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Rera by jygting

Version: 2.17 | Updated: 05/15/04

Rera Character Guide
Version 2.17
May 15, 2004

Created By: jygting
This FAQ can be ONLY seen at:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Table of Contents
1. Author's Note
2. Some Introduction-Introduction
3. Basic Controls
    3.a Color Coding
4. Special Moves
5. How to beat...
    5.a Yorozu Sankuro
    5.b Kuroukochi Yumeji
    5.c Hinowanokami Kyougokuu Gaou
    5.d Ankioh
6. Her Seiyuu behind her!?
7. Version History
8. About the Author
9. Credits

1. Author's Note
Welcome to my Samurai Spirits Rei (or Samurai Shodown 5) Character 
Guide! In this Guide, I'll show you how to be a good Rera player, and 
some of her useful abilities (one move was missing to her), not only 
that, I'll show you how to beat the Bosses! So sit down, relax and 

2. Some Introduction-Introduction

"Vanity of Vanities.
 Kill the Buddha as you meet him,
 Kill the Father as you meet him.
 Never be captivated by anyone,
 Just live yourself the way you are."
                       -Genjo Sanzo, Gensoumaden Saiyuki

Who is Rera you ask? Good question, Rera is Nakoruru's "Yami" side with 
a detached emotion (I was hooked up of the word Yami instead of other 
self or other side, but it's on my opinion anyway...) and used 
Nakoruru's physical form and decided to show no mercy (or the "Take no 
Prisoners" mentality) on anyone for distrupting nature. She uses her 
wolf Shikuruu to aid her. I've been playing Nakoruru since I was grade 
two and there was Rera. In my opinion, she has the personality of 
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade's Kai Hiwatari and her hair ALMOST (or not 
almost) like Kon Rei (also from Bakuten Shoot Beyblade), even her 
muffler is also kakkoi!! If you players (or Nakoruru lovers/fans) played 
her Rasetsu (or Bust) form, then expect something from her.  

So, what move was missing to her? Simple, her...Epunkine Shikite (you 
know...if you're knocked down, Shikuruu will attack the opponent). Ewan 
ko kung bakit pa nila tinanggal pero nasa kanila yan! That's life! 

3. Basic Controls

f- forward
b- backward
d- down
u- up
uf- up forward
ub- up backward
df- down forward
db- down backward

A- Weak Slash
B- Medium Slash
A+B- Heavy Slash
C- Kick
    C+f/b- Guard Destroyer
D- Special
    D+d- Crouch
    D+f- Small Jump
    D+df/db- Forward/Backward Roll
d,db,b+CD- Mu no Kyouchi
          In order to use this, you life gauge must flash blue and see 
the little indicator above the life bar? It can be increased by getting 
hit to the opponent and it should be near full and hold down D button, 
this will make Rera...meditate and see the indicator moving!
Mu no Kyouchi then press BCD- Issen
b,f,df,d+Start- Suicide
          If you can't beat your opponent or having a hard time, use 
this to admit yourself defeat to save yourselves and in the next round, 
notice that you Ikari Gauge has increased.
ABC- Ikari Bakuhatsu
          Using it, she'll shout "Nigerusanai wa yo!" (You can't escape 
Start 3x- Discard while Taunting
          Using this move, Rera will throw her weapon and she'll say 
"Kudaranai..." (This is stupid...)

3.a Color Coding
Take note on what button you press will change in color. A Button is the 
original color. Sorry readers my eyesight's kinda blurry (I'm no color 

A- Purple and Light Brown Clothing, Violet Shoes, Light Brown and Violet 
Muffler, Dark Violet Hair, Red Jewel
   Shikuruu- Light Blue and White
B- Blue Green and White Clothing, Blue Green Shoes, White and Cerulean 
Muffler, Blue Hair, Red Jewel
   Shikuruu- Violet and Grey
C- Black and Yellow Clothing, Black Shoes, Yellow and Black Muffler, 
Black Hair, Orange Jewel
   Shikuruu- Grey
D- Red and White Clothing, Red Shoes, White and Red Muffler, Red Hair, 
Yellow Jewel
   Shikuruu- Brown

4. Special Moves
These moves were came from the Official Website of Samurai Spirits Rei 

Ohkami ni Noru- b,d,db+C
Rera hops on Shikuruu and she says "Ikuwayo, Shikuruu." (Let's go, 

Sankaku Tobi- press ub/uf while you're on the side of the screen
Does a wall jump, good for avoiding opponents.

Kamui Fumu Kesupu- in air, d+C
OK, so it's an air throw (unless your opponent is close in the air).

During the Ohkami ni Noru, you can do the following moves:

Jump Off- press C or in any direction+C
Rera hops off on Shikuruu. You cannot perform Imeru Shikite, Kanto 
Shikite, Meru Shikite, Bunshin Kougeki (unless you perform Ohkami ni 
Noru again).

Rera Kishima Teku- Jump Off then uf+C
A heel attack. It's an OK move.

