(Wei),(Wu),(SW)-What should i do to unlock last gaiden stage???

  1. Tell me how:

    Wei-make Da Ji defect
    Wu-save the sun family w.in 1 minute

    SW-(i got really confused here)i got all 1000 KO but the last gaiden stage of SW did not show...

    help me Y_Y

    User Info: SprakyBoy

    SprakyBoy - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. ok for wei you have to play on the 7th normal stage and stick close to da ji while she is going up to the enemys main camp after ahwile of her standing there shell say something like sorry guys but i cant help you any more and then it will say that da ji has defected from your army then you must kill her in 1 minute or else u wont unlock the 8th wei gaiden stage.

    Wu - you must make an alliance with the sun jian army in 3 minutes. that means the speacial scene with them all talking and everything took me a couple of tries to get it. also this is on the wu 7th normal stage.

    For SW i think its the hardest one to get you must get 1000+ kos on the 7th normal stage i will tell you that keiji maeda and masamune date are your best friends here the big bas in the middle will spawn 20 enemies as longs as masamune and keiji are alive if you defeat them both then you seize the base and its useless. it took me about 17 tries to get this when i finally had 990 kos and an ambush unit appeard i guess i just got lucky.

    well there you go i know those work cause i did them just recently in the past 2 days.

    User Info: Malkavious

    Malkavious - 11 years ago 2   0

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