Review by JinTrigger

Reviewed: 09/11/09

Mass Robotic Combat...What more could you ask for.

Ok I still remember the days where I'd stay glue to the T.V. watching Gundam G on Toonami over five years ago. Unfortunately after SD Gundam and Gundam SEED.....The franchise never stuck with me and it was forgotten in my heart. Gundam Battle Universe might make me a fan all over again. This game is by far the best PSP game I've played yet and then it's portable. I would expect to see this game on a console. It's games like these that make a PSP worth having. Having a stunning game with console game flair. So let me break it down.

In my aspect this is the most important part of a game of course. In this game you take control of a gundam and basically fight other gundams on earth or in space. The controls handle well and the fights can get pretty epic and fast pace. And for those of you with no knowledge of the Japanese language don't worry it. The game has a full tutorial and even though the only thing in English in these tutorial is the lesson title but it is as if the designers knew this game was gonna be imported as in the tutorials they demonstrate everything and have a small PSP on screen to show you what buttons to press to do what is being shown on screen. The HUD in the game is in English as well and the menu is very easy to navigate. I have to say this game rocks as far as gameplay. What more could you ask for.

Graphics and Music/Sound
The graphics are pretty decent. some of the best I've seen on the PSP yet. Like I said it has console flair. If I saw a in-depth video of this game on youtube without any knowledge of what system it was on I'd probably guess PS2. I mean we know the PSP can handle PS2 like graphics, hell even better so why not take use of it, and they do.
Now I decided to discuss the sound in the same category because in my opinion this is where the game lacks. The sound effects are excellent I should say. It feels like I'm actually in a gundam battling it out, but the music is not nothing to be remember.
Graphics(10/10) Sound/Music(8/10)

This is game is a must have, of course, for gundam fans or for people like me who use to enjoy it as a kid. If your American you must import this...Import is hella expensive but it's worth it. And if you know nothing about gundam I'd still get it. I mean over 200 robots fighting in land or space. Come on that is everyone's dream . Please I beg of you....Go get this game right now. Unless you got an import shop where you leave get your butt online and order a copy before this game is lost.

final score 9.5/10

Rating: 9

Product Release: Gundam Battle Universe (JP, 07/17/08)

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