PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From NargaMailX (04/25/2010; 1733KB) Character Name: Aang, 99 ITEMS IN BOX,All ITEMS, Best Registered Equipment, 99999999z cash, complete rennovation, all quests in guild and town all are all manually Cleared! sub characters F & M
  2. From Ryuu_no_Tamashi (12/17/2014; 1746KB) Character Name: HINA, Female, COMPLETE Conga And Velociprey Body armors 6537z and nice Katana! Good Beginner Equipment Save,
  3. From zzz802 (02/27/2014; 1733KB) HR5, Both Male and Female, Basic Equipment, recommended for those who wants to enjoy the journey from High Rank to G-Rank.
  4. From aznslayer93 (07/12/2009; 1733KB) Kaze-Male-HR9-99 Items to make any armor or weapon/ Enjoy :)

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From yagyu_jyubei (04/03/2010; 1733KB) Have finished collecting all the armors and weapons
  2. From KAGEROU_2G (04/29/2008; 1727KB) HR1 all itemsx99. For your weapons/armors making perusal.Save is made by someone else.
  3. From killer1598 (05/06/2008; 1717KB) Killer1478's Mega Save HR9 Ucamblos Unlocked White Fatalis Downloaded Cat Comes Along Missions RARE 10+ Weapon x99 of all items

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From xXSkySlashXx (07/26/2010; 1733KB) 12 Best Sets , Lots of Money , All items , All Quest Complete , Cat is Super Powerful 40k+ Damage , Farm Upgrade Complete.
  2. From justlalo (01/25/2015; 1727KB) All item box 99x,no have all misions, 99999z male character
  3. From mhfu_kh (07/25/2009; 3464KB) HR9 99 all Items many rare weapons and armors and 9999999z
  4. From D4rkBurn (08/02/2014; 1727KB) Name: Joe, JR9, All Quests completed, Best Weapons, Best Armor, Playtime: 706 hours
  5. From Miauv (10/31/2014; 1727KB) Save MHFU (EU) HR5 clean (no cheat)

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