meden: "My Lord! It looks like you met your fateful person!"
 ???: "Fate...? That's stupid."
 Meden: "I just remembered an old legend... A weird mask and God meet to save
         the world."
 ???: "W.. weird mask... (sob)"
 Meden: "Lord! Please give him a name!"
 ???: "N... Name? No, stop it!!"

 You still go ahead and name him. The default name is Hero.

 Meden: "Hero is such a nice name... I'm impressed."
 Hero: "I guess I have no choice... Serve the person who name you is the 
 Meden: "This way please..."

 Meden takes you to Parageto (presumably short form for Parallel world gate).

 Meden: "This is the Parageto where only you and Hero can enter. If you have
         mysterious eggs, you can meet with Gods of other worlds. Mysterious
         eggs do not disappear so don't worry."

 This mission now turns to another training mission.

 -Mission 3-2: Training: Practice of Attack and Defense
  Can you withstand the fierce bombarding and destroy the stone wall!?
  It gets more difficult every time you beat it
  If you beat the final one, you'll get an important item

 This is another training stage. You'll have a tough time if you try it as soon
as you unlock it. Again, I'd recommend you come back later with bigger army.

 As the title of the mission suggests, you are to perform attack and defense
songs at appropriate times. Three cannon brothers live inside the stone wall.
At each level one more cannon will appear and fight you.

 When the cannon stops talking, you'll receive a message saying "Commence the
attack." Perform attack songs until the cannon tells you that it is (or they
are) ready to fire. As soon as you see the message, switch to defense song.

 I was able to beat level 2 with 6 Normal Tatepons, 6 Normal Yaripons, and 6 
normal Yumipons in Hard difficulty without using any of the equipments that
carried over from my Patapon 1 save.

 It takes a while to destroy the stone wall as the sign told me I've dealt
over 5000 damage in level 2 and I was still fighting the first cannon. It is
also crucial that you stick to "attack while cannon is idle and defend when
it is attacking" plan. 

 I've heard people saying the mission doesn't end. My guess is that they 
created powerful Patapons using Patapon 1 save materials and blindly kept 
attacking because they weren't getting damaged much?

 Also, if you bring a Hero Tatepon, you can still attack while the cannons are
firing. But know that this mission is attack AND defense training. You'll 
still need to defend while the cannons are firing, and it's better to just
bring an offensive Hero class.

 At level 2 and 3, when the second and/or the third cannon comes out, they 
have a "talking delay" that makes your patterns and their patterns out of sync.
If that happens and they give you the "defense queue line" at the same time as
your first beat, then just remember it alternates 3 attacks and 3 defenses.

 Once you get the hang of the 3 attack 3 defense pattern, it's a no-brainer. It
just takes some time to beat.

 The more damage you deal, the more Kachings you receive. Hero mode really 
shines in this. Whenever you activate Hero mode, you'll find lots of Kachings.

 Level 1 reward : Cap of Kon Kimpon from treasure chest.
 Level 2 reward : Materials from treasure chest and totem.
 Level 3 reward : Materials from treasure chest and totem, Haten or Ancient
                  equipment from tombstone.

 It appears that you only get one Haten/Ancient equipment. Afterwards you just
get materials.

 -Mission 4-1: Creature defending the Bud of Mater
  "God's legacy sleep in Ruins all over the world"
  In order to bring tree of life Mater back to life,
  Defeat the giant dragon Dodonga in Dongara Ruins and Get the Bud of Mater!

 If you're playing on hard difficulty, this mission will haunt you. Mainly 
because you need 3 sets of Just Timings to activate your Hero mode.

 Dodonga's pattern is the same from the first game. For those who did not play
the first game, here they are:

 Headbutt: Dodonga puts his head down and its eyes get aggressive. At this 
           point of the game, it is VERY damaging and you should use the 
           defense song (Chaka Chaka Pata Pon) to minimize damage. 

 Fire Breath: Dodonga raises its head up, and breathes fire. Patapons who burn
              will panic and you'll lose some firepower but thankfully they are
              not as damaging as the headbutt. 

 Devour: Dodonga crouches low and then devours nearby Patapon. Devoured unit
         cannot be revived until you go back to Patapolis, including the Hero.

 Running away and sleeping: After getting damaged a certain amount, Dodonga 
                            will retreat and sleep. Just catch up and attack.

 The key here is to perform the defense song when Dodonga prepares its headbutt
. You can easily lose your Yaripons when you get hit, or your Hatapon and Hero
may get seriously injured. Your Hero will come back to life after getting 
killed but if all Patapons except Hatapon are dead at a given time it's 
mission failed. Or losing Hatapon results in immediate mission failed as well.

 Note that there is no penalty for failing a mission. Except for all your time 
and effort. 

 Hero Yaripon class' Hero mode can be tricky in this mission. Dodonga likes to
move a lot and it's hard to hit Dodonga in multiple places. When Dodonga limps
or is preparing an attack, it is the best time to activate Hero mode. If you
hit it right, the spear will damage Dodonga in multiple places and you'll
n-tuple your damage. 

 After three attempts, I managed to beat Dodonga with 2 Wooden Spears and 2
Iron Spears without losing any units in Hard difficulty. If you're content with
any of your units turning into caps (they will get revived after the battle),
it won't take this many tries (hopefully).

 Just remember to always perform the defense song when Dodonga gets close.

 Dodonga will drop the Bud of Mater either when it teethers or when it is 

 You return to Patapolis with the Bud of Mater.

 Meden: "Mighty Lord... The time to revive Mater has come!!"

 Meden moves to the Mater.

 Meden: "Bud of Mater... Awaken from a long slumber and get into the tree of 

 The bud has fully grown to a tree. Now you can create and upgrade your 

 If you have Patapon 1 save data, you can pretty much go full out on Tatepons.
You can unlock all ranks except 3 which require new level 5 materials. Doing
so will allow you to unlock Dekapons and Robopons. You can unlock some ranks 
on Yaripon as well and unlock the Kibapon class. 

 While I have loaded my Patapon 1 save, I will NOT use those materials to 
unlock new classes and ranks early on. This way people who read this guide will
not have to go through "Oh the author uses powerful units to plow through the
game while I'm lacking materials to create 6 Normal Tatepons." kind of deal.

 -Mission 4-2: Giant Dragon Dodonga of Dongara Ruins
  Dodonga was weakened because of the rock Hero threw when you faced it the
  first time. The real fight starts from the second fight
  If you're looking for valuable ores, defeat Dodonga!

 After the first fight with Dodonga, it turns into a boss fight mission. You
can fight Dodonga again for materials and equipments.

 When Dodonga reaches higher level, like 10, it learns a new attack from its
variations. You probably would have fought either of them before raising 
Dodonga to level 10 so refer to Majidonga or Kachindonga section and look up
roar attack.

 When Dodonga becomes level 5 or higher, it can drop an Attack Miracle. The 
Attack Miracle increases your damage, and Concussion ratio. However, you 
don't want to perform it in the middle of a fight and lose your Fever. A good
time to use the miracle is right before you first engage the boss, or when 
bosses retreat off-screen. The miracle doesn't last very long. So chase the
bosses halfway, perform the miracle and use march command to try to get back 
into Fever mode by the time you catch up with the bosses.

 -Mission 4-3: Fog!! Giant Dragon of Fortitude Appears
  Fear the true defender that's going to appear
  Get through this test as the God of Patapons
  If you want the top quality ores, defeat this giant dragon!

 After the first fight with Dodonga, it turns into a boss fight mission. When
the weather is foggy in this map, you get to fight Majidonga instead.

 The weather is foggy and you can't see Majidonga when you're far away. This
shouldn't be too much of a bother. Just be careful though, his roar attack has
very long range and you can be damaged out of the blue.

 Majidonga shares all his attacks with Dodonga, except Majidonga has one more

 Roar attack: Majidonga rumbles its lower jaw for a while and roars at the sky.
              Has very long range and very damaging.

 -Mission 4-4: Ultimate Giant Dragon Appears!!
  Snowing in Dongara Ruins is very rare
  That day illusioning giant dragon showed itself in front of the Patapons
  Whoever challenges this giant dragon be prepared to die!!

 After the first fight with Dodonga, it turns into a boss fight mission. On
snowy days, this mission appears.


 Snowy weather regularly freezes your Patapons unless they have resistance to
Freeze. Not only is the weather against you, KachinDonga is very strong.
In fact, too strong to fight without the dodge song. 

 Defense song + Fever is nowhere enough to save your Patapons from 
KachinDonga's attacks. You could try Tatepon Hero's Hero mode, but that doesn't
guarantee a plesant fight either (especially so if you're playing on hard

 This boss is not meant for early game. You can still go ahead and try, just
to see several Patapons die in one hit even when you're in Fever mode and 
performed defense song right on time. Also your Hatapon is very likely to be
killed in a couple of Ice Breaths.

 Defeating KachinDonga is one of the post-game challenges. So don't push 
yourself and just move on for now. Come back later when you're truly prepared.

 The good news is, Kachindonga shares all his attack patterns with Majidonga
and high level Dodonga. The one difference is that Kachindonga's breath attack
is Freeze attribute. Instead of damaged Patapons getting ignited, they will
freeze instead.

 When defeated, it drops Lv.1 egg of Kachindonga Fight.

 -Mission 5-1: Usso Forest's Kamen Fortress Siege
  "Did you get Tatepon as allies using the tree of life Mater?"
  Meden asked a question with an obvious answer
  Now gather the power of Patapons and head to the end of the world!

 As I said before, you CAN unlock Kiba, Deka, Robopons if you have the 
materials. But for those who didn't I'll go into this mission with just 
Yaripons and Tatepons.

 When you march forward a little bit, you'll see a stone wall with Kamen Yari
on top. Also behind the stone wall is a Kamen tribe tower with more Kamens.
Destroy the structures and advance. You'll come across Don the Yumipon. 

 Again, just like Ban the Tatepon, Don the Yumipon is a returning hero from
the first game and is of much help. For those who unlocked classes and went
into the mission with 3 classes (and the Hero) will not be able to have Yumipon
join the party but instead leave immediately with items behind.

 You'll notice there are grass in this map. When they catch fire, they start
burning and spread to nearby grass. They damage whoever's in contact with the
fire, so you should try to avoid them at this point in the game. After grass
burns out and turns to ashes, you might get branches. 

 With the help of Don the Yumipon or your powerful three groups of Patapons,
this mission shouldn't pose much threat, if at all. Just march and attack.

 If Don the Yumipon is in your party when you reach the end of the mission, he
leaves you the Memory of Yumipon, Flame Bow and some other items and departs.
For those who started the mission with full party should have gotten the same
stuffs earlier.

 Back in Patapolis, Meden informs you that now you can create Yumipon from 
the tree of life Mater.