Meru Shikite- b,db,d+A,B or AB
Does a rush attack which is a good start for attacking opponents on the 

Kanto Shikite- f,d,df+A,B or AB
Performs a upper diagonal rush attack. Excellent for jumping opponents.

Imeru Shikite- in air d,df,f+A,B or AB
Does a lower diagonal rush attack.

Bunshin Kougeki- after performing Meru Shikite, Kanto Shikite or Imeru 
Shikite, press any direction except up+C
If you perform any of the 3 Shikite moves, Rera will attack the 
opponent. It is also good when the opponent is off balance.
                 Combo: Shikite+Bunshin Kougeki= 2 Hits

Ikari Hissatsu (Ikari Gauge must be FULL)
Nupeki Kamui Shikite- d,df,f+CD
You can do this move even if you didn't perform Ohkami ni Noru. Anyhow, 
Rera will hop on to Shikuruu, rushes, do a flying upward slash and in 
the air, she will do a Kamui Risse and the she discards the opponent's 
his/her weapon.
                      Combo: 8 Hits+Opponent's Weapon Disacard

5. How to beat...
In this game, there are four (or three) bosses that you can fight in 
Story Mode (the Japanese Version is better than the US Version). 
Defeating them seems almost possible or impossible depending on your 
strategy. Well, I'll list 'em down.

5.a Yorozu Sankuro
In my opinion, he doubtly looks like Mr. Go, the "Man of Thunder" of 
Groove Adventure Rave (although Elie said the he isn't Jieghart whom he 
is also called the Man of Thunder) who wields a huge hammer (Mr. Go DOES 
wield a hammer -_-^). Next, he TOTALLY pisses me off because he uses his 
three companions to finish the dirty job out of you. Not only that, he 
regains himself some lost health by his Sushi (especially when his Ikari 
Gauge is FULL, I'm warning you!). So, how do you do that? First off, the 
hard way: He either summons Ippachi, the thin guy who grabs you and 
impossible to move. Goshiichi, a fat(?) guy with a big fist which he can 
smash you on the ground and Fuuyo (who looks like Rosa of Groove 
Adventure Rave), a brown-haired girl who can use a sliding kick. I have 
a simple (but not that effective) idea of avoiding them. If he summons:

Ippachi- perform first Ohkami ni Noru and when Sankuro does, do an Imeru 
Shikite on him.
Goshiichi- almost impossible to avoid, just block, jump or crouch (D+d).
Fuuyo- either jump or use Imeru Shikite. It'll work.

Second, the cheap way: Get close to him and use Guard Destroyer (C+f/b) 
and press A or B, that's it.

5.b Kuroukochi Yumeji
The second to the hardest. She seems like to copy techniques from other 
characters (like Nakoruru's Annu Mutsube, Charlotte's Bayonette Lunge, 
Haoumaru's Kougetsu Zan, etc.) and in my opinion, SHE'S WAY TOO HARD!! 
Yumeji has two of her own techniques, Kagerou (which is almost identical 
to Shaman King Yoh Asakura's Amidaryuu: Shinkuu Butagiri) and 
Sasameyuuki (similar to Tachibana Ukyo's Sasameyuuki but she will do 
very quick slashes and does a maximum combo of 33 Hits!! Yikes!). But, 
the only way is to use Imeru Shikite and Kanto Shikite (if Yumeji blocks 
Imeru Shikite then you can perform it! It works, mind you!). One thing 
I'm concered about Yumeji is she doesn't have at least one Ikari 
Hissatsu. Oh, I almost forgot, she always use Hattori Hanzo's Mozu 
Otoshi technique so just avoid it when she uses it.

5.c Hinowanokami Kyougokuu Gaou
Yup, he's the boss and he's really cheap. Round One, when you hit him, 
you see that his Ikari Gauge is not increasing, don't you? Well, it is a 
yes but his spear techniques are ALMOST 100% impossible to avoid and 
don't get close to him or else he'll deliver a nasty attack on you and 
don't even bother jumping, he'll use his Gin Seppu (came from Mujika's 
Silver Technique from Groove Adventure Rave) to keep away from you. Just 
avoid and use Imeru Shikite and Round One's done.

5.d Ankiou
OK, since you slapped him happy, he wasn't all that happy. He now uses 
the power of Darkness to turn himself into Ankiou. He's big and hard! 
When he turns into Ankiou, avoid him. Why? Because you won't even 
inflict neither a tiny damage on him and if you get close to Ankiou, 
he'll grab you and attempt to use his deadly technique, Tenpa Kassatsu 
(grabs you, throws you above, impales you with his horn and a blast of 
green flame for 3 Hits). His Horn Buster (he dashes with his horn and 
when it hits, he'll throw you to the other side of the screen) is 
blockable and avoidable (unless you perform Sankaku Tobi) but you'll 
receive some chipping damage from blocking his technique. And when he 
reverts back to Gaou, that's your chance to attack him. Refer to 5.c and 
here, that's it! He's gone and the battle has finally come to an end.

