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Nakoruru/Rimururu by jygting

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 04/03/04

Nakoruru/Rimururu Character Guide
Version 0.5
April 2, 2004

Created By: jygting
This FAQ can be ONLY seen at:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Table of Contents
1. Author's Note
2. Some Introduction-Introduction on Nakoruru
3. Basic Controls
4. Special Moves
5. Some Introduction-Introduction on Rimururu
6. Special Moves
7. Their Seiyuus behind them!?
8. Version History
9. About the Authors
10. Credits

1. Author's Note
Welcome to our Samurai Spirits Zero Nakoruru/Rimururu Guide!! Instead of 
separating the character faqs, we decided to make 2 characters in one 
guide (Ratio of 2:1). In this guide, we will show you some of their 
useful abilities. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading our guide!!

2. Some Introduction-Introduction on Nakoruru

 "Unchanging things are boring unless you change."
                                  -Kanzeon Bosatsu, Gensoumaden Saiyuki  

Yes! The Nature Loving Ainu Warrior is back!! This time, she is in 
search of her lost father. Her hawk, Mamahaha, is there to aid her in 
battle. If you're a Nakoruru fan/player/lover, you're in the right 
place! She has some new and old moves and yes...you'll expect something 
new! Nothing much I could say from her but hey, I like her outfit (even 
in Samurai Spirits Zankuro Musuoken)!!

3. Basic Moves

f- forward
b- backward
d- down
u- up
uf- up forward
ub- up backward
df- down forward
db- down backward

A- Weak Slash
B- Medium Slash
A+B- Heavy Slash
C- Kick
    C+f/b- Guard Destroyer
D- Special
    D+d- Crouch
    D+f- Small Jump
    D+df/db- Small Jump Left/Right
ABC- Ikari Bakuhatsu
Start 3x- Discard while Taunting

4. Special Moves
These moves were came from the Official Website of Samurai Spirits Rei 

Annu Mutsube- b,db,d+A,B or AB
Lower rush slash attack which is good for scooting projectiles (except 
Haoumaru's Senpuu Retsuzan and Kibagami Genjurou's Sanren Satsu:Kiba).

Rera Mutsube- d,df,f+A,B or AB
Upper diagonal rush attack.

Kamui Risse- b,d,db+ A,B or AB then tap A,B or AB for an extra hit
Nakoruru uses her cloak to attack or deflect.
             Combo: A- 1 Hit + 2 Extra Hit= 3 Hits
                    B- 2 Hits+ "   "    " = 4 Hits
                   AB- 3 Hits+ "   "    " = 5 Hits

Amube Yatoro- d,db,b+A,B or AB
Calls Mamahaha to attack the opponent.

Kamui Fumu Kesupu- in air df or db+C
An air throw! Cool! (Unless your opponent is close in air)

Rera Kishima Teku- any direction except up+C
A heel attack. It's an OK move.

Sankaku Tobi- press ub/uf while you're on the side of the screen
Does a wall jump, good for avoiding opponents.

Apefuchi Kamui Risse- df,d,db,b,f,d,df+BC
When I saw it in the Official Website, I said to myself "What is that 
move? It looks cool! I wanna try it!" then...I couldn't perform it! 
"Darn, it's so hard to perform!" I said. Anybody knows how does it work? 
E-mail me at jessy_grander2@yahoo.com or shannoncastle@yehey.com and 
I'll give you a pleasant Thank You!

Hold on Eagle- d,db,b+C
Nakoruru will hold on Mamahaha. You can move and attack but you cannot 
stay long or you'll automatically hold out.

During the Hold on Eagle, you can do the following:
Fall Down- Hold on Eagle then press C
By doing this, she'll hold out on Mamahaha. You cannot perform Kamui 
Mutsube (unless you perform Hold on Eagle again).

Kamui Mutsube- Hold on Eagle then press BC
Sweet! She does a 45 degree angle slash attack! I found this move a bit 

Ikari Hissatsu (Ikari Gauge must be FULL)
Elelu Kamui Risse- d,df,f+CD
Nakoruru will hold onto Mamahaha, does a Kamui Mutsube, a couple hits of 
Kamui Risse and Mamahaha will attack and the opponent discards his/her 
                      Combo: 6 Hits+Weapon Discard

5. Some Introduction-Introduction on Rimururu

"Sanzo, can you stay as a sun to Goku?"
                                -Kanzeon Bosatsu, Gensoumaden Saiyuki

WARNING: Introduction may contain some spoilers that may destroy all of 
your fun. So...if you don't like reading it, then skip the intorduction 
and head to Special Moves already!
As I'm concerned, Rimururu is the younger sister of Nakoruru (but they 
not blood related). So, how did they became sisters? (SPOILERS: Read at 
your own risk!) First of all, when they're still little kids, Nakoruru 
saw Rimururu crying all alone in the forest, then she (Nakoruru) asked 
what happened to her, Rimururu answered that she is all alone and then 
Nakoruru said to Rimururu that from now on she'll be her sister forever 
(what a touching story, luckily I played Mika Nakashima's Yuki no Hana 
just to soften the story for you readers...). "That's the saddest story 
I've...ever heard..." a quote by Motomiya Daisuke for Digimon Adventures 
02 OVA.

6. Special Moves

Nidan Tsuki- press u once then press uf/ub while in air
Jumps once then jumps forward or backward.