 -Mission 5-2: Usso Forest's Kamen Fortress Siege
  It's been said that the Fortress in Usso Forest has been rebuilt! 
  The Fortress had been captured before... Hardly a challenge for Patapons to
  do it again but there may be a special loot...

 After beating mission 5-1, it will disappear from the map. But once you 
play another mission, it'll reappear in the same place under a different name.

 It's basically the exact same mission as before, except that you don't get
Don the Yumipon in your party and minor differences. When you beat the mission
for the first time, you'll get Lv.1 egg of Kamen Fortress Siege.

 I actually haven't come across any "special loot" besides the egg. You, 
however, get tons of Iron equipments.

 -Mission 6-1: The Man dies twice
  Kamen tribe are building a large base in Nyokiri Swamp
  Patapons can't hope to see the end of the world without breaking through the
   enemy lines.
  Whoever stands in front of the valourous Patapons will be taken care of

 If you've played the first game, you'd be very excited to see charismatic 
Gong again! Or maybe you'll want to throw your PSP for having to face him 
again. Yes, "The Man" has returned from the dead.

 Before you start the mission, I highly recommend the Tatepon Hero if your
army is mainly composed of Normal Patapons or low-level rarepons. 

 You see a horned hero standing on top of a metal tower. When he throws his
mask away, it's no other than Gong himself. 

 Just like Hero Patapons, Gong deals some impressive damage. Lucky for you,
he retreats as he destroys obstacles. Zigotons will find Gong and join him.

 You'll just have to deal with the remnants of Zigotons and not Gong himself.

 Gong and Zigotons will destroy obstacles for you, so you just need to march
and keep up with them. When a stone wall rises with a cannon, just let the Gong
and his gangs destroy it for you and save your health by defending. 

 This stage can actually get tough. You'll constantly face enemies and 
obstacles and there is no healing item in this stage. Don't worry if you lose
a few Patapons. As long as you pick up the cap, they can get revived at 

 After chasing Gong for a while, he and his army fully retreats. At the same
time Kamen tribe will stop you from crossing their camp. So now you'll start
fighting Kamen again.

 It's the same drill as the Fortress Siege mission, but since you're likely to
be weakened from the fight against Zigotons so be more alert. 

 Destroy Kamen fortresses and tribemen that come out of there. Activate Hero
mode as often as possible. A good timed Hero mode can save your troops or 
eliminate several enemies.

 When you see an urn-like building, you know you're at the end of the stage.
Destroy the building and the mission is finally over.

 Meden: "Ahhh... Scary... How come that Gong revived my Lord... There must be
         some secret."

 Well whatever the secret is, just know that this stage wil turn into a 
hunting stage now.

 -Mission 6-2: Mushroom shroom shroom Nyokiri Swamp
  It's been raining in Nyokiri Swamp for~ever
  In addition to mushrooms, rare monsters live here
  Find the secret hidden in the swamp and get the miracle!

 As the mission description suggests, you can get a miracle by finding a secret
. You need to play this mission and get the miracle before entering mission 8,
otherwise you'll fail that mission no matter how many times you try.

 You'll find Kacheek, Swamp Kacheek, and Momoti whichi is a pink Motiti. On
rainy days you'll find Parcheek, a crab disguised as Kacheek. And on non-windy
days you'll find Oozy, a swamp shark. 

 If Oozy is there, be careful as it can consume one of your Patapons, including
the Hero. If your Hero gets eaten, he won't be revived during the mission,
which means you'll need to go back to the Patapolis and use Mater to revive
him just like Patapons fallen during combat.

 When you find the totem, don't get too close. Keep about 1 and half march
distance away from the totem. Just like giving commands to your Patapons,
drum the four sequences written on the totem and take 4 beats break. 

 If you perform it correctly, the totem will dance and grow taller. And 
eventually the root will be exposed and the Rain Miracle will pop out. Pick it
up and hunt any remaining prey to your heart's content.

 -Mission 6-3: Mushroom shroom shroom Nyokiri Swamp
  Is it a side-effect of taking the Rain Miracle?
  Ever-raining Nyokiri Swamp sometimes get sunny weather...
  Maybe something changes based on the weather

 If you enter this mission in sunny weather, you'll find tons of preys. 
Besides that, there is no obvious secret. But equip the Rain Miracle and 
perform it to have flowers pop up for you to attack and turn into Kachings and

 Since flowers cannot be manually targeted, you have to aim for preys and hope
some attacks land on the flowers too. So I don't think this is actually a good
way to farm Kachings nor materials.

 The flowers go back underground when your Rain Miracle ends. 

 -Mission 7-1: Revenge of the Motiti
  It's a perfect day for hunting in Sutten Plains
  Motitis' wagging their tails. On the other hand
  An uproar changed everything in a flash

 As soon as the mission starts, you'l fnd four Motitis. Hunt them if you wish,
they are not the main prey. Soon you'll see Motititi. It's basically a giant
Motiti. Pretty weak I'd say. 

 Motititi has 3 attack patterns.

 Beak peck attack: Motititi puts its head down for a while, and then starts
                   pecking at Patapons. Usually melee units are attacked but
                   sometimes can reach Yaripons if they're in the second row.

 Body slam: Motititi stares at the sky for a while. Jumps up and slams on 
            ground. Has a rather short range so just pull out your melee units
            back and you'll be fine.

 Sleeping gas: Motititi slightly crouches, turns around and releases gas.
               Units that got damaged are subject to sleep status ailment,
               even if you defend. Runs away after releasing gas, but comes
               back to you. So just keep firing ranged weapons instead of 
               marching forward unless Motititi goes off-screen.

 Overall an easy boss. The damage is weak and attacks range is also short. 
When defeated, it drops Lv.1 egg of Motititi fight.

 The demo ends here. I'd say it's a pretty lengthy demo with enough freedom
for you to play for a good period of time.

 Meden: "Dear Lord... Gong has left a note. "I'll wait at Gangoro Desert."
         Huh... This is it? How simple...

 -Mission 7-2: Angry Monster Bird Motititi
  Every fight makes the monster bird stronger
  And drop more rare stuffs
  Defeat Motititi for more valuable bones!

 Just like other bosses, you can fight Motititi multiple times to get some
bones. I noticed its body slam preparation motion has changed a bit. Instead
of staring at the sky, it floats in the air for a while. And then quickly jumps
up and slams down. It's still an obvious enough "tell" to get your army 
prepared to defend or dodge.

 When Motititi becomes level 10, it picks up an attack from Phoeniti. Look at
Phoeniti's section for Tornado attack.

 -Mission 8: Gong's test
  Gong retreated without fighting the Patapons
  What is his purpose?
  What is the Gong's test awaiting in Gangoro Desert?

 If you enter this mission without the Rain Miracle, Gong tells you to go to
Nyokiri Swamp and get the Rain Miracle. And immediately you get mission failed.

 Since he kindly tells you where to go and what to get, do what he says.

 Equip the rain miracle in the mission preparation screen. When you enter the
mission, instead of seeing Gong's face, you'll see your army as usual.

 March a bit forward, you'll see a tombstone. Destroy it and you'll get the
Drum of Miracle. It is mapped to the X button of your PSP and has a sound of

 The screen will turn black and you'll hear a prayer just like last time.
Except that this time it's in a speech balloon.

 "Can you hear me Lord?
  Please perform a miracle and make it rain..."

 The screen turns bright and it was Gong talking.

 Gong: "Kukuku... I was just kidding, don't pay attention. I'll teach you
        about miracles now. First you need to be in Fever mode. Once you're in
        Fever mode, play the miracle rhythm of X XX XX (Don DoDon DoDon).
        When the miracle dance commences, listen to the song of Patapons and 
        play the drum accordingly."

 Well... He basically explained how to perform miracles and I have nothing left
to add. Actually I do have something.

 After performing the miracle, you play a minigame. Patapons sing "Pon" but a
lot of people press "Don" instead because they used it to perform the miracle.
Press Pon when Patapons sing Pon, press Pata when Patapons sing Pata and so on.

 Once you successfully perform the miracle, Gong warns you about an invisible
monster Sentura whose weakness is rain and retreats. Follow him until you
come across a building. Destroy it to get an Ice Shield and finish the

 Meden: "I don't know why, but Gong is helping us."
 "Urgent news Priestess Meden!! An invisible monster appeared in Boyayan Basin
  and caused casualities to our tribemen!!"
 Meden: "God... Looks like it's time to use the Rain Miracle."

 -Mission 9-1: An invisible hand
  "Invisible monster Sentura's weakness is rain"
  It sounds like Gongs words hint Patapons

  Use the miracle and defeat the monster Sentura of Boyayan Basin!

 Again, equip the rain miracle. As soon as the stage starts, start building up
your Fever. You want to enter Fever mode before getting too close to Sentura.

 When Sentura is invisible, none of your attacks will work. After you perform
the rain miracle, Sentura will become visible and vulnerable. Besides losing
Fever right before the fight, this boss is not that hard. The attack patterns

 Sleeping Liquid: Sentura lifts its fang (attached to the end of its tentacle)
                  and its body bloats up. It pokes its body and purple liquid
                  get spewed out. Patapons hit are subject to sleep status

 Fang Smash: It lifts its fang very high, and smashes the ground in front of
             Sentura. Quite easy to tell since it lifts the fang way higher
             than two of its other attacks.

 Devour: It lifts its fang in front of its body, a bit more aggressively
         compared to the sleeping liquid attack. After a while it pokes
         a Patapon and drains its body fluid, killing it in one hit. However
         it takes some time to drain the body fluid, so if you can make
         Sentura teethered, you can set the poked Patapon free.

 At this point your army should be strong enough to kill Sentura before the
Rain Miracle ends. If you can't nail the miracle, go to a hunting stage and
practice until you can confidently perform miracle at will. 

 Upon defeat, Sentura drops Lv.1 egg of Sentura fight.

 Meden: "Dear Lord... Gong is indeed a warrior. He wishes to fight you at
         GongRock Mountain."
 "To face enemy Kibatons, make Tatepons defend in front lines!"

 -Mission 9-2: Monster Sentura hidden in the fog
  Behind the thick fog in Boyayan Basin hides a gigantic shadow
  Take a risk of your body fluid getting sucked by a sharp needle and
  Defeat Sentura for more valuable fangs!

 Same drill as usual. You'll find fangs by making Sentura stagger. As Sentura's
level goes up, you may not be able to kill it in one Rain Miracle. If you 
perform better in the miracle minigame, you get extended time. The difference
is not that big but when your Fever mode is at stake, it's better to do as
well as possible in the miracle minigame.

 Once Sentura becomes level 3, it's almost guaranteed to drop the Cap of Zakpon
. Teether it or defeat it to get the cap and unlock a vegetable minigame.

