PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File05/08/09akura_integra298K
Female Human, Lv.100. All classes mastered. Saved right before Act 3 of Ch.8 for a guaranteed Good Ending. Plenty of rarities collected.
Save Game File05/17/09Inuyasha2point0294K
Flowen, Rico, Kireek, Ash, Donoph, Zoke, Nol, and Nei each with their characteristic weapons. Fresh save file minimal completion.
Save Game File03/19/09KyoshirouX1352K
Game Complete lvl 69 lost nice items and money max job lvl and skills ne job you want ^ ^
Save Game File06/30/18ZeoKnight294K
Level 80 Human, all classes mastered except Acromaster and Masterforce, decent weapons and plenty of meseta.
Save Game File03/30/09LostClaw294K
Lvl 80 Beast 99 upgrades 9999wa and pp all srank weapons not all missons cleared
Save Game File04/18/09deathryusei1940K
LVL 88 beast good amount of money and weapons
Save Game File05/07/09j_saucedo294K
Nei LV100 - Lavis Blades, Blackheart, Spread Needle, Falclaw, Twin Falclaw and all elemental Shag Heiz, lots of money, etc.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File08/06/08glitchhh298K
hacked save, lvl 100, 5 types of long sword with 9999 attack 9999 pp and 100% element, all job lvl 10 max gold etc..
Save Game File06/30/18ZeoKnight377K
Level 91 Female Human, ~5 million cash, tons of S ranks

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File05/16/09Lord_Kukrapok294K
Female Cast lev 86 / Gunmaster and Protranser maxed / Spread Needle, Shigga Pakuda, Bardiche, Killer Elite, Bringer Rifle, Battle Stopper, Vivienne 50%, etc...
Save Game File05/20/09Fayt564297K
great file 97% missions complete, lvl 75, female cast, amazing weapon 48 titles obtained

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