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Reviewed: 03/16/09

Sorekara...what can I say except it's the best?

Memories Off started from the PlayStation in 1999, since then, it gained popularity within and out of Japan. With luck, I was able to find a translated ISO (Chinese). At first, I didn’t know about it, until I start reading it, that’s when it tells me that how good of a story/game? This really is. Besides Hideo Kojima’s legendary Metal Gear Solid series, I don’t think any other game has an outstanding story plot such as this.

For those of you who don’t know, Memories Off is a visual graphic romance novel, featuring voice casting and a little bit of animation. You press the circle button to scroll through the text, or simply turn on play mode and let it play for you, if you can understand Japanese, great, because there’s full voice casting in every aspect of the storyline. At certain point of the story, you’ll be prompted with a choice of 2 or 3, and depending on the choices you made, you advance in a different way in the storyline, and ultimately rewarded with one of the endings with the one of the female protagonists.

Story wise, I would love to give a 100/10, it is just THAT good. You take on the role of Sagisawa Isshu, a student in his last year of high school. At the beginning of the story, you’ll witness the event of Misasagi Inori, Isshu’s girlfriend of 2 years, breaking up with him in the pouring rain, in front of the place where they started off their relationship. I won’t go into details, because the story can go on for hours, and it’ll spoil it for people.

And as the story progresses, you get to meet the other 4 female protagonists in the game that you can have an ending with. Sagisawa Yukari, Isshu’s “Sister”, not related by blood, Fujiwara Miyabi, Isshu’s school mate, Haya Nonohara, Isshu’s co-worker at Narazuya café, and Hanamatsuri Karin, a young and popular model. Each of them has their own personality, their backgrounds, their interest and much more, that gives a new feeling with each read through.

Each character has their own Happy Ending, Sad Ending, and a Normal Ending. Happy Ending is when Isshu and the selected female protagonist fell in love (no there’s no sex) after going through a set of ordeal, such as accepting one’s personality, getting to know them, there are times when they laugh and they cry. The Sad ending is when Isshu and the selected female protagonist fell in love, but aren’t able to be together for certain reason. And normal ending is when nothing happy and nothing sad happened between them. But one thing is for sure, the story is very well written, and I mean VERY well written, to the point where I actually felt like crying when I saw the sad/happy ending (My sister actually cried out >_>).

There are recurring characters, such as Inaho Shin (Almost every Memories Off, he’s in it), Shirakawa Shizuru and Shirakawa Hotaru, female protagonist from Memories Off 2nd, Kurosu Kanata, main female protagonist from Omoide ni Kanata Kimi ~Memories Off~, they play an important role in supporting Isshu and the girls in their lives, but you can’t unlock an ending with them, you CAN unlock some of the CG pictures in the Album section that has them in it.

There are 13 endings in total, with approximately 2 or 3 for each girl in the game, this will take several read through to unlock all of them, but with each read through as a fresh new experience (May encounter repeated text, in that case, use the fast forward button, or read it again if you forgot the story in this scene), it’ll keep reader busy for a very long time. I personally spend 24 hours in total reading this, but most of them are fast forwarded, because it’s already read (thank you FF button >.>).

When you finish the novel, you’ll unlock bonus, such as the sound track in the game, CG pictures of each girls you encounter, and your reading stats, if you’re working for all of the, consider reading through again and again, unlocking different endings.

The music in this game…wow, amazing, simply amazing, it fits in with the mood of the story PERFECTLY. The music for a sunny morning, heartbreaking moments, happy moments, gloomy mood or something hilarious, is all different. Each character in the game has their own theme song, each represents their own personality.

Looking for a game story wise? Look no further, that is if you can understand Japanese or is lucky enough to find a translated version. Memories Off Sorekara is the BEST out of ALL current MO games, that includes the story, MAINLY the story, the music, the character and some of the cheeky humor.

Rating: 10

Product Release: Memories Off: Sorekara (JP, 08/14/08)

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