 -Mission 10-1: Decisive Battle! GongRock Mountain
  "My pride as a warrior is more important than my life
   Even if I turn to a drop of dew in the battlefield,
   how can I not fight here and still face my ancesters?" said Gong

 It's pretty cool that Gong has a mountain named after him... You'll face Gong
in this mission so be prepared. Just like a scout Patapon told you, bring 
Tatepons so you can easily handle Kibatons.

 As soon as the mission starts, an injured Patapon warns you that Gong is not
the enemy and the true enemy is... Well he dies before finishing the sentence.

 This mission is quite long. I activated Hero mode five times during this 
mission on Hard difficulty, which never happened before. Even after ten or so
Hero Spear throws, I lost 5 Patapons before reaching the halfway point. Be
prepared for the mission.

 You'll first face Gong. He swings his scythe and creates a tornado that 
tosses your Patapons around. To make the mission more annoying, Gong is 
practically invincible. You need to get rid of his minions in order to 

 Gong's minions are composed of Kibatons, Yaritons, and Yumitons. Kibatons will
charge and knock back your Patapons and Yumitons will fire arrows behind Gong.

 When you get rid of the first group, Gong retreats. Chase him and fight 
another group of Zigotons. Once you take care of them, march towards Gong. 
There is a series of stone walls that protect Yumitons from your ranged attacks
so you'll likely to spend quite some time here and suffer casualties. 

 March past the series of stone walls and you'll find yourself at an open field
. Zigoton reinforcements appear, but Kamen archers shoot fire arrows and toast
them. Gong gets furious, he tosses you a healing potion that heals all your
Patapons health to maximum and retreats.

 Now you'll find Kamen tribe. Their stone walls and fortresses are no
different from the ones you destoryed so many times in previous missions. After
Gong retreats, the mission gets significantly easier. Just break through futile
enemy defenses and it'll be over before you know it.

 Meden: "Gong is testing you to lead us to the skies... How rude! Zigoton 
         testing a God!"
 "But now we know the true enemy is the Kamen tribe"
 Meden: "Yes... They attacked the Zigotons from behind. They're so cheap.
         They're unforgivable."

 Not surprisingly, this mission turns into a hunting mission. You must be used
to missions that change into something different by now, right?

 -Mission 10-2: Magical fog surrounding a rock mountain
  Mountain weather can easily change and GongRock mountain is no exception
  Veteran hunters pay attention to the weather
  Rumour has that rare creatures appear hiding in the fog

 You'll encounter batlike creatures for the first time in this hunting stage.
When the weather is foggy, you'll find two rare creatures. The white bats are
called Babat, there's one yellow bat called Beebat. 

 Also you'll find Rock Kacheek, and Poocheek (Beetle-like creature disguised as

 The stage is covered with thick fog so it'll be hard to see what creatures are
within attack range and what creatures ran away further. Using Yaripons and
Yumipons, hunt down Beebat to receive a Dirty Map. This unlocks Dachara Ruins.
While its location is left to the Sentura mission, you can unlock it only
after playing this stage so its mission number will be higher.

 After Beebat drops the map, it starts dropping materials.

 You can sometimes find Gold Momoti, Motsitsi. It drops mid-high level bones.

 -Mission 11-1: Protector of Dachara Ruins
  Monster hidden in the secret place uses poison from its tails
  It practices its power as the protector of the ruins
  And will continue to resist Patapons from trespassing

 This mission is numbered 11, but its location is to the left of the Sentura
mission. In other words, the location is between mission 8 and 9.

 Be sure to equip the Rain Miracle again, because it's another invisible 
monster. Darachura is an upgraded version of Sentura. Darachura shares Sentura
's attack patterns and have one more attack.

 Horizontal Pierce: Darachura readies its fang towards the lower right, and
                    quickly pierces through the Patapons. Very damaging and
                    range is very long. Yaripons and Yumipons lacking HP can
                    lose significant amount of HP or even die in one hit. Even
                    worse, it causes damaged Patapons subject to sleep.

 It's best to avoid Darachura until you have the dodge song because its pierce
attack is very damaging and losing Yari/Yumipons will make the battle drag. If
you really want to have a taste, go ahead but be well prepared.

 When defeated, it drops Lv.1 egg of Darachura fight.

 -Mission 11-2: Fearful tentacle monster Darachura
  The legend says a miracle that raises body's resistance
  is hidden in this Dachara Ruins...
  Defeat Darachura and aim for the top quality fangs!

 Boss stage for your leisure and farming needs. When you defeat Darachura for
the second time (Lv.2) you'll get a Defense Miracle. Before a full-out attack,
perform the miracle and your Patapons will have increased defense along with
resistance, enabling them to focus on attack and not be severly harmed by
enemy counterattacks.

 Besides dropping the Defense Miracle, there's no significant change from 
mission 11-1.

 -Mission 12-1: Fortress of Edgege Cliff
  "If you want the truth, defeat the Kamen and go to the skies!"
  Patapons headed to the skies just like Gong said
  Fortress of Kamen tribe looked like a solid mountain peak

 This is just like the Fortress Siege mission, except there are more enemies
and tougher buildings. You really want to destroy the buildings fast because
Kamen ranged units keep firing at you behind the protection of towers, stone
walls, and fortresses.

 Luckily, there is a potion that fully heals your army about at halfway 
through. But it feels like enemy placed in the later half dish out more damage
and you find noticably more Steel equipments than Iron equipments. If you are
tired of using Iron weapons, you may want to replay this mission for some extra

 -Mission 12-2: Fortress of Edgege Cliff
  Kamen tribe built a strong fortress at Edgege Cliff
  Will you get a new treasure by defeating the enemies once more?
  Meden complained "Well it may be another Steel equipment..."

 Just like the Fortress Siege, this mission appears after you finish mission
12-1 AND play another couple missions.

 When you beat the mission level 2, you get Lv.1 egg of Edgege Cliff Fortress

 Again, I haven't come across any "new treasure" other than the egg. All I get
is tons of Steel equipments. Meden is right!

 -Mission 13: Sky protected by cloud demon Fuaramanta
  Past the mountain was a sea of clouds...
  Dark clouds above the white clouds... Thunder...
  That place was not heaven, it was a stormy battlefield!

 When the mission starts, you`ll see a sign warning you about a "rock." It
doesn't mean the small rock in front of the sign, it is something else. Also
there is a Kamen Tori with Lightning spear. Do not march ahead, just stand
your ground and take down whatever comes your way. 

 After some Kamen tribemen, you'll find an amoeba like creature floating
towards you. This is the hand of Fuaramanta. It fillips off your Patapons, so
defend when it holds two of its fingers together and attack when it lets go
of them.

 Defeat the hand and move on. You'll find more Kamen and a mountain like
creature, Fuaramanta. Fuaramanta sends out an ice smoke that slowly goes 
through the row of Patapons and freeze damaged units. 

 I lost 11 Yaripons and Yumipons in this mission, as none of my units had
any Freeze resistance. They froze up and got skewered by Kamen arrows and
Spears. Tatepon Hero is recommended (though it's not that effective on Hard),
and mix up melee and ranged units because Kamen units keep spawning.

 When defeated, Fuaramanta will give you Lv.1 egg of Fuaramanta Fight.

 Meden: "Fuaramanta... It was a scary demon. Who would have thought such
         thing was above the skies..."
 "Priestess Meden, it's a breaking news!!"
 Meden: "I anticipated for this... What did you discover?"
 "A castle, a huge castle above the clouds!!"

 -Mission 14: The sky castle where God lives
  There was a huge floating castle beyond the sea of clouds
  What will Patapons encounter at the sky castle!?
  The secret of Kamen ruling land will be unveiled...

 Kamen tribe attacks you as soon as you enter the mission. Kamen Tori is
nimble and evade your arrows and spears quite well if your melee units advance
towards it. Better shoot it when your melee units are retreating.

 After taking care of the first group, there is a tower with Kamens and a
group of horned characters that resemble the ones appeared in Patapon 1. Deal
with them, you'll also find a potion that fully heals your army.

 Advance a little bit forward and you find a dark hero and a black star named
"Dark Hero" and "Black" respectively. After you engage in a fight, Gong
appeared and hurls tornado at Dark Hero. 

 Judging from Dark Hero's appearance, his resemblance to Gong to be more 
specific, and Patapon 1's story, you can guess what Dark Hero is. Also Gong's
dialogues really give it away (assuming you could read them in the middle of 
the fight.

 Gong tells you that in order to destroy the castle, you need to destroy the 
eye in the middle. Gong will keep hurl tornados at the enemies, so you can
safely destroy the eye and free the deity. 

 Dark Hero and Black retreat, and Gong tells you that the Great God has told
him to help you and the Patapons, and he is happy for what Patapons just did.
Also Gong tells you that Dark Hero is a poor "man" who lost his soul to the
Devil, and Gong wants you to kill Dark Hero and set "the man" free.

 Another note, when you attack the eye you'd have found the Cap of Yapon. Be
sure to pick it up as it unlocks a minigame.

 When you finish the mission and go back to Patapolis, you'll very likely (
maybe always?) get a TIP saying that those horned enemies are demons. 

 Meden: "Dear God, there is a story in an old old legend. There was a large
         rainbow colored egg at a holy land called the Border of the World...
         An evil thing tricked a young Patapon into breaking the egg... The egg
         broke into countless pieces and so did the world... And then Patapons
         were kicked out from their homeland."
 "One world, one piece, Obelisk opens the closed page~ The song of prayer that
  every Patapon knows has such lyrics too..."
 Meden: "Even if there is a Great God, you're out only God..."

 -Mission 15-1: Watchtower and two Kamen
  Finally Patapons broke through the sky castle Amattera

  Then there was a world of silver covered full of snow
  In order to reach the end of the world, Patapons can't lose to a blizzard

 Prepare some Freeze resistant Patapons if you have any, because this mission
will constantly and regularly freeze your Patapons if they are not resistant.

 Just like the title suggested, you find two Kamen soldiers in/on the
watchtower. They shoot a short drama and die. soon after Dark Hero and Black 
appears. This should be very familiar to people who played Patapon 1 because
there's an exactly same scene. Instead of Aiton and Makoton in Patapon 1,
these guys are Aimen and Makomen. I wrote it just for the record, in case
future Patapon games make references to this.

 You'll face Dark Hero, this time in Tori form. It doesn't pose much threat
though. You'll constantly face demon army, but lucky for you they occasionally
drop healing potions as well.

 This is not a hard mission, but downright annoying if you don't have enough
Freeze resistance.

 Keep pushing the demon army and you'll eventually arrive at a snow castle.
It appears to be the source of the blizzard, so destroy it. This can be a drag
since the wind is against you and your units are exposed to a chance to freeze
while demon troops keep respawning to bug you.

 When you finally destroy the snow castle, you get the Blizzard Miracle. March
forward and just keep marching to the goal. Dark Hero and Black pose nearly no
threat here.