Sankaku Tobi- press ub/uf while you're on the side of the screen
Does a wall jump, good for avoiding opponents.

Rupusi Kuare (Nishi)- d,df,f+A or B
Throws an "icicle bomb" in the ground (sorry, readers I can't describe 
what it is, though) and moves slow.

Rupusi Kuare (Toitoi)- d,df,f+AB
Same as Nishi but it travels faster.

Konru Nonno- d,f,df+A,B or AB
Icicle spike travels upward. Good move.
             Combo: 6 Hits

Konru Shiraru- in air the d+A,B or AB
Does a platform and falls down. If Rimururu is in the ice platform, she 
can stay in there but not too long or else both her and the platform 
will fall down (falling down  does no damage).

Konru Memu- d,db,b+A,B or AB
Throws an icicle bomb.

Upon Opu- f and rapidly tap A,B or AB
Does a rapid thrusts of icicle. It's a cool move.
         Combo: A- 8 Hits
                B-11 Hits
               AB-14 Hits

Konru Shituki- b,d,db+A,B or AB
Does an ice mirror which is use as an offense or defense.

Rupusi Kamui Weisan Pekoru (Atama)- f,f+AC

Rupusi Kamui Weisan Pekoru (Ashi)- f,f+BC

Rupusi Kamui Weisan Pekoru Ruyanpe (Atama)- f,f+AC

Rupusi Kamui Weisan Pekoru Ruyanpe (Ashi)- f,f+BC

OK. I don't know how the following four works but e-mail me if you know 
how it works.

Ikari Hissatsu (Ikari Gauge must be FULL)
Rupusi Kamui Emushi (Toitoi)- d,df,f+CD
WOW! Talk about a huge chunk of ice traps the opponent, then Rimururu 
pushes it on the side of the screen and it also shakes!! COOL!!
                              Combo: 2 Hits+Weapon Discard

7. Their Seiyuus behind them!?
Yes, readers. They have a Seiyuu and they're Harumi Ikoma(Nakoruru) and 
Nabatame Hitomi(Rimururu)! I will list some of their characters who is 
also their Seiyuus as well.

Haruma Ikomi

Samurai Spirits

King of Fighters '97
Blue Mary

Nabatame Hitomi

Samurai Spirits Zero

Miyama Yuuna

That's all. I will try to list some in my next version.

8. Version History

Version 0.4 (The month of March 2004)
Started my FAQ. I didn't finish the rest of the FAQ (due to completion 
of requirements in school) but I focused on working on my Rera Character 

Version 0.5 (April 2, 2004)
Vacation at last! Finally finished my FAQ, it was a boring day. It's my 
sis 4th Monthsary.

9. About the Authors
I was expecting that my guide was supposed to be a long one but, I guess 
it wasn't long. We live in the Philippines and we speak Japanese 
slightly. We have made FAQs but seemingly different on the ones we made, 
even this "----------" at the Table of Contents meaning that I work on 
fighting games, RPG games, etc. If there is no "----------" and Table of 
Contents, then my sis is working on other genre. If you wish to ask 
questions, suggesstions, just e-mail us and put a title like Samurai 
Spirits Rei on your Topic before sending it to us. BTW, my 
digi02_fladramon@yahoo.com is unavailable now (due to overloading spam 
mail, junk mail, etc.) and my new e-mail addresses are 
jessy_grander2@yahoo.com or shannoncastle@yehey.com. I hope you have 
enjoyed reading this FAQ and many thanks to you! Maybe we'll see each 
other again on Samurai Spirits Rei SPECIAL (www.samurai-
zero.jp/special). Ja mata ne!!

10. Credits
I wish to thank the following:

For making this fighting game an excellent one!!

<Epic Center> http://fuego.red32.net/~mature/moregames/index.php?...
For their ROM downloads. Gracias, amigo!

<Samurai Spirits Rei Official Website> www.samurai-zero.jp
For providing movelists from each characters.

For posting this Chara FAQ of mine.

For reading this FAQ.

Who would forget me? I made this FAQ for you fans!

Please see our other FAQs!
Digimon Tamers: Evolution Battle       FAQ/Movelist
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Ragnarok Online                        Swordsman/Knight Guide (Coming 
Samurai Spirits Zero                   Rera Character Guide

Digimon Adventures 02 is copyrighted by Bandai Co., Toei Animation, 
Akiyoshi Hongo and Fuji TV.

Samurai Spirits Rei is a trademark of SNK and Yuki Enterprises.

Gensoumaden Saiyuki is copyrighted by Enix, Studio Pierrot and Minekura Kazuya.

Any other characters and artists that I mentioned are from other anime 
that are copyrighted from their own properties and trademarks...

If you have any questions, suggestionns, comments, going to the voting 
booth to vote the president, watching Starstruck Kids, listening to 
Tackey and Tsubasa's One Day, One Dream or whatsoever e-mail to this new 
e-mail addresses at jessy_grander@yahoo.com or shannoncastle@yehey.com. 
Offensive messages will be ignored, so be forewarned. This FAQ cannot be 
duplicated, reproduced or sold nor plagiarized without the Author's 
permission. Please, don't do anything with my FAQ OR ELSE...!!!

Thank you for reading this FAQ! And may you have a wonderful vacation!

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