I beg you do you know how to change this game into english?

  1. It is in japanese that is why i need help

    User Info: lame786

    lame786 - 10 years ago

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  1. actually... first one is Story mode, then Arcade, VS, Missions, Training, Collection, Shop, Player Data, and Options
    other than that, i completly agree with you, its ridiculus, not playing FIGHTING game because its not english... its not like you playing it for story, are you?
    And if you are then I'll tel you... All story in it is about how Tsuna and rest of pack have to train before war with Byakuran... to save teh wooorld... end

    User Info: KageNyan

    KageNyan - 8 years ago 1   0


  1. Sorry to tell you, but are you stupid or something? Where did you have even seen a JAPANESE EXCLUSIVE GAME with ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS? Some games have the modes in english, but not this one. Everyone wanna play their games in a language they understand. I can play Bleach HTS6 even if it's in japanese. Know why?
    Because you, my friend, look like you haven't played a fighting game in you life. it's always arcade first, the last is option, and like this. Besides, can't you just try and try and try like everyone do?

    User Info: DLOArceus

    DLOArceus - 10 years ago 0   3

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