 Meden: "When we fought the Zigotons at the desert, there was a similar 
 "Zigoton woman attempted the impossible."
 Meden: "Facing us by oneself, that's absolutely reckless!!"
 "Y... Yes... But a little pitiful."

 -Mission 15-2: Rage of the lamb and its mother in Bryoon Snowfield
  A local tale says if you hunt enough monsters in the snowfield,
  The master of the snowfield appears from somewhere
  An eyewitness said "it was cute though..."

 In the snowfield, there are Momotis, Rappapas and the sheep Pekkola with its
lamb Pekkolako.

 Hunting the Pekkola for the first time will give you an unopenable box. This
item unlocks a boss mission between the location of mission 12 and 13.

 -Mission 16-1: Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins
  An ancient civilization that fell to the Patapons' ancestors
  Used the power of nature to give life to rocks
  There a similar legend in this area

 You can get the dodge song here, so I highly encourage that you play this

 Destroy the tombstone at the beginning of the mission. I shouldn't need to
explain how to learn the song because at this point, you know. Dogaeens attack
patterns are:

 Laser: Dogaeen stares at the sky, its eyes flashing. After charging up, it 
        fires a laser with a very wide range of attack. Better dodge, but slow 
        Patapons may not be able to fully dodge regardless.

 Smash Ground: Dogaeen raises his arms high up and smashes ground. Mid-ranged.

 Body Slam: Dogaeen lowers his body, and jumps forward. Very damaging and the
            range is also pretty long. Be careful not to lose ranged units.

 Fling: Dogaeen lowers his arms on ground, pushes forward and flings Patapons. 

 Dogaeen is very strong, so utilize the song you just learned. When Dogaeen is
defeated, it'll drop Lv.1 egg of Gaeen Fight.

 -Mission 16-2: Giant God of natural power Dogaeen
  The energy that moves Dogaeen activates the nature's power
  Natural wood kind of materials can be made out of the body
  Defeat Dogaeen for high quality wood!

 It's the same as before, but when you defeat Dogaeen at level around 5, it
drops Lv.1 egg of Dogaeen Fight. Note that the egg you got in the last fight is
Gaeen, and this one is Dogaeen. Dogaeen is the stronger version of Gaeen.

 -Mission 17-1: Great Ice Wall breakage operation
  Ice forest Sharara's has low ceiling making bows and spears
  Useless and snow spraying cannons are present
  It is necessary to make Tatepons stand in front and backup with Kibapons

 The mission description says Tatepons and Kibapons, but you can mix any
melee Patapon classes as you wish. I used Tatepon, Kibapon, and Dekapon with
Dekapon Hero.

 The weather is going to be snowy so be prepared for that too. Not only the
weather, the snowball cannons are meant to freeze you even more. When the 
mission starts, you'll face Kamen tribemen and a snow spraying device. Just
destroy them and walk into the ice forest which looks more like a cave.

 The snow spraying cannons drop healing potions when destroyed. Even with the
potions this mission will be tough if you've been heavily relying on Yaripons
and Yumipons like me.

 After the first "forest" Dark Hero in Kiba form appears with Black. There are
enough demons for everyone too. You can see Yaripons are pretty useless here,
as Yaritons' attacks end up stuck in the trees. Destroy the cannon, heal and

 At the end of the second forest, General Beetletan appears. Beetletan 
smashes the ground knocking down Patapons. Very annoying but thankfully he 
doesn't use it very often.

 The rest is straightforward. You recover health every time you destroy 
snowball cannons, and march forward destroying everything in your path. 
Eventually Dark Hero, Black, and Beetletan will retreat. This marks the end
of this mission.

 Meden and Patapons congratulate you back in Patapolis, but that's about it.

 -Mission 17-2: Great Ice Wall breakage operation
  Unless you can fill up your army with melee fighters,
  Everybody says you shouldn't come here
  "Tailwind and Megapon..." Hero whispered

 This is the same layout as mission 17, except that there are no Dark Hero,
Black and Beetletan. The other difference include cannons not always dropping
health potions.

 When you break the building at the very end, you get Lv.1 egg of Great Ice
Wall Fortress Siege.

 -Mission 18-1: Defeat the frozen ancient creature Mamboss
  A frozen ancient creature was found in Kochikachi Lake
  Patapons' ancestors hunted this ancient creature
  To use as food for the winter...

  Besides the weather freezing you every so often, Mamboss is not a hard boss.
It has three attack patterns, one of them is practically useless.

 Stomp: It raises its legs, and stomps the ground in front of it. Very short
        ranged but very damaging.

 Freeze: It rolls up its nose and then roars, freezing all Patapons but freezes
         itself too. No damage, after your Patapons break free of ice, attack
         and break the ice covering Mamboss.

 Ice Breath: It sucks air in, and blows freezing breath towards you. Patapons
             not immune to Freeze is subject to Freeze status ailment.

 After easily defeating it, it drops Lv.1 egg of Mamboss Fight. 

 You'll notice that Patapons carry its tusk instead of its meat, and Meden
complains how she wanted to eat Mamboss meat, not its tusk.

 -Mission 18-2: Giant Elephant of Kochikachi Lake Mamboss
  A giant elephant that was kept frozen since the ancient times
  Unbelievably there are more than enough of these to be sustainably hunted
  Defeat Mamboss for more valuable meat!

 If you're farming meats, you want to ignite it first. When Mamboss is ignited
the chance of dropping meat when teethered felt significantly increased. Watch
out for the freeze, as it tends to put out flames and you don't want that to
happen when farming.

 At level ~3, you will get the Cap of Tsukupon. In fact you get both Tsun Tsun
pon and Tsuku Tsukupon from the cap. Liquid minigame will be unlocked when you
use the Tree of Mater on the cap.

 -Mission 19: Shiny Star and Black Star
  Tink Canyon is an old battlefield where a spirit of a hero sleeps
  Above the land where brave Patapons were buried
  A shiny star beautifully shined the night sky

 There is no fight in this mission, so just go ahead and play it. Be sure to
bring Yumipons.

 You'll see a purple pine cone at the top of the tower. Shoot it down using
ranged weapons and Shiny Star Hoshipon will come out.

 It will move a bit forward and say "Do you want to hear a story?" "I'll give
you something good." At this point, do not move but stay still and wait until
Hoshipon drops the item. Do not go after the Kachings if you want the item.

 Hoshipon will drop the Black Star item, and Black will appear. After a small
joke (Hoshipon calls Black a fake and Black says he is a black Hoshipon, not a
fake) Hoshipon will run away and Black will chase after it. March forward, 
pick up the Black Star item and finish the stage.

 Easy, wasn't it?

 Black Star item unlocks a boss mission, located just right of Mamboss mission

 -Mission 20-1: An ancient tusk at Mambo Ruins
  A variation of Mamboss with the power of ruin's protector
  Was found frozenin Mambo Ruins
  It looks like the protector from legend in Kochikachi Lake

 When the mission starts, destory the tombstone and get the song of charge.
The command is Pon Pon Chaka Chaka, and it changes your Patapons' attack and
defense patterns.

 The charge command is very expensive in terms of time. You need to spend one
command to charge and another command to unleash its effects. In Mamboss and
Mamboross fights, you can get a semi-free charge. When you see the preparation
motion for the Freeze attack, just use charge command followed by an attack
command. This will allow you to attack frozen Mamboss/Mamboross with charged
up attack at virtually no cost.

 Mamboross is just like Mamboss, maybe a little bit more HP. When you defeat
it, you'll get Lv.1 egg of Mamboross Fight.

 -Mission 20-2: The oldest existing protector Mamboross
  The best Patapon Blacksmith Ton Kampon disappeared after he left to
  Hunt Mamboross for its tusk which is an ingredient for his weapons a
  Defeat Mamboross for the best quality meat!

 When you fight Mamboross again, it starts to drop the Cap of Kampon at level 
around 3. Simply get the cap and you'll unlock the smithing minigame.

 Here's another Mamboross attack pattern that Mamboss also picks up at level

 Charge: Mamboss looks at you aggressively, pounds its feet lightly and starts
         charging forward. Afterwards it sends all nearby Patapons flying with
         its tusk.

 -Mission 21-1: Memory freed by the gate to the Netherworld
  Dark Hero decided this is the place for the decisive battle
  He gathered the demons and is prepared to fight the Patapons
  You should not let him have things his way by losing, should you?

 When the stage starts, Dark Hero in Yari form appears along with a few demons.
They're equipped with Ice Spears which can freeze your Patapons. Also There are
Mega demons on top of a tower, it is best to counter with ranged units of your
own like Yaripon and Yumipon.

 After taking care of the demons, you'll get a potion and Dark Hero retreats.
It sells its soul to the Netherworld Gate, Bababan. 

 When you defeat Dark Hero, Bababan will revive him constantly so you need
to defeat the gate. Bababan has two attacks:

 Laser: The big eye on the upper part of the gate fires a laser that freezes
        your Patapons. Yumipons are very likely to be out of its range, but
        still make sure your two front Patapons can deal with Freeze.

 Fire Spears: When Bababan gets damaged halfway, it starts to throw multiple
              fire spears instead. Again, it's range is limited so melee units
              are mainly attacked.

 After destroying Bababan, you face Dark Hero for the last time. When he is
defeated, he leaves a final word that reveals his identity. Actually, you'll
only know if you've played Patapon 1 AND paid attention to enemy conversations.

 I admit that I didn't mention Aiton in my Patapon 1 FAQ/Walkthrough. I saw it
but I thought it was just a minor detail not worth writing into the guide. 
Remeber the watchtower and two Kamens? Their names are Aimen and Makomen.

 One more reason to play or re-play Patapon 1 if you don't know / remember.

 When you finish this mission, you get a TIP explaining the story of Aiton and
Makoton for people who missed out on Patapon 1.

 -Mission 21-2: Fight to the death against Demon Gate Bababan
  I will say it very clearly this time!
  Those who do not feel confident about their power should not come close
  The rule of hell only allows a life-or-death fight

 You can replay mission 21 again to get some more equipments without Dark Hero
and whatnot. 

 -Mission 22: Ground Zero
  It is hard to tell this place used to be a beatiful holy land
  The cause of the world splitting into countless pieces was here
  Would Demon General Beetletan know about this too?

 Be prepared to face Beetletan, a Hero Dekatan. Do not underestimate him. He
is nothing like Dark Hero. When he says something and moves towards you, dodge.
His attacks are too strong to block. On Easy/Normal difficulty you can bring
a Hero Tatepon and use his Hero mode. On hard difficulty unless you can 
confidently nail 3~4 sets of Just Timings in a row on command, dodge.

 I lost 3 Wandaba / Wandabada Dekapons in a blink. Beetletan's damage can
range up to three digits. I also lost my Wandabada Dekapon Hero twice. Don't
take chances and dodge his attacks. Defense song is not going to cut it.

