How do I beat (HighBreed) from Ben 10 Alien Force?

  1. How do i beat boss highbreed from ben 10 alien force?

    User Info: neighla

    neighla - 10 years ago


  1. At first u have to chose swamfire (or any other alien but swamfire will be good for highbreed) then u will find 6 red colour containers on the two sides of u. U have to brake 1 container and a red colour gas will come out. The highbreed can't stay in the gas so he will fall down at that time u have to start the 0gravity by switching on the 0gravity which is just ahead of u (or the green thing which is ahead of u).The 0gravity will start and u will be at the roof.There you will find 6 switches u have to on them 1 at a time.U can't on all the switches together.When u press 1 switch u will come on the ground again.U have to again break 1 container and again switch the 0gravity on and again press 1 switch.U ave to do it 6 time as there are 6 careful u have to do it very fast.

    User Info: Sambit804

    Sambit804 - 10 years ago 0   0
  2. Oh.. Wad I Do Is I Immediately Change To HUMONGASAUR (Sry.. I Need To Be In Caps Cauz He Always Shouts When He Changes...) Anyway, I Change To Him As It Takes Only One Hit From HUMONGASAUR To Break The Red Containers.. Allow The HighBreed To Chase After You Near To A Container.. But Before He Can Touch You, Break It.. Then Change To Ben And Jump To The Front Console (The Computer Screen With Green Letters) And Press O.. ONLY DO THIS WHEN THE HIGHBREED IS STUNNED BY THE RED GAS FROM THE CONTAINERS...

    After This, Wait For Awhile And The Whole Place Will Flip Upside Down... You Then Make Your Way To Any Green Controls And Press O To Activate It.. This Will Cause The Whole Place To Flip Back Again... You Then Change Back To HUMONGASAUR And Wait Cause The Front Console Should Be Red By Now... Once It Turns Green.. Repeat The Process Until ALL 4 Green Controls Have Been Activated...

    Then As The Whole Place Flips Back For The Final Time, The Front Console Should Switch To Another One.. Just Make You Way To The Front Console Once It Is Green And Press O To Enter The Cut Scene And You Completed The Stage... Techinically You Didnt Defeat The HighBreed Cause.. He's Like.. Untouchable... Pfft.. Cheater...

    User Info: melvinneo

    melvinneo - 9 years ago 0   0

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