How do I beat area5:industria?

  1. I can beat the stages in indutria,but the troble comes when i reached stage 6.the hunter keep on seting bad food,the axe holder keep on war me!

    User Info: slimemoss

    slimemoss - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer


    Level 5, Industria:
    Stage 1: 1 Dwarf: Dig close to the entrance so that your slimes quickly gather up enough nutriens for an Omnom bug or even a Lizzardman. Do not use up more than 50 digpower, so that you have at least 500 over at the end of stage 1. When the Omnom becomes a fly it can beat the hero of this stage alone. Also when it is done quick enough the Omnom fly will have about 50 mana to spawn Herculomnom. Make sure to have lots of digable ground around the place the first hero dies.
    Stage 2: 1 Magic Hero: Dig out the mana around the first hero's corpse until you have a red skeleton. Do not summon it yet! Call the hero asap to get a good amount of bonuspoints. Wait for the hero to get close to the skeleton and fight a random monster of your army. When he used up his whirlwind magic call the skeleton. As long as he does no second whirlwind the skeleton should be able to handle him. When beaten upgrade the Lizardman to Level 2, Lizard Knights.
    Stage 3: 1 Alchemist and 1 Mage/Healer: Its getting harder, but with your digpower you should be able to dig out a huge dungeon now. Spawn as much Lizard Knights as possible and when you are lucky get out some liliths too. The Red Skeleton you spawned might be still around when the heroes are summoned. It might be able to take out the healer of the enemy team alone, but as always luck is a huge factor. Upgrade Lizard Knights to Lizard Mages afterwards when possible.
    Stage 4: 1 Dwarf and 1 Assasin: Let the Lizard Mages to the work. They should be strong enough to beat them. Dig around the places where battles take place some room so the Lizards attack the hero from multiple sides. If no Mages were aviable use liliths together with lizzards and maybe use another red skeleton, if you prepared one.
    Stage 5: 1 Alchemist, 1 Healer and 1 Hero: When you are realy lucky you might be able to upgrade to Lizard Masters now, else just continue to use Lizard Mages. You might want to use the Dungeon Shaker when a hero is surrounded by your Lizards.
    Stage 6: 1 Assasin and 1 Dwarf: At least now Lizard Masters are needed. They should be able to take care of the heroes in a short time when their numbers are high. Remember that the assasin can take out even Lizard Masters in 3 - 4 hits and the dwarf will most likely use a spinning slash to obliterate a whole army of yours.
    Stage 7: 1 Alchemist 1 Assasin 1 Mage / Healer: You will need a lot of luck (as always), Lizards and Room! Hope that the heroes do not obliterate your whole army with a single spell.
    Stage 8: 1 Ultimate Hero: The single hero might seem to be strong, but when you have a good built dungeon with a lot of units he will need to waste his mana either for spells or for healing. He will most possibly only heal once and then he is easy to take out, especialy when you have a huge array of different units at a single spot, like multiple Liliths and Lizards with webs. When you made it this far it should be no problem. Tip: The Hero likes to turn to the hallways of your LEFT part of your dungeon first, so build a good attackforce there to force him to waste mana, and have your main force and a very long tunnel to the right of your entrance. Also dont hold back with your dig power, this is the last stage so dig out whatever you have, even in the areas that lead on the way back to the entrance the hero passed already. Most often, when you dig out a giant room the monsters will all eat up each other and only the strongest will survive and have enough nutriens to breed effectively, creating a strong army. But the hero may just pass them and ignore them, so beware when he catches Badman!

    User Info: Almasy_X

    Almasy_X - 10 years ago 0   0

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