 Black tells Beetletan that his "pet" Dark Hero is dead. Beetletan than 
commands Black to bring the "big thing" and complains about how Black should
not have depended on weakling like Dark Hero.

 Black brings a giant mushroom (a lot of people on message boards mistook this
as an alien). This mushroom has two attack patterns:

 Throw rock: It grabs a rock and throws at your Patapons. Patapon hit can fly
             backwards quite a distance.

 Sleeping spores: Not really an attack pattern, but it's always there. At the
                  bottom of the mushroom, you'll see white things falling off.
                  Patapons who come in contact are subject to Sleep status
                  ailment. Be sure to get your melee Patapons ready against 

 When you deal enough damage to Beetletan, he will retreat behind the mushroom.
Demons will keep coming, but they occasionally drop health potions. So this
shouldn't be as hard as it seems.

 Keep damaging the mushroom and it will eventually die. Then you fight 
Beetletan again. If you're not used to his patterns, you wouldn't have made it
to the giant mushroom part so at this point I assume you can dodge his attacks
easily and he's just child's play.

 Before Beetletan died, it said something about Spidertan... You've seen 
Spiderton in Patapon 1, so expect something similar? Also Beetletan drops a
Haten equipment.

 -Mission 23-1: Evil Mind at the border of the world
  That place used to be a holy land called the border of the world
  Large egg that used to cover the border is broken and
  Evil being of Netherworld is coming out from the hole

 When the mission starts, you'll see a tombstone and learn the jump song.

 You'll face Garl, an upgraded version of Gorl (the last boss in Patapon 1).
Garl has two forms:

 Witch form:
 Fireball: Charges up a fireball and throws at Patapons. Ignites hit Patapons.

 Lightning: Sits down and stares at Patapons for a while. Picks one up and
            attacks with lightning, instant death.

 Freezing Wind: Similar motion as its fireball attack, but without the 
                fireball. Freezes all Patapons in front of her and flaps her
                wings to send them flying. Your Hatapon is left gullible
                afterwards so be prepared to dodge.

 Bird form:
 Charge: Flies back a distance and charges at you. You can evade this by 
         either the dodge song or the jump song. 
 Laser: Lifts its bottom up for a while and shoots laser out of its mouth. Use
        the jump song to avoid. Technically not a laser since it freezes 
        Patapons, but hopefully you'll go "aha this was what he meant" when
        you see it.

 Projectiles: Lifts its bottom up for a while and spews multiple projectiles.
              You can use either the dodge song or the jump song.

 When defeated, it will drop Lv.1 egg of Gorl Fight.

 -Mission 23-2: Garl, servant of the Netherworld
  Garl, an upper class of Gorl who once ruined the world
  Is a mere servant of the Netherworld
  Defeat Garl for top quality hides!

 In order to get the egg of Garl fight, you need to keep fighting Garl. At
level around 5, you'll get Lv.1 egg of Garl Fight.

 -Mission 24-1: Phoenix at Merara Volcano
  According to the legend of Merara Volcano, the Fire Spirit
  Gave eternal life to Motiti's meat and
  Made it the protector of the land

 This is just an upgraded version of Motititi. Phoeniti has one more attack
pattern than Motititi.

 Tornado: Phoeniti sits down, and jumps up creating a spiral of air. Nearby
          Patapons will be flown away, along with projectiles like arrows and

 Burning Gas: It's the same as sleeping gas, except Phoeniti's gas ignites
              your Patapons instead of putting them to sleep.

 When defeated, it drops Lv.1 egg of Phoeniti Fight.

 -Mission 24-2: Fire Bird Phoeniti
  The best Patapon chef Rah Gashapon
  Disappeared after trying to get this monster bird's meat...
  Defeat Phoeniti for the top quality bones!

 Just like the mission description, Phoeniti will drop the Cap of Gashapon at
level around 3.

 Freeze Phoeniti and teether it to raise your chances if you didn't get it by
the the time you defeated level 3 Phoeniti.

 -Mission 25: Past the Kolaakan Desert
  In the middle of the desert, an area is filled with hot sand coming out of
  the ground that can lead creatures to death with its heat
  Bring the Rain Miracle and cool down the hot sand!!

 Yes, be sure to equip the Rain Miracle. The fights in this are not hard. It
just tests if you brought the Rain Miracle and if you can perform them.

 You'll mainly face Maho and Tori Kamen in this mission. They are equipped with
fire weapons, so your army should be geared towards Ignite resistance. Just
march ahead, you'll face some enemy opposition but they drop potions too. (It
appears that Tori Kamen drops them.)

 You'll notice a purple snail Gancheek. It drops an elemental weapon so go
ahead and try to hunt it. It is very slow you can have melee units attack it

 Halfway through the mission you'll see a sign. It'll warn you that the land
to the right is burning hot. When you march forward, the ground will turn red.
It'll ignite and damage your Patapons, so perform the Rain Miracle immediately.

 Keep marching and you'll reach a tower. This is practically the end of the 
stage. Destroy it and you'll fight no more Kamen. Depending on how well you did
on the miracle minigame, rain may have stopped or in the verge of stopping 
around this point. People playing on hard would more likely have shorter 
miracle duration because the minigame timing window is narrower.

 Perform the miracle once more, and this should be enough to guide you safely
to the end of the stage.

 -Mission 26-1: Giant creature at Kolaakan Desert
  A giant creature was found in Kolaakan Desert
  Monster Zaknel swims through the desert
  And protect the ancient legacy

 You'll find Zaknel, a sandworm in this mission. Zaknel is not too strong.
Its attack patterns are:

 Body Slam: Zaknel stares at the sky, breathes heavily a couple times and
            slams its body forward. Short ranged but very damaging. Even low
            level Zaknel can significantly damage your Hatapon. (But it is
            very easy to dodge, you won't get hit unless you just stand there
            trying to watch different boss attack patterns like I was doing.)

 Ground Shake: Zaknel lays low and then shakes ground. Suggested evasive
               maneuver is jump. 

 Flame Breath: Zaknel breathes in deeply a couple times and breathes fire
               forward. Weak damage, and easy to dodge.

 When defeated, Zaknel drops Lv.1 egg of Zaknel Fight.

 Back in Patapolis, Meden mentions a miracle.

 Meden: "Dear Lord, do you know of a miracle that will make Yumipons even more
 "Arrows ride the tailwind and fly further."
 Meden: "Maybe there's a secret to the sandstorm in the desert."

 -Mission 26-2: Zaknel, king of the desert
  Knel type monsters store water in their body and hide underground
  It established a good environment for vegetables to grow using its organ
  Defeat Zaknel for more valuable vegetables!

 The mission description changes. Happens with every boss and maybe I should
not have made these into xx-2 missions...

 -Mission 27: Mystery of the desert's sandstorm
  Rare creatures appear in the desert to be hunted when there's a sandstorm
  If you bring rain down, things will change
  When the weather is sunny, different creatures will appear

 This mission actually appears in Mission 25's location, but because it can
only be accessed after you fight Zaknel, I numbered this 27 instead.

 In order to get the Tailwind Miracle, you need to bring Rain Miracle into this

 It's a regular hunting mission, but halfway through you'll find a totem. As
you approach it, you'll find yourself on hot sand area. Perform the Rain
Miracle and drum according to the totem. It'll give you the Tailwind Miracle
after a few commands.

 This hunting mission is a good place to get Fangs, especially level 4 Fangs
without too much work. 

 -Mission 28-1: Struggle for Ekkora Oasis
  Ekkora Oasis has become a considerable base of Kamen tribe
  Strong wind coming from Robomen Windmill
  Made Patapons' arrows useless

 You want to equip the Tailwind Miracle to make this mission easier.

 Once you used the Tailwind Miracle, enemy arrows will become useless. Just
fire away from a distance, since the wind carries your arrows and spears far
away. After crashing through futile enemy resistance, you'll see the windmill.

 Use the Tailwind Miracle again and you can easily destroy it from far away.
Robomen will keep spawning from the windmill but they shouldn't be too much

 When you have no melee units and they come close, either use defense song to
skewer them with spears or wait until tailwind stops.

 After destroying the windmill, march forward and it's the end of the mission.

 Back at Patapolis, a scout reports that a large army of Kamen has assembled
near the border of Kamen country. Meden suggests that you scout first.

 -Mission 28-2: Struggle for Ekkora Oasis
  Kamen must really like this oasis
  Because they rebuilt the Robomen tower and waiting for the Patapons
  Hatapon said "It smells delicious here!"

 Just the same old replayable siege mission. You get Lv.1 egg of Struggle for
Oasis when you beat this mission.

 If you're in need of some elemental equipments, you can play this stage to
farm a few.

 A lot of elemental equipments drop in this mission, and you can keep killing
Robomen to get a few more until you destroy the windmill. 

 -Mission 29: Kamen country and three god generals
  Based on the information that a large Kamen army had assembled near the 
  Border, Patapons decided to scout the enemy camp
  Quietly advance through the grass and... Attack when the time is right!!

 You do not want to alert the Kamens. Do not get into Fever mode or you'll
alert the enemies. March twice and break combo by not drumming any commands.

 Once you reach the tower, you'll hear the three god generals talk. They are
worried about Gong and Zigotons using catapult to siege Kamen gate. So they
take off with the army.

 After they leave, you can start attacking them. When you destroy the altar
like structure, the mask will float around and attack you. You'll fight it 
later so I won't list its attack patterns here. Just ignore it and advance.

 You'll notice that it says certain phrases before performing certain attacks.
This is the key to figuring out which attack it'll do. Take a look at those
and it'll benefit you later.

 Besides the mask annoying you, there aren't many enemies. Just destroy 
some structures and march.

 You'll reach the end of the mission sooner than you think.

 Back in Patapolis, you learn that the annoying mask is the "boss" (that's what
she said) of the Kamen tribe. It is named Omen Kamen. 

 -Mission 30-1: Protector of Mechaku Jungle
  A gigantic shadow appeared in front of the Patapons.
  "It's Shookle! Shookle!"
  A monster who ate 3 Patapons at once appeared

 You face Shookle, another boss from Patapon 1. Its attack patterns are:

 Sleeping Gas: Shookle puts its vines behind and after shaking a couple times,
               it releases sleeping gas that also damages. When Shookle 
               teethers, it also releases sleeping gas.

 Slam: It raises its vines and shakes a couple times, jumps up and slams

 Devour: It spreads its vines for a while, grabs Patapons and devours. If
         devoured, it dies instantly but you can burn the vine and try to
         rescue the captured Patapon.

 It drops Lv.1 egg of Shookle Fight when defeated.

 Back in Patapolis, Meden says you finally reached the biggest obstacle, a
despair greater than despair, the Great Despair. Gong and the Zigotons are 
preparing a catapult and want you to experience the great despair in the 

 -Mission 30-2: Patapon eating plant Shookle
  This monster is infamous for its appetite for Patapons
  "Mahopon and Toripon require seeds"
  Defeat Shookle for more valuable seeds!

