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Genjuro by IMWeasel

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 04/12/16

|||         Samurai Showdown 2 - Genjuro Fighting Guide                     |||

    Guide by: I.M. Weasel 
    Copyright: 2005-2016 
    Version: 0.2 
    Systems: Arcade 
    Last Update: 04/12/2016

|||     Table of Contents                          |||

[1] General & Conventions 
[2] Story / Background 
[3] General Playing Tips 
[4] Movement 
[5] Special Attacks 
[6] Regular Attacks 
[7] Unarmed Combat 
[8] Combos 
[9] Challenging Opponents 
[10] Q & A 
[11] Contact & Thanks 
[12] Update Notes 
[13] Legal

|||     [1] General                                ||| 

Genjuro does not that have that many different moves. They are all pretty basic
slashes and his specials are pretty common staples as well. His kicking ability
is decent, not too amazing, but not too lackluster, either. He is however, very
strong, and with the right timing a very powerful character.

When referring to buttons, i am using the standard layout notations from the
arcade cabinet. This uses the button layout: A (Weak Slash), B (Med. Slash), A +
B (Hard Slash), C (Weak Kick), D (Med Kick), C + D (Hard Kick).

|||     [2] Story / Background                     |||

A rival of Haohmaru. He carries a frog with him that he is sometimes unhappy
with. He has a huge scar across his back, and it unknown where that came from.
He seems to be participating in the tournament out of a sense of pride and
revenge, and not for a stated goal like some of the other characters. Genjuro
does not appear in the first Samurai Showdown, but appears in all of the sequels
after this version.

|||     [3] General Playing Tips                   ||| 

These are just general playing tips regarding Genjuro, but can also apply to
other characters as well.

*Falling very slowly (and a long drawn out thump on the ground) is a sign of
being dizzy. To shake off dizziness quicker, move the control stick back and
forth quickly, and mash the buttons. If you see this happen, be ready to react
whether it is you or your opponent that is dizzied.

*You can execute "2 in 1's" in this game. A 2-in-1 is when a regular slash or
kick is executed, and immediately a special move is done after it. This cuts
the animation of the regular attack in half (no recovery animation) and goes
straight into the special move animation, making it a very fast and effective
attack. With Genjuro, this is most easily accomplished using weak & medium
attacks, and harder with strong(hard) attacks. Refer to a Street Fighter 2
guide for general tips for 2-in-1's.

*Genjuros' Super Move (full POW bar) has a very small/short range. On top of
that, it is just plain hard to do. I suggest using it only when the conditions
are perfect and you KNOW you have the upper hand.

*Watch out for items thrown from the background. Especially the Bombs. The CPU
will block them 9 out of 10 times, but you might not be so lucky.

|||     [4] Movement                               ||| 


* Jumping straight up - with Genjuros' air moves, very good defensive
move and sometimes a good offensive move.
* Jumping Towards - A must for aggressive attacking. Genjuro has a good height
 and good speed when executing this type of jump.

* Jumping backwards - An alright jump, but leaves you vulnerable on the way
 down, especially to projectiles.

* Short hop - Tap the b+c buttons and you will do a short hop. Not really
 useful, but good to know to mix up your tactics if your opponent notices some

* Dash forward - Tap forward twice quickly; hold for an extended dash. An
okay move. Best used to gain ground when opponent is falling through air or
after dizzying. Rushing in and attacking is somewhat difficult due to the timing
your attack correctly.

* 'Jump' Back - Tap back twice quickly. Very useful, great for evading and much
 'better than jumping diagonally back. Follow it up with a standing hard slash
 'for a good defensive technique.

* Double duck - Tap down twice quickly & hold. Can avoid many, many regular
 attacks, special attacks and projectiles. You will only stay prone for a very
 short amount of time. Using this move requires precise timing.

* Roll forward or backward - Tap either down-forward or down-back twice quickly.
 Both wonderful moves. Lets you improvise and mix up your moves a little. Later
 CPU opponents will be ready for it though.

|||     [5] Special Attacks                        ||| 

Projectile/Card Throw - Down, Down-Back, Back + Slash ( Slash used indicates
distance and speed. Hard slash goes full distance, very fast. ) Loooong recovery
time. Due to the size of the 'card', great for jumping opponents to land on. Do
not use in close, opponent will have time to block and counter-attack before you
can recover.

