NBA Live 09 (PSP)

How can I get Michael Jordan???

  1. how can i get Michael Jordan??Please tell me how..

    _w3s_ - 13 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. lol he plays golf or baseball now.
    but I think he's better at basketball...
    freedestinyseed - 13 years ago - report
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  1. i think you can play michael jordan in older versions of nba like NBA 06 or O7 or 05...
    LGCPU - 12 years ago - report
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  2. He is on nba 2k sports games not nba live games.
    lukemathias - 12 years ago - report
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  3. you can't because he doesn't like to be in any NBA game
    darkfire34 - 13 years ago - report
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