 Starting at level around 5, it drops Lv.1 egg of Shooshookle Fight. 
Shooshookle can only be fought in Paregeto so pick it up if you want more seeds

 -Mission 31: Great Despair
  Castle gate of Kamen country Soxy has never been breached
  The door stays firmly shut with hidden death traps...
  How much desperate... Experience it first hand!!

 If you want 100% game completion, do not win this mission.

 You can try to beat this, but it's not recommended because you'll miss out on
some missions, a key item, a boss, and a miracle.

 When this mission starts, you can immediately retire, allowing the story to
progress further, or you can advance and experience the great despair.

 Back in Patapolis you'll learn that the catapult has been stolen. You saw 
this coming when the three god generals left in mission 29, didn't you?

 -Mission 32: Retrieve the Zigoton catapult!
  The catapult that was built by Gong's orders
  Got stolen by Kamens
  Retrieve the Zigoton catapult at the Edgege Cliff!!

 This mission is located in the same place as mission 12. The goal of this
mission is to retrieve the catapult. So if you destroy it when it's under
Kamen control, you'll fail the mission.

 The catapult is so weak. It's so weak that you can't play this mission in
stormy weather, because the thunder will easily destroy the catapult. Do not
bring any piercing ranged weapons, flame weapons, stew that gives you ignite
chance, or rarepon that has any ignite chance.

 Also bring Tailwind Miracle, it will greatly improve your chance of escorting
the catapult safely. I have failed this mission so many times it's not even
funny. Tailwind Miracle really saves the day.

 When the mission starts, carefully destroy the structures and contact the 
catapult. As you do, the catapult will come under your command. I would
recommend using the Tailwind Miracle immediately, as you can recover your
Fever by the time you engage enemies again. 

 Keep marching, and you'll come across a bunch of grass. This is the killzone.
Perform the Tailwind Miracle again and shoot the cannon from faraway. Cannon
ignites the grass and will likely destroy the catapult easily.

 If you destroy the tower with the cannon, just march forward and finish the

 -Mission 33: God general of shield Nomen
  One of the Kamen three god generals, god general of shield Nomen is a brave
  Man, legend says he defeated hero Ban the Tatepon
  Protect the catapult and cross the Bryoon Snowfield!!

 This mission is located at the location of mission 15. Meden will join your
advance in a cart so no longer get support from the catapult until you reach
the great despair again.

 You can now bring whatever rarepons and whatever equipment you like. But know
that resistance to freeze will be helpful if the weather is snowy. 

 Nomen's pattern is very simple. It says "Show me your power" and stands still,
this is the chance to unleash your attacks. Then after saying "Now it's my
turn" he rushes forward and does a rising jump attack. (I think it's pretty
cool and it would have been nice if Hero Tatepon's fever mode attack was that.)

 Note that snowy weather causes Kamens to freeze as well, including Nomen. It
is pretty nice when Nomen freezes while he charges forward, it saves you from
damage and give you free time to deal damage.

 Nomen will retreat as he gets damaged. Destroy snowball cannons and obstacles
and chase him.

 After you go through the ice tunnel (which is supposed to be a forest, but...)
he will fight till his death. Because his attack patterns are so simple and is
mainly open to attacks all the time it should be an easy battle compared to

 When Nomen gets defeated, he drops a Haten equipment. 

 -Mission 34: God general of spear Kimen
  One of the Kamen three god generals, god general of spear Kimen is a calm
  Man, legend says he defeated hero Don the Yumipon
  Protect the catapult and cross the Moakan Desert!!

 The location of this mission is the location of mission 25. It's a little
strange that mission 25 says Kolaakan Desert and this says Moakan Desert. 
Maybe they're right next to each other? You know which miracle to bring, the
Rain Miracle of course.

 Kimen appears, saying he'll revenge Nomen. And he calls a Gancheek to his aid.
When you kill the Gancheek, Kimen runs away. Chase him, there aren't as many
enemies in this mission. But watch out as enemies have Flame weapons and it
can burn Meden's cart. 

 Halfway through the mission you'll come across the familiar sign and hot sand.
Perform the Rain Miracle here and keep going. Because Meden's cart is so
vulnerable to fire, you want to make sure you perform the Rain Miracle 
successfully before entering the hot sand area. 

 You'll come across a tower and just like Nomen, Kimen makes his last stand 
near the tower. Watch out for the archers on top of the tower, they fire Flame
arrows and Meden can easily get damaged. When camera focuses on Meden, she says
the cart can't stand much longer. You definitely want to destroy the tower or
kill the archers quickly unless you want to replay this stage.

 Kimen's pattern is basically the same as Nomen. Very reluctant to attack
actually. He'll drop a Haten equipment (I think it always is the Haten Spear
unlike Beetletan and Nomen who can drop either a Haten weapon for their classes
or a Haten armor for their classes.)

 Perform the Rain Miracle again if it runs out, and finish the mission.

 Back in Patapolis you find out that Meden's gone missing. But she came back
with the rest in the mission complete screen...?

 -Mission 35: God general of staff Hookmen
  One of the Kamen three god generals, god general of staff Hookmen is a 
  Merciless man who burned the most beautiful Gangoro Forest and
  Killed the remaining Patapons

 Hookmen thanks you for killing the other god generals, saying how he is now
the only successor to Omen Kamen. Well, not so fast.

 Hookmen's attack pattern is slightly different from the other two. He says
the usual "Is this all you've got?" exposing himself to attacks for free, but
afterwards he says "Pon Pon Chaka Chaka" and then after the third dialogue,
"Chain Lightning!" a stream of lightning comes down from the sky, damaging
a wide area. It is a little bit trickier to dodge compared to the other two
because the attack comes from the skies and the timing is slightly off every

 Luckily, enemies and structures drop potions. There's no trick to this mission
just use brute force.

 After you defeat Hookmen, destroy another structure to find a Square Wheel. 
This item unlocks the Dokaknel mission, so people who didn't fail the Great
Despair mission will miss out on this item, the boss Dokaknel, the egg of
Dokaknel Fight and the Storm Miracle which Dokaknel drops.

 -Mission 36-1: Protector of the Kneknell
  A legacy of god has been found in the desert!
  A protector with a long battle history since the ancient times
  Is waiting for the god of Patapons

 Dokaknel shares most of its attacks with Zaknel, but there is one new attack

 Underground Attack: Dokaknel goes underground and charges forward. You can
                     either dodge or jump. 

 When defeated, Dokaknel drops Lv.1 egg of Dokaknel Fight.

 -Mission 36-2: Mighty Dokaknel
  Mighty protector Dokaknel that sleeps in Kneknel Ruins has a fang
  That pierces through everything which is very rare
  Defeat Dokaknel for top quality vegetables!

 The mission description is about Dokaknel's fang, which you could already have
gotten if you got it in Patapon 1 and loaded the save then played the first
mission in stormy weather.

 You can have multiple Dokaknel Fangs it seems, I got it early from my Patapon
1 save and when I defeated Dokaknel Lv.2 it dropped another Dokaknel Fang.

 It turns out that you can get multiple Dokaknel Fangs regardless of loading
Patapon 1 save. Dokaknel will frequently give you Dokaknel Fangs.

 What the mission description failed to mention is that Dokaknel starts 
dropping the Storm Miracle from level around 3.

 Storm Miracle is Rain Miracle and Tailwind Miracle in one plus thunder.

 -Mission 37-1: Arc to the Great Hope
  Finally it's time to show off the Zigoton catapult
  "It breaks down very easily so be careful"
  It would be nice if "tailwind" blows

 As recommended in the mission description, equip the Tailwind Miracle in order
to protect the catapult. Even if you have the Storm Miracle, it is not 
recommended because of the thunder.

 The catapult is seriously vulnerable. Keep performing the Tailwind Miracle or
you'll lose it even before reaching the gate.

 When you reach the gate, try to stay far away and use the Tailwind Miracle to
attack with ranged weapons. Zigotons will also bring a siege weapon of their
own, but its range is short and not much damage can be expected.

 Even if you start losing units, keep at it and it'll eventually go down. 
Leaving behind an Unopenable Scroll. It unlocks a boss stage so be sure to
pick it up.

 -Mission 37-2: True arc to the Great Hope
  "Dear Lord... There is no Zigoton support this time
  Can you siege the Kamen castle gate Soxy with just the catapult...?"
  What was that Meden's inappropriate smile!?

 Yikes. This is gonna be tough if you lose the catapult on the way since there
will be no siege support besides the catapult.

 Basically the same drill though. Use the Tailwind Miracle as much as possible
to keep your catapult safe. And when you reach the castle, use the Tailwind
Miracle and snipe from faraway.

 When destroyed, it drops Lv.1 egg of Kamen Castle Gate Fight.

 -Mission 38-1: Angry claw of Guguchoppa Ruins
  The unopenable Scroll found at Kamen castle Soxy
  Marks the Guguchoppa Ruins as the strongest
  Ultimate boss appeared

 At the beginning of this mission, you'll find a tombstone that gives you the
DonChaka Song. Its command is Pata Pon Don Chaka and it clears your army's
status ailments.

 Cioking's attack patterns are:

 Sleeping Bubble: Cioking raises its claws and clips them at the same time.
                  If you get hit and fall asleep, it'll be hard to avoid 
                  the next attack.

 Claw Attack: Cioking raises its claws and clips them alternatively. Smashes
              forward, heavy damage but short ranged.

 Throw: An instant death attack. It leans forward and picks up a Patapon then
        throws away. 

 Death Bubble: It raises its body upwards, and unleashes several bubbles.
               Patapon hit will get trapped inside the bubble, and explode to
               death. You can lose a number of Patapons quickly if your 
               Patapons are sleeping.

 Drops Lv.1 egg of Ciokina Fight when defeated.

 -Mission 38-2: Scorching claw Cioking
  Cioking uses various combination following strong sleep inducing bubbles
  It's probably the strongest and the most evil creature
  Defeat Cioking for top quality liquids!

 Cioking starts dropping Lv.1 egg of Cioking Fight around level 5. There is
nothing else special to mention besides this.

 -Mission 39: Promise!? Rescue Meden!!
  Remnants of the Kamen after Patapons destroyed the castle
  Captured Meden who was wandering around the battlefield
  Follow the armed cart across the Moakan Desert and save Meden!

 Patapon 1 players must have noticed by now that there are tons of Patapon 1 
reference stages in Patapon 2 and this is another. The cart looks a lot more
fortified than the one in Patapon 1, it actually is tougher.

 Prepare the Rain Miracle because you'll cross a hot sand zone. The first half
is very straightforward. Just chase the cart and destroy it. 

 Halfway through the mission you'll come to the hot sand zone. Perform the Rain
Miracle and chase the cart, destroying sand dunes on the way.