Rising Purple Spin - Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Slash ( Slash used indicates
height, size and damage of attack. Hard slash sends you into top of the screen.
) Use on incoming jumping opponents. If it is blocked you will be open for
counter attacks. * Hits twice when opponent is in close.

Slide Attack/3 Card Cut - Down,Down-Forward, Forward + Slash (x3) (Can be done
three times in a row fast for 2 slide strikes and final strike.) The faster you
input the 3 strikes, the faster they happen. * Slash used indicates length of
screen traveled. * Near WORTHLESS. Looks and sounds cool but not worth doing. If
opponent blocks and counter-attacks, they could hit you for between 25-80% of
your total health!! Even if the first (or second) strike is not blocked, they
could block the later ones and hit you hard! When all three strikes do land,
does about as much damage as one Hard(A+B) Slash, so use that instead.  * Much
better vs human opponents. Can be somewhat confusing, As an added plus, if one
of the strikes results in a counter-hit, it will cause a lot more damage.

Super full-bar POW Special Attack (Only when Genjuros' POW bar is full) Forward,
Down-Forward,Down,Down-Back,Back,Forward "A"
 If opponent is hit with this attack, they will take about 50% damage and their
 weapon will break. As mentioned earlier, this attack has a very, very short
 range and hit area. It is executed fast, but is very hard to use and is almost
 a waste of time. Most other players get a much more substantial attack, and
 Genjuros' pales in comparison to these.

|||     [6] Regular Attacks                        ||| 

Each standing attack can differ depending on how close your opponent is. The
game will automatically decipher the enemies distance, and apply the
corresponding attack type (either 'Near' or 'Far'). I mostly only cover the
'far' attacks because the closer attacks are pretty similar.

Weak Slash(Far) - One of his best moves. Very quick strike & recovery. Can
 counter an opponent's standing Hard or Medium Slash. Hits crouching opponents
 & several of Galfords' dog attacks. 
Weak Slash(Near) - Short range, and quick.
 Genjuro puts sword up, and pushes enemy back upon hit/block. Crouching Weak
Slash(Far) - Very good; not as useful as standing but better at countering
 sliding moves. 
Crouching Weak Slash(Near) - Generally the same move as when
 standing, hits a smaller area.  
Jumping Weak Slash(Far) - Great counter to
 opponents jump attack. Lasts through whole jump, but lacking in range.

Medium Slash(Far) - Decent range. Good all-purpose attack. SLOW recovery time.
Medium Slash(Close) - A long range elbow, that moves your Genjuro forward one
 step. Decent, but leaves you open. While you're running, a Medium Slash(Far)
 will always be done, regardless of the distance. 
Crouching Medium Slash(Far) -
 Same as above but hits low. Not as useful. 
Crouching Medium Slash(Near) -
 Another elbow, does not move you forward. [Same as Far] 
Jumping Medium Slash(Far) - Use only when opponent is also in mid flight 
 and close to you. Near impossible to hit opponent on ground with this.

Hard Slash(Far) - Huge range and very strong. Slow recovery but range makes up
 for it. While you're running, a Hard Slash(Near) will always be done ,
 regardless of the distance. 
Hard Slash(Near) - Very strong. Opponent gets
 pushed back if blocked, recovery time is not bad.  
Crouching Hard Slash(Far) -
 Same as a standing far hard slash but with a little less range and longer
 recovery time. 
Crouching Hard Slash(Near) - A strong upward slash. Slow,
 powerful and hits a large area. 
Jumping up Hard Slash - An awesome defensive
Jumping in/Jumping away Hard Slash - A great move for hitting an
 opponent on the ground.

Weak Kick(Far) - Great range and very fast. A great supplemental move. 
Weak Kick(Near) - Simple Knee attack, quick but almost too quick.
Crouching Weak Kick(Far) - Very, very short range. 
 A perfect move to quick-fire (tap repeatedly) when opponent is next 
 to you to push them out and away. Inflicts a small amount of damage.
Jumping Weak Kick - Near useless. Very weak and does
 not last through whole jump.

Medium Kick(Far) - Great range and fast. A little stronger and slower than the
 weak kick. 
Medium Kick(Near) - Knee attack, good damage. 
Crouching Medium Kick(Near/Far) - Same as weak kick but again, stronger and 
 slower. Use weak kick instead. 
Jumping Medium Kick - Good defensively. I'd recommend a Hard or
 Medium Slash instead though. Works best for hitting standing or just-jumping
 opponent (head area).