6. Her Seiyuu behind her!?
Yup! She has a Seiyuu (or Voice Actor/Actress) and she's Kyouko Hikami!! 
She also voice from other games, anime and drama CDs as well. I'll list 
some of her characters who is also her Seiyuu. Go to this website to see 
more of her characters: 

Sakura Taisen
Takamura Tsubaki

Yami no Matsuei Drama CD

Yami no Matsuei

Last Blade 2
Takane Hibiki

Nakoruru -Ano hito kara okurimono-

Final Fantasy Unlimited
Lisa Hotfist

Saber Marionette J

Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Samurai Spirits: Kenkaku Ibun Roku Yomigaerishi Souku no Yaiba

Great Teacher Onizuka
Ohashi Motoko


7. Version History
Version 0.5 (February 29, 2004)
Monthsary of Romellyn "bhe29" Sumala (aka ladyhayate)! I also started 
making this FAQ and tomorrow maybe no classes.

Version 0.8 (March 1, 2004)
No classes! Whoo-hoo~! Continued making 1/2 of this FAQ. I played 
Ragnarok Online (Loki Server) from 8am-6pm. I did have bad stomachache 
but I still continued working on this.

Version 1.5 (March 3, 2004)
I didn't do anything yesterday (my sis 3rd Monthsary!) and I almost 
completed this FAQ.

Version 2.0 (March 4, 2004)
FAQ is finally complete! Just 3 more weeks and school's over!!!

Version 2.1 (March 5, 2004)
Added Rera's Seiyuu and her contributions.

Version 2.11 (March 11, 2004)
Checked some errors and some corrections in my spelling.

Version 2.12 (March 25, 2004)
Changed my grammar, spelling and added some of her contributions. Last 
day of school!! Students rejoice and congrats to all of the graduating 

Version 2.13 (April 09, 2004) 
Today's Good Friday and found some spelling errors and added some 
grammar to the introduction.

Version 2.13 (April 17, 2004)
Small update. Changed something in the Seiyuu List. Nothing new still 
searching for characters who voiced as Hikami-san. Imagine life without 
anime...it's boring, n0h? I couldn't subscribe to Animax due that I'm 
too afraid to call our cable operator (I WANNA WATCH .Hack!!).

Version 2.14 (April 18, 2004)
Added a new section, Color Coding (below the Basic Controls).

Version 2.16 (April 21, 2004)
Long Update and found a LOT of Hikami-san's Characters!

Version 2.17 (May 15, 2004)
Short Update. Added some Color Coding. Yuiga Dokuson REVELATION!!

8. About the Author
I live in the Philippines and I speak Japanese slightly. We have made 
FAQs but seemingly different on the ones we made, even this "----------" 
at the Table of Contents meaning that I work on fighting games, RPG 
games, etc. If there is no "----------" and Table of Contents, then my 
sis is working on other genre. If you wish to ask questions, 
suggesstions, just e-mail us and put a title like Samurai Spirits Zero 
or something on your Topic before sending it to us. BTW, my 
digi02_fladramon@yahoo.com is unavailable now (due to overloading spam 
mail, junk mail, etc.) and my new e-mail addresses are 
jessy_grander2@yahoo.com or shannoncastle@yehey.com. I hope you have 
enjoyed reading this FAQ and many thanks to you! Maybe we'll see each 
other again on Samurai Spirits Zero SPECIAL (www.samurai-
zero.jp/special). Ja mata ne!! (")(^_^)

9. Credits
I wish to thank the following:

For making this fighting game an excellent one!!

<Epic Center> http://fuego.red32.net/~mature/moregames/index.php?...
For their ROM downloads. Gracias, amigo!

<Samurai Spirits Rei Official Website> www.samurai-zero.jp
For providing movelists from each characters.

For posting this Chara FAQ of mine.

For reading this FAQ.

<Tomodachi Anime> http://www.tomodachianime.com
The Home of Anime Seiyuu! Thank You!!

Who would forget me? I made this FAQ for you fans!

Please see our other FAQs!
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Samurai Spirits Zero                   Nakoruru/Rimururu Character Guide
Ragnarok Online                        Swordsman/Knight Guide (Coming 

Shaman King are copyrighted by Xebec, TV Tokyo, Bandai and Hiroyuki 

Samurai Spirits Zero is a trademark of SNK and Yuki Enterprises.

Groove Adventure Rave is copyrighted by Studio Deen and Shima Hiro.

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade is copyrighted by Takara, Media Link, Hudson, D-
Rights and Takao Aoki.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, dancing the Ocho-Ocho 
Pamela-wan, the newest version of Sexbomb, listening to Naruto's 2nd OP 
Haruka Kanata or whatsoever e-mail to this new e-mail addresses at 
jessy_grander@yahoo.com or shannoncastle@yehey.com. Offensive messages 
will be ignored, so be forewarned. This FAQ cannot be duplicated, 
reproduced or sold nor plagiarized without the Author's permission. 
Please, don't do anything with my FAQ OR ELSE...!!!

Thank you for reading this FAQ! ladyhayate and T@k@Ren02 lang!!!!! 
Geraway da yo!!!

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