 When you destroy the cart and save Meden, the mission immediately ends. If the
cart crosses the desert, it will be mission failed.

 -Mission 40-1: New weapon from the Netherworld
  Omen Kamen summoned a new weapon from the Netherworld!
  But... The Netherworld's soldier was made of machinary
  Which is heavy, thus easy to knock back

 Cannogears is top-heavy, and weak against knockback. Exploit it for an easy

 Cannogears' attack patterns include:

 Time Bomb: It sits down, opens its mouth a couple of times and spits out a 
            bomb. It explodes after a short while.

 Cannons: It sits down but doesn't move its mouth. Shoots multiple cannons
          out of four cannons on its body. Given that you're not too close,
          it can be evaded by either dodge or jump.

 Hammer: It rolls up the hammer a little bit and launches it forward.

 It drops Lv.1 egg of Cannogears Fight when defeated.

 -Mission 40-2: Netherworld's war machine Cannogears
  The gigantic machine that was summoned to Kamen castle restored itself
  Increased its power and waiting for Patapons
  Defeat Cannogears for more valuable alloy!

 A new mission description!

 -Mission 41-1: Farewell, Black Hoshipon
  Finally Patapons have returned to their ancestors' homeland
  The land called Patapole Kingdom where Patapons were born
  But now it's no more than ruins ruled by Omen Kamen

 Soon after the mission begins, a gigantic tank will appear from the right.
It's called Zugagan, surprisingly a sandbag.

 It has 2 attacks, arrows from the middle section and cannons from the top
section. Some Torimen and Dekamen will appear but they are not that threatening

 Fairly straightforward stage. Just use brute force and destroy Zugagan to
finish the mission. Black will cry and run away to the Demon King.

 Back in Patapolis, Meden prepares you for the final battle.

 -Mission 41-2: Zugagan Modified, the Netherworld's tank
  The remnants of Kamen borrowed the power of the demons and modified Zugagan
  And rebuilt a fortress on the ruins of Patapole Kingdom
  Show the might of the Kamipon army and eliminate them!!

 You can replay this mission to get some equipments. Not too many Kamen units
appear compared to other siege missions and Zugagan is more troublesome to
fight than immobile fortresses. I don't really recommend using this stage for
farming. But if you're desperate for Great elemental equipments, go ahead...

 Well actually there's more to this mission. You can get Lv.1 egg of 
Netherworld Tank Fight when you beat this mission. You can also get a Mystery
Tablet at level around 3. This item unlocks a boss mission.

 -Mission 42-1: Fight against the true superweapon living fortress
  The power difference between this living fortress and 
  The mass production type is very clear 
  After a long time it is battle-hardened

 In this mission you fight Cannodears, an upgraded version of Cannogears. The
attack patterns is practically the same except it has a new attack.

 Super Annihilation Cannon: A cannon comes out of its body. Very powerful, can
                            truly annihilate your army if you're unfortunately

 When defeated, Cannodears drops Lv.1 egg of Cannodears Fight.

 -Mission 42-2: Living Fortress Cannodears
  Super Annihilation Cannon has an effective range that can reach the end of 
  The world and it turns everything to ashes when fired at close range
  Defeat Cannodears for top quality alloy!

 Starting at level around 3, Cannodears will drop the Earthquake Miracle. It
knocks down everything in the screen. Also effective against bosses; first
apply status ailment such as Ignite, Freeze, or Sleep against the boss and
perform the miracle to get a high level material or a rare equipment.

 -Mission 43: Once UPON a Time in PATA-Pole
  Patapole Palace used to be Patapons' Palace
  Now Omen Kamen tries to face the Patapons
  And amnesic Hero is about to remember everything...

 Here you face Omen Kamen. Remember, you want to fight him. Don't just try to
march past him just because he's floating around in the air.

 Patapons say this and that, including how Hero destroyed the gigantic egg...
Interesting. But for now, let's focus of Omen Kamen.

 Omen Kamen's attack patterns are:

 Sleeping Gas: After saying "Where's my mask?" he wears a gas mask and 
               releases sleeping gas that puts Patapons to sleep.

 Freezing Wave: After saying "Dongrusher!!" he swings his arm forward, freezing 
                everything in its way. Easily avoided by jump.

 Fireball: After saying "Spin~ Spin~ Fireball!" he launches 5 fireballs. The
           Fireballs move very slow, so it's hard to perfectly evade them all.

 Hammer Smash: After saying "Gigantol!!" he pulls out a big hammer and smashes

 All his attacks have different elements. Sleeping Gas is obviously of Sleep 
element, Freezing Wave is of Ice element, Fireball is of Fire element, Hammer
Smash is of Thunder element. Choose to evade or defend based on your Patapons
resistance towards each attack.

 Back in Patapolis, a Devil called Dettan Kamen has showed itself.

 -Mission 44-1: Archdevil that devastates the Patapons
  Love is wanted... The man who hates Patapons made a deal with the devil
  The cursed mask has gained him eternal life
  And now the root cause archdevil is trying to destroy the world...

 Dettan Kamen is surprisingly not as strong as I feared. Just like Gorl, the 
last boss of Patapon 1, Dettan Kamen has two forms.

 Beast Form:
 Sleeping Breath: Crouches with its mouth closed and then releases sleeping 
                  gas from its mouth.

 Charge and Fang: Just like Gorl/Garl's beast form, it moves back a lot and
                  then charges forward. After stopping it raises its claws and

 Human Form:
 Toast Devour: Grabs a Patapon, burns with a torch and devours. You can save
               the grabbed Patapon by teethering Dettan Kamen.

 When defeated, it drops Lv.1 egg of Dettan Kamen Fight.


 "Is this the end of the world?"
 "Thank you for the power of the drums Lord"
 "Let's go a bit forward"

 They walk forward and find a gigantic egg.

 "Please dear Lord...
  Please guide the Patapons..."

 Use the march command to march, and then once you reach the egg attack and 
break it.

 The egg lets out a bright light.
 "It's so bright!"
 "I don't mind going blind if I can see 'IT'!"
 "My... My eyes"

 Rainbow appears.

 "Oh.. so beutiful..."

 A Patapon comes out of the egg, wearing a panda-like hood.

 "What the..."
 "Ah... I was sleeping like a rock and you broke the egg!"
 "Are you a princess?"
 "Your journey ends here..."

 Screen goes black and back, you see Hero with his head down.

 "So you're leaving..."
 "You are fated to restore the world..."
 "I will wait for your return here"

 "Zzzz... Huh?"
 "Ah I slept well. The wind is so nice here."
 "Uh... Uh... Princess... Since when were you there?"

 "... ... ... ..."


 Note that both epilogue and credits can be skipped by pressing the start
button on your PSP. This will come in handy very soon.

 -Mission 44-2: Archdevil of cursed mask Dettan Kamen
  Once the door to the Netherworld opens, it cannot be closed
  Can't this archdevil truly be killed...
  Defeat Dettan Kamen if you want loads of Kaching!

 Dettan Kamen might look like it only drops Kaching, but it has a fairly high
chance of dropping rare equipments.

 Dettan Kamen will drop the Grey Rainbow starting at level around 3. After
each victorious fight, you'll end up in epilogue. Just know that both epilogue
and the credits can be skipped by pressing the start button on your PSP. The
Grey Rainbow will unlock the last hidden mission in the game.

 -Mission 45-1: Grey Rainbow and the rear side of the face
  Omen Kamen's trap was very cleverly set
  "Someday Patapons will get the Grey Rainbow
  And summon the true fear into their world"

 You fight Zuttan Kamen in this mission, which is a variation of Dettan Kamen.
It has new attacks that Dettan Kamen also learns as it levels up.

 Beast Form:
 Devour: Crouches with its mouth open, leans forwards and devours Patapons.
         Easier to dodge compared to its Fang attack. But if you fail to dodge,
         prepare to have 5 Patapons eaten.

 Human Form:
 Meteor: Dances for a while and summons meteors from the sky just like Mahopon
         Hero mode. It lasts until Zuttan Kamen teethers. Igniting Zuttan Kamen
         while it's in its beast form will easily save you from this attack as
         it teethers easily when ignited. You can even teether it before the
         meteors start falling.

 When defeated, it drops Lv.1 egg of Zuttan Kamen Fight.

 -Mission 45-2: Archdevil of the other side mask Zuttan Kamen
  It is truly a miracle that this Archdevil has been defeated!
  But... Eventually you'll reach your limit
  Even if you give up, nobody will say anything...

 I personally don't think this boss is as hard as the mission description
says. Keep beating this boss for rare equipments until Patapon 3 comes out...?


 Item Database                                                           [ITDB]

 Drum                                                                    [ITD1]


 Drum of Valour (Pon)   : Mission -1 Opening

 Drum of Strength (Pata): Mission 0 Prologue Return of the God

 Drum of Wisdom (Chaka) : Mission 3-1 Fateful encounter at Nanjaro Hills

 Drum of Miracle (Don)  : Mission 8 Gong's test

 Miracle                                                                 [ITD2]


 Rain Miracle       : Mission 6-2 Mushroom shroom shroom Nyokiri Swamp
                      Changes the weather to rain

 Tailwind Miracle   : Mission 27 Mystery of the desert's sandstorm
                      Changes the wind direction to tail wind

 Storm Miracle      : Mission 35 God general of staff Hookmen
                      Changes the weather to stormy; rain + tailwind + thunder

 Earthquake Miracle : Mission 42-2 Living Fortress Cannodears
                      Causes an earthquake, knocking down everything in screen

 Blizzard Miracle   : Mission 15-1 Watchtower and two Kamen
                      Changes the weather to snowy

 Attack Miracle     : Mission 4-2 Giant Dragon Dodonga of Dongara Ruins
                      Increases damage and Cnc Ratio

 Defense Miracle    : Mission 11-2 Fearful tentacle monster Darachura
                      Reduces damage taken and resistance to status ailments

 Hidden Ruin Access Key                                                  [ITD3]


 Black Star        : Mission 19 Shiny Star and Black Star
                     Unlocks Mission 20-1 An ancient tusk at Mambo Ruins

 Dirty Map         : Mission 10-2: Magical fog surrounding a rock mountain
                     Unlocks Mission 11-1 Protector of Dachara Ruins

 Mystery Tablet    : Mission 41-2 Zugagan Modified, the Netherworld's tank Lv.3
                     Unlocks Mission 42-1 Fight against the true superweapon 
                      living fortress

 Unopenable Box    : Mission 15-2 Rage of the lamb and its mother in Bryoon 
                     Unlocks Mission 16-1 Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins

 Unopenable Scroll : Mission 37-1 Arc to the Great Hope
                     Unlocks Mission 38-1 Angry claw of Guguchoppa Ruins

 Square Wheel      : Mission 35 God general of staff Hookmen
                     Unlocks Mission 36-1 Protector of the Kneknell