Hard Kick(Far) - Less range than the two other kicks. Slow recovery. When
 executed, Genjuro will move forward two steps. 
Crouching Hard Kick(Near/Far) - Good range, but of course a slow recovery time.
Jumping Hard Kick - Good defensive or offense. 
 Effective whether opponent is in air or on ground.

|||     [7] Unarmed Combat                         ||| 

Genjuro is OK unarmed. His usual kicks are effective but his replacement punches
have a very short range. Even when compared to other characters unarmed. Not the
best unarmed, but not the worst either.  Like all characters, all of the unarmed
moves are the same regardless of close you are to the enemy.

Special Attack (Unarmed only!) Catch an opponents weapon and counter attack.
Back > Back-Down > Down > Down-Forward > Forward

|||     [8] Combos                                 ||| 

Jump in Hard Slash > Crouching Medium Slash(Far) *25-35% Damage, dizzy & knocks
down (will not always dizzy). If the first attack connects with the enemy will
push them out to 'Far' range.

Jump in Weak Slash > Standing Medium Slash(Near) *15-25% Damage, possible 3rd

Jump in Weak Slash > Crouching Medium Slash(Near) *15-25% Damage, possible 3rd

Jump up Hard Slash > Standing Hard Slash(Far) *40-60% Damage, opponent must be
standing on ground. First Hit must be a counter-hit. Dizzy & Knock Down

|||     [9] Challenging Opponents                  ||| 

I'll only mention a few opponents that cause the biggest problem for Genjuro.
The best strategy for every CPU opponent (and real person) is to constantly vary
your attacks and moves. Keep them guessing.

Seiger - He's always blocking. He's always flipping back your cards with his
finger. When you settle down for a second, he goes ahead and grabs your legs for
the face slap. It does bring up your POW quickly, but as I mentioned earlier,
Genjuros' POW is not really much to be happy about. Versus a CPU Seiger, bombs
are always thrown out into the arena, further complicating things. Meat is
thrown out extremely rarely.

Charlotte - Her medium slash has incredibly long reach and will become
incredibly annoying. When trying to jump over it, she does her rising attack.
Whee. Also if her POW is up, stay grounded as it is very easy to jump into her
'NORTH STAR' super attack. Now your weapon and therefore range is gone. Use your
Weak standing Slash to counter her Medium thrusts. Put her on the offensive to
win, getting on the offensive with her is bad news.

ChamCham - So short that she is pretty much in a crouching stance when standing
up. She is very hard to hit due to this. Not too difficult but very annoying.

Mizuki - Argh. What else can I say? Jump to avoid her specials. Jump at her on
the offensive. So, in synopsis, jump a lot. Be careful of her warping from in
front of you to behind you. Be very sparing using special moves, if you use them
at all. Don't commit to attacks, and be ready to move in a split second.

|||     [10] Q & A                                 ||| 

Q. Will these strategies work on the Neo Geo version? 
A. Probably. I have not played it on Neo Geo so I cannot be sure.

Q. What is that orange thing with Genjuro that sometimes appears when you win a
A. It's a frog, and I don't know it's name.

|||     [11] Contact                               ||| 

Include the name of the guide in the subject line. If it looks like spam, I will
not open it. If you have an opinion on something-such as X move is good or not
good-state why you think so and include details/alternatives. It's a waste of my
time and your time to write 'Your guide sucks' without any suggestions to as

|||     [12] Update Notes                          ||| 

* Minor textual updates

* Spell Check 
* Formatting & header addition 
* Legal info

* Added POW super attack info 
* Formatting

* Added missing moves and included some more move descriptions.

* Rewording, formatting, TOC.

* Updates(?)

* Updated formatting, changed some word usage, mainly a huge cleanup.

Originally Written 2/17/05 1st Version.

|||     [13] Legal                                 ||| 

All rights reserved  I.M. Weasel Copyright 2005-2016

This document is provided as-is, and makes no guarantees to the content. I have
no affiliation with either SNK, or other producers of this game. This document
may not hosted or made available on any website(s) or other forums without my
express written consent. Third-Parties may post links to the document, but not
re-host the document itself. This is a whole work and may not be copied or split
apart in any fashion without the express written consent of me, the author.

If you have questions or comments, or would like to host the document 
elsewhere, please contact me at 
tofuheavyindustries at 

This document may only be hosted on these sites 
(List current as of 04/06/2016):
gbadcdev.dcemulation.org (01/17/2015) 
gamefaqs.com (04/06/2016)


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