 Grey Rainbow      : Mission 44-2 Archdevil of cursed mask Dettan Kamen Lv.3
                     Unlocks Mission 45-1 Grey Rainbow and the rear side of
                      the face

 Bud of Mater      : Mission 4-1 Creature defending the Bud of Mater
                     Unlocks Missions 4-2, 4-3, 4-4 and the Tree of Life

 Song                                                                    [ITD4]


 Patapata Song   : Mission 0 Prologue Return of the God
                   Pata Pata Pata Pon, march

 Ponpon Song     : Mission 1-1 Hunting on Totchira Shore
                   Pon Pon Pata Pon, attack

 Chakachaka Song : Mission 2-1 Search the Jaja Jungle
                   Chaka Chaka Pata Pon, defence

 Ponpata Song    : Mission 16-1 Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins
                   Pon Pata Pon Pata, dodge

 Ponchaka Song   : Mission 20-1 An ancient tusk at Mambo Ruins
                   Pon Pon Chaka Chaka, charge

 Dondon Song     : Mission 23-1 Evil Mind at the border of the world
                   Don Don Chaka Chaka, jump

 Donchaka Song   : Mission 38-1 Angry claw of Guguchoppa Ruins
                   Pata Pon Don Chaka, recover from status ailments

 Memory                                                                  [ITD5]


 Yaripon's Memory: Prologue Return of the God
 Tatepon's Memory: Mission 2-1 Search the Jaja Jungle

 Yumipon's Memory: Mission 5-1 Usso Forest's Kamen Fortress Siege

 Kibapon's Memory: Level up Piyopiyo Yaripon

 Dekapon's Memory: Level up Wanda Tatepon

 Megapon's Memory: Level up Menyoki Yumipon

 Toripon's Memory: Level up Sabara Yaripon

 Robopon's Memory: Level up Kinokko Tatepon

 Mahopon's Memory: Level up Koppen Yumipon


  Materials Database                                                     [MTDB]


 Meat                                                                    [MTD1]


 Hunt preys or fight Mamboss / Mamboross
 Pan Pakapon minigame

 Level 1: Gachigachi Meat / Leather Meat / Cafeteria Meat

 Level 2: Hukura Meat / Tender Meat

 Level 3: Jyoyjo Meat / Dream Meat / Succulent Meat

 Level 4: Mystery Meat

 Level 5: Akuma's Meat / Devil's Meat


 Hide                                                                    [MTD2]


 Preys sometimes drop hides or fight Gorl / Garl
 Pan Pakapon minigame

 Level 1: Berara Hide / Tattered Hide

 Level 2: Gotsutsu Hide / Rough Hide

 Level 3: Subebe Hide / Smooth Hide

 Level 4: Mezura Hide / Wonderful Hide

 Level 5: Akuma's Hide / Devil's Hide


 Fang                                                                    [MTD3]


 Kacheek preys sometimes drop fangs or fight Sentura / Darachura
 Pan Pakapon minigame

 Level 1: Kuneri Fang / Bent Fang

 Level 2: Itete Fang / Pain Fang

 Level 3: Gizaza Fang / Sawtooth Fang

 Level 4: Nazozo Fang / Mystery Fang

 Level 5: Akuma's Fang / Devil's Fang


 Bone                                                                    [MTD4]


 Motiti preys sometimes drop bones or fight Motititi / Phoeniti
 Pan Pakapon minigame

 Level 1: Mudada Bone / Useless Bone

 Level 2: Gasirin Bone / Hard Bone

 Level 3: Dodeka Bone / Gigantic Bone

 Level 4: Ottama Bone / Mystery Bone

 Level 5: Akuma's Bone / Devil's Bone


 Ore                                                                     [MTD5]


 Structures and grass drop ores or fight Dodonga / Majidonga / Kachindonga
 Kon Kimpon minigame 

 Level 1: Stone

 Level 2: Kachin Ore / Hard Iron

 Level 3: Titan Ore / Tytanium Ore / Titanium Ore

 Level 4: Mythril / Mytheerial

 Level 5: Adamanman / Adamantite


 Wood                                                                    [MTD6]


 Structures and grass drop wood or fight Gaeen / Dogaeen
 Pan Pakapon minigame

 Level 1: Common Branch / Banal Branch / Wood Branch

 Level 2: Sakuran / Cherry Tree

 Level 3: Hinoki / Hinoki

 Level 4: Yakun San / Super Cedar

 Level 5: Bodai Tree / Sacred Fig


 Vegetable                                                               [MTD7]


 Rappapa sometimes drops Eyeball Cabbage or fight Zaknel / Dokaknel
 Fah Zakpon minigame

 Level 1: Gyoro Cabbage / Eyeball Cabbage

 Level 2: Sakebi Carrot / Crying Carrot / Blood Carrot

 Level 3: Huhuhu Pumpkin / Predator Pumpkin

 Level 4: Matsuta Keron / Hazy Shroom / Moor Morel

 Level 5: Goodurian / Good Durian


 Seed                                                                    [MTD8]


 Gancheek sometimes drops seeds or fight Shookle / Shooshookle

 Level 1: Kas Seed / Common Seed

 Level 2: Yoka Seed / Strong Seed

 Level 3: Deka Seed / Gigantic Seed

 Level 4: Bibi Seed / Thorny Seed

 Level 5: Mater Seed


 Alloy                                                                   [MTD9]


 Parcheek sometimes drop alloy or fight Cannogears / Cannodears
 Ton Kampon minigame

 Level 1: Zatsuna Alloy / Sloppy Alloy / Blunt Alloy

 Level 2: Katai Alloy / Hard Alloy

 Level 3: Sugoi Alloy / Awesome Alloy

 Level 4: Mahou no Alloy / Magic Alloy

 Level 5: Akuma's Alloy / Devil's Alloy


 Liquid                                                                  [MTDA]


 Bat preys sometimes drop liquids or fight Cioking / Ciokina
 Tsun Tsun / Tsuku Tsuku minigame

 Level 1: Minareta Liquid / Potential Liquid

 Level 2: Nigai Liquid / Bitter Liquid

 Level 3: Sigeki Liquid / Stimulus Liquid

 Level 4: Nijiiro Liquid / Rainbow Liquid

 Level 5: Akuma's Liquid / Devil's Liquid


  Rarepon Database                                                       [RPDB]


 Due to the volume of these databases, I created them as in-depth FAQs. The
links are provided here.

 Yaripon Database: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/950766/55072


  Frequently Asked Questions                                             [FAQS]


Q: Should I play the first game?
A: As I mentioned at the beginning of the FAQ, you don't have to. 

Q: What carries over from the first game's save?
A: All your materials and kachings carry over instantly. Some equipments carry
   over, and your Rarepons sort of carry over.

Q: How do I change my Hero's class?
A: Press square in equipment selection in mission preparation screen.

Q: How do I change my Hero into higher ranks?
A: You need to unlock corresponding class' Patapon's new ranks or raise 

Q: How do I change the rank of my Patapons/Hero?
A: Go into equipment selection screen, you can change ranks just like the way
   you change equipments.

Q: I can't keep the Fever mode going
A: Stay in beat, especially right after you get into Fever you should tap the
   beat with finger, foot, head, or whatever so you can keep going. It is also
   tougher to stay in Fever mode in Patapon 2 because you need to aim for Just
   Timing every set. For Easy and Normal difficulty this shouldn't be much of
   an issue, but on Hard difficulty losing Fever after stocking up 2 Hero mode
   tokens really sucks.

Q: I've been following your walkthrough and it's too hard
A: I played the game on Hard from start to finish. Since I'm writing a 
   complete walkthrough, it's natural that I tend to replay missions a lot 
   more than many of the readers and have more materials/kachings/equipments
   to aid me. One option for you is to lower the game difficulty, the other
   option is farming and grinding materials/kachings/equipments.

Q: I didn't play the demo, should I play it first?
A: You get a bonus item for completing the demo. If you have never played the
   first game, it's a good idea to play the demo and decide if you want to
   buy the game or not. (Also decide if you want to play the first game as
   well or not.) Completionists should play the demo for the bonus item =P

Q: My Patapon died during a boss battle but didn't leave any cap.
A: Certain boss attacks instantly kill your Patapon and those cannot be 

   revived. Unlike the first Patapon game, weaker version of bosses CAN
   perform such attacks when their levels get high (usually level 10 or 

Q: Is there a good way to change weathers besides Miracles?
A: Go into any mission, as soon as the mission starts go back to Patapolis.
   The weather of missions change in the same way as if you've beaten a

Q: Can I save in the demo?
A: You can save any time at Patapolis in Patapon 2 demo. 

Q: How do I permanently remove a Patapon from my army?
A: There is no option to retire Patapons any more.

Q: Totems just disappear
A: You got too close, do one less march next time.

Q: Totem just flips when I drum the command
A: Take a four beat break while the totem dances and grows. Repeat until
   the root is exposed and the item comes out.

Q: Why need a walkthrough when I can spam Tatepon Hero mode all the way?
A: (Sigh)

Q: Can you write a formula for Rarepons instead of writing out a bunch of
A: That's what I did on my Patapon 1 guide, and dozens of people e-mailed me
   saying it's not foolproof. Even if I provide formulas, it's not gonna be
   much prettier.
   Also there's are cases where higher rank rarepons require less materials,
   so it's slightly more complicated.

Q: What is the best setup?
A: There is no such. Your selection of classes, rarepons, weapons and Hero
   all depend on which stage you're playing.

Q: You mean Beetlet'O'n (and etc) right?
A: No, I mean Beetlet'A'n (and etc). 


 Contact me via E-mail: at gmail dot com, deathfisaro
(Sorry I get A LOT of spam mails since I started publishing FAQs. Just flip
the order around.)


 Send me questions, typos, suggestions, almost anything. 

 Please have Patapon somewhere in your email.
 If possible use the terms I used in this FAQ, for example I'll have easier
time understanding Zaknel than "the worm boss". 


  Credits / Special Thanks To                                            [STHX]


 Thanks Sony again for this awesome sequel to an awesome game
 Thanks to people who read and e-mailed me about my Patapon 1 FAQ/Walkthrough,
  I improved (hopefully) my guide based on your feedbacks.
 Thanks to Sam Leung for pointing out Cap of Tsukupon info missing on 18-2
 Thanks to Devin Rue for a couple area names


  History                                                                [HSTR]


v1.0 Dec.11.2008
 Completed walktrhough of all and every single mission in the game
v1.1 Jan.18.2009
 A couple corrections
 A note added which says:

 What's coming:

 -Mask database
 -Egg database
 -Compon database
 -Equipment database
 -Minigame database


 I am the sole author of this FAQ

 This guide is only available on http://www.GameFAQs.com

 You may not reproduce/redistribute this FAQ without permission. You may use 
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